4 Ways to Preserve Your Favorite Family Memories

When you have your first child, and you are trying your best to navigate your way through those first few weeks of learning how to care for a newborn baby, it feels as though time stands still. You wonder if and when you will ever have a moment for yourself again. The reality is that, before you know it, your little one will be all grown up and leading a life of their own!

When this happens, you’ll find that you cherish those wonderful memories all the more – it helps if you have found clever ways in which to preserve them, though. Here are some ideas.

Memory blankets

Be sure to hold onto your children’s old t-shirts even after they have long grown out of them. These days, it is possible to use them to create gorgeous memory blankets that make for a wonderful gift for yourself or for your kids themselves. These blankets look like quilts, with each square being an old t-shirt sewn together to craft a snuggly creation that will keep the lucky recipient warm and comforted for many years to come.

Record family interviews

A picture is worth a thousand words – but can it tell an actual story from start to finish without skipping a single important detail? Probably not. Do something different and opt to record family interviews alongside the pictures that you take at special events or when away on vacation. It is a good idea to record funny family stories and moments so that everyone can look back and laugh at family gatherings. Alternatively, you can record the interviews on a rotational basis and encourage each interviewer to think of a few interesting questions to ask the interviewee.

Create a time capsule

Almost all kids made and buried their own time capsule back at school in the 90s. Now is the time to revive this tradition – the only difference is that you won’t bury it. Instead, you’ll keep it stashed away in the attic (or anywhere else that’s safe) and open it 10 – 20 years from the time that you make it. Encourage each family member to contribute something special to the capsule, such as favorite photographs or a letter to their future selves. It is also a lovely idea to get the kids to write down what they want to be and do when they grow up. It will be a wonderful experience to crack the capsule open and see how many of those dreams and ambitions actually came true.

Start scrapbooking

Not only will scrapbooking allow you to preserve special memories, but it is also a relaxing pastime great for managing stress. You can get as creative as you want with the resources that you have or head online to shop for scrapbooking kits to fit in with your chosen theme. Why not get the children involved, too?

While it is important to live in the moment, the whole point of life is to savor experiences that you will enjoy both at the time and looking back many years into the future. Now you know how to capture them to perfection!

Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

Finding a gift for the special man in your life can be difficult and you might struggle to come up with ideas. Luckily, there are plenty of unique and meaningful ways to treat your boyfriend or husband and show him that you care. To inspire you, here are some of the best gift ideas for the man in your life:

Book a weekend getaway

Experience gifts tend to be a lot more meaningful than simply buying a physical gift. Booking a weekend getaway will allow you to spend quality time with your man and create lots of happy memories together. Try to book a location that has plenty of exciting activities on offer. According to today.com, some of the top couple-friendly destinations in the US include Fort Worth in Texas, Scottsdale in Arizona, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. These locations offer beautiful scenery and lots of romantic activities to keep you and your partner entertained. Many travel websites offer fantastic deals on weekend getaways so you may be able to get a great late-minute deal. Make your trip even more memorable by arranging a special dinner or organizing a private tour of a local attraction. Think carefully about what experiences would suit your partner, for example, are they adventurous or do they prefer more relaxing, laid-back activities? This will allow you to create an itinerary that they will enjoy and appreciate.

Cook a romantic meal

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Cooking a romantic meal for your partner can be a great way to enjoy time together and reconnect. Preparing a meal at home also offers extra privacy and is more affordable than going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Make the meal more special by cooking impressive dishes that your man will love. A well-cooked steak and homemade chips are a classic man-pleasing meal. Or, you can try experimenting with exotic cuisine like sushi or Thai dishes. Create a romantic atmosphere by lighting some candles and try to prepare as much of the food beforehand. This means you can enjoy the evening and spend lots of quality time with your partner without having to rush off to the kitchen to cook. You can finish off your meal by giving your man a thoughtful gift like a beer and chocolate pairing box from Dallmann Confections.

