FLEET CARD: is it ideal for your business?

There are many businesses that depend on vehicles for most of their operations. Thus, it would be best to strike a comparison between credit cards for the fleet and the usual rewards card. For instance, firms such as transportation companies need to have many vehicles to cater to various business operations.

And one of the best ways to keep your business running smoothly is by adopting the use of fleet cards. Actually, this powerful innovation could be your gateway to the next level. See, there could be, or rather you may have heard about many cards. But this one has great perks that you can easily leverage. All your vehicles will be on the road despite any challenge that might come up.

Which is better: The business credit card or a fuel card?

If you are stuck between the two cards, then this article reveals the great perk of the fleet card. You see, your business has many requirements. You will need other supplies other than fuel. Thus, you can use the business credit card for such purchases. However, you can make sure to use a fleet card for all your fuel purchases since it is the most convenient and easy to track the expenses.

Here are some benefits of fleet cards:

Can help find out about the fuel efficiency of your vehicles

See, fuel efficiency is very important, and a great way to track it is by use of trucking fuel cards. You can get detailed tracing, which allows you to know if your vehicles are operating with good efficiency.

Helps you curb fraud

Control of purchases is one of the great benefits of fleet cards. You see, the drivers can be tempted to make extra purchases at the gas pump. Indeed, they all have need to cater to, but that should not be part of your expenses in the business.

You can always control what the cardholders can do with it. For instance, you can allow them to fuel the vehicle and pay for any vehicle repairs. Thus, the card is limited to such expenses. It cannot be used for any other purchases other than the stipulated ones.

Is ideal for tracking expenses

One of the things every business owner wants to keep track of is fuel expenses. And a card is great if you to want to achieve this. You get detailed information every time a driver uses the card to fuel or repair the vehicle. For instance, you get to know the amount of gas bought, name of driver, date and time, etc. you get all this information without having to visit every gas station and collect the statements.

Bottom line

You have explored the need to have a fleet fuel card for your business that greatly depends on vehicles to offer services to many reliable clients. If you want to achieve more success in your business, it is good to have a good fleet card for all your vehicles. It will help you track expenses and stop fraud at the right time.

Things to Know About Stock Screeners Before You Decide To Buy One

No matter where you look nowadays, there is a brand new machine. Inventors make our lives so much easier. You don’t have to calculate if you are going to win or lose. Everything will be clearly written to you.


What are stock screeners?

A stock screener is a tool that is made, especially for investors and traders. They can use this tool to filter stocks based on the filters they set up. You can find most of them online. Some are free, but others require a subscription fee.

You will choose if you want to see stocks by their price, market cap, price change percentage, and other criteria. This is so useful, especially to traders. Everything is clearly shown on the screen. So, you will be able to make decisions quite easily.

What exactly do these things do?

The main goal why traders use these devices is to find stocks that will do great over some time. The best thing about them is that you can set up many filters at one time. So, you will be left with a few choices.

The screeners basically narrow the options. You won’t see the stocks you don’t want. You’ll be able to focus on what is important to you and your trading. You don’t have to think much. You can do whatever you want with the info you got on the screen.

What to look for?

There are some investors that might have a hard time getting around. If you don’t know what to look for, the tool can’t help you. You are the one that gives orders to the machine. Thankfully, some sites have already thought this through. You can learn how to use them here.

They offer you predefined stock screens. That means that the stocks are already filtered. So, you can start from somewhere. If you don’t like what you are seeing, you can always change the variables. You can set it up any way you want.

Be careful


There’s no doubt that these tools are really helpful in the stock exchange business. But, you will have to be careful. You can’t rush to make a decision based only on the information on the screens. You will have to do your own research.

You have to do this because the screens don’t give any information about pending lawsuits or any other problems. You have to find out if there are any. Also, look carefully at the timelines. Sometimes it may take a while for the system to get updated.

Boring ads

It would help if you were prepared. A lot of the free versions come with ads. You will probably get tired of them. One way to get rid of them is to pay a few dollars. You can get the premium version without the ads.

