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What to Do If Your Child Sustains a Birth Injury

When a baby sustains harm during delivery, it’s defined as a birth injury. A child can be harmed in this way for various reasons, including medical malpractice. If a healthcare professional makes a mistake or is negligent when providing their patients with care, it can have devastating consequences.

If your child has sustained a birth injury, there are various steps you can take. While the initial shock and distress will no doubt be affecting your thought processes, these handy tips can guide you in the right direction:

1. Seek Further Medical Advice

Birth injuries can range from lifelong complications, like brain injuries, to serious but temporary harm, like a broken bone. As a parent, the first thing you’ll want to know is what injuries your child has sustained and what this means for their future. Additionally, you may want to find out what treatment is available for them and which forms of treatment are likely to be the most effective.

Following the delivery, another team of healthcare professionals should be assigned to deliver care to your baby. However, you may choose to seek medical advice and assistance elsewhere. Regardless of where you choose to access medical advice from, it’s important to get the information and support you need during this time.

2. Get Legal Advice

If a birth injury occurs due to medical malpractice, you may be able to take legal action on behalf of your child. With help from experienced lawyers, like Chicago Birth Injury Attorneys – The Malpractice Group LLC, you can get more information about how the process works. Furthermore, your legal team will be able to represent you throughout the proceedings and help you to get the compensation your child is entitled to.

When a child experiences a birth injury, it can have physical, emotional, neurological, practical and financial implications. You may face mounting medical bills, for example, or you may need additional support at home to provide your child with the specialist support they need. By making a claim for compensation, you can ensure your child has access to the medical and rehabilitative help they require.

3. Access Support

Parents and family members will experience a tumult of emotions when a baby sustains a birth injury. From anger and frustration to fear and even grief, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and confused during the days and weeks following the birth of your child.

However, there is help available. As well as talking to your primary care physician about your own wellbeing, you can seek support from professional therapists, counsellors, friends and dedicated support groups.

Dealing with a Birth-Related Injury

Although many birth-related injuries are treatable, this doesn’t negate the shock and worry you’ll experience if your child is hurt during delivery. Furthermore, some children will experience chronic and lifelong health issues due to sustaining an injury at birth. By taking action following a birth-related injury, you can raise awareness of the issue and the right person or people are held to account.


Factors Affecting the Costs of Insurance for Rental Property

Insurance for rental property is a must-have for any landlord who plans to put up their property for rent. While you hand over your property to a tenant, you run several risks for your asset, and rental property insurance can give you peace of mind, at least financially. But before you buy an insurance policy for your rented property, you would think about how much premium you will have to pay for it. Actually, there are a number of factors that will affect your insurance cost. Here is a closer look into them.

Your Personal Belongings in the Property

Rental property insurance covers any personal assets you have left in the building. The more assets you leave there, the more you will have to pay for their insurance. So, assess them before availing of the required coverage.


This depends on the coverage you opt for. The insurance company will only pay the maximum amount of coverage you have chosen for your insurance. If your insurance claim exceeds that amount, you will have to pay for it from your pocket. If you opt for more coverage, you will have to pay more premiums, but you will be saved from paying money from your pocket when filing a claim.

Loss of Income Coverage

This is another key factor that affects the premium rate of your insurance policy. In case your tenants have to move out of the house due to a covered peril like fire, you will not get rent during that time, and your insurer will pay you the rent for that period. The higher rent you expect during this time, the more premium you will have to pay.


The deductible on your insurance policy is the key factor in determining how much you have to pay before your insurer enters and pays for the rest of the amount. The higher deductible you agree to pay, the cheaper premium you will have to pay for your insurance. This is because you will pay more from your pocket, and the insurer will pay less at the time of settling a claim.

Location of Your Property

The location of your rented property plays a great role in determining premium when buying insurance for a rental property. If it is located in a city with a high crime count, it will run more risks of theft and burglary, and you will have to pay more premiums for insuring it. If your property’s location is highly prone to natural disasters like floods and bushfires, then your premium rates will go high.

Type of Property

Consider what type of property you are planning to rent. Is it an apartment, a single-family home, a duplex, a mobile home, or any other type of property? Each property type has its risk factors, which can collectively affect your insurance premium rate. For instance, mobile homes have more risk of storm damage, while the apartment has more chances of getting damaged due to fire or water seepage sourced from the neighbors.

