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Here is How to Deal with Mold in Your Home

In most homes, mold growth occurs indoors, and many homeowners tend to assume it is just a regular thing. Though many people perceive it as harmless, it can be a serious problem that can have a negative impact on your health and even safety.

Typically, water damage happens to be the sole cause of mold growth in your home and most homeowners may not be aware of Mold Remediation Basics. See, it just needs moisture to sprout and proliferate. Apart from the musky odor that fills your house, it can have serious problems on the walls. But how do we deal with mold? Do you have any idea other than just wiping away with a sponge? Well, this article reveals various tips on how to deal with this mold problem.

Identify the Source of the Moisture

If you want to deal with mold successfully, it is wise to begin by identifying the source of moisture. Some of the sources are roof damage, foundation cracks, leaky pipes, condensation, and poorly sealed roof and windows. You also need to closely check or simply inspect your basement, bathroom, and cold storage rooms since these areas tend to have a lot of moisture. It is also advisable to make sure your walls, under your carpets or on carpets, and furniture remain dry.

Get a Mold Test

You have identified the probable cause of mold. Now to ascertain that mold is growing, it is about time you test for mold. You can use a DIY kit, but a professional mold test kit is safer and more reliable than the later. This is because the professionals have many years behind them in accessing the problem. By allowing mold inspection, you get to know the species of mold you are dealing with and its concentration.

Attempt to Get Rid of Mold Yourself

It is good to try to get rid of mold yourself. However, bleaching is preferred by many people, but it is not effective since the solutions may not kill mold. You can make use of a fungicide spray. This, however, is applicable to areas where the mould is visible. If you realize that your cleaning strategy is not working, find a professional cleaning service.

Find a Professional Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to deal with mold is to seek professional mold cleaning services. They are pros in testing, assessing mold growth, testing, and they can point out areas that encourage the growth of mold. They are removing the mold, and give invaluable advice on how to prevent future growth of mold. Their workers, too, are provided with gloves, respiratory masks, and much more. When choosing a cleaning service to take care of the mold problem, make sure you check reviews on their websites, consider highly experienced cleaners, and it should be within your budget.


Do not let mold grow all over your walls, bathroom, and most moist areas. If you try to remove the mold and find that it is not working, you should consider hiring professional cleaners. It is always advisable to improve safety and health conditions in your home, make use of these tips to deal with mold in your home.


How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved

It is important to make him feel loved every day just like you. After all, a healthy relationship is a result of hard work between the two of you. Thus, making him feel loved goes beyond telling him “I love you.” There are numerous things that you can do to make him feel loved and appreciated.

According to relationship experts, every little thing that you do on a daily basis matters. Surprisingly, some small appreciation in the morning can make his day brighter. The advantage of this is that he will be thinking about you at all times if he is feeling loved.

Show Appreciation

Men will always make an effort to make their women happy. But it is a turn off if there is no appreciation for their efforts. As a woman, it is crucial to say “thank you” whenever he drops a bouquet of flowers off at your workplace or takes you out. Many times, you do not have to say the words physically, but you can do so by actions. You will also motivate him to reciprocate more.

Show Trust

If a man has not given you reasons not to trust him, then there is no reason to accuse him of things that are not there. Many men work very hard to protect their relationship and win the trust of their girlfriend. As a good woman, it is crucial that you show him a high level of trust. This way, he will feel loved and will have more reasons to remain faithful to you.

Listening to Him

Just like you, a man will feel good if they have someone to listen to them. When you go on a date, both of you should have time to listen to each other. Happymatches, a dating website that helps people to hook up, confirms that listening to your man will make him stick with you much longer. So, if you are the type who talks more and never gives the other person a chance to speak while you listen, then it is time to change.

Give Him Gifts

A little surprise with some gifts on special days or any other day is enough to make him feel loved. Men are fond of giving their girlfriends gifts to make them feel loved. In the same way, girlfriends should also surprise their boyfriends once in a while to make them feel loved as well. The gifts should not be complicated and expensive. What matters is the message of love that they send.

