How To Tune Up a Pickup Truck

If you love your pickup truck, you want to keep it in the best shape possible. Part of good maintenance is a regular tun- up to keep everything in optimal shape. You likely already know this but may be wondering what is a tuneup on a car exactly. The good news is that most of the tasks are very easy and anyone can learn how to do them.

Ignition System

The ignition system is often one of the center focal points of the tune-up process. This system consists of the spark plugs, wires, coils and other components that help to ignite the fuel in your engine. Inspect the wires for any breakage, fraying or other damage. A thorough visual inspection should be sufficient.

Take out your spark plugs and inspect them. If they are in good condition and relatively new, give them a quick cleaning with a brush. If they are in poor condition or older, replace them. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to find the recommended type of spark plug.

If you have been experiencing any misfires or weakened acceleration, take a look at the ignition coils. Inspect them for any build-up or damage. Consider replacing them.


Change the auto air filter in your engine compartment. On some cars, you can do this without any tools. On others, you may need to loosen some screens to get the filter out of its housing. Filters are cheap and worth replacing reasonably often to ensure they are in the best condition possible.

Although not always considered part of a tune-up, consider also changing your cabin air filter. On most trucks, this is located behind the glovebox. Check your owner’s manual or service manual for information on replacement.

You may want to change your fuel filter and positive crankcase ventilation valve filter. These are slightly more complex tasks but worthwhile.


Change your oil and replace the oil filter. Consult your owner’s manual to find the recommended type of oil. While you don’t necessarily need to use the recommended brand, you should make sure to match the suggested viscosity and type (synthetic or conventional).

Also, take a look at your other fluid levels. Check them for clarity and color. These include your coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid.

Belts and Hoses

Inspect all the belts and hoses in your engine compartment. Look for any cracking or wear. These items normally start to show problems before they fail. So, checking them often can help you keep them in good order. Replace any belts or hoses that are starting to decay. These include the serpentine belt and timing belt. Also, look at the belt tensioner to make sure it is maintaining proper tension.

Learn More

Head to your favorite auto parts store to pick up some oil, engine air filter, spark plugs and cabin air filter on sale. With a little patience and effort, you can easily learn to take care of your pickup yourself. This will save you money and let you enjoy ownership even more. Get started today.


6 Tips On Choosing The Best Camping Gear

If you love the adventure of camping and are always on the lookout for new pieces of camping equipment, which will make your upcoming camping trips a whole lot more comfortable, continue reading in order to discover a handy guide to purchasing camp gear.

6 Tips On Choosing The Best Camping Gear:

Consider purchasing a hammock to make your camping trip a little more comfortable:

Not only can you sleep in a hammock but you’ll also be able to read a book or listen to music, in the comfort of your own personal hammock. You can even purchase hammocks which can comfortably accommodate two adults.

Invest in a high quality, camping cot in order to sleep soundly:

As it’s far more comfortable to sleep off the ground, it’s a wise idea to invest in purchasing a high quality, camping cot. Which you’ll be able to place a portable camping mat on. To ensure that you’ll enjoy a comfortable night sleep. As sleeping on the floor of a tent can be an uncomfortable experience as the terrain which you pitch your tent on may be uneven or may feature pebbles or rocks.

Purchase a multi-purpose stool:

When it comes to shopping for camping gear, it’s a great idea to look for multi-purpose items, which will make packing your car for your next camping trip, a whole lot easier. For example, you can’t go wrong purchasing a multi-purpose stool, which you’ll be able to use as a makeshift dining table, a table to play card games or an extra seat. In order to browse a few high rated multi-purpose camping stools make sure to visit As you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice.

Make sure to purchase a high quality sleeping bag:

Apart from your tent, your sleeping bag is the most important piece of camping equipment which you’ll own. So it’s important to choose a high quality sleeping bag, which will keep you warm at night. Especially as temperatures drop quickly at night, when you’re camping. Also make sure to choose a sleeping bag which offers the right level of warmth. As you’re able to purchase spring weight sleeping bags as well as heavy duty sleeping bags, which can be comfortably used in the middle of winter.

