Review: Why Small Businesses Love Equitable Marketing’s Services

Equitable Marketing Review

Marketing can be a monumental task to tackle, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford to onboard a team of hundreds of marketing and analyst experts. Fortunately, agencies like Equitable Marketing exist to even out the playing field.

Equitable Marketing has been leading the charge in marketing solutions for businesses for half a decade now, and they’ve quickly made a name for themselves. They’re highly respected and trusted in the business community, and I was lucky enough to land an interview with a few of their representatives.

I wanted to learn about their services and why businesses keep coming to them for their marketing needs. Here’s how that interview went:

How personalized are the strategies you create? Do you work off of any templates?

We create fully customized plans to the business’s needs. We here at Equitable Marketing do not believe in cookie-cutter marketing because businesses are just as unique as people. Every business is going to want to target a different audience in a different way.

And over the long term, they are going to have different goals. We do not have templates for businesses; the plans are 100% custom. This only works because of our team’s vast experience across industries. We have marketing veterans that have seen it all, so we are never surprised and have a solution for anything.

You mentioned long-term growth. So do you stay with companies for support?

Absolutely, if that’s what they request; as I said, every business is different. Some businesses want long-term marketing solutions; others just want a quick campaign created. Either way, we are here to help, and we are masters of it all.

We’ve helped companies achieve a quick, measurable goal, and we’ve also helped companies sustain their social media platforms for years and legitimize their brand.

Let’s say a business or entrepreneur uses your service and then goes off on their own. Do you prepare them, or will they need to come back?

Absolutely we prepare them; that’s part of our mission statement. After working with us, a business should be prepared to take the reigns of their marketing. We do our best to explain everything we’re doing every step of the way so that our marketing strategies aren’t just effective but they’re also sustainable.

We haven’t talked specifics yet. Could you quickly go over some of the services you offer?

Sure thing, we offer social media management and marketing, risk management, search engine marketing’, analytics and optimization, and much more. We are all about creating plans and working with the client. So while these are what we advertise, our actual catalog of tools is much more vast.

Do you mind getting specific on the specifics? Could you tell us about, say, your social media marketing service?

Social media marketing includes research into your target audience, how to engage with them on social media, and how to effectively deliver our client’s message to that audience. Every audience is different, and these things take a lot of effort to figure out.

But, as I mentioned, once we do, we always share the information we gather with our clients so they can take over afterward.


Things to Consider If You Want to Start a Business in Your 20s

How would you like to start your career in your 20s? Take control of your future now by starting a successful business. This guide will help you see where to begin and provide you with top tips and resources to build your dream empire.

The idea sounds great, but starting a real online pokies business isn’t straightforward. There are loads of options out there with varying levels of difficulty and risk. If you want to make sure your venture succeeds, consider these steps before setting off the entrepreneurial path.

If you want to start a business, why not try something you love? What better way to get inspired than working on a project that excites you every day?

Things to Consider If You Want to Start a Business in Your 20s

1. Find your niche

When looking for ideas for your new business, don’t just pick anything at random. You need to have some kind of goal or vision in mind when tackling your business, so be clear about what it is you hope to achieve.

Some popular niches include:

  • A unique service tailored specifically to meet an unmet demand
  • An innovative product that helps people solve problems
  • Providing a solution to a problem that doesn’t currently exist

2. Choose your business model

Before deciding how to set up your business, it’s important to decide on your casino online business model – which one suits you best?

There are four common models, including direct sales, franchising, retailing, and licensing. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely the type of business that fits your circumstances.

  • Direct sales is ideal if you’re passionate about selling products/services from home, and enjoy being able to interact with potential customers face-to-face.
  • Franchising means owning your business without having to invest much upfront capital, thanks to the franchise agreement. You can then run your franchise business as long as you want.
  • Retail offers many benefits, such as instant revenue streams, but does require a more initial investment. Many retailers also use eCommerce platforms to sell their goods, thereby increasing conversions.
  • Licensing allows entrepreneurs to operate a business without needing to develop the skills required to be successful. However, this comes with high barriers to entry and requires lots of legal expertise.