Show Intimacy

This is the climax of any relationship. A girlfriend should play her part as far as intimate matters are concerned. Hug him, kiss him, and cuddle him affectionately so that he feels loved. Your romance life should look as beautiful as possible.

When your boyfriend feels loved, you will be surprised that he will stick with the relationship and start playing his part to make you happy. Thus, this is a two-way responsibility that does not require pointing fingers. Making each other feel loved is as simple as this.


10-Step Skincare? No Way! How to Simplify Your Routine with Novabelle

One of the biggest challenges with skincare is that every single routine seems to be longer than the next. With so many steps to keep in mind, it’s tough to fit that into a busy schedule and remember them all.

That’s why more and more people are turning to routines that are simplified. NovaBelle Cream is one of the leaders in the simplified category, offering skincare routines that are easy to stick to no matter what time frame a person is working with.

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How does it work so quickly?

The main focus of NovaBelle Cream is to target the areas that are damaged by the skin the most. Everyone has challenging areas on their faces, but most of the time it is in certain areas. The eyes, in particular, constantly need attention to avoid dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.

Another thing that makes NovaBelle act so quickly is that the skin absorbs it very quickly. It is a pretty light cream overall, and it only takes a little bit of massaging to get it into the skin. This means less waiting time when preparing the face. It is something people should feel comfortable using during the day and/or night, depending on personal preference.

Is it as effective as multiple-step systems?

There are so many active, powerful ingredients in NovaBelle Cream that most people can see the same results, or even better results. Most people find it extremely beneficial to have the ability to save so much time during the day. It might not seem that time-consuming, but it starts to add up, especially during busy days.

It might not seem like that much individually, but every product can start to add up. The next thing a person knows, they are spending well over $100 per month on a system. It becomes much less of a cost-effective move, to say the least.

What is the best way to start using NovaBelle Cream?

The cream is gentle enough that a person can start using the product right away. It’s available through their website at They offer a trial for first-time users, meaning that each individual can see if the cream is going to work for them or not.

What people will notice with the trial is that NovaBelle Cream is designed for different skin types out there. It might be a shocker to some people, but most skin products are not designed with everyone in mind. It can be a challenge to find something that works, but this will be beneficial for people with dry or oily skin.

After the initial order, there are plan options for people who want to make sure they always have supplies available. This is going to come in handy for people who aren’t that familiar with ordering things online. Instead of feeling rushed to go out and buy something, there will be a new one-month supply sent every single time to avoid any sort of confusion.


How to Responsibly Dispose of Unwanted Old Furniture

When homeowners usually throw away or recycle the things they no longer need, dealing with unwanted furniture can come as a bit of a surprise. They can’t just put it out with the regular trash and recycle pick-up. Instead, they will need to check city ordinances and make special arrangements to rid themselves of furniture that they may no longer have room to store or simply don’t want to look at anymore.

Contact the Local Waste Management Company

Some waste management companies will accept larger items such as couches and dressers for an additional fee. However, it’s up to the homeowner to contact them directly to inquire about this. It’s also possible that local waste management companies will only pick up furniture a few times a year or host recycling days for larger household items. In that case, homeowners who don’t want to wait to get rid of their stuff will need to investigate other options such as making a donation or working with a junk hauling company.

Where to Donate Unwanted Furniture

Charitable organizations that help people locate more affordable home furnishings are often willing to accept or even pick up furniture donations. Some of the leading non-profits that might accepted unwanted furniture include the Goodwill, Salvation Army, the Furniture Bank Association of North America, and Habitat for Humanity. Homeowners should check with the organization of their choice to arrange pick-up or drop-off as well as a tax-deductible receipt showing the value of the donation.

Sell the Furniture at a Garage Sale or Online

Many people depend on garage sales or online ads such as Craig’s List to help them find inexpensive used furniture to outfit their homes. This can be a quick way to earn some extra money while helping another person who doesn’t have a large budget to spend on furniture. Listing it for sale on a local social media page is another option to make some fast cash.

