4 Things Everyone Should know about Cashew Butter

To appreciate the amazingness of cashew butter is to first know how it came to be. A little background won’t hurt, right?

The cashew tree or shrub is known for its unique-looking fruit, and edible seed. It is popularly grown in Brazil, India, Vietnam, and some African countries. The seeds are shaped like kidney or bean seeds and called nuts even though they aren’t your traditional nuts. The seeds actually have many uses and derivatives that may have you thoroughly amazed. You can learn more about this amazing fruit here.

They have a sweet buttery, yet crunchy taste. They can be eaten alone, used in recipes (cooking, baking, pan-frying), or processed into cashew butter.

They are packed with essential minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, oils and proteins that boost energy and key body organ functions. In fact, they are among the most nutritious nuts in the world. Now, imagine all of these richness and body benefiting goodness in your spread…oh so yummy!

Cashew Butter

It is made from the roasted or baked cashew seeds. First, they go through a process where seeds that will give the best quality and taste will be carefully selected. After the selection process, they are put through a thorough process which we will not go into here. At the end of the process, you get a product that has a creamy and rich consistency and can be stored at room temperature.

We are referring to the kind of cashew butter you can get from http://www.juliesreal.com/collections/shop-cashew-butter.

4 Amazing Facts about Cashew Butter

If you’ve been wondering what the four things you need to know about this product are, we are about to get right into it. We just had to lay some background facts so you can better appreciate the information you are about to receive.

So, let’s get right into it.

  1. They are plant-based. Foods in this category are healthy and reduce the risk associated with many health conditions. This is due to the presence of antioxidants like selenium. With this, you can say no to heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, gallstones, etc.
  2. They aid in weight loss. Have you ever being on a weight loss journey or know someone on it? Cashew is one of the highly recommended foods. This is because they contain healthy fats and help maintain a healthy weight. So you can have this spread with your choice of fruits or wrap.
  3. There are two variants available – salted and raw. This just has to do with taste. One is salted and the other is not so you can make a choice depending on what appeals to your taste buds.
  4. They are nutrient-dense. You are what you eat and it is important to get the right proportion of the different and vital nutrients the body needs. This fortunately is packed with all the good and vital nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin E, protein and so much more.


There you have it, 4 amazing things many folks probably never knew about cashew butter. If you also did not know these facts, now you know, and now you can choose them over and over again so as to enjoy these benefits.

Due to its many health benefits, it has become widely accepted in different circles and is gaining more grounds daily.


Creative Ways to Eat Cashew Butter

You’ve got to love this spread because of how versatile it is. This cannot be overemphasized. While you already know you can eat it with some basics like toast, apples, or have it in smoothies, there are many more ways. See some below.

  1. You can use it as a creamer replacement for your choice of beverage. Bet you didn’t know that.
  2. In the spirit of living healthy, you can use it as a base for your protein-rich, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly pancakes.
  3. Having chocolate cravings? Try bliss balls. They look like truffles and are tasty.


The possibilities are endless. You can carry out some more research for more creative ways to eat them. You can also experiment with different cashew butter recipes. Who knows, you may just come up with the next great idea.

There are different nut butters in the market, but there’s hardly anyone who wouldn’t love cashew butter after having a taste. There’s just something unique and tasty about them that will just keep you hooked.

The most exciting part is the nutrients packed in them. So, you can eat, enjoy what you are eating and still be eating really healthy meals. Suffice to say, this butter is the real deal.


Why Sea Food Considered as healthy diet

For hundreds of years, seafood has been the best component of eastern and western society. People around the globe enjoy the delightful seafood and make the most of its tremendous health benefits. It gives you proper nourishment, essential proteins, nutrients, oil and other essential nutrition like Omega-3 to the customers, when involved in regular diet. Fans of seafood and particularly golden pompano, king crab, cod, lobster, frosty blue mussels, and iced squid will get them in practically every place in the world. Certainly, these types of extremely important food are in most cultures.

These types of popular and well known seafood varieties are in various parts of the globe. These are available in deep sea and Deep Ocean at the side of the continental rack. They could be captured simply and are usually collected (aquaculture) by overseas anglers almost everywhere (seaside areas). These well-known seafood varieties are usually collected by professional fishermen. Seafood providers also play a prestigious role in the entire source of seafood to houses, eateries, resorts, offices, etc. In addition, they provide high-quality seafood like king crab legs for sale in frosty variety in an effort to add benefit and life to it. Actually, freezing seafood providers source on-demand seafood to the various parts of the globe.