Buy a new piece of tech

If you’re searching for a gift for your man, then you can’t go wrong with a new piece of technology. Most men love experimenting with the newest gadgets and there is an impressive variety of new technology to choose from. Some of the best tech gifts for men include a mini HD projector, an Amazon Fire TV Cube, and a Doorbell Cam Pro.

…and Finally

Coming up with a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries can be a challenge. However, some simple research can take the stress away from gift planning and ensure that you get it right every time. Use the above gift ideas to treat the special man in your life and show him how much you care!


4 Ways To Be Smarter With Your Money

If you’re like most people, you can admit that there are many areas of your finances where you can make improvements. It’s a good idea to get into good money habits as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the sooner you can begin to reap the benefits.

With that said, if you’re currently lost financially, and wanting to know how to make improvements, look no further. Here are some of the simplest and most effective ways to be smarter with your money right away.

Track What You Spend

If you were to look into one of the biggest reasons why people go bankrupt, it’s because they don’t know how much money they’re spending. It’s important that you track everything that you spend. No expense is too big or too small to stay on top of.

Everything from recurring subscriptions to your rent should be carefully documented on a budget spreadsheet. By knowing exactly how much you spend each month and what you spend it on, you’ll know exactly how much money you have leftover for savings.

Start Saving

Let’s talk more about savings. If you don’t currently have a savings account, then you’re doing things wrong. Far too many people rely on their credit cards to get them through emergency situations. In fact, the smartest thing to do is to put aside at least several months’ worth of salary to rely on in case you are in a pinch.

Savings should be a priority for you, no matter how much money you earn. Having savings put aside ensures that you have something to rely on if you ever find yourself needing money fast.

Stop Eating Out So Much

Everyone loves being able to eat out in a restaurant once in a while. However, making it a habit can start to quickly affect your finances. You can save a significant amount of money each month by cooking at home instead.

Even though it may seem innocent buying a sandwich at work every day, the truth is that when you add it up over the month, you could be spending hundreds that you don’t even realize. Stop eating out so much, and your wallet will thank you for it later.

Automate Your Bills

One of the worst things to waste your money on is late fees. Rather than allowing yourself to potentially forget paying a bill, avoid late fees by automating your payments.

Your bank will happily set up auto-payments for you for whatever bills you request. Whether you would like to automate your rent or your credit card bills, automated payments make it easy for the money to come out without having to get hit with a pesky late fee.

What Is the Cause Behind Dog Skin Problems?

Your adorable dog holds a special place in your heart and offers you some unforgettable and pleasant moments to cherish. But seeing the pet suffering from issues like skin diseases is like going through an awful experience as ensuring his comfort has always been your topmost priority, right? Unfortunately, skin problems are quite common in canines and can cause severe discomfort to your cherished pet. There are over 150 types of skin disorders out there and sometimes appear as the sign of some underlying health issues. The unpleasant truth is any of them can attack your furry friend anytime, inducing further complications and suffering if they remain untreated!

Feeding a balanced diet along with proper grooming and dog skin and coat supplement can be a great help in keeping his skin and fur in the best conditions. Again, when you know what is causing your pet to suffer, you can take necessary measures to combat and prevent the issues from becoming severe.

Causes behind Skin Issues in Dogs

To help you out fighting off the skin issues, we have summarized here some common culprits that are behind the sufferings in your beloved pet.

Environmental Allergens

Environmental allergens are a common cause of inducing epidemic issues called “Atopy” in your pet. Your dog may develop itchiness all over the body whenever he comes in contact with the allergens like mud, pollen, or mildew, and the problem can be severe, causing frequent scratching, hair loss in patches, redness, or lesions. The allergens are microscopic and can get penetrated through the skin of the canines having sensitivity issues as most of them have skin barrier problems genetically. Thus the allergy gets intense, and over time, causes infection and dermatitis in dogs.


