Find the Best Swimsuit for You with Our Ultimate Guide

It’s a good idea to plan your purchase of the perfect swimsuit in advance. Many people leave this task to the last few seconds before starting your summer vacation and this can make you choose an option in a hurry without truly understanding your needs.

In addition to preferring a type of design, you need to practically understand that the perfect swimsuit should make your figure more beautiful and your personality highly confident. Therefore, a shapewear swimsuit can be an interesting option to achieve more flattering curves and empowerment.

Explore your body

Firstly, you need to uncover to choose the right swimsuit. But don’t worry, it’s a simpler task than you might think. Just identify which type best resembles your physical characteristics.

Hourglass Body: It is generally the one with more balanced proportions. So, waist, bust and hips are more harmonious. For him, any style of swimsuit suits very well, but a style with a low back can be even more assertive, as this exposed area can make waist look even more toned. A swimsuit with a deep V-neck can also be a good option.

Pear Body: It has curvier hips and a smaller bust. You can easily invest in a high-waisted bikini. Create texture for the breast area, so a ruched fabric in this region can expand its shape with excellence.

Apple Body: Women with this body shape generally accumulate more fat in the area around their belly, which is why a bikini with a high waist that has wider sides is recommended. The wrinkled fabric effect can be a great option to soften the waist area. The highly elastic fabric lining holds the tummy, adjusting its proportions.

Rectangle Body :This shape has minimal waist definition, so it is interesting to invest in clothes that create an illusion of curves. A swimsuit with wide straps and a ruched effect around the entire side of the body can help create a more aligned shape.

Inverted triangle body: The shoulders appear wider than the rest of the body. Therefore, choose solid colors and a shapewear one piece swimsuit that has little visual information on the top. Choose a swimsuit that can lengthen your legs. The removable cup feature is interesting here, as you can remove the cushions and customize your body in a more visually pleasing way.

Provide effective support

In addition to body shape, you can think about other points that can help you choose the perfect swimsuit. Support is important, so feature adjustable straps on a shapewear swimsuit for greater freedom in adapting. Furthermore, smaller breasts adapt better to thin straps, while for fuller breasts it is preferable to choose thicker straps. Comfort cannot be left out either, so a swimsuit with four-way stretch allows for greater freedom of movement.

In addition to the more technical choices according to your body shape, you can also have a swimsuit that hugs your curves based on your personal taste. So, try new shapes, bolder cuts or different types of necklines and breast support like steel underwires for a more rigid structure without losing comfort.