White-colored shrimp, cod, and iced blue mussels could be regionally captured and also seen in variety in deep water. Clean shrimp and cod are accessible in nearly in almost everywhere from Canada, Iceland to north Europe. Undoubtedly, it offers a broad market place and persons appreciate it in dining events, grand activities and celebrations. It is liked by youthful and older due to the fact it is quickly accessible in the nearby food market. It is marketed such as fillets or meats.

Furthermore, white shrimps are getting the name of readymade meals in many sides of the globe. It is frequently recommended with salted or dried cod. Dry and salted cod could be maintained quickly by the consumers for long. Its light flavor and flaky structure creates it the popular food of men and women. For this reason it is generally discovered in kitchens. It may also be prepared by any technique, and it provides extra taste to the food items. Cod’s relaxing flavor can make it appropriate for a wide number of sauces.

Global freezing seafood providers comprehend the significance and necessity of unique seafood and for that reason offer high-quality fresh water provides all throughout the globe. They even provide you a complete QC test and loading examination based on your special specifications with the aid of a professional assessment team. In fact, it is simple to find an extensive number of seafood items from crab, trout, Shellfish, white shrimp, golden pompano, frozen blue mussels, cod, eel, tuna to frosty squid in your nearby market.

People all over the globe choose sea food into their daily eating plan and appreciate it. In reality, it has lots of health advantages that people like other. Fresh seafood has lots of benefits that entice global group. It allows avoid along with relieve growing conditions every day. Dieticians also suggest seafood due to the fact it reveals health advantages. Proper intake reveals important developments in heart problems, joint disease, and other health issues.


10-Step Skincare? No Way! How to Simplify Your Routine with Novabelle

One of the biggest challenges with skincare is that every single routine seems to be longer than the next. With so many steps to keep in mind, it’s tough to fit that into a busy schedule and remember them all.

That’s why more and more people are turning to routines that are simplified. NovaBelle Cream is one of the leaders in the simplified category, offering skincare routines that are easy to stick to no matter what time frame a person is working with.

A close up of food on a table

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How does it work so quickly?

The main focus of NovaBelle Cream is to target the areas that are damaged by the skin the most. Everyone has challenging areas on their faces, but most of the time it is in certain areas. The eyes, in particular, constantly need attention to avoid dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.

Another thing that makes NovaBelle act so quickly is that the skin absorbs it very quickly. It is a pretty light cream overall, and it only takes a little bit of massaging to get it into the skin. This means less waiting time when preparing the face. It is something people should feel comfortable using during the day and/or night, depending on personal preference.

Is it as effective as multiple-step systems?

There are so many active, powerful ingredients in NovaBelle Cream that most people can see the same results, or even better results. Most people find it extremely beneficial to have the ability to save so much time during the day. It might not seem that time-consuming, but it starts to add up, especially during busy days.

It might not seem like that much individually, but every product can start to add up. The next thing a person knows, they are spending well over $100 per month on a system. It becomes much less of a cost-effective move, to say the least.

What is the best way to start using NovaBelle Cream?

The cream is gentle enough that a person can start using the product right away. It’s available through their website at trynovabelle.com. They offer a trial for first-time users, meaning that each individual can see if the cream is going to work for them or not.

What people will notice with the trial is that NovaBelle Cream is designed for different skin types out there. It might be a shocker to some people, but most skin products are not designed with everyone in mind. It can be a challenge to find something that works, but this will be beneficial for people with dry or oily skin.

After the initial order, there are plan options for people who want to make sure they always have supplies available. This is going to come in handy for people who aren’t that familiar with ordering things online. Instead of feeling rushed to go out and buy something, there will be a new one-month supply sent every single time to avoid any sort of confusion.


This Will Happen To Your Body After You Stop Eating Sugar

What constitutes a healthy diet has been a subject of numerous debates over the years. This argument is mostly between the vegans, who believe that avoiding animal products is the key and the keto enthusiasts who believe that the consumption of animal products is vital.

Regardless of the various disagreements, one food that sees everyone draw a common line is sugar as it is believed that folks are better off consuming it in very little amounts occasionally.

However, giving it up is easier said and done as the sweet stuff is readily available, even in tomato sauce, veggie burgers, and crackers.