The sad truth is, your pet needs to go through a long term treatment to fight off this disease, including eliminating the allergens from his epidermis, treat his skin barrier, or monitor the swelling as per the advice of your vet.

Nutritional Allergens

Yes, it’s true. Though rare, your dog can get allergies because of some of the food, specifically the proteins you give. Is your pup frequently scratching the skin or developing inflammation? Have you noticed him suffering from digestive problems or vomiting? The most probable cause of these symptoms is the proteins like pork, eggs, beef, lamb, or fish you are feeding him are allergic to your pup and require immediate consultation with your vet.


The vet may advise you to go through a process of elimination of 8-12 weeks to find out the allergen in his diet. Once you find the culprit, you need to avoid it.


Another very painful yet a common cause of skin issues in dogs is infections. Infections induce when the skin of the pet gets affected by yeast, fungi, or bacteria. Usually, these organisms don’t cause any harm to your pet but can cause infections if the normal condition of the skin changes or any immune issue occurs. These infections can also appear as a secondary outcome of another skin problem when the pet scratches or licks the affected areas excessively.


Due to bacterial infections, your pet may suffer from redness or severe inflammation that couples with discolored discharge. If your pet gets infected by yeast, you may notice a musty odor, flaky skin, hyperpigmentation, itchiness, ear infection, or redness. When the dog gets affected by a fungal infection like ringworm, you may notice the discoloration of the infected areas accompanied by excessive scratching, hair loss, and crusty coat.


Parasites are another common cause of itching and irritations in your pet. You may think your pup is free from any parasites, but the fact is, he can get them from anywhere, ranging from the environment to your home! You may notice fleas as black spots and immediately go away, leaving ‘flea dirt’ behind. Ticks stick to one place in his skin and live on your dog by sucking his blood! Besides ticks and fleas, your pet may also get affected by microscopic parasites like lice. Well, getting rid of these parasites is a bit difficult, and requires regular grooming and using medicated shampoos along with cleaning his bed periodically.


We often overlook any underlying diseases as a cause of coat issues, but it is a very significant aspect to treat epidermic problems from the root. For example, if your pup has metabolic or thyroid disorders, his coat condition can deteriorate. You may notice severe hair loss, and the skin may get darkened in areas like the chest and legs, accompanied by other symptoms, like bowel problems as a sign of any underlying illness.


Your vet may recommend a blood test to determine the cause and prescribe medicines accordingly.

Poor Care

Don’t misunderstand assuming that you are not taking proper care of your beloved pet! The fact is, despite all your earnest efforts, the food you are supplying to the pup may lack the nutrients he requires, or you may need to introduce a coat supplement to improve his health condition.

If you notice dryness, itchiness, fur loss, or digestive issues, it’s time to revise his diet and grooming and give him coat supplements. These supplements contain all essential nutrients to repair his fur, boost the immune system, and help him maintain the lustrous hair you always cherish!

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4 Treatments Your Pet Could Need

Whatever animal you have chosen to bring home, your pet will become a new addition to your family. You are responsible for their well-being, and this must be carefully considered before you bring your pet home. From their feeding routine to exercise to regular check-ups with the vet, your animal companion needs you to be reliable and to make sure they’re getting everything they need. This includes the right kind of medical treatment and other healthcare requirements.

Below are 4 treatments your pet could need that you can ask your vet about.


Animals can pick up viruses and diseases just as easily as humans, which is why getting them properly vaccinated is a big responsibility for pet owners. Not only must you do this to protect your pet, but also other people or animals in the wild that they may come into contact with. Things like rabies, Lyme disease, canine flu, or feline leukemia are all examples of some of the illnesses your pet could develop. You can find out more about these vaccinations at veterinarianmidlothianva.com.