Extra Coverage You Want

Most rental property insurance policies offer standard coverage on the structure, owner’s assets, and loss of rental income. If you want some additional coverage for your property, such as for theft, burglary, fire, natural disaster, or any other damage, then you may have to pay extra for it.

There are several insurance companies that offer adequate insurance for a rental property. However, if you want to find the right one as per your requirements, preferences, and budget, speaking to an independent insurance agent would be the best bet for you. They will help you compare the different policies out there and find the right one at a competitive price for you.


Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Bringing home a new puppy – or a fully grown dog! – is one of the most exciting days in your life. It’s a new friend, a playmate, and a loyal companion who can change your life in all sorts of wonderful ways. It can also be an overwhelming day – you need to settle your dog in its new home and make sure it’s comfortable and happy. This is the foundation that will define your whole relationship with your new dog, so it’s important to think carefully and get it right.


Scent is one of your dog’s most important senses and that means you can use it to help your new pet feel at home. Bring blankets or toys from its previous home with you when it comes home. This means it will have familiar comforting smells in those crucial early days while it adapts to your care.

Stay Calm

While getting a new dog is exciting, showing that excitement can be really overwhelming for a small puppy. Try to remain calm, and don’t shower it with all the affection you are feeling. Your new dog has been taken away from everything it’s familiar with, maybe even its family. You need to give it some time to adjust.


While very new puppies need to have their vaccinations before they can be taken for a walk outdoors, a long walk with your new dog is a great early step for all sorts of reasons. It will help your dog to burn off some of its energy and rest easier in its new home. It will also help to get it used to the new sights and smells in the local area so it can start to feel normal and like home.

Keeping Healthy

Dogs are prey to numerous health conditions and many of them aren’t serious and can be relied on to clear up on their own. The important thing is being able to identify what symptoms are telling you something is wrong so you can take your dog to the vet when it really needs it.

One example is tummy trouble – lots of dogs will suffer upset stomachs occasionally, and you’ll have to clear up some vomit or diarrhea. But if you’re complaining ‘my dog has diarrhea’ on a regular basis then there might be a deeper issue affecting your dog, and whether it’s disease, diet or injury, it’s your responsibility to help out your new canine companion with some expert medical help.

Mike Paul

How to Have Your Home Built

Building your home can be a gratifying experience. From designing a home to setting up unique finishes, it surely adds another level of pride to owning a dream home.

At first, it may seem like building your own home is an impossible dream, though with some helpful ways, you can have your house built without breaking the bank. Some of these ways include:

  • Buying a Piece of Land

Building a home on land is not as easy as you may think. Some land is buildable, while other is not. Zoning ordinances and building codes will determine whether or not the land is buildable. In addition, federal, health, and state department regulations will need to be considered.

Therefore, when buying land, one of the questions you may have is where to search for purchasable land. Depending on your location, there might be online sites where sellers post land for sale, or you might buy a plot from builders who have subdivided an area.

  • Looking for a Builder

One of the amazing things about houses in America is that the majority are built using standardized building practices. The reason for this is a set of building codes, which apply across the country. To get such a home, you will need a builder. Choosing a good builder for your home is important. The builder you choose needs to have all the necessary tools to construct your home so that will last for a long time.

Finding the right builder will not be a one-day process. You will need to research so you can get a builder who can bring things together like a puzzle. A qualified builder also looks for the best plumbers, contractors, welders, and electricians to make your home strong and safe. If you are looking to settle down in one of the over 55 communities, look for builders who specialize in building in those communities.

  • Customizing a Floor Plan

A floor plan refers to a scaled diagram of a house viewed from inside the home. A good floor plan depicts a single room or an entire building. It can also include appliances, furniture, measurements, or anything necessary for the plan.

When buying a house, you will need to customize a floor plan so you can design wiring systems and furniture layout. As you customize your floor plan, you need to make sure it has the following details:

  • Size
  • Flexibility
  • Lifestyle
  • Layout
  • Creating a Budget

Creating a budget to have your house built is not an option; it’s a requirement. When building a home, you need to start with a budget of what you want to spend, including the services and materials you require.

Always plan for expenses early enough so that you may make important changes when your home is completed. Budgeting early offers you leeway if the construction project ends up costing you a lot of money than you had initially planned. This gives you sufficient time to allocate more money towards the construction project or look for a better alternative.