Also, the screeners you pay, come with certain benefits. You get better charts. You can set up e-mail alerts if you want. You will get to see real-time quotes. It might be better for you to pay for these tools immediately. It’s up to you.

Take the advice with a grain of salt

The information on these screeners will undoubtedly make your whole life more manageable. But, it will help if you think things through. It’s best if you do your own research. You might find some helpful things on your own. For more useful and interesting things connected to the topic, check out this link https://www.thebalance.com/top-stock-screeners-do-they-save-time-and-make-money-2637102.

If you see that a particular company has a lot of problems, you won’t certainly invest there. You will find this out if you do research. The best thing to do is to combine the things you have on the screen with the things you find out. You can’t go wrong.

Which program should you buy?

If you have decided to buy a stock screener, you will have to find out which one to get. It will help a lot if you get to learn which one has the best reviews on the Internet. Users leave honest opinions about the devices they have already tried out.

What are some of the most significant advantages of using these devices?

Some of the best screens give you an opportunity to try them in demo mode. That way, you will get a clear idea of how this thing works out. Nothing beats this. You don’t have to pay for anything. If you decide that you like it, you can buy it. If not, you can try another one.

There are many devices that you can access through your mobile. That’s quite handy. You can see stocks in the US and Canada. Also, make sure to check out the alert features. Those things can save you a lot of time and money.

F.H. Cann & Associates: Business Expansion Over The Past 20 Years [EXCLUSIVE]

The world of debt recovery and collections is tricky to navigate, yet crucial for customers who need this service. For the past 20 years, one company has been a clear leader in this industry and has experienced explosive expansion. F. H. Cann & Associates was founded in Massachusetts in 1999, and as it celebrates 20 years as a company, it is experiencing great expansion in account receivables management. Today, F.H. Cann & Associates is an organization with several hundred employees, which spans all 50 states. Most recently, the company opened a new office in Sharonville, Ohio, and added 100 members to its team, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s an exclusive look at why F.H. Cann & Associates is enjoying business expansion and success.

A drawing of a face

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The F.H. Cann & Associates Difference

The ability for a business to expand and grow comes from a solid core. A business needs a model that is strong, and permeates all aspects of its culture, in order to succeed. F.H. Cann & Associates

is built on what it calls “The FHC Difference,” which impacts every part of the business.

One aspect of F. H. Cann & Associates that has helped the company enjoy expansion and growth over the past two decades is what they call “The FHC Difference.”

  • Employee Engagement

All FHC employees are experts in their field and are highly trained. They are all professionals when it comes to accounts receivables management services. Plus, all FHC employees are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and protecting customer information. FHC employees are also consistently retrained and certified, to make sure they maintain their place as experts in their field.

  • Customer Centric

A core component of “The FHC Difference” is that customers are at its core. FHC creates customized plans for each individual customer. Each customer also receives their own dedicated staff, who handles their needs.

  • Compliance & Quality

FHC holds itself to incredibly high standards. To ensure their work is consistent, FHC has its own Compliance & Quality Assurance team, which tracks everything. FHC is known for far surpassing industry standards when it comes to quality and compliance.

  • Technology & Infrastructure

Another big component to FHC’s growth is that it understands the risks of cyber-security threats in the digital age. FHC is known for using the best industry practices when it comes to protecting customer information, and its information security programs have been audited and certified by many organizations.

  • Social Responsibility

FHC is committed to positively impacting its community and is dedicated to contributing to social responsibility. FHC is involved with a number of organizations including Professional Woman of the Collections and Call Center Industries, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, and Veterans Assisting Veterans, among other organizations.

Born to Grow

A group of people posing for a photo

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An organization’s ability to grow starts from its roots. F.H. Cann & Associates was co-founded by Sheri A. Traficante-Cann and Frank H. Cann Jr., who have been dedicated to their company from the beginning. Cann Jr. is dedicated to investing in the latest technological advancements, to continuously improve services for their clients. Traficante-Cann is particularly focused on retaining employees by treating them with respect and offering attractive compensation.


Can you invest in equity mutual funds for three-year goals?