Some Furniture Companies Haul Away Old Items

Homeowners who purchase new furniture from a store should check that company’s haul away policy. To increase the number of customers who follow though with making a purchase, some companies offer to haul away a customer’s old furniture for free. It’s certainly something worth asking about at the time of sale.

Work with a Junk Hauling Company

When it’s not possible to donate, sell, or have the local waste management division pick up unwanted furniture, arranging for a junk hauling company to pick it up and take it away is another option to consider.

Junk hauling companies typically have contracts with local charities or recycling centers, which means that homeowners can feel good about not impacting the environment with their choices. These companies typically have oversized trucks available to haul away any type of unwanted furniture. They also do all the heavy lifting, so homeowners don’t have to.

With so many disposal options available, it should be the rare homeowner who feels he or she has no choice but to throw old furniture away.


What Are The Advantages of Playing Online Games?

In contrast to the old belief that gaming is just an addictive source of distraction and entertainment, recent studies have proved that gaming has a lot of benefits.

Online games are evolving very rapidly into the most engaging form of entertainment these days. The increasing use of the internet, as well as advancement of technology, have allowed the traditional games to become accessible virtually, greatly improving their reach and the fun of gaming devotees.

Want to know how online games are beneficial to people? If so, then keep on reading.

Advantages of Playing Online Games

  • Improve creative capabilities

An online game requires a gamer to come up with the best solution possible in just a short period of time. Further, frequent gamers will definitely improve their creativity because of the capability to make solutions immediately and think fast. Keep in mind that creativity is a vital asset in the social and professional world.

  • Therapeutic

When it comes a generation of good moods and relaxation, games play an important part. The thrill, as well as excitement stirred by such games, can help in getting rid of anxiety and anger.

  • Entertainment

An online game addresses a typical common person’s need when it comes to entertainment with convenience. For example, you can play the best online free pokies and other games anytime and anywhere.

From people in waiting areas to listless commuters, online games let people use the time that would be lost without doing anything.

Online players, on the other hand, can choose from a wide selection of games that will suit their needs that they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

  • Enhance problem-solving skill

Online games have certain rules that every player needs to follow. Meaning to say players have to think carefully before making a move to make sure that they stay in the necessary rules of that certain game.

Players, on the other hand, will need to come up with a decision that will determine whether they will move on to the next stage or not.

  • Improve the speed of the brain

Through gaming, the brain obtains several stimulations both audial as well asfilmic. According to studies, people who are playing online games usually process such simulators more rapidly compared to those who aren’t playing any games.

In addition to that, these stimulators assure that a person’s brain is working constantly to interpret them.

  • Good source of learning

In the actual fact, gaming is not merely advantageous to teenagers and adults, but to kids as well. Today, there is a lot of modern education institutions that use games as one of their teaching methodologies. This will help children in improving their academic abilities by offering games that are specially tailored to improve creative and cognitive skills.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see playing online games can offer a lot of benefits. While playing such games is beneficial, it is advisable that you play in moderation. What’s more, make sure to choose the right game since not all online games can offer benefits.


Trading Stocks as a College Student

There’s no way around it — college is expensive. Have you considered trading stocks to pay for it, or to help pay off those pesky student loans? This article will help you navigate the stock market even if you don’t know a bull from a bear.


I Want to Invest, But Don’t Know How!

First ask yourself how involved you want to be in investing. If you want someone else to do the work, you’ll want a robo-advisor. A robo-advisor is an online financial advisor that bases its advice on mathematical algorithms. Virtually all major brokerage firms offer this service for a fee.

If you want to be a more “hands-on” investor, you’ll want to open an investing account. This can be done through a brokerage firm, or if you’re particularly daring, through a free app called Robinhood. Good firms for beginners are TD Ameritrade, Merrill Edge (no account minimum), and E-Trade.

If you want a hybrid of the two, you might be interested in apps that invest in exchange-traded funds, or ETFs.  ETFs are a group of securities that aim to match the market and trade like a stock. ETFs are typically cheap, and a good way to enter the market.

Regardless of which path you choose, you should do your homework — that is, learn everything you can about investing. Some good books include A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Makiel and The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

What Should I Invest In?