3. Create value

With no doubt, you’ve come across plenty of opportunities while going through life. It’s easy to dismiss them as too good to be true; however, sometimes they really are. The key to making money online is to take advantage of those untapped sources of opportunity. You must be willing to seek out things that no one else wants in order to create something special and valuable.

4. Get started

Now that you know what you’d like to do and how you’d like to go about doing it, it’s time to actually start putting plans into action. It may seem daunting at first, but with dedication and perseverance, you’ll soon find yourself succeeding in your endeavors.


Marketing Pro Jurgen Cautreels Shares How To Enter The Digital Marketing Industry In 2022

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Breaking into digital marketing, you can learn digital marketing and successfully enter the industry without enrolling in a college or university course. All you have to do to begin a career in digital marketing is to utilize internet resources to learn the necessary skills and serve customers all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

Nonetheless, it can be difficult for you to break into the industry successfully after learning. This is because it is not something you are familiar with

Speaking to the marketing pro, Jurgen Cautreels, he shared with us what we need to know about entering the digital marketing industry successfully.

Jurgen Caurtels, what is the first thing a person should know?

It would be best if you learned the basic scope and fundamentals of digital marketing. If you just want to venture into the digital marketing field, the first and most apparent step is knowing what digital marketing is and its primary components.

Digital marketing (online marketing) is a broad phrase that refers to the practice of marketing on the Internet. It covers all aspects of internet marketing. You must understand that digital marketing is a collection of processes (channels) that may be used in a campaign rather than a single discipline.

What are the different sorts of digital marketing jobs?

There are many different types of digital marketing jobs available, which means there are many different career paths to choose from. The most common ones we all hear of include Search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, content management, video/audio production curation, and e-commerce.

Jurgen Caurtels, how do you know the field to focus on?

Deciding on the area to specialize in is entirely your decision to make. No one can choose what best suits you. However, you can ask yourself personal questions like, “What do I love doing?”, “Is it preferable for me to work alone or with others?” and “What are my present strengths?”

Once I know what I want to do, what next the next thing to do is?

You have to get certifications. It may be hard for anyone to hire you if you do not have a digital marketing certification.

The easiest way to receive a Google Ads certification is to get one via Google. Google provides several resources to help you become a Google AdWords expert. Earning a certification is wonderful to demonstrate to customers or future employers that you possess the requisite abilities.

Once you are done learning, what do next?

You should consider getting a genuine job as a digital marketing assistant or an intern at an established business as a great way to quickly develop your abilities and expertise.

I personally recommend this since you will get valuable insight into how a contemporary digital marketing firm operates and will be able to use some of their best digital marketing practices if you later decide to establish your own agency or work for another business as a digital marketing specialist.

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Why Is CoM Module Important?

The rise of technology in the workplace is one of the most noticeable things. Businesses all over the world use advanced technology to enhance their operations and exceed clients’ expectations. The CoM module is one of the important things that companies are adapting. A Computer on Module (CoM) is a form-factor and ready-to-use computing solution. It consists of the application-agnostic hardware and software used to develop embedded products. In software, it compromises the Operating System and Device Drivers. So why do businesses use the CoM module? Read on to learn more.

The Perks of CoM Module

From the view of the market perspective, computer-on-modules are best for evaluating embedded system designs. Other things that make them so attractive include:


CoM modules are helpful for custom system designs. Custom designs are the best alternatives in the embedded computing field, unlike the off-the-shelf motherboards that are not built for these applications. They have sufficient space to handle all the applications and interface demands. In addition, CoM modules can offer the required resistance against mechanical stress. They also simplify the use of embedded processor technologies for customized designs.


The most notable thing about CoM modules is that they come with ready-to-use components. They offer high design efficiency. They lead to reduced efforts to build support packages with the necessary drivers.


A CoM module offers optimal scalability. It can host all processors from all embedded processor providers. It makes the switch between processor generations and providers easier and always possible. A business can design it based on modules and switch if when necessary.


