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How To Perform A Mold Testing?


Mold is the last thing you want infecting your home. Unfortunately, a lot of households deal with it. The important thing is to deal with the issue sooner rather than later. Mold can spread very fast if not eliminated properly. You can either do this yourself, or you can hire professional services to do it. Either way, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Moreover, there’s a way to prevent mold from developing further. You need to be aware of certain signs. Sometimes, you won’t be able to tell whether mold has started developing somewhere. You might be facing a problem that you don’t even know about. This can happen to anyone because the fungus is not always visible to the eye.

If you are concerned that you are facing this issue, then it is best to hire experts to perform thorough check of the house. They will collect certain samples, and analyze them. If the fungus is present in your home, then you can start taking action.

Also, there are some things you can try at home to help you determine whether you have this problem. Here are some of them:

Check the air quality

Mold and mildew affect the air quality in your home. You will start to notice a musty odor if the fungus has really spread throughout the house. This is the first sign that you are facing a hazardous problem. The spores that the fungus releases are dangerous to inhale.

They can affect the lungs and cause breathing problems. The musty odor will help you determine the problem. From then on you need to make sure to take care of it. Whether you do this on your own, or with the help of a professional, it is entirely up to you. Click on the link for more

Test the surfaces

When the fungus starts developing, you will notice greenish spots in certain places. If you are suspecting a fungus issue, then you need to check certain surfaces where the mold might be developing. Professionals can take samples from certain surfaces in your home and analyze them in their labs.

This way you can prevent an even bigger problem from arising. The sooner you deal with it, the better for the entire household. If the tests come out as positive for a mold infestation, then you should eliminate the spores right away. Don’t postpone the problem.

Bulk testing

This type of testing involves collecting certain pieces of materials from your home. These materials are later on taken into a laboratory to be further examined. The experts examine the mold particles under a microscope. This will definitely help you determine whether you are facing this hazardous issue.

In addition, it can help you discover the concentration of mold particles in your home. A lot of people want to know what they’re up against. You shouldn’t take this issue lightly. Of course, you don’t have the skills or experience to do this yourself. That’s why you need to leave it with professionals.

Check damp places

Mold develops from moisture. The more you have it in your home, the faster the fungus will spread. You need to fix certain leaks that you might have in the roof. Also, you need to make sure that most of the items in your home are not damp. Those that are damp, make sure to dry them.

Carpets can easily get constantly wet. If you leave them like that, then they can develop mold. This is just one example. The walls can get infected as well. Make sure to minimize the moisture levels in your home and repair whatever leaks you might have. Check out RestoreUnow – Rockville for more helpful information.


Another way to tell if you are facing this issue is through allergies. As mentioned above, the spores of the fungus are dangerous to inhale. They can cause breathing problems as well as allergies. If this constantly happens, then you might be living with mold and mildew in your home.

If you don’t know how to get rid of it, contact professionals right away. They can worsen your health or the health of your family. If someone already suffers from breathing problems, it is best to keep them clear of the affected areas.


Do Delivery Apps Have Hidden Fees?

It’s close to dinner time and you want to get something convenient and delicious. So, you decide to check out some of the pizza deals tonight at your favorite local pizza place. You put in an order through a delivery app and wait for your pizza to arrive. This probably all sounds great. Unfortunately, you’ve likely paid extra, potentially a lot extra, for the privilege of using an app. Delivery apps have hidden fees.

Delivery Apps

If you ever order food from your smartphone, you likely have one or more delivery apps. Some of these just submit your order to the restaurant and others have their own delivery services. In either case, the app is a private business that is trying to make money off of the transaction.

Delivery apps typically make their money in one of two ways: charging you a fee or taking a cut of the sale from the restaurant. In both cases, there is a reasonable chance you will end up paying the cost. Additionally, you may not even know you are paying.