Mutual funds have become a favoured investment tool for new and expert investors alike. It offers various benefits such as diversification, professional management, higher returns and flexibility of investing.

Compared to other conventional forms of investment, mutual funds can be a better value proposition for building wealth over the long run. Even though there are different types of mutual funds, every category has a different investment objective, which can be used to meet individual financial goals.

This article sheds light on what is equity fund and how to gauge the ideal time horizon to invest in equity funds.

What is an equity fund?

Equity funds invest primarily in stocks of large companies. They are considered as highly volatile, i.e., sensitive to market fluctuations. But, to commensurate with the high risk, they are also known to offer higher returns compared to other mutual fund types. These funds are best-suited for investors with high-risk appetite. Such aggressive investors have surplus funds to invest in mutual funds that they can afford to lose.

Ideal time horizon to invest in equity mutual funds

As equity funds carry a high risk, mutual fund experts suggest investing in them for more extended periods to weather market volatility. Long-term horizons mean seven to ten years or more. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) can be an ideal way to invest in mutual funds. They allow you to enter the market at different phases. This helps average the purchase cost of units in the long run and can earn you higher returns.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose, you purchased 500 units of a fund at a Net Asset Value (NAV) of Rs.20 per unit with a monthly SIP of Rs.10,000.

After a year, the NAV falls to Rs.16. You automatically end up buying more units, i.e., 625 (10,000/16).

Thus, you gain more by investing via SIPs in equity funds and staying invested for a longer tenure.

Investing in debt funds for three-year goals

Debt funds invest in fixed-income bearing instruments and are relatively regarded as more stable than equity funds. They are well-suited for investors seeking steady returns over a short-term period.

When you invest for a short-term horizon, the main goal should be to avoid exposing your investments to unwanted volatility and risks. Since debt funds invest in safe options such as government securities, corporate bonds, certificate of deposit, treasury bills, etc. they can help you earn decent returns with minimal risks. For short term investment horizons of less than five years, debt funds can be an ideal choice.


If you are looking to invest in mutual funds online, it is advisable to understand the different types of mutual funds available. Consider equity funds if you have a long-term horizon of seven to ten years or more. For short term horizons, relatively less risky options such as debt funds can be an ideal mutual fund investment option.


How To Be Classy Behind The Wheels


Image Source

There used to be a time when owning a personal vehicle was considered a luxury but in the modern era, it has become a necessity for almost every working individual. Not just that, it is not only a weekend convenience for families but has also emerged as their reliable companion at times of emergency. But, we are perfectly aware of the fact that there exists a price for every comfort; and the same is the case when it comes to maintaining or improving your car. For most folks, this practice can be very frustrating and draining. The reason could well be the vexing maintenance costs and the constant inflation in fuel and parts’ prices.

In order to improve the overall performance of your car, several aspects must be taken into account, such as fuel consumption, engine flow, acceleration pickup, iFi iDSD Black Label, and transmissions. Unless all these elements are working with maximum efficiency, a car aficionado can never be at peace.

To boost the engine power, your car must have an efficient combustion unit and delicate synchronization of air and fuel. This is because the fuel alone is never responsible for galloping horses but it is the adequate combo of every mechanical component that results in a pristine performance of the car.

Today, one may find a range of engine modulations available in the automobile arena, some may prefer the new eco-friendly electric friendly cars while others might want their car’s engine to roar on high octane fuel. But, no matter how distinctively these cars are powered, they still have plenty in common when it comes to maintenance, upgrades, and enhanced performance.

In this article, we have shortlisted vital tips to improve the performance of your car with highly cost-effective measures.

Put Pedal to Metal

When wanting to improve your car, the first and foremost facet that must be attended to is the reduction of weight on the engine. Lesser the force pressing the engine, easier the functionality of suspensions and lesser the inertia to beat. This combined phenomenon not only enhances the longevity of the engine but also protects other parts from fast impairment.

Therefore, to improve the performance of your car you must consider removing some extra weight. Weight reduction does not always depend on replacing parts with expensive carbon fiber. Rather, the smart choice of seats and removing unneeded heavy tools can clutter down the weight of your car. Less weight means your engine would need lesser power to overcome inertia and increase its acceleration abilities.