Fleas and Ticks

Creepy crawlies aren’t just uncomfortable for your pets, but they can end up irritating you, too. The last thing you want is to find your home has become infested with fleas or ticks because your pet has been scratching and rubbing themselves up against your furniture to relieve the itch. There are flea and tick prevention treatments you can give to your pets to reduce the risk of them suffering from this problem, and it will allow you to keep your home free from insects.

Behavioral Training

Sometimes your pet might not be very well behaved, and this can cause a lot of stress and frustration for you as the owner. Whether they tear up your belongings, consistently go to the toilet on your couch or bed, or are mean spirited towards other people or animals, it can be overwhelming to try and tackle this on your own.

This is where behavioral training and counseling for your pet could help. Sometimes it’s better to leave things to the professionals and they will have a better understanding of how to discipline your pet or help them overcome their aggressive behavior. If you are struggling to train your pet, you should ask your vet if they can help or recommend someone else who can.


What your pet eats will have a direct impact on their well-being, so you must know what their dietary requirements are before you bring them home. You should also be careful about how many treats you give them as this could lead to them becoming overweight and greedy. If you are worried about your pets’ eating habits or diet, speak to your vet about their nutrition and see if you can work out a plan together to get their health back on track.

Being responsible for a pet isn’t always easy, but it’s part of the job. Make sure your pet is happy and healthy by using these treatments and services.


What doubts does a person have while buying tobacco online for the first time

Retail stores have been a great place for buying tobacco products in the past and the present situation. Although people still buy tobacco products from retail stores, they have also started to use an online e-commerce website for purchasing tobacco. There are a lot of different benefits that can be achieved through online stores while buying tobacco. Things might not be difficult for people to adapt, especially when they are used to shopping online. However, for someone who has never done that before, they are very cautious and worried before buying tobacco products from the online platform.

There are a few things that people often doubt while purchasing tobacco from an online store. One of the most common things is the authenticity of the products. What if the product purchased through the online store is not original and will return it and give me my money back. If you are looking for answers to the question “How to buy tobacco online,” these are a few things you should know about, which will help you to buy things with confidence. It is important to understand that these online stores are very similar to the physical retail stores that you buy the tobacco products from and come with the same and an even higher level of expectations.

These online stores make sure that whatever product your buy is original. It is why they provide a guarantee of authenticity and quality while buying their products. These products also provide the users with a guarantee of replacement for a specific period. The process of replacement and refund differs in the fact that in online sales, the package will be collected from home while, on the other hand, you will have to visit the store. Therefore, if you are buying online for the first time, you do not need to worry about getting the original products.

The most important thing that new visitors to the online tobacco shop are worried about is the payment method. For someone who has never tried to buy anything online, using their card or bank details is a very risky affair. Although making online payments is easy, a new person would think multiple times before providing the details. If you are a new user, then there is nothing to be worried about. The card details are never saved on the server and passed on to the bank server using encrypted login details to make the payment.

Also, if the customer or user is not comfortable in making the payment online through the banking website, then they could simply opt for the cash on delivery option where the user gets the option to pay the entire amount at the time of delivery. Once checked, the customer can pay the amount for the package. Lastly, to check more about the website’s authenticity, you can always search the internet for customer reviews about the website. It will build more confidence about the website, and you will be able to shop without any worries.

These are some of the major points that a person thinks before spending an amount on an online website for the first time. There might be many more questions for people who have never done an online transaction for purchasing tobacco. But once you get used to it, it will be much easier. To read more on topics like this, check out the lifestyle category.

Why cigarette rolling machines are necessary

Cigarette Rolling Machines has been one of the best accessories for someone who has been struggling with rolling their own cigarettes. It easily helps one to inject tobacco or any other smoking herb into the rolling paper and roll a perfect cigarette. Although not everyone uses a rolling machine as they have had enough practice with rolling a cigarette manually, a rolling machine would generally save a lot of time and roll multiple cigarettes at the same time one rolls a single one manually. Cigarette rolling machines are of many types, manual, self-injecting, and fully electronic, but the one that stands out of all in the Electronic Cigarette Rolling Machines, which makes it much easier to roll multiple cigarettes at one time without the need of manually doing it again and again.