Computer-on-Modules achieve scalability by standardizing the footprints and the interface to their custom-designed carrier boards. Standardization is vital to the highest design security, so designers can rely on the availability of modules with similar interfaces. Also, they can develop second-source strategies that are not dependent on one vendor. Besides security, it also provides commercial benefits in the form of competitive pricing. Module vendors can offer more and better services to set themselves apart from the competitors through improved customer support.

Accelerate Time-To-Market

CoM takes care of the essential design commodities. It frees up time for you to focus on developing application-specific parts of your products.

Optimize Product Development Costs

In business, your profit margin is a priority. Luckily, a CoM module will help you enhance the profit margin. It leverages economies of scale and reduces project costs. It also helps eliminates significant development risks through reliable solutions.

Final Word

The best CoM module is engineered for the highest levels of performance. It should embed success into industrial automation and control applications. The module should also be built for reliability and durability. After all, they undergo thorough performance testing and quality control for the ultimate productivity. This way, your product will allow for rapid time to market. All your activities will be integrated for maximum efficiency. With this in mind, you should get your products from a reliable provider who can respond and ship faster.


Why Businesses Need Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce managed services are a combination of Salesforce consulting and implementation services where Salesforce partners, also called ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), are involved in the setup and deployment of your specific enterprise solution. The idea behind this is that you get access to a company that knows how to use the software being used by your business. Besides having more control over the project, it also provides an experienced team of experts who can help with the daily administration and upkeep of the system in order to ensure they are using their time effectively and efficiently.

Here are reasons why your businesses should invest in Salesforce managed service:

Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

Keep your team focused on sales

It’s easy to get distracted, especially when you have a million things going on at once. Salesforce-managed services can help your team stay focused on closing deals. With Salesforce managed services, you don’t have to worry about keeping your CRM up-to-date and functioning properly. The experts will do that for you. You can spend more time selling and less time worrying about the logistics behind running a successful business.

Nurture your business relationships

Business relationships are an integral aspect of the sales process. Salesforce managed services can help you build, maintain and nurture these relationships in a variety of ways.

Capture your customers’ data

When it comes to business relationships, there’s nothing quite like a personal touch. With Salesforce managed services, you can use your CRM software to capture information about your customers and prospects to understand them better as individuals or businesses. Their preferences, needs, and goals. This knowledge helps you determine which products or services would be best suited for each client relationship at any given time so that you can provide personalized recommendations that align with their needs and those of your company’s bottom line.

Facilitates communication

Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools also facilitate communication between teams around the globe by providing employees access through mobile devices they already own while creating a centralized database where all relevant data is kept secure but accessible by authorized personnel only involved in building strong business relationships across multiple channels without ever having another spaghetti diagram on their desks again.

Stay ahead of the competition

There’s a lot to be gained by outsourcing Salesforce-managed services. By focusing on what your team does best, you will save money and ultimately stay ahead of the competition.

Other benefits include;

  • Get more value from your Salesforce technology
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve profitability
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce overall operational costs
  • Use a managed services provider to supplement your existing team
  • Offload some of your workloads and reduce the cost of hiring and training new staff
  • Focus on core business tasks

Finally, oftentimes, businesses might not have the expertise or staffing to manage their Salesforce. They could outsource managed services and get other experts to handle this task for them. The result is a more efficient operation overall and a business that’s poised to grow faster than its competitors.


Textile Abrasion Testing Benefits

As a consumer, you hardly give it a thought, but you are less likely to buy clothes from a brand that didn’t last, got discolored after a few cleaning cycles, or doesn’t feel comfortable when worn. That’s among the top reasons textile testing is essential. The manufacturers carry out numerous tests to ensure their product lines deliver the best. Abrasion testing is among the standard measures. Abrasion testing determines the fabric’s toughness. This is fiber’s tenacity and elongation to break. This is noting that the fabric is subjected to various abrasions, the common including:

  • Flex abrasion: This results from folding, bending, or flexing. It is common since you may have to fold while storing. You also bend or flex when managing daily activities like yoga.
  • Fat abrasion: It is the most common, resulting from surface rubbing.
  • Edge abrasion: This is typically on the fabric edges, for example, cuffs and collars.