Evaluate Piston Performance Regularly

Generally, an engine function in this way: a vacuum is generated in the engine by the downward movement of pistons, which allows atmospheric pressure to enter the combustion unit. This is where oxygen meets fuel, forming a unit of energy. This results in the production of Kinetic Energy (the energy possessed by virtue of motion); in-vehicle terminology the K. E. is referred to as Horsepower, all credit to the ignition produced from the spark plug.

In the mechanism discussed above, one may observe the critical role of pistons and how they function as a fundamental component in ensuring the overall performance of the engine. Therefore, it is highly important to make sure that the engine pistons are in perfect shape, performing to their maximum capability.

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of pistons is by increasing the compression ratio and using top quality engine oil.

It is because the compression ratio is directly proportional to the production of power, up to a certain limit. The explanation to this is simple as the air and fuel mixture is compressed, better the process of combustion takes place in the shape of flames, thus producing more power efficiently.

Get High Endurance, Better Grip Tires

Any car enthusiast would know the value of high-quality tires when it comes to improving the car’s performance. Not only they are integral in acceleration and turn but with their grips, they also ensure the safety of your car by coupling up with the brakes. Also, tires with minimal rolling resistance are smoother in the spin that accounts for saving more fuel. Moreover, the modern design of tires offers more reliability with almost no performance liability as compared to the previous LRR versions.

You might have to ignore high mileage tires for faster and softer rubber wearing tires. If you want to augment the performance of your car then you must never compromise of better quality tires against something that might last long but at the cost of performance.

For those who live in colder regions might know the value of good quality snow tires to deal with dicey and slippery surfaces covered with ice. These tires are manufactured with pliable materials that offer high endurance even in freezing temperatures. Snowy winters are dangerous for drivers and dealing with icy surfaces can be a tricky business, therefore, it is highly recommended to use Bridgestone Blizzak WS80, Michelin X-Ice X13 or Yokohama BluEarth Winter tires.

Replace Air Filter Frequently 

At least one in three car owners are guilty of ignoring the air filters. People forget the importance of air filters in improving the performance of engine and fuel mileage, altering the air filter could certainly be one of the most convenient and easily doable practices to improve the performance of your car. The reason for this is very straight forward. For example, if you own a vacuum cleaner you know it very well that the powerful suction machine can eventually choke due to the obstruction by dust particles and debris. Regularly cleaning the filter and replacing it after a certain time period not only enhances the suction efficiency of the machine but also increases its life.

Similarly, replacing the air filter of your car is equally important and needs to be replaced after a while. This way you will have better gas mileage and improved overall engine efficiency by amplifying its ability to remove more impurities without any difficulty. It is important because once the air filter of your car is clogged with dust and other impurities then ultimately your car’s engine will have to make double efforts to draw oxygen to mix with the fuel. This process will increase the fuel consumption of the engine and reduce fuel mileage and engine efficiency. The moment you have replaced a worn-out car air filter, you will notice incredible improvements in your car’s performance with this small and instant fix.

Upgrade Sway Bar & Replace Long Shifter

The best remedy to protect the geometry of your car’s suspension is to use hard quality polyurethane bushings. This will not only improve the overall handling of your vehicle but will also maintain the correct alignment. Replacing bushing is a bit sophisticated task and requires professional handling and special tools except the sway bars which are held together by a couple of bolts and removing is not a challenge.

Another handy to reduce the body roll is to use thicker bars that will maintain flat corners in your car; also their installation is not cumbersome either.

Another pro tip that neither requires any special expertise nor costs your pocket but improves your overall driving experience, is the installation of smaller shifts. The speed of your gear shifting depends mainly by length of the moment arm; therefore, the shorter the length, smoother the shift. The shift length is pivotal in optimizing the mechanical advantage and bringing confidence to your drive. The short shifters take your driving readiness up a notch and assist you in focusing on the car’s speed much better.

You will find several designs and grips in shifters, you may install something that suits you the best.

