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The signs of mental health conditions in dogs

If you are interested in ensuring that your dog is as happy and healthy as it can be and want to make sure that your dog enjoys a high quality of life, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover some of the top signs of mental health conditions in dogs. That will help you discover whether your dog exhibits any unusual behaviors that could be attributed to a common health condition.

Destruction of your belongings:

If you return home from outings to find that your dog has destroyed your furniture, shoes or clothes, it’s likely that your dog is suffering from a mental health issue such as separation anxiety. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, which is a common mental health condition in dogs, it’s a great idea to find ways to decrease the duration of time which you spend away from your dog. For example, you may want to work from home or to visit your dog during your lunch break, if you work close to your home. In this scenario, it’s well worth contacting your vet for more solutions.

Shaking or trembling:

If you find that your dog shakes frequently, they may be afraid. For example if you find that your dog shakes when you are preparing to leave the house, it may be experiencing anxiety about being left alone. Or as another example if your dog shakes when it sees another dog when it’s out for a walk or at your local dog park, they may be experiencing a dog version of social anxiety. Especially if the dog is unfamiliar to them or they feel threatened by the other dog’s posturing.


Just like human elders, canines who are in their twilight years can also become more and more confused as time goes on if they develop dementia. Sometimes canines with dementia may also become disorientated. For example, if you have a canine with dementia they may forget how to navigate your home or where their bed is or where their food is kept.

Irregular toileting behaviors:

Dogs you have dementia are likely to get up to urinate multiple times per night, while a dog that urinates in your lounge, may be experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. So if you find that your dog’s toileting behaviors have recently changed, it’s well worth further looking into the possibility of your dog suffering from a mental health condition.


If your dog loses their excitement when it comes to going for walks, eating or playing, they may be suffering from depression. Particularly if they also avoid eye contact and sleep longer than normal.

In conclusion:

So if you have noticed that your dog has irregular toileting behaviors or is becoming increasingly confused or shakes or trembles in uncomfortable situations or rips your furniture and belongings apart when they are left alone, there is a significant chance that they may be suffering from a mental health condition.

Planning Recovery with Birmingham Rehab Clinics

Recovery is like moving to a home, moving to a place that is so familiar to a person that has lost their health or healthy lifestyle due to the vices of addiction. But finding that proper way needs medical art and support from inside, from above, and from outside. Rehab clinics in Birmingham are the place where patients with different mental disorders and drug and alcohol addictions will be able to find all the necessary conditions for rehabilitation. Also, we develop personal recovery plans for patients with gambling and internet addiction, eating disorders and panic attacks, depressions and post-traumatic stress, etc.

Cures and conditions suitable for one patient could be harmful to another. For example, some people need to be treated at home, since they experience huge amounts of stress in public, but others should be taken out of their habitual environment in order to overcome their addictions. That is why Rehab clinics in Birmingham propose both inpatient and outpatient programs.

On the site of Birmingham rehab clinics you will find recommendations for devising personal recovery plans and treatment for different types of addictions and disorders. If you think that a personal recovery plan is about a personal list of pills, this is a total delusion. In our therapy, we adhere to a holistic approach, that is why our patients are proposed to take individual and group therapy sessions, yoga, aromatherapy, and creative therapy, etc. Here patients reopen a taste for a healthy life, that is why finding the proper way to each patient is our mission. Developing a positive approach to life is an art and mystery that leads to rehabilitation.

Finding the way from addiction to holistic health together with patients is our goal. Birmingham rehab clinics’ experience proves that the best recovery plan is to revive patients’ will to a holistic life.


Tips on How to Be More Organized as a Pet Owner

There is no denying how much joy your pet can bring into your life. They make excellent companions, can help to give you a sense of purpose, and love you no matter what. It’s for these reasons and more that you need to make sure you’re showing your pets the love and care they deserve, and to do that, it’s important to keep yourself organized. Sometimes it is easier said than done, but pets do need a routine, so it is your responsibility to manage this as a pet owner. To help you stay more efficient, here are a few tips.

Set Reminders and Alarms on Your Phone

If you tend to be forgetful, it could be a good idea to set reminders and/or alarms on your phone to indicate when your pet needs feeding or to remind you of the other pet-related chores you need to do that day, such as cleaning out the tank or litter tray. If you have a dog, fit in their daily walks with your routine, such as before or after work, or during a lunch break if you work from home.

Use Subscription Services

Another way you can help yourself to stay more organized as a pet owner is by making use of subscription services. You can get your pet’s food delivered to your door each month or every couple of weeks, so you don’t need to remember to go to the store if you have a busy schedule. You can also get litter delivered, toys, and other pet essentials via these services. While all subscriptions will vary in price, some might even end up being more cost-effective for you in the long term, too.