Various fibers have different abrasion resistance levels. For instance, wool and nylon offer good resistance. It is among the reasons they feature more in workout and sporting clothes. Cotton doesn’t offer better abrasion resistance; hence not used in many demanding cloth lines. So, why is abrasion testing necessary?

Inform manufacturing process

Abrasion testing is essential in the control of the manufacturing process. This informs the manufacturer about the right processes to keep the fabric in good condition. If the process exposes the fabric to too much friction, yet the abrasion resistance is low, the finished product won’t be as good since it’ll easily wear and tear. Such clothes won’t win the brand a good reputation, meaning they can’t run a profitable business.

Quality control

Abrasion testing checks the quality and suitability of the textile’s raw materials. This is crucial in informing products’ quality. For instance, in the sporting industry, a textile manufacturer needs to ensure that the raw materials used can withstand the demanding use. All the pulling and contact require tough materials. If, for example, a soccer jersey can hardly withstand the demands, it would be of less use. Quality control accounts for the intended use, ensuring that the manufacturer uses the right raw materials.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are at the heart of a business, a factor abrasion testing targets. Manufacturers need to build and retain a good brand image. This means consistently delivering durable clothes that match the use and are worth the price tag. This means more than quality control.

A manufacturer also has to investigate faulty materials. The testing is a part of research and development. It provides failure analysis, informing manufacturing development to deliver new and better final products. The measures help manufacturers advance their operations, deliver top-quality, and gain and retain a good brand image, making it easier to win a massive loyal customer base.

Textile testing is a lot more than ensuring conformity with government regulations. Textile abrasion testing, among other measures, is critical to the success of a brand. It facilitates the manufacture and distribution of quality wear that can withstand the demands and offer functionality and comfort needed in various settings.


Does a Bankruptcy Filing Stop a Garnishment Completely

Thinking you’re coping with commitment, rather potentially you’re taking care of at the very least one lender decorating your salaries. You may be considering whether there’s a technique for stopping the settlement garnishment. The action is without a doubt, nevertheless there are various means to deal with it. Among them consists of declaring financial bankruptcy.

What Is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment happens when a business keeps an item of a representative’s check after that, then sends that cash money to an owner. A lot of compensation garnishments are the repercussion of a court judgment in the lending institution’s approval.

A couple of standards restrict just how much money can be embellished from a check. Wage garnishments that are the consequence of purchaser obligations are normally restricted to 25% of the customer’s wage or numerous times the federal government the most affordable pay allowed by regulation. Nevertheless, in the event that the garnishment is the effect of back kid assistance, the sum can be virtually as high as 60% of wage.

Exactly How Does Bankruptcy Stop a Creditor from Garnishing My Wages?

The necessary methods by which phase 11 will stop your compensation garnishment is via the programmed remain. A set remain is a brief respite on the majority of commitment assortment exercises.

The configured stay can stay basically for the period of the liquidation treatments. In any case, it tends to be virtually as short as 30 days in the event that you sought economic protection in the previous year and also the liquidation court excused your case. All the same, in unusual scenarios, you will not be approved for the set keep, for example, having your 3rd insolvency recording in the previous year.

The set won’t influence all wage garnishments, for example, those emerging out of native assistance dedications. These integrate obligations getting in touch with previous children or spousal assistance. To stop wage garnishments emerging from organic assistance obligations, you’ll need to go to your nearby court and also request that the adjudicator alter the youngster or spousal assistance demand.

The configured keep stopping compensation garnishments is simply transitory. Nonetheless, in case you videotape for Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as end up getting a section of your obligations released, any payment garnishments transpiring because of those responsibilities will for life stop.

Thinking about Bankruptcy to Stop Your Wage Garnishment?