Select a tent which is easy to erect:

Do yourself a huge favor and select a tent, which you’ll be able to easily erect on your own. When it comes to purchasing a new tent, also think about how many people your tent needs to accommodate. As an example, if you plan on camping with a partner, you may want to opt for a two person tent. While if you plan on camping as a family of four, you’ll need a far larger tent. Which will better suit your family’s needs.

Invest in a camping stove and a camping cooler:

If you camp on a regular basis, it’s a smart idea to purchase a camping cooler and a camping stove, so that you’ll be able to prepare proper meals. Instead of being forced to eat canned food, three times per day.

So if you’re looking to increase your comfort on your upcoming camping trips, it’s well worth making sure that you own all of the pieces of useful camping gear which are listed above.

How to Buy Sunglasses as a Senior

Designer sunglasses are not just for young hipsters concerned about looking cool whenever they leave the house. They are for people of all ages interested in protecting their eyes against both UV rays and direct sunlight. Sunglasses are even for seniors.

You might say sunglasses are more important to an older generation concerned about things like cataracts and macular degeneration. Indeed, with age comes a higher risk of all sorts of health issues – including those that affect the eyes. So it is just as important for seniors to wear sunglasses.

The big difference for seniors is the shopping experience. Your typical senior may not care what the latest styles are. He or she might not be interested in dropping several hundred dollars on a designer brand just because some celebrity wears them. Needless to say, seniors have their own concerns.

Consider Health Concerns

Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City company that designs and sells more than two dozen brands of wholesale sunglasses, encourages seniors to consider their health concerns first. Speaking with the doctor before making a purchase is a good idea. Seniors need to know what they are looking at, health-wise, before they can decide what kinds of sunglasses are best.

As previously mentioned, cataracts and macular degeneration are always a concern. But so are things like cancer and photokeratitis, a condition that is essentially sunburned eyes. Protecting against such eye damage is a function of both UV filtering and tinting.

Understand that tinting only offers protection against direct sunlight. The darker the tint, the more protection. As for UV protection, it is accomplished by way of a filter applied to eyewear lenses. That filter is transparent. And know that UV rays cannot be seen by the naked eye, so a UV filter does not need tinting.

Quality of Vision

The next thing seniors should consider is the quality of their vision. A person already suffering from poor visual acuity will discover that an extremely dark pair of sunglasses makes it much harder to see. It might be better to go with a lighter tint – just so long as UV protection is not compromised. Everyone who buys sunglasses should insist on a UV rating of at least UV 300. A rating of UV 400 is even better.

Activity Level and Type

When seniors are buying sunglasses, they should also consider their activity level and type. In other words, how active are they during the course of a given day? How much of their daily activity has them outside, driving in the car, etc.?

Greater amounts of time spent out of the house indicate a greater need for a quality pair of sunglasses. On the other hand, a person who is mostly housebound can get away with a cheaper pair of sunglasses that will only be worn on occasion.

Activity type is important to the extent that certain kinds of lenses can enhance or inhibit activity. For example, a senior who walks several miles per day would do well with a pair of sunglasses that offer good contrast. Being able to clearly distinguish changes in the ground surface will mean a safer walk.

Buying sunglasses as a senior doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. It’s all about asking the right questions and considering one’s lifestyle. With a little thought and some sound advice from eyewear experts, finding the right pair of sunglasses should be a big deal.

Are you a senior concerned about eye health? If so, get yourself a good pair of sunglasses you can wear whenever you leave the house. Your eyes will thank you for it.


Exploring Some Of The Best 420-Friendly Spots In Los Angeles

California is a special state as far as the U.S cannabis market is concerned and for good reason. It is full of high-net-worth individuals, and it achieved full cannabis legalization in 2016 after it legalized marijuana for recreational use. Legal use for medical purposes has been allowed since 1996. Even businesses in Los Angeles, the largest city in California, are now getting with the times as some of them embrace the 420 culture. Whether you want to go out and have 420 experience or want to have it come to your door, there are many options in Los Angeles.

The progressive nature of the marijuana industry in Los Angeles supports the existence of many cannabis businesses. 420 tourism or cannabis tourism is also becoming a normal phenomenon. So if you happen to visit LA and are looking for 420-friendly spots, here are some of the options you should consider.