The Bottom Line!

Newly constructed homes have an undeniable allure. They come up with a few hidden problems. Hazardous materials, including asbestos and lead-based paint, are all non-existent.

Therefore, with tips like creating a budget, looking for a builder, and customizing a floor plan will ensure you have your home designed depending on your needs.


How Can Vacuum Cleaners Help in Cleaning Vertical Blinds

It is your cleaning day at home, and you are all geared up to do the floors and wipe clean the window glasses. What about the blinds?

Be it your home or workplace, even after rubbing off every inch of the rooms if your blinds are still dusty, the space is still unhygienic. People often tend to be reluctant to wash the dirt off the blinds, and especially the vertical blinds, as they find it tedious. However, when you have a vacuum cleaner at your disposal, you can finish up in half the time.

Today you’ll learn, compared to other forms of blinds, cleaning vertical blinds is surprisingly easier than you thought!

What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Blinds?

  • Venetian Blinds
  • Mini Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Panel Track Blinds
  • Smart Blinds

What Is a Vertical Blind?

When vertically stitched fabrics or hitched synthetic slats are clipped to a slider on the top to cover the glass windows, they are called vertical blinds. A plastic thread hangs from it to open and close the blind. While the vertical blinds can be made of polyester fabrics, they are mostly crafted using vinyl, wood, faux wood, etc.

When to Use a Vacuum Cleaner for the Vertical Blinds?

Suppose you are nearly done with your bit of searching. In that case, you’ll know the bloggers and the YouTubers are recommending cleaning processes for blinds that involve hand dusting, soap, and water episode, drying sessions, and finally putting them up in place. But every time, you can’t possibly afford to put in so much effort and time.

Hence, you can vacuum the vertical blinds when:

  • You are running out of time, and a gathering has been scheduled for the same evening.
  • You are a senior citizen who stays alone and cannot expect any help.
  • If it’s not a sunny day, using soap and water won’t be a smart idea.
  • Your detergent bottle is empty, and you must get a new one.
  • You cannot apply water for cleaning vertical blinds, as it might damage the material.

How to Use Vacuum Cleaner on the Vertical Blinds?

Before you plug in the vacuum cleaner, switch it on, and start getting your blinds cleaned, you must take a glance at these useful tips:

Tip 1

Always use a brush to make the blinds go dust-free, and make sure it’s soft enough.

Tip 2

If the blind slats are horizontal in shape and vertically connected, then move the brush across to get rid of the dirt dead set on the in-between spots.

Tip 3

Try to follow a zigzag pattern. Start from one side, give your cleaner some time to suck up the dirt from corners, and then drag your brush down to the slat below.

Tip 4

In case the slats are placed side by side, vacuum downwards and not the other way round. If you brush upwards, you would perhaps end up unhooking the slats.

Tip 5

While using a vacuum cleaner’s brush through the slats, be very gentle. You don’t wish to cause any sort of damage, do you?

Tip 6

Finally, pick up the fallen dust particles from your floor with the help of your cleaner; wash your face and hands with soap, and you’re good to go.

Stay Health Conscious While Cleaning Vertical Blinds

A healthy home needs regular cleaning practices, but you mustn’t compromise your personal health while doing the chores. Always wear a mask, use gloves, and rinse hair with shampoo post-cleaning.

And remember, even if you have always preferred cloth dusters, vacuum cleaners’ agile performance in making your home or office spick and span is matchless!


4 of The Best Smoking Alternative Companies To Support

As the dangers of smoking become more and more apparent, worldwide tobacco use continues to decline. The numbers are in, and nearly seven million people gave up tobacco for good in 2018. With so many tobacco alternatives on the market today, it’s nearly impossible to choose one that fits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget without spending hours doing the research. Luckily, we’ve done it for you; here are four of the best smoking alternative companies to support in 2020.

Why We Should Be Pushing For Alternatives

Before we start, let’s look closer at why we should be pushing for tobacco alternatives. It’s no secret that smoking and dipping can be dangerous habits. Tobacco contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance, and while many alternatives still contain nicotine, they don’t contain tobacco or the almost 7,000 chemicals that can (potentially) be present in a single cigarette or chewing tobacco jar.