Different Pay Structure

If you order through a delivery app, there are a few ways you can end up paying extra. Watch out for the following:

  • Service Fees: Some delivery apps charge a straightforward service fee. Basically, on every transaction, you pay a flat fee or percentage extra for using the app. Some apps make it obvious what you are paying; others tuck this fee away under the generic heading “taxes and fees.” While not technically dishonest, this categorization is easy to miss.
  • Delivery Fees: if the app provides delivery, you likely will pay a delivery fee. Depending on the setup, this may be going to the driver or the app company. Most of the time the driver gets a cut, but it may not be the full amount. So, if you pay a couple of dollars for your vegan pizza delivery, the app may be taking part of it.
  • Increased Prices: This is much trickier. You may be paying extra for the same food without realizing it. Some apps increase the price of food and take the increase. In other cases, the restaurant may list the prices higher on the app to make up for the fees paid to the app. In either case, you are paying extra.

Other Options

The best option for delivery is to order directly from the restaurant. If you have found the place with the best gluten free pizza delivery in town, skip the delivery app and order directly from the restaurant. Both of you will save money and you’ll still get the same great pizza.

If you enjoy the convenience of apps, many major restaurant brands have their own delivery apps. These aren’t third-party, so you aren’t paying extra for the privilege of ordering food. Instead, you just get the same great pizza you wanted at normal prices. That really is a win-win situation. If you know you are going to order from a restaurant, check the delivery options first and place your order directly. You’ll be glad you did.

How You Can Boost the Chances of Finding Love by Going Online

Finding that special someone to share your life with is not always an easy task, and some people find themselves waiting for years on end without so much as a sniff of romance. Well, the good news is that you can be far more proactive about finding romance and love these days, and this is all thanks to the digital revolution.

Our move into the digital age means that we can now go online to do all sorts of things, from conducting an address look up free of charge to using free and paid dating sites. When it comes to the latter, you will find a huge range of dating sites to choose from, each of which has many members who are looking for love, romance, dating, and companionship. This makes it much easier for you to meet someone with whom you really click.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dating Sites?

Many people have come to realize that there are huge benefits that come from using online dating sites. It is a method that has become a hugely popular one with people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds.

Using online dating sites is ideal for people who are shy or nervous about speaking to new people face-to-face. If you do not have the confidence to approach new people, you will find it difficult to get dates. However, when you use online dating sites, you can get to know them through messages online. This makes it much easier for you to get into conversation and get to know someone. You can then decide whether you are compatible before you arrange to actually meet up in-person.

Another of the major benefits of using online dating is that it offers a high degree of flexibility and freedom. When you go out to meet people, you have to get ready, go out, and then spend time and money when you are out. You are also limited in terms of when you can go out and meet new people. With online dating, you can browse profiles and chat with people whenever you like, and from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to get ready or go out, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule, and you won’t have to worry about only being able to socialize with people at certain times when bars and clubs are open.

You will also find it much easier to meet the person of your dreams with online dating, as you can browse the profiles to find those who fit in with your preferences in terms of their looks and their personality. This makes it much easier for you to find someone who you feel is attractive and with whom you are compatible.

So, if you want to boost your chances of finding love, take the time to check out the wide range of dating sites.


Shopping Guide: How to Shop for Winter Shoes

Are you in the market for discount shoes online for men, or perhaps you are interested in cheap Adidas women’s shoes for that special someone? In either case, purchasing shoes in the winter is not the same as looking for spring trainers. Winter shoes must be functional and practical. While you can afford to purchase summer shoes that do not provide significant warmth, winter demands insulation and other characteristics of shoes. Therefore, before you can go searching for great winter footwear, consider the five attributes that make a shoe suitable for the winter months.

1. Materials

Buying men’s shoes online this winter season is all about finding a pair that is comprised of all the right materials. For example, you will want to select a waterproof option. Most durable boots will be made with leather and nylon products, offering superior protection against the harsh winter months. Also, many varieties of boots will come pre-treated with waterproofing, ensuring their longevity. However, if the shoes do not come pre-sealed, you can purchase an affordable waterproofer from most shoe stores.

2. Traction

One of the most important characteristics of any winter boot is traction. The winter months can be quite hazardous, even when completing simple everyday tasks, like walking to your mailbox or car. The snow and ice that can accumulate on the ground often lead to slip and fall injuries that are preventable if wearing the appropriate shoe and maintaining your walkways and driveway. Most boots are made with rubber soles, but not all rubber is created equal. Some rubber-soled shoes are too hard with a surface that does not provide adequate friction in snowy environments. Always test the traction of a shoe before buying.