7. Weed Bus LA

Technically, this is not a place but rather a taxi service that can pick you up from the airport. The cabs, which are usually luxury vehicles, provide gravit vape pens to kick start your experience, and then the cab takes you to the nearest cannabis dispensary, and you can secure a 20 percent discount just for using Weed Bus LA. You can also use a taxi service if you wish to tour the city.

6. South Los Munchies

Finding accommodation that will allow you to enjoy your pot in their premises might be a bit of a stretch, but thankfully there are spots like South Los Munchies that are 420-friendly. It is a bed and breakfast hotel, and it also offers venues for events. The accommodation prices are also quite fair. So, during your visit to LA, you can secure accommodation at South Los Munchies and consume your cannabis at the location without any worry.

5. Cheba Bakery

Imagine you wake up in the morning while in Los Angeles, and you crave some cake, but you also want to have some marijuana. Why not have a combined experience. Cheba Bakery in LA can make that happen because it is a legal baker that produces backed goodies infused with cannabis. The bakery makes cake pops, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even birthday cakes that have extracted THC as one of their ingredients. The THC is lab-tested for additional caution, so you know you are getting quality products. It ups the ante by offering a delivery option where the baked goodies can be delivered to your hotel.

4. Rainbow Bar and Grill

We know that it is always good to be prepared for anything, especially if you on that Maryjane. It is thus a good idea to prepare for the munchies by visiting a place that serves some delicious food. Rainbow Bar and Grill is one of your best bets for this not only has great food and drinks, but it is also pro-420.

3. Ganja Yoga

Great news for you if you are a stoner that also happens to love yoga. There is a place in LA called Ganja Yoga, which is operated by Yogi Dee Dussault so that she can provide cannabis-enhanced yoga, which she talks bout in her book, which is also called Ganja Yoga. She operates the business from her home in Los Angeles, and customers get to enjoy yoga while also accessing a variety of cannabis products, including cannabis-chocolates, vape pens, and joints.

2. Gracias Madre

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a night out with your significant other, then Gracias Madre is perhaps one of the best places to go. It is also ideal if you are vegan because they serve vegan dishes. Also, note that the location also serves CBD-infused beverages. However, do not expect the drinks to get you high because they are not psychoactive.

1. The Venice Beach boardwalk

The Venice Beach boardwalk is quite popular with the cannabis community in LA. This is one of the few places in the world where you can actually walk around while smoking some marijuana as if it is normal. What makes the ideal place for stoners to enjoy is the picturesque nature since it is a long stretch of road with palm trees along the sides. It also has marijuana shops around, so there is also that type of convenience.

LA is 420 Friendly

Many places in Los Angeles allow you to enjoy 420 without having to worry or look over your shoulder. The above list is just a few of those experiences that you should try if you fancy having a good natural and undisturbed marijuana experience.

Alternative To Whole Life That Can Be Better for You

When seeking life insurance, your insurer will most likely recommend whole life insurance. This is one of the most comprehensive insurance plans that promise high payouts to the beneficiaries you leave behind. However, there is no doubt that whole life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and there are alternatives that may be better for you.

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Before we get to the alternatives, let us briefly look at what whole life insurance is. Whole life insurance is a permanent insurance policy that involves two components: a death benefit and a cash value. Being a permanent policy, you pay premiums as long as you are alive. Both components are paid to your beneficiaries upon death, provided you paid all the premiums.

The cash value is where a portion of the premiums are placed and invested in the market on your behalf. As such, the cash value will increase over time, further increasing the amount your beneficiaries will receive when you die. However, this comes with a fair bit of risk – the cash value might decrease if certain investments don’t pan out.

Furthermore, as a policyholder, you can withdraw or borrow against the cash value. When you borrow, you are given a non-taxable loan with low-interest rates. The biggest drawback of this plan is that insurance rates are expensive, making it ideal for individuals whose net worth is substantial.

Now let us look at the alternatives of whole life insurance that might be better for you.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable Life Insurance is for people who can afford the premiums of whole life insurance but would like to take on more risk. This policy has the same hallmarks of whole life insurance, particularly that it’s a permanent plan and that there is a death benefit and cash value involved. The biggest difference is that you get to decide how the cash value is invested in the market.

If the insurer is handling the cash value, they will go for investments that are less risky. As you already know, the riskier investments pay more when they pan out. You have the power to go for these types of investments, meaning variable life insurance can potentially payout more than whole life insurance. It also means you could lose more.