The above is only a concise synopsis of how bankruptcy can assist you on the off chance that your incomes are obtaining ornamented as well as different subtleties can have an impact. As an example, in certain conditions, seeking for Chapter 13 liquidation as opposed to Chapter 7 can briefly quit wage garnishments that are the consequence of domestic help dedications. To find how that functions, or pose some other inquiries you could have concerning stopping pay garnishment, connect to a bankruptcy attorney in Montgomery, Alabama or wherever you live.


What should I ask my divorce lawyer when we meet for the first time?

Whenever you have arrived at the point in your marriage when divorce is being considered, then you might observe that you are trying to navigate a lot of complex issues. The way ahead will feel hazy in light of multiple factors, and one of those reasons might connect with the relationship you will be creating with your divorce lawyer. This relationship will turn out to be extremely important in the months ahead, and for the good of your case you will want to make well informed decisions. To do that you will need to pose a number of inquiries, so that ideally you will come out better than your spouse from this troublesome experience

Attorneys can have different specialties but for a divorce you want a family law attorney. You should make sure the attorney has handled divorces and other family law matters before. You also want to inquire about how much their retainer will be and what their hourly rate is. When you retain a family law attorney, they will usually require an amount of money up front called a retainer. Then the lawyer bills hourly from this retainer for the work they do.

When you meet with the attorney, you should be ready to give an account of the marriage and the events leading up to divorce. Having normal correspondence with your lawyer is fundamental for the outcome of your case. On the off chance that the lawyer can’t offer you an unmistakable response to this inquiry, or appears to be hesitant, they might not have the best relational abilities or authoritative abilities to keep in contact with their clients.

Contingent upon how complex your case is, you might need to talk to your divorce lawyer quite a bit, which means you’ll be spending a lot of money in hourly fees so a larger retainer would be recommended up front. Obviously, more complicated cases like challenged divorces will warrant extra time for the lawyer, yet you will find that out should the need emerge.

The kind of divorce you are looking for can decide the expenses. An uncontested divorce will be more affordable than a challenged divorce. A fair divorce lawyer will speak the truth about the expense contrast, and ways that you can moderate any costs that can come up from now on.

Regarding charges, get some information about hourly rates, retainer expenses, and potential charges for time spent counseling other lawyers, paralegals, and additional secretaries. Will it be important to get private agents, scientific bookkeepers, or different trained professionals? What amount could that cost? A troublesome, yet not feasible, inquiry to address is pose for a gauge for the all out cost of the divorce.

Toward the beginning of your divorce, it could be hard to change your correspondence with your spouse, since they have been an individual with whom you have kept in close certainty. Know that what you tell your life partner, present and past, can be raised with your divorce lawyer, the inverse doesn’t need to be valid. The lawyer client relationship requires that you don’t impart fundamental data to the next party that could be hindering your case.

Presently, on the off chance that you end up in a circumstance during the divorce where some sort of useful correspondence would be ideal to make the cycle run all the more easily, you can ask your lawyer for ways of decreasing the areas of contention among you. It is best to speak with a local divorce attorney in Trussville or wherever you live in Alabama, and to ask these and many other questions before paying them any retainer at all. Make sure you are comfortable with them and have a good relationship from the beginning, since the two of you will be working together for quite some time.


The Importance of Proper Waste Disposal

four assorted-color trash bins beside gray wall

With news worldwide of trash ending up where it should not be – in oceans, rivers, other waterways and anywhere but the landfill – we must take drastic steps to ensure that we don’t add to the pile of trash destroying our planet. Proper waste segregation and disposal are essential aspects of waste management that will help us prevent the trash from contaminating our water and land resources. If you need any more convincing on why it is paramount to segregate and dispose of waste the right way, here are some reasons.

Effects on the environment and human health

Hazardous waste such as that from hospitals and factories containing harmful chemicals may seep into the soil or mix in the water, eventually contaminating them. This contamination can cause issues with human health through the food we eat and water we drink. Burning hazardous waste can also harm the environment. The gases that these burning practices emit go into the atmosphere. Proper waste disposal uses special liners, so these dangerous chemicals do not leak into the soil and water.