3. Insulation

Proper insulation ensures that your feet will stay nice and warm this winter. There are two general materials that are used for insulating winter boots: (1) wool or (2) synthetic materials. Wool is a popular choice, and it does regulate temperature well. However, wool boots can feel a bit cumbersome and heavy. Synthetic materials, like Thinsulate, reduce the weight of the boot while maintaining warmth. Although, when working with synthetic materials, you will want to pay attention to weight – 200 grams or more, depending on your climate.

4. Function and Fit

While some pull-on boots will work just fine for day-to-day outdoor activities, you may want to purchase a pair of full lace-up boots for more vigorous adventures or chores. Lace-ups provide a tighter and more secure fit for greater confidence.

5. Height

Do you take a lot of outdoor adventures, even in the winter? Will you be trekking through the snow when it falls? Depending on what you do, the height of your boots can matter a great deal. For example, if you plan on walking through deep layers of snow, then finding a boot that keeps your calves warm is likely a good idea. However, if you are not the adventurous type, then shorter boots may make walking a little easier.

While, in general, shoe buying is about finding the right size shoe that shows off a little of your personality, winter shoe shopping means being a little more concerned about warmth, weatherproofing, traction and overall fit. Find the right pair for you by heading to your local shoe store and trying several pairs on.


Are Exclusive Takeout Kitchens Really Restaurants?

When you hear the word ‘restaurant’, what immediately comes to mind? Maybe you have a favorite place that you like to frequent with friends. It is a place you can all sit down together, enjoy good food and conversation, and leave feeling like you’ve had enjoyed a positive experience. Would you get that same experience if your food were delivered to your home?

National Public Radio recently published a piece discussing the rise of new restaurants that only offer takeout options. Part of their piece was devoted to a new concept known as DoorDash Kitchens. These are establishments managed by DoorDash, establishments from which restaurants rent kitchen space in order to prepare meals to be delivered directly to customer homes.

Visit any of the DoorDash Kitchens locations and you will notice that there are no ordering counters, servers, or tables. There are no menus and no hosts dressed in restaurant attire. All you’ll find is kitchen space staffed by food service workers and a small waiting area for drivers whose orders are not quite ready.

NPR calls these establishments “delivery only” restaurants. But are they really restaurants, or are they more like food stands? Could they be something entirely different altogether?

The Definition of ‘Restaurant’

Determining whether exclusive takeout kitchens are really restaurants or not starts with a dictionary. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a restaurant is “a business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased.” They go on to explain that the first known use of the term dates to 1806.

It is clear that Merriam-Webster’s definition doesn’t mandate that an establishment have tables, servers, and so forth. So by the dictionary definition of the term, delivery only kitchens might qualify as restaurants.

Restaurants Throughout History

An argument against delivery only restaurants is found in the history of the restaurant experience itself. Prior to smartphones and mobile apps, restaurant delivery was limited primarily to pizzerias and Chinese joints. You called, placed an order, and waited for it to arrive at the door. If there was ever an evening when you weren’t interested in delivery, you can always sit down for a proper meal at that same pizzeria or Chinese restaurant.

The point here is that restaurants back then did not limit their service to the delivery only model. They all had regular dining rooms where people came and sat down. Today’s delivery only establishments work on an entirely different model. There is no dining space at a delivery only kitchen.

Historically speaking, restaurants have always been combination dining spaces and kitchens. They have always been a place to sit and socialize over a good meal. Take that out of the equation and the experience is entirely different. Is it a true restaurant experience?

Mere Food Preparation

Comparing business models clearly demonstrates that delivery only kitchens have reduced things to mere food preparation. Unlike a restaurant with a dining room and waitstaff, delivery only kitchens can be completely industrial and impersonal. Their only function is to prepare food for delivery.

In contrast, consider a restaurant like Salt Lake City’s Taqueria27. Their kitchen may be commercial in function, but all that stops at the doors that separate it from the dining room. In the dining room, the focus is on providing a welcome environment that complements great food.

The goal at Taqueria27 is to get people to spend time together over food they love. At DoorDash Kitchens, the goal is to get food out the door as quickly as possible. Despite the dictionary definition of ‘restaurant’, delivery only kitchens are just food preparation spaces.