Book Vet Appointments in Advance

If your pet is sick unexpectedly, you should always contact your vet as soon as possible to make an appointment. However, there will be times at least once or twice a year when your pet will go in for a general health check, where they will be given vaccinations, deworming and flea treatments, etc. Rather than leaving it last minute to get an appointment, book these health checks in advance. Vet clinics can get busy, so if you don’t want your pet to be waiting too long to be seen by their vet, you need to make sure you secure an appointment sooner rather than later. If you’re looking for a new vet clinic or need to register your new pet, check out for a great example of what you need to be looking for in a clinic.

Remember to Budget

Working out a monthly budget is useful even when you don’t have a pet to look after, as it can help you save money and make sure you are covering all your essential expenses. Once you do own a pet, their food and other supplies that they will need are also essentials, so make sure you’re working out a monthly budget, and including these costs, so you or your pet never have to go without.

There are many perks to being a pet owner, but you must make sure you are organizing yourself properly so that your pet is always getting the best care possible from you.


How to Keep Enjoying Your Home

Making your home a wonderful place to live is just as important as adding value, curb appeal, and having your neighbors swoon with jealousy. In recent times, it would seem that a lot of online chatter and reading and advice are primarily about how to increase value in your home. Yes, this is important, but for those who have no immediate need or intention to sell, it is more important to improve livability and the enjoyment value of the home for its current occupants. The improvements below are those that will serve to make your home a better place to live.

Fencing and security

Regardless of where you live, a good fence will offer both privacy and security. Being able to spend time in the garden with family in private or keeping pets safe from street traffic are just two of the positive aspects of a good fence or hedge. If there is an existing fence, then simply have professional fence repair to leave it in a condition that says you care and improves both privacy and security. Being able to be in the backyard and feel safe with friends or family is one of the main benefits of suburban living, and a great fence will allow for this.

Lawned areas

If you have a garden space with a lawn, ensure that it is indeed lawn and not simply a collection of various grasses (unless you’re actually going for a wild meadow look). Lawns must also be well-manicured and require frequent cutting in the growing season. The flat usable spaces such as this add a lifestyle component to the garden and will serve to increase the amount of time you can spend together as a family. The outdoor time is beneficial for your health, and a well-kept lawn will get you out there. Having a vegetable garden or a few fruit trees would be the cherry on top.

Paving and driveways

The hard landscaping areas of the exterior of your home are a straightforward way to add value and panache to the entrance of your home. More importantly, a professionally reworked and renovated driveway and paving will make coming home a pleasure, clearing snow easier in winter, and should fit in with the overall look of the home. Often the existing drive and paving simply need a serious clean and may not actually need replacing.

The porch

The general preference of backyards over front porches has arguably led to a general reduction in community spirit and neighborliness. While time in the backyard is great, a welcoming and well-maintained front porch with seats and perhaps some cover from the prevailing wind makes for a fantastic way to bring back a bit of befriending and interaction with neighbors. The front porch is back as a design feature, and we should be using it as a way to create community spirit and friendliness.

The tips mentioned in this article are all quite simple to implement and will all go a long way to allow you to enjoy where you live a little more.


4 Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

It’s always great to make some updates to your home, but some projects will be more worthwhile than others. Not only can larger home improvement projects create a more comfortable living space for you, but they could also add value to your property, helping you to make a sizeable project when and if you did choose to sell your home. If you would like to make your property more valuable, here are 4 ways you can do it.

Fix or Replace the Roof

Out of sight, out of mind – this is usually why your roof gets neglected. However, you must keep your roof in good shape, as it is a major structural element to any property. Damaged shingles or gaps in your roof can lead to leaks, mold, dampness, and even allow pests to come in and nest. If you have noticed that your roof is damaged or you believe it is worn out and could use replacing, this is a project worth investing in. Always contact a professional roofing company such as this one that works on commercial and domestic gable roof repair so you can have peace of mind the work is completed properly.

Extend the Property

Another way to make your property more valuable is by making it a bigger living space. Extensions can be costly but if you have enough space on your land to do this, it could be worthwhile. Whether you want to make a kitchen bigger, add a bathroom suite, an extra bedroom, or a home office, there are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to extending your property. Just make sure that you have the right permits in place before you break ground on this project.

Attic Conversion

If you don’t want to extend your property but would still like to add a room to your home, an attic conversion might be the better choice for you. Usually, these areas of the home are used for storage, but if your attic is bare or you don’t use all of it for this purpose, then converting it into a guest bedroom, study, or even a bathroom could be an excellent way to add value to your home. You could also consider converting your basement into a useable room if this is preferable.

Remodel the Garden

Gardens are very desirable features in homes, and if you want to sell your property for a profit, you should make the effort with your outdoor spaces. While gorgeous and vibrant landscaped gardens are breathtaking, you can still opt for simpler designs that are just as effective if you’re not a keen gardener. If you think your garden could use some attention, this is a project worth investing in.

When it comes to making home improvements, it’s worth saving up to invest in larger projects that will increase your property’s value. Updating the décor is always a great way to introduce quick changes when you need it, but larger projects like the ones listed above will be a more lucrative investment and create a better living environment for you, too.