Meanwhile, a study by Dr. Eric Pham, M.D. at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California, has shown that your body will derive instant benefits if you eliminate added sugars from your diet. This habit will see the individual enjoy lower blood pressure alongside healthier levels of fat and insulin in the bloodstream.

It’s no more news that the body reacts to the absence of sugar, based on how often and how much of the white stuff you consume, alongside how often you eat carbs. The body ensures the breakdown of complex carbohydrates such as fruits and oatmeals into simple sugars for energy.

However, if you’re one who readily consumes high glycemic foods without carbs such as keto enthusiasts, then going for a diet run without sugar will be challenging. According to Dr. Brian Quebbemann, M.D., a surgeon based in California, you’ll experience a tough three days.

Seeing that the aforementioned verdict is from a doctor, very few would be willing to bet against it. Meanwhile, responsible betting can be done at online casinos like Novibet who have garnered positive reviews.

Quebbemann added that you’ll likely daydream about donuts; If you’re one who has the habit of grabbing a muffin or two in the morning and also ends dinner with a dessert. This is because you won’t have enough sugar to stimulate your brain. The outward feeling may not be the best, but good things are happening internally.

The hormone which regulates glucose in the body known as Insulin drops to become more stable, ensuring that you don’t experience the cycle of sugar highs and crashes.

Quebbeman added that you’ll experience tiredness and lethargy but this will stop after a few days. This is because the secretion of Adrenalin will increase and help in the breakdown of glycogen or sugar stored in the body which is quickly released into the bloodstream.

The aforementioned processes will occur in less than 24 hours. Within 3 to 5 days, your liver will start making ketones from fat due to the absence of glucose which is the body’s main source of energy. Your body enters the process of Ketosis from here; it means the fat-burning mode.

During ketosis, your body loses a lot of water and muscle cramps begin to set in. Some folks may experience keto flu, associated with fatigue, headaches, and cramps and this may last for a week. Once this phase passes, you’ll feel more focused, calm, and energetic, says Quebbemann.

People usually cut out sugar and high glycemic foods to promote weight loss in a short time. However, doctors are yet to determine its long term effects on one’s health. Therefore, a good number of doctors advise the consumption of healthy complex carbohydrates.

They are broken into sugar but it’s a very healthy and normal process according to Quebbemann. Finally, he revealed that avoiding added sugars while eating complex carbs promotes healthy insulin levels in the body.


Starting Puppy Off On The Right Paw: Picking The Best Food

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

It’s puppy season and a lot of people are bringing home a new puppy to be part of their family. There’s a lot involved in being a new pet parent and one of the most important decisions you’re going to make is picking what food is right for your new furry family member.

Walking down the dog food aisle at your local pet supply store can be an overwhelming experience. You definitely want to pick a brand you can trust, with quality ingredients, and complete and balanced nutrition so your puppy can grow up to be happy and healthy.

Many puppy foods are going to be higher in protein and enriched with vitamins, minerals and fats to speak to the higher calorie needs of an active, growing puppy, but keep an eye out; if you notice that your puppy is gaining too much weight you may need to adjust the portion size. Obesity is one of the biggest health concerns to our pets, so it’s important to keep your puppy at a healthy weight from the start. You’ll want to pay attention to how your puppy reacts to their food as well: if you notice that your puppy has an upset stomach or other symptoms that might indicate a sensitive tummy or food allergies, you’ll need to talk to your vet to address those issues as soon as possible.

Symptoms that your puppy may be allergic to his or her food may include:

  • Ear infections
  • Hair loss
  • Excessive scratching
  • Dry flaky skin
  • Hot Spots
  • Unable to sleep through the night, fidgeting
  • More than one to two bowel movements a day
  • Diarrhea

There are a lot of people who may not want to start their puppy off on a puppy-specific formula for various reasons and that’s okay too. You might have another adult or senior dog at home and who wants to have to buy different kinds of food for different dogs who may be in different life stages? Changing from puppy food, to adult dog food later in life can be a complicated process that many dog owners are looking to avoid altogether. Whatever your reasons may be, many modern dog food companies offer all-life-stages formulas so that your puppy can eat the same food from the moment you bring him home, until he is an adult and even into his senior years.