Tobacco plants are sprayed with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which result in some nasty chemicals making their way into the final product; as well as the waterways and ecosystems around the tobacco farm. The tobacco industry is a major contributor to compromised waterways, deforestation, pollution, and more. That makes using tobacco not only a private health concern, but an environmental and public health concern, as well.

Second-hand smoke isn’t the minor inconvenience it’s made out to be, either. It’s deadly when inhaled in large quantities, and tends to pollute the air for several feet around the smoker. The bottom line? The world would be better off without cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Now let’s take a look at our four picks.

1. Black Buffalo

The leader in tobaccoless chew, Black Buffalo took aim at an age-old problem: creating a dip that looked, tasted, felt, and smelled like the real thing. Dipping is as much a cultural habit as a personal one. Many southern states thrived thanks to the tobacco industry, and it’s well-engrained into much of the south’s cultural practices. Tobacco is as American as apple pie, but ten times as deadly.

Black Buffalo’s chew is just as close to the real thing as you can get. Even seasoned tobacco users can’t seem to tell it apart from genuine tobacco! Black Buffalo offers some of your favorite classic flavors like Wintergreen and Mint, and some newer additions like Peach and Blood Orange. Black Buffalo’s chew is as close as you can get to tobacco without indulging in the harmful side-effects that tobacco offers.

This product does still contain nicotine, so it’s important to be aware of this fact before you buy. Many smokers have actually used tobaccoless chew to transition from smoking to a tobacco-free lifestyle.

2. Fully Loaded

Another addition to the tobacco-free dip market is Fully Loaded, a company that was built on the idea that tobaccoless chew shouldn’t suck. Fully Loaded offers nine different flavors, including Dark Wintergreen, Wintergreen, Mint, Peach, Classic, Bourbon, Berry, Cherry, and Straight.

Fully Loaded also offers a nicotine-free variety for those who want to rid themselves of nicotine addiction once and for all. The chew is still tasty, smells great, and feels similar to the real thing, but without the harmful chemicals including nicotine. This is a great option for current smokers or chewing tobacco enthusiasts who want to quit for good, but don’t want to spend a fortune on nicotine patches, gum, and treatments.

3. BaccOff

If you’re interested in handcrafted chewing tobacco alternatives, you want BaccOff. The brand is known for its commitment to quality and flavor, and its products will leave you wondering whether or not you’re actually dipping something that’s tobacco-free! The products are simply that close to the look, feel, and smell of real tobacco.

The company offers an impressive lineup of flavors and varieties, ranging from Coffee to Apple flavor to Wintergreen and Mint. Best of all, if you’re not completely sure about tobacco alternatives, BaccOff will send you free samples.

BaccOff is a family-owned business, and everything is handcrafted with care. Quality is the number one concern here, but don’t take my word for it. Head over to the website and get a free sample today.

4. Brown Bear Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are an interesting addition to the tobacco alternatives market, and Brown Bear Herbs is a company that stands out among the competition. There’s nothing better than a hand-rolled cigarette, unless, of course, it doesn’t contain any tobacco or nicotine! Crafted from herbs like lavender, lobelia, catnip, blackberry leaf, and more, you’ll still get the sensation of smoking but from herbs that don’t contain harmful chemicals.

That being said, there’s not much evidence around herbal cigarettes, so always be wary before you start smoking them. Do your research and don’t ignore the science!

5 Surprising Facts About Fall Babies

Let’s be clear about one thing: All babies are special, no matter what their birth season. That being said, it’s no secret that fall babies have a lot going for them. For one thing, they were born in the season of pumpkin spice, crisp air, fall foliage, Halloween and cozy sweaters. But there are some pretty interesting facts about fall babies that may surprise you. Whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy in the fall or you recently welcomed an autumn baby into the world, here are some surprising facts about babies who are born in the fall.

  • Fall babies are more likely to be born early.

If you’re expecting a baby in the fall, you may want to stock up on Onesies® Brand Bodysuits sooner rather than later. The reason? Your little bundle of autumn joy may be eager to make his or her entrance into the world.

According to a study published in the National Academy of Science, babies born in the height of flu season (late fall and winter) are as much as 10 percent more likely to be born early. Researchers say that there is a strong relationship between influenza and premature infants, which may lead to a higher risk of a shorter gestation period.

  • They tend to live longer.