An electronic cigarette rolling machine basically rolls the cigarette automatically without any kind of manual intervention. the user simply needs to add the tobacco and the rolling paper including the bud and the machine will automatically start rolling the cigarettes and provide the perfect rolled cigarettes as a result. The machine can produce multiple cigarettes in a minute and all will be of the same type and quality in terms of built. These machines are generally more expensive when you compare it with a manual cigarette rolling machine which would generally cost you just a few bucks to purchase. However, the simplicity and nonhuman intervention make it one of the best partners for people who like self rolled cigarettes. There are multiple advantages of using an electronic cigarette rolling machine.

First and the best advantage of the machine is that it is very easy and simplistic to use. The user simply has to plug the machine into electricity and add the tobacco, filter, and rolling paper. Within a minute it will provide you with perfectly rolled cigarettes that can be filled using any kind of legal smoking herbs like tobacco or any other. The rolls made out of such machines are perfect in size, shape, and quantity.

The machine does not require any kind of human intervention that is the main requirement in manual cigarette rolling machines. One simply has to place the components and switch on the machine. The machine will automatically provide the user with multiple cigarettes at once.

Rolling a cigarette is a time-consuming task, especially when you are trying to do it manually. Using a manual cigarette roller will also take you a long time and you will hardly be able to roll enough cigarettes at a time. When it comes to such an electronic cigarette rolling machine, it can produce multiple rolls in a few minutes with any tiring and time-consuming process.

The electronic cigarette machine has an option for the user where he can totally customize how much tobacco can be added to the roll. The user can add less or more tobacco or smoking herb as per their requirements and can create a bigger or smaller dosage as per the requirements. This is very difficult to do when you are doing it manually or through a manual cigarette rolling machine. So the next time you think about buying a cigarette rolling machine, make sure that you go for an electronic one which would be a much more faster and efficient option for rolling your cigarettes.


Brilliant Multi-Sport GPS Watches For All Budgets

Regardless of your skill level in athletics or cycling, having a good sports watch boosts your confidence. And with the advent of technology, these timepieces have seen improved features. These enhanced features cater to an athlete’s health, heart rate, and positioning needs.

These multi-sport watches meet the needs of all athletes from the novice to the expert. Both function-wise and budget-wise, and they still work efficiently regardless of the cost.

If you’re looking for the best multi-sport GPS watches, then worry no more. Here’s an array of brilliant multi-sport GPS watches for all budgets.

Best Watch for Running

An ideal running watch should track your heart rate and record how many calories you’re burning. It should also provide a GPS feature for positioning and monitoring the distance taken when taking long treks.

A good multi-sport watch for running should also have a guide that monitors your progress and takes an auto-count of laps taken and the number of calories burnt.

The best affordable running watch is the Garmin Forerunner 45. This watch comes with excellent features at an affordable price. It provides you with the ultimate running metrics coupled with advanced analytics with VO2 max scores helping you monitor your progress.

Like an excellent running watch, this watch is water and sweatproof while providing a heart rate monitor.

It also comes packed with smartwatch features compatible with both android and IOS. It also includes notification support.

Another running watch that provides top notch features at an affordable price is the Garmin Forerunner 245. This watch is not new to runners as it has stood the test of time. And with the revamp, the new features have made it better.

It comes with music support, so if you fancy music while running, this smartwatch has you covered. It has a battery life of seven days and is also GPS supported.

Best Watch for Cycling

A mounted bike computer is an ideal tracking system for any cyclist. However, in outdoor cycling scenarios, a multi-sport GPS watch comes in handy. A multi-sport watch makes cycling in any condition with any bike easy.

An ideal watch for cycling should help track the number of calories you burn and track your data or metrics in one place. The watch should also have a dedicated cycling mode that keeps track of your cycling data, including monitoring your progress.