Whatever you know the most about. For example, if you are an expert in medical marijuana, you might be able to choose the best marijuana stocks. Keep up to date on trends, and judge trends based on their staying power. Some safe investment areas include the food industry (people will always need to eat) and the entertainment industry (people will always get bored).

What Are Some Good ETFs?

Some good examples of apps that trade ETFs are Stash and Acorns.

Stash gives you a $5 sign-up bonus. After a short personality test, the app recommends an investment profile, such as conservative or aggressive. As a general rule, the younger you are, the more aggressive you should be. Stash also allows you to invest extra money in themed ETFs, such as women-owned businesses or dividend stocks. There is a $1 per month maintenance fee, and you get $5 for referring your friends.

Acorns is linked to your spending so, when you make a purchase with a linked debit or credit card, it rounds up the money paid to the next dollar. When you reach $5, it invests the money.  The good news is you barely notice the difference. The bad news is if money’s tight, this can easily cause an overdraft! Nobel Prize in Economics laureate Dr. Harry Markowitzs helped design this app, which allows you to build a portfolio with the kind of speed that makes Usain Bolt squirm with envy. You get a $5 registration bonus.

Basically the TL;DR (summarized) version of most recent books on stocks is “buy index funds and plenty of them.” ETFs are a cross between index funds and stocks and work best with a “buy and hold” strategy. Which ETF to invest in is ultimately up to you, but most experts recommend that you “buy what you know.”


Winter Bachelorette Party? Make It Lumberjack Themed!

There are, really, three main criteria for a bachelorette party: you want to look good, you want to have fun, and you want some good pictures to come out of it (actually, those criteria apply to pretty much all of life).

Sometimes those three things can be tricky to pull off in the wintertime, though. The bulky coats you have to wear, the lack of outdoor activity options, and the relatively brief sunlight in the day all conspire to create a lousy bachelorette party. But there’s a simple solution: look to the lumberjack.

Think about it. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look awesome in flannel and denim. Lumberjack activities, like throwing axes or eating giant breakfasts, are some of the most objectively fun and satisfying things to do. And when you put it all together, the whole thing makes for some great pictures.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party this winter, go the lumberjack route with these easy ideas and activities.

Flannel All Day

If the squad is going to look good, you need a dress code. Luckily, with lumberjacks, it’s pretty easy:

  • A red flannel shirt is an absolute must.
  • Blue jeans are compulsory
  • Consider a little flair with some suspenders
  • Wear boots (or anything without a heel!)
  • And, finally, fake beards are optional!

Let everyone know the dress code at least a week ahead of time, in case anyone needs to shop for clothing, though it shouldn’t be too strenuous (the only item people may not have is the red flannel, but those are cheap and ubiquitous at most second hand stores).

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Go Axe Throwing

This just makes perfect sense. If you’re doing a lumberjack party, you need to go axe throwing with your friends. Some places sell alcohol and food, so you can do the bulk of your partying at the axe throwing facility. And don’t worry about danger – an axe throwing session (which you’ll have to book in advance) starts with a tutorial from an expert axe thrower, complete with how to throw properly and stay safe. From there, everyone takes turns throwing axes and looking completely badass. It’s one of the most obscenely fun activities for adults and the pictures that come out of it are perfect.

“Spruce” the Place Up

If you’re starting or finishing the evening at someone’s house, “spruce” it up a little. Add some natural wood flair, with spruce branches and raw edged wooden boards for cheese and appetizers. Stay on theme with a flannel tablecloth (cheesy but fun) and maybe a small axe to cut the cheeses. Essentially, your only limit is your imagination here – the important thing is that you put the effort in.

Rise and Shine (and Brunch)

After a night of partying, do what any self-respecting lumberjack would do: eat a big breakfast. More accurately, given that you’re probably waking up past noon the morning after a bachelorette party, go for a big brunch. Don’t skimp on the bacon and eggs, either; you’re a lumberjack for god’s sake.

Winter doesn’t have to be bad for bachelorette parties. Lean into the season with a flannel-clad, axe throwing, brunch-munching party that would make any lumberjack proud!