Companies like Natural Balance have created many complete and balanced formulas like their latest innovation Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ which is designed specifically to meet the needs of all your dog’s life stages. Wild Pursuit™ is designed for both puppies and adult dogs alike. It’s a high-protein, grain-free food with a balanced blend of three animal-based protein sources. Products like this meet the needs of growing puppies and can be fed throughout adulthood (as long as the feeding quantity is adjusted for your dog’s age and activity level) so you never have to switch formulas and can avoid the complications and hassle that can come when changing any dog’s food.

Whatever you decide to feed your pup, you’re going to want to make sure to pick a high-quality, easily digestible, dog food whose main ingredient is an animal based protein source. Check the dog food label for quality ingredients (like animal based proteins, garbanzo beans, peas, blueberries, etc.) and to make sure you are using the right feeding portion. Be on the alert for upset stomach or symptoms of possible food allergies. With the watchful eye of a loving human and the right dog food, your pup will grow up healthy and live for many happy years!


Genucel is Here to Help You Fight Eye Wrinkles This Fall

Everyone knows there are certain problem areas that can give away your age, such as your hands and eyes.

It is important that you do your best to address these areas as best you can, and Ganucel might be an effective tool in this battle. This is something you can start fighting now because you know those summer sun rays have done a number on your skin. Everyone ages. This is true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow things down in the following ways.

Why is Genucel Such an Effective Solution?

The people behind these products know what is happening around your eyes as you begin to age. The facial muscles begin to weaken a bit, and this creates loose skin around the eyes. There is a bit of fat that cushions the eyes, but as the muscles weaken, the skin loosens. That fat ends up looking like bags. Of course, water retention doesn’t help the situation either, not to mention UV rays that you might have been exposed to this summer.

Yes, there are other ways of dealing with this, such as corrective surgery, but why go through something so invasive when their are products available. Part of this company’s solution for this issue is the use of Eyeseryl, which has been shown to reduce puffiness around the eyes. You can trust that all of their products contain some tetrapeptide.

How to Use This Solution Effectively?

The following are some steps to take to combat this type of aging:

Applying the Stem Cell Therapy

The first step is to use Genucel stem cell therapy, which is meant to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. Of course, this therapy does use an adequate amount of Eyeseryl. Most of the people who use this product as recommended start to see real improvements in a few short weeks. Of course, the longer you do it, the better the results should be.

Applying the Product on the Eyelids

The next area that will be addressed are the eyelids. The skin here becomes loose over time and can look saggy and relatively unpleasant. The eyelid treatment has been specifically created to tighten and lift this thin skin around your eyes. Given enough time, you should see the results you were hoping for.

Using Genucel’s XV Treatment

The next step in this treatment is to deal with the wrinkles that have been forming around your eyes. This is a problem that needs to be dealt with directly because reversing wrinkles takes time and is not easy.

Still, the powerful anti-aging formula this company has created works well, and that is probably due to the peptides in the product. For example, you are going to find hyaluronic acid in the treatment, which is there to help re-moisturize the area. This is good because moisturized skin is much more elastic, and that reduces wrinkles.

Impacting Solutions With Immediate Effects

Sometimes, you need a quick fix, and that is okay. Perhaps you have a big event to get ready for, and everyone understands that, which is why the company introduced Immediate Effects. This treatment can change your appearance quickly and can last anywhere between 15 to 24 hours. The changes are not miracles, but they definitely make a difference. This is all thanks to the Relaxoderm technology. The product is natural and safe, so you can trust it.

Genucel’s Cristalles Microdermabrasion

This treatment could cost a lot of money for anyone who undergoes it at skin clinics, but that is not the case here. This treatment uses magnesium oxide to help address fine lines, age spots, and even skin discolorations.

All you need to do is use the product for about two minutes though some people go up to three minutes to see better results. Your skin is going to look moisturized and softer, which is what most people want.

Now, you know all the things you can expect from Genucel by Chamonix and how to go about seeing these results. Aging is a real, but with the right tools, you can change the clock in your favor.


TMS Health Solutions Aims To Help People Fight Back Against Clinical Depression

TMS Health Solutions is leading the charge in addressing mental health and mental wellness. TMS Health Solutions is based out of Sacramento and founded by Dr. Richard Bermudes. The team at TMS Health Solutions is focused on pushing a modern, life-changing innovative therapy known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This noninvasive procedure allows certified physicians to help individuals who are suffering from symptoms of clinical depression. While TMS therapy is rapidly gaining steam, thanks in large part to the work being done by Bermudes in his team, the people at TMS Health Solutions know that truly treating clinical depression requires a multi-pronged approach.