Improve Your Driving Experience by Installing High-Quality Speakers

Improving your car experience is not only about its engine and suspensions but also the ambiance inside matters a lot. And, one of the key features that enable you to enjoy your drive is the audio machine installed inside your car.

One of the easiest ways to improve the audio quality of your car is to replace the factory-installed speakers with high definition sound units. When you have decided to replace the speakers not to forget the new ones to conform to the dimensions of the previously installed units. Once you have taken care of the length and breadth of the units, what remains next is merely a plug and play the job.

Furthermore, if your car has seen a lot of roads then there is a considerable chance that the speakers have worn-out with time and they need to be replaced at utmost priority.

Avoid Prolonged Idling

Idling your car is equivalent to leaving it in the devil’s workshop. The more you idle your car, the faster it burns gas. So if you are waiting for someone whilst running the engine of your car then you are approximately burning a liter per null kilometers.

The solution to this is very simple, just switch off the engine while idle or get the latest start-stop function incorporated in your car’s system.

If you are good at math, then you can easily know that you are burning approximately 10 – 20 ounces for every 10 minutes waiting. Also, you should not rev up to warm the engine of your car in chilly mornings, this way you are burning more gas than you do while driving it. So it is always better to leave the engine running for around 30 seconds after starting it and then roll-off.

The Final Word

A car connoisseur is well aware that owning a car is no less than nurturing a pet. Your car is the best companion in every journey, adventure, emergency or a simple commute, it deserves an equally just and caring treatment. From engine to the ambiance of its interior, your car symbolizes your personality traits and represents you in your absence. This is why one may never hesitate in his responsibility to regularly improve and upgrade the features of his personal car, without any remorse over what he spends for the cause. In fact, the cost of maintaining the car is the investment for his comfort and convenience in the long-run!


Signs That You’re Already Causing Your Employees Stress, and the Need to Relax

As a boss, you need to be sensitive about your employees’ feelings. It’s understandable if you want to manage the team to reach goals, but you also have to ensure that you don’t become a monster everyone hates. You can still be an excellent leader and maintain a positive relationship among your employees. Once you start to make them stressed out, the employees will hate you. Therefore, you need to be aware of these signs.

No one wants to talk to you 

You want your employees to be comfortable talking to you. If they have a hard time doing their job, they need to be open about it. If they think they feel overburdened, they also need to be honest about it. Once you start to see them being quiet about how they feel, it’s a problem. It means that you’re the reason behind their current negative emotions and they can’t be honest with you about it.

The quality of the results gets affected

If you’ve been working with these employees for a while, you already know how they work. You can tell if they’re doing an excellent job or if the results are not the same as what they used to produce. If you notice that most of your employees can’t come up with satisfying output, it means that they’re not feeling well. The stress you’re causing them could be the reason why they can’t focus on their job, and they produce terrible results.

The work environment feels gloomy 

If you can sense that the workplace doesn’t exude happiness, especially when you pass by, it means that everyone is mad at you. Instead of telling you how they feel, the employees would rather stay quiet. Most of them want to say something, but they might express words they will regret. Therefore, they prefer keeping their mouth shut. If it feels this way, it means that you need to change how you deal with your employees.

Employees start to answer back

You can’t force your employees to respect you, but at least they need to be polite. It’s true, especially if you give them instructions or when you preside over a meeting. If they can’t hold it and answer back when you say something, it means that they’re holding a grudge.

Change the atmosphere 

As soon as you notice these signs, you have to do something. You can’t allow the employees to feel stressed when you’re around. It could impact how they do their jobs. Make sure that you’re the kind of boss they love and respect. Try organising fun activities to endear yourself to them. It would be great if you could host a funfair with the help of funfair rides for hire. It’s a fun activity that allows everyone to relax and even bring family members. You also have to show your appreciation to your employees whenever they deserve it. Prove to them that you’re not the terrible person they think you are. With these changes, you can expect a better work environment and greater cooperation.

5 Proven Ways Your Small Ecommerce Business Can Level the Playing Field

Even as giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay threaten to force smaller players off the internet, there has never been a better time to start your own ecommerce business on a small budget.

