Winter Bachelorette Party? Make It Lumberjack Themed!

There are, really, three main criteria for a bachelorette party: you want to look good, you want to have fun, and you want some good pictures to come out of it (actually, those criteria apply to pretty much all of life).

Sometimes those three things can be tricky to pull off in the wintertime, though. The bulky coats you have to wear, the lack of outdoor activity options, and the relatively brief sunlight in the day all conspire to create a lousy bachelorette party. But there’s a simple solution: look to the lumberjack.

Think about it. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look awesome in flannel and denim. Lumberjack activities, like throwing axes or eating giant breakfasts, are some of the most objectively fun and satisfying things to do. And when you put it all together, the whole thing makes for some great pictures.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party this winter, go the lumberjack route with these easy ideas and activities.

Flannel All Day

If the squad is going to look good, you need a dress code. Luckily, with lumberjacks, it’s pretty easy:

  • A red flannel shirt is an absolute must.
  • Blue jeans are compulsory
  • Consider a little flair with some suspenders
  • Wear boots (or anything without a heel!)
  • And, finally, fake beards are optional!

Let everyone know the dress code at least a week ahead of time, in case anyone needs to shop for clothing, though it shouldn’t be too strenuous (the only item people may not have is the red flannel, but those are cheap and ubiquitous at most second hand stores).

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Go Axe Throwing

This just makes perfect sense. If you’re doing a lumberjack party, you need to go axe throwing with your friends. Some places sell alcohol and food, so you can do the bulk of your partying at the axe throwing facility. And don’t worry about danger – an axe throwing session (which you’ll have to book in advance) starts with a tutorial from an expert axe thrower, complete with how to throw properly and stay safe. From there, everyone takes turns throwing axes and looking completely badass. It’s one of the most obscenely fun activities for adults and the pictures that come out of it are perfect.

“Spruce” the Place Up

If you’re starting or finishing the evening at someone’s house, “spruce” it up a little. Add some natural wood flair, with spruce branches and raw edged wooden boards for cheese and appetizers. Stay on theme with a flannel tablecloth (cheesy but fun) and maybe a small axe to cut the cheeses. Essentially, your only limit is your imagination here – the important thing is that you put the effort in.

Rise and Shine (and Brunch)

After a night of partying, do what any self-respecting lumberjack would do: eat a big breakfast. More accurately, given that you’re probably waking up past noon the morning after a bachelorette party, go for a big brunch. Don’t skimp on the bacon and eggs, either; you’re a lumberjack for god’s sake.

Winter doesn’t have to be bad for bachelorette parties. Lean into the season with a flannel-clad, axe throwing, brunch-munching party that would make any lumberjack proud!