The watch should also be an all-rounder, in that it is useful both as an indoor and outdoor cycling smartwatch. Water and sweatproof features are an added advantage over the rest. It should also be lightweight and comfortable to use.

A watch that meets the above features is the Garmin Venu. This watch comes with features that monitor your heart rate and keep a tab of your cycling intensity. It’s also water and sweatproof, a necessary feature of any useful workout smartwatch.

Other notable features are its smartwatch capabilities like music support, contactless support, and compatibility with all operating systems.

Another good multi-sport watch for cycling is the Polar Vantage V GPS watch. This watch is light in size, making it a comfortable fit. It features a good battery life and incorporates all the necessary features that’ll make your cycling comfortable and fun.

Best Watch for Swimming

A good watch for swimming comes with unique features geared towards monitoring your swimming progress and keeping track of your heart rate and intensity. It should also have smartwatch features like an inbuilt app that provides you with a training guide.

A good example is the Swimmo Smart Swim watch. This watch has a variety of features that ensure you keep track of your progress and improve your swimming stats. It helps you monitor your swim workout by taking an auto count of the laps taken and distance covered in meters or yards.

It also has an inbuilt app that keeps track of your workout progress and records improvements. This watch vibrates while swimming to direct you on whether to increase your intensity or reduce it.

Another good multi-sport watch for swimming is the Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist. This watch comes with a GPS feature that keeps track of the distance covered when swimming. It also has a heart rate monitor and a good battery life.

Another feature that is necessary for all multi-sport watches for swimming is the waterproof feature. The Spartan Trainer Wrist watch guarantees you durability as it’s waterproof and comes with a smart contactless feature.

When looking for the ideal multi-sport GPS watch for swimming, make sure its design revolves around meeting your swimming needs. Apart from satisfying your swimming needs, it should also be contactless to ensure seamless tracking of your progress.

A training guide app is an advantage that you should bank on when shopping for these swimming watches.

Best Watch for Working Out

Results are essential when hitting the gym. Working out without keeping track of your results is futile. To keep track of your fitness progress, you need a multi-sport GPS watch for working out.

A prime example of such a watch is the Apple Watch Series 5. Like most apple smartwatches, this watch meets an athlete’s ergonomic requirements. It provides comfort and is lightweight. It has an always-on screen feature and a compass that tracks your working out progress on the go.

Another excellent working out smartwatch is the Suunto 3 Fitness Watch. This watch comes with a guided training app and helps keep track of multiple activities and progress. Its inbuilt training app acts as a perfect training guide for your fitness,

The watch is GPS supported, helping you keep track of the calories burnt and the distance taken with time. Another essential feature is its compatibility with both android and IOS operating systems. It’s also water-resistant and comes with a heart rate monitor.

When looking for a multi-sport watch for your workout needs, ensure the features gear towards keeping track of your general gym workout progress. And if the watch comes with a supported training guide, then prioritize it.

With the list above of the brilliant multi-sport GPS watches for all budgets, it’s now time to get one. Make sure you consider all features as per your athletic and workout needs to maximize your input.

Education At Home: Some Things To Think About In A Pandemic

Back to school time has come for thousands of students across the United States, and the state of the education system is still largely up in the air. The spread of the novel coronavirus has radically changed the way in which we live, and the way we educate is also on the fringe.

With so many unknown variables still on the table, schooling your children at home seems to be the safest idea. Take a look at a few things you should think about as you travel through these challenging times, and assure that your child’s education is not compromised this year.

You’ll have to be more disciplined

Taking on the support role in your child’s education from home means something more than supporting them while they’re learning in school. Millions of parents have experienced growing pains alongside their children while figuring out how to juggle and manage home education.

One of the most important qualities you’ll need to grab ahold of is discipline. You are now responsible for maintaining your child’s learning routine and the structure it takes to keep their education on a clear path forward.