Despite many naysayers claiming that the internet today is virtually an oligopoly, it’s worth realizing that the web is much bigger than any of those monolithic companies. Smaller ecommerce businesses are finding varying degrees of success every day, despite those big companies dominating the conversation. The fact is, there is always room for more players, especially if they deliver something people want.

Today, there are several free tools to help you create and develop your own ecommerce site as well as services that specifically cater to the needs of startups. While most of them are quite helpful in helping bolster the capabilities of a lean operation, certain areas have been proven to be especially useful for smaller businesses.

The suggestions below are tried-and-tested methods for leveling the online playing field. Be sure to look into them if you are considering starting a small ecommerce business.

1.) Invest in SEO and content marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of doing a set of recommended actions that will help put your business at the top of online searches. Content marketing is using online content (including articles, social media posts, videos, and others) to stimulate interest, usually without explicitly pushing a brand.

It doesn’t cost anything at all to get started on either of the two marketing practices. They’re also especially effective when done together. Doing a “good enough” job at following recommended SEO and content marketing practices is usually all you need to do to get ahead of many competitors. Of course, you can get better results by hiring agencies or qualified contractors to do your SEO and content marketing for you.

2.) Hire professional designers to help your branding and site design

As the classic New Yorker cartoon goes, “on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog”. By the same token, nobody really has an idea how big your ecommerce operation is. With a well-designed site and professionally-executed branding, even a small ecommerce business can look like an equal of the big players.

Because there is so much that goes into branding and professional site design, you may want to take the services of creative agencies. If money is tight there are also plenty of freelance designers and developers that can help your business get “the look” it needs for less.

3.) Use a third-party fulfillment service to efficiently deliver orders

Fast and effective fulfillment is necessary for any ecommerce business to reach acceptable levels of customer satisfaction. Given that larger businesses can offer next-day or same-hour delivery, it’s virtually impossible to match this outside of your own street without pairing up with a third-party fulfillment provider. These services can easily make your ecommerce operation a match for the likes of Amazon. At least when it comes to delivery times.

4.) Automate processes whenever possible

Automation tools help you do more work with a smaller team. Apps such as Hootsuite, for instance, take much of the tediousness away from regular social media promotions by allowing you to post across multiple platforms at specified times. Others, such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can save you several hours each week making sure your site content has acceptable grammar and flow. You can also find automation solutions for finding qualified sales leads, such as Leadformly. There are even tools that make it easy to automate design work, such as Canva.

Another area you can look into is accounting and enterprise resource planning software. These software suites can automate payroll, invoices, taxes, and even inventory and supply replenishment processes, potentially saving you hundreds of hours each month.

5.) Focus on delivering an awesome customer experience

Delivering great service costs very little and can be a major factor that gets you a loyal customer base.

One thing that larger businesses struggle with is delivering a warm and personalized customer experience. Wide selections and fast deliveries are one thing — but being able to connect with a customer and turn them into lifelong brand advocates is something smaller businesses can do better than bigger ones.

One big reason for this is that smaller businesses have flatter hierarchies. This means that if the customer has a concern, they can immediately reach someone who has the power to make things better. This is very different from the usual experience of talking to a customer service agent who seems like they only exist to separate customers from those in charge.

This all means that a small business is usually in a better position than a big one to quickly rectify mistakes and delight customers with above-and-beyond service. Small businesses also tend to be more relatable and some customers find it easy to form an emotional bond with it — even if they only interact with it online.

The suggestions above aren’t just for small ecommerce businesses. Organizations of all kinds and sizes have benefitted from implementing these low-cost strategies. If you’re in making a presence the ecommerce world, it should be worth your time to look into these ideas.





The Business Software You Need to Reach New Business Goals in 2020

You set new goals so that you have checkpoints to head toward as your business grows. Without goals, your business will remain static, and you have a less clear idea of what you could be doing differently, especially if you are in a precarious position.

Achieving your goals is extremely difficult, however, if you attempt to do so through trial and error. Will this strategy work? No? That’s okay, you think of a different idea and try again. But the same thing happens over and over, and you aren’t sure how many attempts it will take until you discover the strategy that proves successful.