How Machine Learning Is Changing iOS App Development

Cutting edge mobile apps are not a novelty anymore, they have almost become the norm. Users today are flooded with an embarrassment of choices, and mobile app developers have their work cut out as users become more tech savvy and discerning. Technological advancements are radically transforming iOS mobile app development, and machine learning, is leading the charge. ML enables app developers to craft intelligent apps which provide a wonderful customer experiencing by ‘learning’ their behavior, like their preferences, payment methods, etc., and offering them relevant content. Some impact of machine learning on app development are given below:

Personalized Experience

Through an app’s machine learning capability, a business can get vital information like target audience, and the buyer profile: their purchase capacity, needs, likes, dislikes, fears, phrases or keywords used for searching on mobile apps, and so on. This helps businesses to cater to the needs of their customers much more efficiently, and also helps them engage and interact with them constantly.

Better Search Results

As machine learning helps app to understand customer behavior and pattern, they ensure the most relevant search results are displayed. This means providing tailored and improved customer service. The apps obtain information on customer preference through cognitive technology, which categorizes customer searches, queries, content they consume, etc., and prioritize results for each customer.

Providing Recommendations

ML ‘learns’ user behavior and gathers information on the customer, and this facilitates appropriate recommendations by the app. Factors considered to provide these recommendations include age, sex, geo-location, usage patterns, search queries, etc.

Enhanced Security

Facial recognition, fingerprint identification, optimizing logistics, managing wallets, estimating shipping costs, business intelligence, and so on, are some of the methods used by iOS mobile app development companies to enhance security. ML helps protect apps from potential threats and attacks in real-time. Further, machine learning allows users to login to their customer accounts on websites in a highly secure manner. On-device machine learning also provides decentralization, very similar to blockchain, making it almost impossible for hackers to launch a DDoS attack to bring down a network of connected devices.

Low Latency

Many features require low latency so that the best results are delivered; often, high latency causes problems like out-of-sync audio-video, image filters in social media, dining recommendations, and so on. Machine learning on-device, however, can help reduce latency and provide better app performance. With machine learning kits, app developers can build iOS applications that have the capacity to process data at blitz speeds, providing a seamless, near-zero latency experience.

Reduce Dependency on Internet

Thanks to machine learning, neural networks reside on the devices; in areas of poor internet connectivity, this can facilitate app deployment even when there is no connectivity; users will also be able to connect to their apps without internet.

There’s no doubt that on-device machine learning offers immense potential to iOS mobile app development companies to crate apps that offer customers exciting experiences. It seems that machine learning is here to stay and will continue to impact the future of mobile app development for some years to come.

What Should you Look for While Choosing a Business Intelligence Service Provider?

Business intelligence (BI) services refer to the harnessing of business data with the help of specialized tools and techniques to allow businesses to make profitable business decisions. Usually, businesses outsource BI works to specialized business intelligence service providers who deploy the required manpower and tools to carry out the job on behalf of their client.

There are a few common characteristics of such business intelligence service providers that help businesses zero in on the right one to delegate the BI aspect of their operations. A few of them are listed below.

The List of Clients: A reliable company would have an impressive list of present and past clients who have been benefitted by its BI services. Usually, the website of the company offers an extensive list of all the clients that it has served. This would give a fair idea of the capabilities and potential of the service provider. Clients can also request the vendor for a list of such references.

Pricing: Before hiring any business intelligence service provider, you should be very clear about the project scope, expectations, and budget to avoid any kind of clash or confusion in the later stages. The vendor should give a clear idea of the project estimates with no hidden costs or charges to trouble the client later. Usually, the fees charged by reputed service providers are higher than the prices offered by smaller companies.

Relevant Experience: Hiring a large and reputed business intelligence service provider doesn’t necessarily imply that it is entirely capable of handling any kind of project or task. The client should search for a service provider who has experience in working in their field of operation (such as retail, marketing, production). The vendor should have adequate manpower so that even if the individuals deployed on the project are unavailable, the work continues without any delay.