Lessen pollution

When we throw our trash where it belongs, we do not contribute to polluting the environment – in the water, the soil, and the atmosphere. World governments put in place environmental laws that everyone must adhere to. These laws protect the environment from destruction by human development.

Profit from waste

If you think that garbage does not give you something in return, you’re wrong. You can actually make money from trash. You can turn your recyclable waste into profit when you turn it in at recycling centers. A lot of manufacturers use recycled materials in their products, and where do they get these materials? From individual households. Plastic bottles and cardboard boxes can still become useful items when used as raw materials.


Not properly disposing of waste can pose a risk to you and your family’s health and safety. Broken glass can harm you, and more so with toxic waste such as bleach and cleaning materials. You can eliminate your worry about toxic and hazardous waste lying around your house and endangering your family by disposing of it correctly.

Less use of natural resources

When we turn our recyclables over to recycling centers, manufacturers pick them up and use them as raw materials for their products. This translates to reduced use of natural resources that they otherwise would use in place of these recyclable items. We don’t have to cut trees to make more paper or use up other natural resources to produce more products that will eventually end up as trash in the future.

If you have junk that you don’t know how to dispose of, you can hire a Miami Beach junk removal company such as Evergreen Junk Removal to do it for you. They will dispose of your junk correctly according to city and state rules and regulations. Together we can make a massive difference in helping save the environment from further destruction, and one of the ways we can help is by taking care of our trash properly.

The Renaissance of Online Shopping in the Modern Era


After the online market has been vastly commercialized in recent decades, there has also been a sudden spike in E-Commerce, causing most buyers to shop online for daily necessities as well as more expensive items. It is no longer a large part of people’s daily agendas to shop, as it has been trivialized to the point that it can be done anywhere and anytime.

Online shopping has risen to become an industrial competition, which provides customers with a greater range of choices while providing better facilities, as countless online retail stores now offer a wide variety of goods and services to meet the needs of customers.

Price reductions

Besides attractive discounts, online stores offer consumers products at lower prices than physical stores in order to foster a favorable buyer-seller relationship. In order to attract more customers, sellers have to reduce their profit margins by understanding that online shopping is mostly about finding cheaper products.

Comfortable and easy

Customers need to be able to reach out to support at all times in order to stay up to date with their latest needs, to receive feedback, and to answer complaints. In this fast-paced, modern society, it is very convenient to find all sorts of products on the same websites, which save a significant amount of time for buyers.

For additional convenience, the goods are fast-shipped, with some websites even shipping products the same day as they are placed, as well as free shipping if the order is large. A customized search and filter option, the capability of comparing prices on a basis of best deals, and even separate display windows for different products and offers are some of the advantages of online shopping.

Product Variety

Due to the great variety of categories, brands, and prices offered by online stores, customers are increasingly drawn to them. Using the same website, buyers can choose from a wide array of goods, saving them the time and effort of looking for the appropriate physical stores.

Nothing falsely enticing

It is reassuring that most online shops do not try to deceive their customers into buying unnecessary things, instead providing them with filters and sorting options to allow them to see exactly what they want to see.

Information Security

Purchasing certain products like lingerie can be difficult in a physical store due to the starving people around, which often embarrass customers without any logical reason.

Customers enjoy complete privacy when buying such products online. In addition, information about your payment method is kept confidential to prevent any potential cybercrimes. Customers are happy and satisfied when returned goods are refunded by trusted websites.

When you shop online garena top up pk, you can find great deals without leaving your home. Especially if you are limited in when you are able to shop, this platform provides the largest selection of products and locations to find them effectively. You can purchase pretty much anything online; from satchels to designer clothes to toiletries, pet supplies, even embellishments and automobile parts.

Since smart phones have been rapidly gaining in popularity around the world, online shopping has become incredibly convenient. It can also be done while on the go. People save both time and money by using this service, while also receiving the desired products as and when they need them. The majority of online shopping destinations also offer their customers mobile applications through which they provide exclusive deals and promotions. The online shopping experience becomes even more exciting in this way.

These are just a few of the many advantages offered by online shopping, which have made web stores increasingly popular as time goes on.