Being born during peak flu season isn’t all bad news. Even though autumn babies are more likely to be born early, they also have a better chance of living to the ripe old age of 100. That’s according to findings published in the Journal of Aging Research, which found that siblings born in September to November had a higher chance of becoming a centenarian compared to siblings born in March.

While scientists aren’t exactly sure why this is, one theory is that babies born in autumn are able to avoid extreme high and low temperatures during the summer and winter. In any case, your little one may need a big cake to fit all those candles later in life.

  • Fall babies are smarter on average.

Let’s be real–what parent doesn’t want their child to be a whiz kid? Intelligent kids are more likely to get into their dream school and be successful in life, which decreases their likelihood of living in your basement as an adult.

Well, if your baby is born in September, your wish for an intelligent kid may be granted. According to research published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is a correlation between your birth month and how smart you are. The study found that American babies who are born in the month of September have a bigger advantage in life because the school system is set up to favor them.

Children born in September are at the older end of the spectrum in the school year. They also have higher yearly score averages compared to children born in August, who would be the youngest in their year group.

  • They’re also better at sports.

If you want your child to be good at sports, your fall baby may have won the seasonal lottery. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, babies born in the month of November were fitter and more powerful than babies born any other time of the year, particularly in the summer months. The study also found that October-born babies were stronger than those born in all months except September and November. (It’s interesting that one of the world’s fittest men, Ross Edgley, was born in October.)

Once again, scientists aren’t certain why there is a clear physical advantage for babies born in autumn, but they believe it has to do with the relative age effect. This is the phenomenon in which children born close to a cut-off period in school sports have an advantage in athletics.

  • But they may not be as fast to start crawling.

Autumn babies may be more athletic later in life, but they may not start out that way. According to research from the University of Haifa, the season of a baby’s birth year can influence its motor development during the first year of life. The study found that babies born from December and May start crawling five weeks earlier on average than babies born from June to November.

The season may influence the baby’s crawling experience in several ways, like how much clothing the baby is wearing and the number of opportunities they have to be on the floor. And if your little one turns out to be a late crawler, don’t sweat it. Your baby will likely catch up to his or her peers quickly.

’Tis the Season

Turns out, when your baby is born can influence a lot of things, like what diseases they’re susceptible to and even some aspects of their personality. And based on the findings above, autumn babies have a lot going for them! But if you miss your due date and end up having your baby in a different season, don’t sweat it. There are unique perks related to all seasons!


The 5 Top Struggles of Becoming a Mom

Becoming a parent can be an incredibly difficult stage of your life, no matter how much you are longing to start a family. Whether you are encountering problems with starting your dream family or you are struggling with the life changes that start to occur as prospective parents, here are some of the challenges that you may face before your baby is born and before you even conceive.


One of the top struggles that prospective parents face is the concern that they may not be able to become parents, after all. Infertility can make it much more difficult to have children or can even prevent you from having children naturally at all. There are many reasons why you might be infertile, and this can include pre-existing health conditions and genetic conditions. However, infertility does not mean that you will be unable to have children, and an increasing amount of people are now looking for alternative ways to conceive. At MCRM Fertility, their egg donor and IVF programs can help you to get a head start and allow you to bring your baby into the world, even if you have previously been unable to conceive.

Mental Health Problems

Becoming a parent can put a strain on your mental health, both while you are trying for a baby and once your baby is born. While trying to conceive can cause you to become depressed or anxious, postpartum depression is incredibly common as moms struggle to overcome the lifestyle changes that having a new baby can wreak on their lives. To make sure that you can maintain good mental health throughout the process, you should speak to your doctor and call a counselor if you need extra help.


Many people worry about the impact of a new baby on their finances, and this can even prevent prospective parents from having a baby of their own. Therefore, you need to find ways to secure your finances before you become a mom. This includes paying off debts, opening a trust fund for your child, finding a steady income, and creating a budget that will help you to understand whether having a baby is affordable. You should also research how much it costs to have a baby and the annual costs throughout their lives.

Maintaining Your Relationship

When you are trying for a baby, and throughout your baby’s first months, it can be difficult to focus on your relationship with your partner, especially now that your intimate moments have a purpose other than enjoyment. To make sure that your relationship is strong throughout the conception, you should often communicate with your partner and make time for date nights and other activities that can allow you to spend time together without discussing your potential new family member.