A Forward-looking Approach: While it’s important to carry out the daily tasks of data handling and data management, the business intelligence service provider should also advise the client on the future trends and possibilities and recommend ways to make the most of it. There can be suggestions on reducing operating costs, boosting process efficiency, and the latest and relevant technological advancements.

High Credibility: Partnering with the wrong company can jeopardize the entire business workflow and hence it’s imperative to gauge the credibility of the business intelligence service provider before proceeding with the contract formalities. The client should try to find about the vendor’s previous projects, quality of the work delivered, deadline adherence, work ethics, etc. to take an informed call on the potential partnership.

Cooperation and Transparency: It’s a no-brainer! Cooperation and transparency are two of the several factors that decide the success or failure of any group project. Usually, all business intelligence service providers assign a manager who oversees the project developments and briefs the client on the progress in unambiguous terms. The client should be kept informed of all developments and concerns including project anomalies and exceptions.

Before picking up any business intelligence service provider as a partner, the client must indulge in a thorough analysis of the shortlisted companies to know about their abilities, accomplishments, and domain expertise. Albeit there is no silver bullet to identify the best vendor among the countless ones out there, following the above-listed points would be invaluably helpful in the process.

How to Reduce the Time for Revenue Cycle Management Services?

Healthcare providers benefit from increasing efficiency of their revenue cycle management process. An improved RCM process boosts cash flow ultimately maximising revenues. Most medical practices choose to outsource their RCM requirements to renowned RCM service providers, who ensure complete reimbursements.

The following are the ways that these third-party providers reduce the time taken to provide quality revenue cycle management services:

  • Verifying Patient Details

It is necessary to double check patient demographic information and insurance coverage details to prevent claim denials due to information inaccuracies. RCM service providers ensure to check patient details on every patient visit to the physician thus preventing billing errors. If any information collected is incomplete or outdated, the medical billers contact patients resolve the issues.

  • Effective Denial Management

Claims can be denied due to a variety of reasons, which can range from coding errors to other faults from the insurance providers end. The medical billers must understand the root cause of the claim denials and resolve those issues immediately. They must re-submit the claim within the submission deadline to ensure that the insurance provider receives the claim. Therefore, effective denial management decreases the turnaround time helping maximise revenues.

  • Using Automation to Gain Efficiency

Third-party RCM service providers utilise various advanced automated tools to ramp up the RCM process. They use practice management software to effectively handle the financial data hence improving cash flow for the medical practice. These experienced service providers maintain electronic health records to document patient interactions. They also automate other RCM steps such as patient registration, insurance coverage verification, patient data analysis, automated claim submission etc. helping boost the speed of their revenue cycle management services.

  • Maintaining a Sound Financial Infrastructure

The payment systems maintained must be seamlessly integrated with the healthcare provider’s EMR or EHR. If it is not well-integrated, transferring patient and financial data onto the new formats upon installation of different payment systems will become tedious to carry out. This would decrease the efficiency of the RCM process. To avoid deterioration of RCM process efficiency, established third-party providers equip themselves with reliable financial infrastructure that enables frictionless revenue cycle management services.

  • Planning Payment Collections

Prior planning of how the patient would pay their dues helps the medical practice to collect the payments owed without delays. Renowned RCM providers plan out the payment collection with the patients during pre-registration stage. Pre-planning of payments also gives an estimate to the patient of the costs that need to be covered by them after their insurance provider has paid their part. This can help in saving a lot of time in recovering outstanding amount.

  • Providing Patients with Flexible Payment Methods

Providing patients with convenient payment modes is necessary to prevent payment delays. Lack of payment options is the reason for losing out on revenues even when the patients are ready to pay their dues. To prevent cash flow disruptions in such scenarios, third-party RCM provide the option of multiple payment methods for the patients such as debit card, savings account, credit card, payment by phone, online portals etc. This also truncates the time needed to get back dues.

  • Tracking the KPIs

Key Performance indicators help gain an insight on the efficiency of the revenue cycle management process. These indicators include, number of A/R days, rate of payment collection, denial rate etc. Comparing these performance indicators with the other competitors to set the benchmarks can help improve the speed of the RCM process

While each of these above-mentioned steps are important in reducing the time for effective RCM management, monitoring and auditing the above-mentioned ways time-to-time is equally important for ensuring timely reimbursements consistently.