Make a peaceful space for your child to learn

If you have yet to designate a quiet space for your child to learn, now is the time. You may want to set up a junior office space in the spare bedroom or the dining room, so your child can shut out all the distractions that may be roaming the house.

It’s important that your child isn’t forced to deal with multiple interruptions and distractions while they are learning. You want to do the best you can to simulate the conditions of a classroom.

Invest in enriching learning materials

You can make learning more fun for your kid by investing some of your extra stimulus funds into enriching materials. For instance, you may have a musically inclined child. Purchasing a new piano or other instrument for them to use while they’re stuck at home will help their talents progress. Adding an iPad to the mix will also help your child do more to build their knowledge.

Upgrade your home’s streaming capabilities

Your child will need reliable and consistent access to the internet to sufficiently progress their education from home.

It’s a good idea to look into upgrading your home’s streaming capabilities. Invest in boosting your internet speeds, and give your kid the best chance possible to learn something new today.

Communicate with your child’s teachers

You should still make a conscious effort to communicate regularly with your student’s teachers, even though the work is being done at home. Regular communication will help to keep everyone involved in your child’s education on the same page.

How Revialage Helped Me Tackle Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Every woman who goes through pregnancy knows exactly how much your body can change. Sure, there’s the weight gain, but in my experience, that was just the start.

Your body changes in endless ways as you grow you child, which is a beautiful thing. But even after your child is born, you may notice your body is still struggling to normalize.

A person standing posing for the camera

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That’s definitely how I felt, especially when I started losing hair after pregnancy. I mean, come on. After all of this that my body had been through, now I was going to lose hair too?

It was a tough problem to tackle, and it took me a lot of trial and error, until I stumbled upon Revialage. This new brand caught my eye, so I wanted to try their line of three products and see if they could help my pregnancy-related hair loss.

In this write up, I wanted to break down what makes these three products so unique and useful for tackling hair loss after pregnancy, so you can decide if they’re right for you.

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Revialage Regrowth Essential

This product is specifically designed to regrow hair after hair loss. It’s a targeted topical therapy, meaning you apply it right to the scalp.

I love the fact that you can apply this directly to problem areas. And the next best thing about it? Its main ingredient is one that is FDA-approved to help tackle hair loss.

Called 2% minoxidil, this ingredient helps promote blood circulation to your hair follicles, to help stimulate hair growth. I love that this ingredient is approved by the FDA, because I know there’s real science behind this product.

Revialage Scalp Recovery

If your hair loss comes with a dry, flaky, or itchy scalp, I’m right there with you. That’s why I also want to try Revialage Scalp Recovery to help me deal with my post-pregnancy hair loss.

I’m obsessed with the ingredient list in this product. Everything in it is either meant to help treat immediate discomfort and sooth your scalp, or deeply nourish and penetrate your scalp, to get to the root of the problem.

Here are some of the ingredients in Revialage Scalp Recovery:

  • Biotin (vitamin B7): encourages hair, skin and nail growth and health overall
  • D-Panthenol (provitamin B5) – provides an instant moisture boost to your scalp and roots
  • Vitamin E- this vitamin is rich in antioxidants which are great for your hair and skin
  • Arginine- helps your hair look and feel luscious and healthy
  • Peppermint Oil- immediately provides cooling and tingling relief to your scalp to help ease uncomfortable symptoms

Revialage Hair & Beauty Complex

I’m a big fan of nourishing my beauty from the inside out, and while I’m no medical expert, I know that in order to have beautiful hair, my nutrition needs to be able to support it. That’s why I’m also taking Revialage Hair & Beauty Complex to help me tackle hair loss after pregnancy.

This is a daily dietary supplement, that is meant to give you longer, healthier, and more vibrant hair. It’s super easy for me to remember to take this every day, and I love knowing that I’m giving my body the building blocks it needs to regrow my hair.