The reason for this is because you need to explore why things work the way they do. Each of the strategies you tried previously were missing something. You are just a person, though, and even though you started your business, you cannot keep an eye on every aspect of it at once. Fortunately, there are technological tools that can give you a comprehensive overview, enabling you to manage your business more effectively. Here are a few software tools to help you reach the goals you set in the upcoming year:


VendHQ is a robust electronic point of sale system. The cash register you have in place might have gotten you this far, but it’s time to update your POS terminal to something more advanced.

This is not advancement for the sake of offering more than what is necessary, though—all of VendHQ’s functions are practical, and you can customize them for your industry. For instance, with simple inventory management software built-in, you can optimize your inventory management techniques so that you don’t waste money on products that don’t sell or holding them in storage. Because the inventory database is connected to the POS system, it automatically subtracts products whenever a customer buys something, so you and your employees always know exactly how much stock is available at any given time (which spares you the awkwardness of saying, “I’ll go check the back” when a customer inquires).

Plus, VendHQ also produces in-depth reports regarding your sales history. You can select any timeframe you please: how did your sales last month compare to the same month a year prior? The software can then make projections and suggest realistic goals for the future while providing insight into how to achieve them.


Zoho is an extensive software suite that helps you run every aspect of your business. It can assist with external matters—such as customer relationship management, email marketing, and sales leads—and internal ones, like accounting, human resources, IT services, workflow management, and more.

Zoho helps you manage your entire business from one platform. It can integrate with other applications and offers a variety of extensions that help you customize it for your particular business needs, making your life—and your staff’s lives—much easier.


You don’t have to make every mistake yourself—you can learn from your competitors’. While you should never copy another organization’s creative property, you can mimic the successful parts of their marketing and operational strategies. What are your competitors doing that works for them, and what are they doing that you should avoid? With Owler, you can peer into the success of millions of companies and learn how you can follow suit or differentiate yourself.

Besides looking at competitors, you can use Owler to search for new business opportunities. Perhaps there is another organization out there that would be interested in a partnership. With Owler, you can determine which companies are most likely to benefit from a relationship with you and even find leads when it comes to B2B sales.

Sprout Social

Billions of people use social media, so there’s bound to be an audience out there for you somewhere. The issue is connecting with them. How can you be sure your efforts are not wasted on people who have no interest in your business? With the robust features from Sprout Social, you can schedule posts, automate actions, generate analytics reports, and more.

When you have unprecedented insight into how well your social media campaign is performing, you can amend it according to what the data says. If you create a piece of content that provokes all kinds of positive engagement but you aren’t sure why, you can use Sprout Social to compare it to your other posts so that you know what to do again in the future.

It’s important to establish goals, but it’s equally essential to have assurance that you are headed towards them, not away. Which software options do you believe will help you set and achieve your business objectives?

How to Reduce the Time for Revenue Cycle Management Services?

Healthcare providers benefit from increasing efficiency of their revenue cycle management process. An improved RCM process boosts cash flow ultimately maximising revenues. Most medical practices choose to outsource their RCM requirements to renowned RCM service providers, who ensure complete reimbursements.

The following are the ways that these third-party providers reduce the time taken to provide quality revenue cycle management services:

  • Verifying Patient Details

It is necessary to double check patient demographic information and insurance coverage details to prevent claim denials due to information inaccuracies. RCM service providers ensure to check patient details on every patient visit to the physician thus preventing billing errors. If any information collected is incomplete or outdated, the medical billers contact patients resolve the issues.

  • Effective Denial Management

Claims can be denied due to a variety of reasons, which can range from coding errors to other faults from the insurance providers end. The medical billers must understand the root cause of the claim denials and resolve those issues immediately. They must re-submit the claim within the submission deadline to ensure that the insurance provider receives the claim. Therefore, effective denial management decreases the turnaround time helping maximise revenues.

