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4 Tips For Teaching Your Kids How to Cook

Let’s face it, one of the most basic and useful life skills there is cooking. If you can manage to teach your kids to cook, then you’ll set them up for success as adults. However, getting them as motivated to cook as they are to eat may not always be that simple. Kids can get easily distracted, and sometimes it’s way more fun tasting the final product than doing the actual work that it takes to create it. Fear not, parents— we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best tips for teaching your kids to love cooking as much as you do.

Patience is a Virtue

One of the most important lessons that cooking can teach your child is the value of patience. Patience is an important part of the quality of whatever food you create. Teach your child to respect cooking times as well as cooling methods. The amount of time that you let something cool and the way that you cool it off can play a significant role in the overall outcome, so remind them that rushing can be disastrous in the kitchen! No one wants to eat a soggy cake!

Give Age-Appropriate Jobs

The jobs that you’re going to give your 12-year-old are not necessarily the same jobs that you’re going to give your 3-year-old in the kitchen. Give everyone their own job so that no one feels left out. Younger children can be given something simple like throwing empty packaging into the garbage can or handing you a spatula. Some things require more coordination and delicacy than others, so don’t make the mistake of giving a delicate task to a younger child who could potentially epically fail their mission. set them up for success!

Choose Recipes Together

Choosing recipes together can be a fun way to come up with different ideas for what you want to create together. Not to mention, it’s a lot more fun to eat something that you choose to create yourself. Ideally, you should choose recipes that are fairly easy for if you feel like you’re unfamiliar with the recipe then it could be challenging for you to explain the steps to your child.

Choose something that’s easy to understand and execute so that you don’t get frazzled trying to follow the recipe yourself. The idea is to have fun together, not get upset with your kids or stressed because you don’t understand the recipe.

Make it Fun

Don’t forget to make it fun. Put on music, dip your finger in ingredients, and dance around the kitchen! Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy the process! Above all, enjoy the final step of eating your creation!

Sleeping Great? 8 Potential Causes of Tired Eyes

If you often enjoy your recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, you might be unsure why you look the opposite of well-rested. If you’re bored of people saying you look tired or can’t fathom why you have developed shadows or bags underneath your lids, it is time to take action. Check out the following eight potential causes of your tired eyes:

  • Dehydration

As you will know, dehydration is dangerous, and it may cause serious health issues, such as urinary and kidney problems, low blood volume shock, seizures, and heat injury, which can even be fatal.

One of the biggest symptoms of dehydration is fatigue, which can cause you to develop tired-looking eyes. As dehydration will decrease your blood volume, your heart will no longer operate efficiently, which can result in exhaustion. The skin surrounding your eyes is sensitive to hydration, which is why it can lead to dark shadows.

  • The Aging Process

The aging process could be to blame for the dark circles around your eyes. As your skin will lose volume and elasticity, you might suddenly notice your eyes look more tired than they used to. It is due to fat wasting away in the face and a decrease in collagen production, which can lead to thinning skin and the development of dark circles. Plus, as the connective tissue will weaken with age, you are more likely to experience sagging or bags, which can make your eyes appear much heavier.

If you would like to banish the hooded, tired appearance, eyelid surgery in Atlanta, GA, could be an ideal solution for your needs. It can improve the quality of the skin surface, which will make you appear refreshed and youthful.

  • Fluid Retention

Fluid retention might make your eyes appear unnecessarily puffy each day. If your eyes often appear tired and puffy in the morning and then improve throughout the day, it is likely due to excessive salt consumption.

Too much sodium can increase fluid in the body outside of its cells. The extra fluid allows the body to retain salt for longer, which can cause the skin to appear puffy. For this reason, you might need to reduce your salt consumption, increase your water intake, and prop yourself up during sleep.

  • Eye Strain

Do you stare at a computer screen each working day? Maybe you are avoiding the eye doctor despite ailing vision. If you often squint when reading and checking distant signs or experience weary eyes at the end of the day, you are likely suffering from eye strain. The issue cannot only cause much discomfort, but the pressure can result in your blood vessels dilating around your eyes, which can lead to tired-looking eyes and dark circles.

Ease eye strain by taking a break from your computer screen every 20 minutes, and improve comfort by looking at an object that is 20 feet or more away. Also, organize an eye examination with a eye doctor, as you may need to wear glasses or contact lenses for reading, driving, or everyday activities.

  • Allergies

Do you have an allergy? If you answered yes, it could be the culprit of your sleepy appearance. Allergies will release histamine, a chemical that can cause the blood vessels to dilate and increased blood flow underneath the eyes.

As histamine can cause itchy eyes, it can lead to inflammation, swelling, and fluid retention by your eyes. Also, you can make dark circles and tiredness appear worse when scratching or rubbing your eyes. The good news is you can treat most allergies with antihistamine medications, which are available over-the-counter.

  • Chronic Dry Eye

Some people can struggle to produce sufficient tears, and the lack of moisture can make the eyes feel strained and tired. Other symptoms of chronic dry eye can include a burning or stinging sensation, dryness, or blurred vision episodes.

If you experience eye strain and believe you have a tear duct issue, talk to an eye doctor about your symptoms. Following an examination and diagnosis, they can choose the best treatment option to eliminate chronic dry eye, such as artificial tears.

  • Your Bone Structure

Your bone structure can determine the formation of dark circles under your eyes, which you might have had since childhood. Your skull contour and the fat underneath your skin can alter your complexion. If you have a deep tear trough, you could have a noticeable semicircle underneath your lower eyelid.