Grey Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are found to be more distinct from other cats because their personalities are more like dogs. Tabbies, for short, love to play and explore. They can even play fetch with their humans, which is pretty intelligent for felines. They are also amusing and affectionate, making them excellent companions. Grey tabby cats, in particular, also have distinct characteristics, among other tabbies.

What Tabby Cats are NOT

Before we go on elaborating about grey tabby cats, we’ll have to clarify one thing about tabbies in general. Namely, the fact that tabbies are NOT a particular breed of cat. Rather, tabby pertains to a coat pattern.

The tabby gene is pretty dominant compared to solid or bi-color coat patterns. As such, you will be able to find the tabby pattern in all domestic cats. This tabby pattern also comes in different variations – stripes, spots, ticks, and swirls. There are also different colors: silver, ginger or orange, grey, and red. As mentioned above, for this post, we’ll talk about the grey tabby cats.

What’s Interesting about Grey Tabby Cats

Eye Colors and Paws

One of the first things you’ll notice is that a grey tabby can have different eye colors. More so, on their paws, you’ll see either brick red or grey pads.


Unlike orange tabbies, grey tabby cats are pretty standard in both sexes.

Further, since the tabby pattern is a dominant trait, it can be seen in many different cat breeds. It is an excellent camouflage for felines. Predator cats such as the lynx, sand cat, Pallas’ cat, and Scottish wild cat can look like innocent and domestic.

Great Companions

Although there are predator cat breeds that have a tabby coat, the majority of tabbies are still domestic and friendly.

Despite their breed, tabbies, in general, are warm, affectionate, and love human contact. However, grey tabbies, in particular, are found to be quite lazy. They would refuse to do things that will require much effort from their part. As such, they are perfect for cat owners who prefer slow and relaxed days.

Word of Caution

Grey tabby cats are a great addition to your home. They will naturally love you without asking anything much. Also, you won’t be expected to play with them outdoors or even indoors.

However, since they are the quiet tabbies, you have to be intentional in regulating their diet. Otherwise, their lack of exercise may result in obesity or other health issues.


What to do if you Find a Lost Pet

Most people are compassionate animal lovers. When they see a pet lost or in danger, they want to help reunite the animal with their family.


In the days before social media, it was not an easy process. You could put an ad in a newspaper, check for signs in your neighborhood and community bulletin boards and maybe put up a found pet flyer. Then you just had to hope that the owners would find you.

Technology has come a long way since then. When you find a lost pet, there are several steps you can take to increase the odds of seeing the animal returned home.


  1. Check the collar. If the animal has an identifying tag with the owner’s number, call right away.
  2. Take the animal to a local shelter or veterinarian to check for a microchip. Microchipping pets is becoming more and more popular, and the odds are good that the animal may have one. Unfortunately, owners do not always think to update their phone numbers and other information in the national registry.
  3. If neither of the above steps results in finding the owner, then it is time to take a good picture of the animal. Remember, please keep some information about the animal private. Examples are if an animal has scars, distinctive markings in one area, or perhaps even the sex. You want to make sure that anyone who claims the pet can identify something about the animal that is not visible on the picture.
  4. Use an app like FindShadow. If someone has lost a pet, apps like this one are the first place many owners turn. FindShadow also has a team of volunteers that scour social media and shelter websites for photos to help match missing and found animals. Take the best picture possible and upload it to the app.
  5. Let your neighbors know about the animal you have found. Word of mouth is often a great way to see a happy ending for lost pets.
  6. Use the power of social media. Post the picture of the animal both on your personal profile and in local lost and found groups.
  7. Contact area shelters to see if they have a missing pet report that matches the pet you have found.
  8. Put up a “Found Pet” Flyer with a picture of the animal.
  9. Keep your phone, and any messaging apps used as a contact nearby and check them frequently. Remember, whoever lost their pet is probably frantic and will want a response as soon as possible to know their animal is safe.
  10. Give it time. It is often difficult for those who find lost pets to keep them safe. They may live in a place that does not allow pets or have other animals that do not get along with the new animal. If you find yourself in this situation, try to find someone to safely foster the animal for a few days while you attempt to find the owners.