Things to Get Rid of in the Office to Reclaim Space

Cleaning the clutter in your office has several benefits. Some of them are having better focus, becoming more creative, and releasing stress. You may not have noticed that there are items that you no longer need that are still taking up space in the area. Here are some of the common office items that you need to dispose of but probably haven’t.

Old appliances

After replacing old appliances like a fridge, microwave, or coffee maker, some people still tend to keep the old ones even if they are no longer of use. Instead of letting them sit around and occupy space in the office, get rid of them, but make sure that you do the disposal right. These appliances may have materials that are toxic to the environment. Get the help of experts providing junk removal Miami services for proper and safe appliance disposal. They are trained to do this, and they also work with recycling companies so your waste will go to the right places.

Old equipment

Like old appliances, old equipment like computers, printers, and scanners that have already been replaced may still be sitting in your office. They add up to the clutter in your working space, so since they will no longer be used, make sure to get rid of them.

Filing cabinets

Most companies nowadays rely on their computers and the Internet to save their files. If you are one of these companies, you can now get rid of the printed documents that you have, which you already saved on your computer or your server. There may still be a few papers that you want to keep, but be sure to throw away those you no longer need. With only the important documents remaining, you can downsize your filing cabinets and get rid of the big, old ones that are no longer suitable for you. It will free up space in the office.

Broken eating utensils

If you have a designated kitchen area where employees eat, you probably have eating utensils like plates and glasses that they can use. There comes a time that you will need to replace them because they are chipped or broken. When this happens, the chipped and broken ones need to be tossed in the trash. There is no sense in keeping them in your storage when they will no longer be of use.

Old business cards

If you change any of your contact details, you also need to update your business cards, so they contain the updated information. There is no reason to keep your old business card since the details are no longer valid. Put them with the “to throw away” items on your list.

Old picture frames and decors

When you redecorated your office to give it a fresh look, you may have placed decors and picture frames somewhere and forgotten about them after a long time. If you know that there is no chance that you will use them again, dispose of them to declutter your office.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and more organized office by decluttering now. You will reclaim space that you forgot you had when unused and unwanted items were still there.



Home Improvement Matters: How to Keep Stress and Anxiety Away

There are plenty of reasons why a homeowner might not be too enthusiastic about home improvement, even if their house might be in dire need of a makeover. For one, home improvement projects are often expensive, giving a high barrier of entry. Another issue often stems from stress and frustration, which often comes from dealing with expensive home projects.

That said, you do not have to be afraid of stress when it comes to dealing with home improvement projects. Here are just a few ways you can keep the anxiety at bay, allowing you to deal with home improvement matters at your own pace.

If things are too challenging on your own, consider the help of professionals

The reason why so many homeowners want to get things done on their own is often due to the expensive price tag that comes with labour. While it is a legitimate reason to be hesitant, it is often not worth the frustration that comes from tackling a challenging home improvement project on your own. For example, when the project involves the use of liquid screed, the execution is easy to botch. In such situations, floor screeding contractors can get the job done with little to no issue. Keep in mind that your physical and mental health is not worth being compromised just because you want to save some money.

No matter the scale of the project, it is vital to pace yourself

In some ways, home improvement can be similar to the act of cleaning your home. It might feel a bit overwhelming if you think of doing it all at once, but you do not have to. You can focus on one area at a time, applying a reasonable amount of effort each time. Before long, you will have reached the goal you set out to accomplish without the stress. The same thing goes for home improvement projects. There is no reason to bite off more than you can chew, as you can deal with things one step at a time.

Quality will always trump quantity

While it might be tempting to cut a few corners when it comes to home improvements, you will only be cheating yourself in the end. After all, the use of subpar materials will only result in things suffering from wear and tear far sooner. Before long, you will have the same problem. On the other hand, focusing on quality improves longevity, ensuring that it takes a very long time before you have to worry about the same issue. No matter the scenario or what type of project you are undertaking, it is vital to focus on quality more than quantity.

Keeping stress levels low when dealing with home improvement matters can be challenging, but it is nowhere near impossible. With the help of the tips above, you can make the necessary improvements without pulling your hair out from the stress.