  • Using Automation to Gain Efficiency

Third-party RCM service providers utilise various advanced automated tools to ramp up the RCM process. They use practice management software to effectively handle the financial data hence improving cash flow for the medical practice. These experienced service providers maintain electronic health records to document patient interactions. They also automate other RCM steps such as patient registration, insurance coverage verification, patient data analysis, automated claim submission etc. helping boost the speed of their revenue cycle management services.

  • Maintaining a Sound Financial Infrastructure

The payment systems maintained must be seamlessly integrated with the healthcare provider’s EMR or EHR. If it is not well-integrated, transferring patient and financial data onto the new formats upon installation of different payment systems will become tedious to carry out. This would decrease the efficiency of the RCM process. To avoid deterioration of RCM process efficiency, established third-party providers equip themselves with reliable financial infrastructure that enables frictionless revenue cycle management services.

  • Planning Payment Collections

Prior planning of how the patient would pay their dues helps the medical practice to collect the payments owed without delays. Renowned RCM providers plan out the payment collection with the patients during pre-registration stage. Pre-planning of payments also gives an estimate to the patient of the costs that need to be covered by them after their insurance provider has paid their part. This can help in saving a lot of time in recovering outstanding amount.

  • Providing Patients with Flexible Payment Methods

Providing patients with convenient payment modes is necessary to prevent payment delays. Lack of payment options is the reason for losing out on revenues even when the patients are ready to pay their dues. To prevent cash flow disruptions in such scenarios, third-party RCM provide the option of multiple payment methods for the patients such as debit card, savings account, credit card, payment by phone, online portals etc. This also truncates the time needed to get back dues.

  • Tracking the KPIs

Key Performance indicators help gain an insight on the efficiency of the revenue cycle management process. These indicators include, number of A/R days, rate of payment collection, denial rate etc. Comparing these performance indicators with the other competitors to set the benchmarks can help improve the speed of the RCM process

While each of these above-mentioned steps are important in reducing the time for effective RCM management, monitoring and auditing the above-mentioned ways time-to-time is equally important for ensuring timely reimbursements consistently.

Things to Get Rid of in the Office to Reclaim Space

Cleaning the clutter in your office has several benefits. Some of them are having better focus, becoming more creative, and releasing stress. You may not have noticed that there are items that you no longer need that are still taking up space in the area. Here are some of the common office items that you need to dispose of but probably haven’t.

Old appliances

After replacing old appliances like a fridge, microwave, or coffee maker, some people still tend to keep the old ones even if they are no longer of use. Instead of letting them sit around and occupy space in the office, get rid of them, but make sure that you do the disposal right. These appliances may have materials that are toxic to the environment. Get the help of experts providing junk removal Miami services for proper and safe appliance disposal. They are trained to do this, and they also work with recycling companies so your waste will go to the right places.

Old equipment

Like old appliances, old equipment like computers, printers, and scanners that have already been replaced may still be sitting in your office. They add up to the clutter in your working space, so since they will no longer be used, make sure to get rid of them.

Filing cabinets

Most companies nowadays rely on their computers and the Internet to save their files. If you are one of these companies, you can now get rid of the printed documents that you have, which you already saved on your computer or your server. There may still be a few papers that you want to keep, but be sure to throw away those you no longer need. With only the important documents remaining, you can downsize your filing cabinets and get rid of the big, old ones that are no longer suitable for you. It will free up space in the office.

Broken eating utensils

If you have a designated kitchen area where employees eat, you probably have eating utensils like plates and glasses that they can use. There comes a time that you will need to replace them because they are chipped or broken. When this happens, the chipped and broken ones need to be tossed in the trash. There is no sense in keeping them in your storage when they will no longer be of use.

Old business cards

If you change any of your contact details, you also need to update your business cards, so they contain the updated information. There is no reason to keep your old business card since the details are no longer valid. Put them with the “to throw away” items on your list.

Old picture frames and decors

When you redecorated your office to give it a fresh look, you may have placed decors and picture frames somewhere and forgotten about them after a long time. If you know that there is no chance that you will use them again, dispose of them to declutter your office.

Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and more organized office by decluttering now. You will reclaim space that you forgot you had when unused and unwanted items were still there.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/keyboard-computer-hardware-keys-70506/