Also, you might have dark circles due to sunken eye sockets, as the bone structure shadow surrounding them can make your eyes appear darker. While you can’t change your bone structure, you can decrease the appearance of dark circles with effective concealers and by applying a cold compress to the area.

  • Excessive Coffee Consumption

Your morning cup of joe might perk you up in the morning, but your midday and afternoon coffees might make you appear tired. If you want to look fresh and awake each day, avoid drinking four or five cups of coffee a day, as it can make your eyes appear swollen.

Plus, excessive caffeine can cause dehydration, which can lead to a dull, tired complexion. Instead, you should stick to one or two cups per day and aim to drink more water. If you want a hot drink, make the switch to green tea, as it offers many antioxidants that can support healthy skin.


If you often enjoy a good night’s rest each night, the chances are one of the above issues is to blame for your sleepy appearance. The good news is that there is often an easy solution to the above issues, which can make you appear refreshed and youthful each day.

So, drink more water, reduce your salt and caffeine consumption, pick up a pack of antihistamines, or consider a surgical treatment to resolve the complaint. The actions could boost your confidence and make you look and feel younger than your years.


The Difference Between A Dog Crate, Kennel or Cage?


Among the materials used in dog crates, dog cages, and dog kennels is plastic, wire, aluminum, fabric, wood, or wicker. A dog shelter usually consists of a square or similar structure that is just large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The device is portable and can be folded or disassembled for easy transportation. Dog crate, kennel, or cages are all commonly used words.

  1. When dealing with chewers or escape artists, crates made of fabric, wood or wicker need to be carefully considered prior to purchase. Whether your home is filled with dogs or not, these crates will contribute to a more decorative and seamless look. A wood coffee table can be placed on top of a wire crate so that your home looks like it has matched of its furnishings.
  2. The aluminum crates for dogs on airplanes are strong, lightweight, and some are even equipped with guard rails. Gun Dog owners and law enforcement officers that transport dogs to veterinarians or for containment increasingly use them.
  3. Since they are versatile, indestructible, easy to transport, and indestructible, plastic dog crates have been the most popular for several decades. Many of the plastic crates are approved by airlines, which makes them a popular choice. They are rounded inside so that if they get tipped over in a car or jostled during flight, they’re less likely to hurt themselves.
  4. The other reason wire dog crates are popular is because of their versatility. The designs are versatile, foldable, and many have handles for easy portability. In addition to providing 360 degree visibility to your dog, they allow you to keep a better eye on him. Plastic crates are more enclosed than metal cages, but again, some dogs prefer being in an open environment with lots of light rather than an enclosed, darker plastic crate.
  5. Although larger outdoor kennels can be disassembled and moved, they will require more effort due to their larger sizes compared to a dog crate. Your backyard can be saved from being excavated, as some breeds are known to do, and free from urine and excrement that can harm your feet.

A dog crate, no matter what type it’s made of, is usually light enough to be carried by one person for small dogs, or two people for medium to large dogs. Dollies with wheels and handles, such as those used for flatbed wagons, are useful for carrying crates when the dog is inside.

Crates for dogs are used for what?

There are many reasons for confined dog activity, and every dog owner and dog will have different reasons. A dog crate provides your puppy or dog with a den-like enclosure that serves numerous purposes.

1. Tool for housebreaking

It uses your dog’s reluctance to soil its living/sleeping area to its advantage.

2. Eliminates harmful behavior

Getting furniture and shoes chewed can be costly and frustrating.

3. Home Dangers/Safety

Small dogs being stepped on at a party due to rodent poisons, anti-freeze, and electrical wires.

4. Stress associated with separation

If your dog has been grieved by your departure, it may throw itself against the door or window to catch a glimpse of you as soon as you leave. Dogs with destructive behaviors may benefit from a crate filled with comforting toys and treats.

5. Vacation

Crates can provide a sense of security to pets when traveling by car, plane, or pickup truck. In recognition of what they have done for us, we must ensure our dogs are safe when travelling, whether they are on vacation or working.

6. Accommodations

During your absence from home, your dog may feel more at ease while staying in a crate while you are out for dinner or at the movies.

7. Shows featuring dogs

When over one dog is being groomed and shown, groomers and owners use Wooden dog crate to retain the safety and comfort of their dogs.

8. Animal and plant resources department

During their work, wildlife officers use dog crates to transport wildlife such as fawns, birds, reptiles, foxes, and any other creatures which may need to be relocated, be rehabilitated, caught, examined, or tagged.

9. Controlling pests

A pest control company relocates small wildlife such as raccoons, birds, opossums, and snakes, lizards, and alligators from urban areas to safer and more natural areas in crates.

10. Infliction of punishment

A dog crate should never be used for punishment.

What is the Best Place for the Crate at Home?

When you are at home, place the dog crate close to you or, if it is large, in one of the areas where you spend the most time, such as the living room or kitchen. It is best to move the crate as close to your sleeping quarters as possible if you cannot move it to your bedroom at night. Dogs are pack animals and they like to be with you constantly.

The crate in your home should have no special significance however you place it, and your children should never disrupt your dog or puppy while he is in the crate. If your dog feels like he can retreat and rest or “hang out” for as long as he wishes without being disturbed, he will feel more secure.

A dog crate that meets all your future needs for your dog should be carefully chosen before purchasing it.