The Adoption Process

If you are unable to have children, many people opt to adopt. However, the adoption process can be difficult to navigate, long-winded, and upsetting. To prepare, you should research the steps that you need to take, as well as success stories, make sure that you are ready for the possibility of a negative outcome, and have a backup plan for if things go wrong.


5 Steps to Take Before Renovating Your Home

Many homeowners consider renovating their property every couple of years, especially if they have moved into a new house or if their current property is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. To make sure that you are fully prepared for the trials and tribulations of creating your dream home, read on for more information.

Waterproof Your Basement

Many homeowners consider building an extension onto their home or converting a garage, attic, or basement as part of their renovations. However, to make these previously unused spaces into liveable areas of your home, you need to take extra precautions. For instance, if your basement is prone to flooding and other issues, you should consider finding basement waterproofing in Columbia. This service can ensure that your renovations are not then easily destroyed by natural disasters as soon as they are finished.

Check Building Restrictions

Before you start on any renovations, you need to make sure that you are legally able to carry out your plans, especially if you are thinking of expanding your home or converting certain rooms or structures into areas that serve different purposes. Although some areas of the USA do not have strict rules, many others fall under certain building codes or zones which restrict your ability to change the building that you own. Double-check with the National Register that your property is not preserved, as well.

Conduct Surveys

Before you start your renovations, you also need to be aware of any issues that may arise in the future or problems that may prevent you from carrying out your plans. You should conduct professional surveys to raise awareness of problems such as mold, damp, and asbestos. Ensure this is top priority before you make your design plans come true.

Make a Renovation Plan

If you and your family are currently deciding whether or not to take the initial leap into your home renovations, before you are able to do so, you should start to make a comprehensive renovation plan. Without a plan, tasks will be inefficient. This renovation plan should isolate the individual steps that you need to take in order to transform your home, as this will ensure that nothing goes wrong throughout your renovations. You should also write down a realistic budget and timeframe for your home improvements, as this can help you to prevent scope creep.

Do Repairs

One of the most important actions any homeowner needs to make before decorating is to finish up the repairs that your home needs. This will enable you to start your decorating on a fresh slate while ensuring that you are not solely renovating your home in the hopes of hiding some of the most worn parts of your property. You will, of course, need to decide whether you want to conduct these repairs – and the renovation as a whole – DIY or whether you are interested in hiring a professional who can make sure that these repairs are completed to a high standard.


5 (Proven) Ways To Be a Happier Person

A lot of people admit that they could use a little more happiness in their lives. Whether they’re in a funk because of the weather, or perhaps there just feeling a little less spunky recently, the good news is that there are ways to feel happier.

In some cases, being happier may be a matter of just applying a few tips and instantly feeling your mood lighten. Take a look at some of the most effective ways of being a happier person.

Start a Hobby

Finding a hobby allows you to do something that you love. By doing something that you enjoy every day, you’ll have more joy in your life. Whether you love hunting or love painting, check out an online gun store or buy yourself some paints. Whatever it takes to start doing more of what you love, start doing it more often!

Go Outside

Statistics show that people who go outside more regularly are happier in general. Spending more time outdoors allows you to clear your thoughts and get in touch with nature. If you’re ever feeling down or a little bit gloomy, put on your shoes and go outside for a walk.

Engaging in an activity outdoors is a wonderful way to start feeling instantly upbeat. Whether it’s going to a nearby park, or driving somewhere completely secluded, the outdoors is known for increasing happiness.

Work Out

When you move your body, you’ll instantly start to reduce your stress. One of the biggest reasons why people stress is because they have pent up emotions inside of them. Working out allows your body to release endorphins and other chemicals that make you feel great.

The good news is that working out doesn’t have to be going to the gym and lifting weights. Something as simple as dancing or going for a brisk walk can have a huge impact on your mood.

Connect With People You Love

If you are feeling a little sad, it helps to know that you’re not alone. Calling a friend or family member will help you feel like you have people who care about you. Spending time with people you love can be something as simple as watching a movie together or having a cup of coffee at the cafe.

The idea is connecting and sharing the way that you feel with someone else. Usually, after talking to someone for a while, you’ll start to feel like your problems are put into perspective. Talking with others helps you remember that everyone has days when they feel down.

Be Grateful

Spending all of your time thinking about what’s going wrong his bound to get you down. Practice being grateful and focus on what’s going right in your life. You’ll find that you feel instantly better by appreciating the things that you have instead of don’t have!