If you are unable to find someone to foster the animal, then contact a local rescue. Rescues are usually preferable to a local animal shelter as the animal will be kept in a less stressful environment. If you must turn the animal over to a shelter or rescue, please continue to search for the owners so that you can let them know the location of their pet.

If you are able to keep the pet with you and the owner does not turn up within five days, please consider taking the animal to a veterinarian for a wellness check. This helps to ensure that the animal is healthy and is a good opportunity for you to learn how to care for the animal.


Most lost pets are reunited with their owners. Unfortunately, after 5-7 days, you may need to consider if you are able and willing to take responsibility for caring for the pet. If you cannot care for the pet yourself, then please work with friends, family, neighbors, or a reputable rescue to home the animal. During this time, remember to keep updating lost and found sites, social media, and apps like FindShadow.

Some people are not equipped to care for animals. Even more disturbing, some people seek to use animals for nefarious purposes like breeding, fighting, or as “bait animals.” If you must re-home a found pet, please be responsible for your choice of finding a new home. Do not put up an ad offering the animal for free without any way to check the home or the potential owner’s intentions.



This Will Happen To Your Body After You Stop Eating Sugar

What constitutes a healthy diet has been a subject of numerous debates over the years. This argument is mostly between the vegans, who believe that avoiding animal products is the key and the keto enthusiasts who believe that the consumption of animal products is vital.

Regardless of the various disagreements, one food that sees everyone draw a common line is sugar as it is believed that folks are better off consuming it in very little amounts occasionally.

However, giving it up is easier said and done as the sweet stuff is readily available, even in tomato sauce, veggie burgers, and crackers.

Meanwhile, a study by Dr. Eric Pham, M.D. at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California, has shown that your body will derive instant benefits if you eliminate added sugars from your diet. This habit will see the individual enjoy lower blood pressure alongside healthier levels of fat and insulin in the bloodstream.

It’s no more news that the body reacts to the absence of sugar, based on how often and how much of the white stuff you consume, alongside how often you eat carbs. The body ensures the breakdown of complex carbohydrates such as fruits and oatmeals into simple sugars for energy.

However, if you’re one who readily consumes high glycemic foods without carbs such as keto enthusiasts, then going for a diet run without sugar will be challenging. According to Dr. Brian Quebbemann, M.D., a surgeon based in California, you’ll experience a tough three days.

Seeing that the aforementioned verdict is from a doctor, very few would be willing to bet against it. Meanwhile, responsible betting can be done at online casinos like Novibet who have garnered positive reviews.

Quebbemann added that you’ll likely daydream about donuts; If you’re one who has the habit of grabbing a muffin or two in the morning and also ends dinner with a dessert. This is because you won’t have enough sugar to stimulate your brain. The outward feeling may not be the best, but good things are happening internally.

The hormone which regulates glucose in the body known as Insulin drops to become more stable, ensuring that you don’t experience the cycle of sugar highs and crashes.

Quebbeman added that you’ll experience tiredness and lethargy but this will stop after a few days. This is because the secretion of Adrenalin will increase and help in the breakdown of glycogen or sugar stored in the body which is quickly released into the bloodstream.

The aforementioned processes will occur in less than 24 hours. Within 3 to 5 days, your liver will start making ketones from fat due to the absence of glucose which is the body’s main source of energy. Your body enters the process of Ketosis from here; it means the fat-burning mode.

During ketosis, your body loses a lot of water and muscle cramps begin to set in. Some folks may experience keto flu, associated with fatigue, headaches, and cramps and this may last for a week. Once this phase passes, you’ll feel more focused, calm, and energetic, says Quebbemann.

People usually cut out sugar and high glycemic foods to promote weight loss in a short time. However, doctors are yet to determine its long term effects on one’s health. Therefore, a good number of doctors advise the consumption of healthy complex carbohydrates.

They are broken into sugar but it’s a very healthy and normal process according to Quebbemann. Finally, he revealed that avoiding added sugars while eating complex carbs promotes healthy insulin levels in the body.