In order to combat clinical depression, the medical professionals at TMS Health Solutions believe in tackling the problem in a variety of different ways. With no two people being identical, it can be hard to find a single consistent routine for treating depression. With that being said, there are a few ways that seem to help find relief for people suffering from this mental illness. We’ll briefly discuss three ways that sufferers of depression can look to fight for an improvement in their mental health.

1) Consider TMS Therapy – First and foremost, TMS therapy is considered a cutting edge and innovative therapy for a reason. TMS therapy is based around a noninvasive, inpatient procedure. During a TMS session, a medical professional will handle a special electromagnetic coil. This coil is gently placed against the patients head whereupon a painless magnetic pulse is sent into the brain. This pulse of activity is directly aimed at the region of your brain that is most responsible for mood and depression. The stimulation of nerves in this region should help to relieve some of the symptoms most closely associated with depression. TMS therapy is a completely safe procedure that can be performed at any time of the day. Patients who pursue this type of therapy can return immediately back to their regular schedule.

2) Consult With A Therapist – TMS therapy is found to be most effective when paired up with frequent therapeutic appointments. Therapy is one of the foremost effective ways to address problems relating to depression. A certified therapist can help a patient to discover the root cause of their depression. Once the root cause of a person’s depression is identified, the therapist and patient can work together in order to find an amenable way to treat their underlying issues. Whether this be through additional medication, or merely continued discussions, patients will be able to get back on a path toward recovery. Therapy is a wonderful way for a patient to open up about their depression in a non-judgemental, environmentally safe and private way.

3) Rely On Loved Ones – Finally, people suffering from depression have the tendency to internalize their problems before receding from the rest of the world. Depression compounded with loneliness can become almost impossible to overcome. As a result, people suffering from depression would do well to reach out to the people that they love and care about. Having a kindhearted person to rely on during times of need can make all of the difference in the world. Additionally, a loved one can help to push you in the right direction in regards to seeking therapy and further treatment.

TMS Health Solutions understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to curing depression. With that being said, the Northern California-based medical company is always pushing to find help for those in need. It is easy to schedule a consultation regarding TMS therapy and even easier to undergo the procedure. Patients are urged to remember, however, that depression takes continued effort to defeat.


Fall 2019 Self Care

Fall is a gorgeous time of year when the cooler weather drifts in, the leaves change colors and crisp autumn evenings roll about. It’s also a perfect time to switch things up for your self care routine when the seasons change. What you did during those hot and hazy July and August days may have taken a toll on your face and body, and now you need hydration, balance and softness in every sense of the word.

1. Rich Moisturizer. Even dry complexions can handle those summer days of high heat and humidity, so many women stick to lighter skin care staples like a gel moisturizer, for example. As the fall chill moves in, your skin will be thirsty and looking for a hydrating infusion. Oily complexions also need some moisture.

Try choosing a richer cream or serum for your skin type that adds more protection and hydration for those biting winds and 40-degree temperatures. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid are ideal for all skin types and skin tones and offer plumpness and suppleness for the skin.

2. Body Scrub. Yes, it’s time to get your scrub on, ladies, especially if you did any kind of tanning via the sun’s rays or even through self-tanning lotions. Your parched skin needs super exfoliation to get rid of those dead, dull skin cells that have piled on by the end of summer.

Try a nourishing body scrub that can tackle dry elbows and heels and remove that flaky, patchy skin that seems to linger into autumn.

There are tons of amazing scrubs in the drugstore aisle that not only smell heavenly but can energize the skin, open the pores and exfoliate. Some scrubs are made with brown sugar, others with almond coconut milk, etc.

3. Warmer Hair. Conditioner is one of your hair’s best friends when the crisp air moves in, but what about the color? Fall is the ideal time to transform your mane by adding cozy autumn shades like copper or cinnamon highlights.

Going bronde is another lovely option with blonde/brown hair. The beautiful caramel color will enhance skin tones with autumn warmth.

Rose gold and butterscotch brown are other rich, warm hair shades for fall.

4. Supplement Adjustment. As we make subtle changes to our physical appearance on the outside, it’s also time for tweaking the supplements you take to keep your body functioning at peak capacity. For instance, most of us see less sun during the fall and winter months, so adding more vitamin D can help you make the seasonal transition.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is key for autumn, and elderberry is an excellent supplement to include for cold prevention.