You can also withdraw and borrow against the cash value. And it is worth mentioning that this won’t affect the agreed-upon death benefit.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t always permanent and it doesn’t always come with high premiums. This is where term life insurance comes into play. It is a temporary life insurance plan where the policy is held for a fixed period of time. Term life insurance is 6 to 10 times cheaper than whole life insurance, and while it has a death benefit, it doesn’t have a cash value.

Your beneficiaries will get the death benefit when you die, but only if you died before the policy’s expiry and paid all your premiums. Once the policy expires while you are alive, the premiums you have been paying thus far are forfeited. If you die after this period, your family will get nothing.

In order to avoid the worst-case scenario (death after expiry), people usually renew their policies. And since the premiums are significantly cheaper than whole life and variable life, people usually purchase more coverage.


Life insurance is a must for anyone who has beneficiaries, especially a wife and children. No one knows what the future holds, and death can be sudden. It’s good to leave them financially secure. But whole life insurance isn’t always the best policy. There’s variable life and term life insurance that may be better for you.

Best Diamond Wedding Bands for the Groom

When it comes to wedding bands shopping, the male oftentimes gives the slightest involvement and has a lesser option.

If you are the bride, you will still want your future groom to pick his best option. If you are the groom, admit it, you also want to have a say when it comes to your wedding bands. After all, your bride is not the only one who gets to wear that ring forever. As the better half, men should contribute equally in the decision making of picking the best wedding bands.

When it comes to the stone, can men opt for lab-grown diamonds? The answer is yes. In fact, both men and women can pick lab-grown diamonds for their wedding bands if they want to. Here are some great benefits of this alternative.

1. Excellent quality. Lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds but better. Natural diamonds are blasted out of the earth. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created within the laboratory with forward-looking technology that uses the same natural diamond-growing procedure. Because it is man-made, you can rest assured that it has superior quality.

2. Highly sustainable and environment-friendly. Mining diamonds could mean using explosives and heavy equipment to extract the gemstones out of the earth. These tools are not good for the environment because constant blasting can cause damage to the watershed and the ecosystem.

3. Less expensive. Lab-grown diamonds are around 40 percent less expensive than natural diamonds. Hence, you can purchase a superior-quality diamond without breaking the bank.

4. Supports the future of humanity. If you opt for lab-grown diamonds, you are supporting the enhancement of innovation and research and development. It also means discouraging mining activities, which makes you an ethical and smart shopper.

Wedding Bands for Him: Style and Setting

Diamonds are girls’ best friends, but men can have them on their wedding bands too! Here are two of the best options for men when it comes to the details of their rings.

1. One diamond. Men tend to keep the masculine aspect in their wedding bands without losing a sparkle, so this classic one-diamond setting is a popular choice.

2. Princess cut. If your man loves to show more, this princess-cut setting is a good pick. This style gives your man the option to use three to five diamonds as a bold touch to its metal band.



One of the effective ways of learning is by doing homework. However, students do face the problem of doing homework every day. The reason is lack of motivation. They think homework as a burden in their lives. Furthermore, in some cases, students prefer doing other things such as playing video games, watching movies serials, chatting with friends, wasting time on social media, and many more instead of doing homework.

Not doing homework is a bad habit. The reason is that it will create a gap in knowledge. In other words, you won’t understand the lecture properly. You must be wondering why teachers give homework?

Homework will help you in your learning process. You must have heard this phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect”. This means the more you practice, the more you learn. Most teachers give homework in the form of practice but sometimes they also give homework in the form of research.

Thesis Rush prepared these 7 effective ways which will motivate you to do your assign task at home.

    1. Choose the Most Comfortable Place

Some students prefer working on a desk while others prefer a silent place. The purpose is to select the place where you can be work. The most important point is that it shouldn’t have any kind of distraction. This will help you to maintain your focus.

    1. Set Your Goals

Everyone has a purpose. If you are studying in college, you have a purpose. A human without a purpose isn’t a human. The best part is that you need to create your purpose. Set up your goals or objective because it will motivate you.

    1. Dig Something Interesting

It doesn’t matter if you like the subject or not but you can always find something interesting in it. Let’s take an example of history class. Read a chapter in such a way to make those facts interesting to you. In short, if you feel the lecture is boring, look for the smallest detail that might be interesting for you.