5. Silky Lips. Believe it or not, your lips also take abuse from the summer season because your lip tissue lacks sweat or oil glands. That makes them vulnerable to sun and wind damage and changes of the seasons. Your lips can blister, get very dry, irritated and chapped when the weather does its thing. Saliva is their only moisture.

Everyone’s lips need protection and immense hydration. Choose a natural lip balm that delivers the essentials with one quick swipe. eos lip balm offers an excellent variety of pure formulas that are made with a combination of 20 to 40 natural extracts. eos lip balm is so good for your lips, and the flavors are divine.

Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E are just a few of the special soothers you’ll find in a juicy eos lip balm. Hey, and the colorful spheres are so darn cute and fun to collect.


3 Tips For Managing Your PTSD

When something traumatic happens in your life, there’s a chance that you should have post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the events that have taken place. While many people think of PTSD happening most commonly with military veterans, a person can develop PTSD from basically an event that they perceive to be traumatic in their life.

Because of this, it’s important that everyone knows what to do if you ever have PTSD. To help you know how you can manage this disorder if you now have or ever get PTSD, here are three tips that can help you in living with and overcoming PTSD.

Find Support

One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re trying to deal with PTSD is to find support. Regardless of what it was that happened to you or spurred on this onset of PTSD, there are likely other people out there who’ve experienced a similar thing and can help you get through it, too.

According to Dr. Matthew Tull, a contributor to Very Well Mind, getting social support through groups or individual people can help you work through what happened and find a way to peace. Especially if you’re able to connect with someone who you trust and can understand you, that support system could be just what you need to work through your anxieties and come out on the other side.

Try A Mindfulness or Meditation Practice

When you start to feel like your PTSD is getting the best of your, one strategy you can try is to practice mindfulness or meditation.

Maria Cohut, a contributor to Medical News Today, shares that there are multiple types of mindfulness practices that can help someone dealing with PTSD. Things like mindfulness stress reduction, mindfulness cognitive therapy, mindfulness exposure therapy, and various forms or relaxation or repetition can be very helpful in guiding you through a PTSD episode or helping you avoid one if you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed.

Find Ways To Stay Active

A great way to stay in control of your body and give yourself a positive outlet when you’re feeling pent up aggression or agitation as a result of your PTSD is to be active.

When you’re physically moving your body, HelpGuide.org shares that you’re able to burn off some of your adrenaline, release some endorphins into your brain, and begin feeling a boost in your mood. Additionally, being able to physically move your body can often help you move your thoughts or emotions into a different headspace as well, which can be very helpful if your PTSD has you feeling stuck or trapped.

If you have PTSD from an event that’s happened in your life, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find help, hope, and peace.


Diet and taurine deficiency in dogs

If you have concerns about taurine deficiency in your dog, you’ll want to take a long, hard look at your dog’s breed and diet. The following article discusses nutritional choices for dogs that are predisposed to low taurine levels.

There has been a lot of information circulating online about taurine and dog health, with some sites suggesting taurine supplements and feeding dogs meat-based diets. While it’s true that meat-first diets are preferable to grain-first or vegetarian diets, should you be concerned about the taurine in your dog’s diet? Why is it important?

Taurine is an amino acid that supports healthy organ function. Most dogs are able to synthesize taurine from nutrients that are required to be present in commercially available pet foods, and do not need taurine supplements. However, some dog breeds are predisposed to a condition that prevents this synthesis from occurring, and therefore may suffer from chronically low taurine levels if the condition is unaddressed. These breeds are:

  • American cocker cpaniel
  • Retriever (golden and Labrador)
  • English Setter
  • Newfoundland
  • Great Dane
  • Saint Bernard

While taurine deficiency itself doesn’t cause physical symptoms, the underlying cause of some dogs’ taurine deficiency – such as cystinuria – will be symptomatic. If your dog has difficulty urinating or if there is blood in their urine, have them checked by a vet immediately.

Your vet will conduct tests to determine if your dog’s taurine levels are low. If it is discovered that your dog is suffering from a taurine deficiency, your vet may recommend taurine supplements or a pet food rich in taurine. Foods with high taurine content include dark meat poultry and fish. Zignature dog food taurine levels are naturally high enough to meet most dogs’ nutritional requirements, but you should check with your vet before making any significant modifications to your dog’s diet. Moreover, your vet may suggest alternatives that address other health issues for a more holistic nutritional solution.

To read more on topics like this, check out the food & health category.