    1. Betting

This might be a little risky but life is all about taking risks. We don’t recommend betting for money but do bet who will finish first. Bet with your friend, this will surely motivate you to do your homework. Who knows you might end up getting an “A”?

    1. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

You can always rely on your good friends. For example, you and your friend can learn as well as finish homework together. This will enhance the learning process.

    1. Using Computer

In this era, a student can’t live without a computer. As a matter of fact, computers help them in their daily life such as finding lectures, connecting with teachers, and many more. A computer can also motivate you to do homework. Find interesting websites that will motivate you to do your homework.

    1. Take Break

Remember that you are not a machine, take a 15-minute break after every 45 minutes. This will refresh your mind. When your break is over, your mind will be refreshed and you will complete your homework as soon as possible

    1. Conclusion

The above tips work for most of the students. Do remember that a clear mind is a happy mind. This means that when your tired or depressed, take a small break. When you feel better, take out your homework and start doing it. In the end, it is for your benefit only. You can always find spare time to finish your homework.


6 Ways To Cure Your Boredom

If you’ve been struggling to entertain yourself, don’t worry as listed below are 6 fun ways to cure your boredom. All of which are proven to cure boredom. So if you’ve got a bit of extra time up your sleeves and don’t know how to spend it, simply continue reading.

6 Ways To Cure Your Boredom:

Start planning the best party that you’ve ever thrown:

Even if it’s several months till your birthday, there’s no reason why you can start planning to throw an epic party. As an example, you may want to throw a Mardi Gras party, a Valentine’s Day party, a Halloween party, a house warming party, a sports party, a graduation party or a party to celebrate a loved one’s birthday.

If you’re keen to host the best party that you’ve ever thrown, start looking online for inspirations for your food, drinks, decorations, invitations and party games. As platforms such as Pinterest are ideal for party planning.

Hunt for memes to share with your friends:

If you enjoy sharing hilarious or witty memes with your friends throughout each day, it’s well worth stockpiling on funny memes when you’re bored.

Join an online forum or start following a Reddit thread:

If it’s been years since you posted on an online forum, it’s well worth finding a forum which is focused around one of your hobbies. As an example, if you spend hours per week playing PC games, you may want to join a gaming forum. While if you’re passionate about travel, you may want to join a forum which is focused on travel. Alternatively you may want to search for Reddit threads about subjects which you’re interested in, which you’ll be able to comment on.

Visit to play all of your favorite casino games:

If you’re looking to play a few fun online games to play in order to cure your boredom, head to Where you’ll be able to play all of your favorite casino games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack. You can even win money playing your favorite online casino games. So if you’d love to be able to play roulette or blackjack at any time of day or night it’s well worth checking out 13Wins.

Start planning your next vacation:

Even if you don’t have any available leave for several months or you’ve just got back from a fun-filled holiday, it’s never too soon to start planning your next vacation. As an example, if you’d love to have some fun in the sun you may want to look up flights, accommodation, activities and attractions in Fiji or Hawaii. Or if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Europe, you may want to start planning an epic train journey through Europe.

Even if you just go through the motions of planning a vacation for fun, you may be inspired to start saving for your next vacation or to book flights for your next holiday.

Complete a quick workout:

If you’re bored, you may want to fit a quick and effective workout into your day. As an example, you may want to search YouTube for a kickboxing workout or a HIIT workout. Or you may want to pull out your yoga mat in order to complete a rejuvenating yoga workout.

So if you’ve been fighting boredom and having haven’t had any luck, you really can’t go wrong using all six of the fun boredom busters which are listed above, in order to combat your boredom!


How You Can Boost the Chances of Finding Love by Going Online

Finding that special someone to share your life with is not always an easy task, and some people find themselves waiting for years on end without so much as a sniff of romance. Well, the good news is that you can be far more proactive about finding romance and love these days, and this is all thanks to the digital revolution.

Our move into the digital age means that we can now go online to do all sorts of things, from conducting an address look up free of charge to using free and paid dating sites. When it comes to the latter, you will find a huge range of dating sites to choose from, each of which has many members who are looking for love, romance, dating, and companionship. This makes it much easier for you to meet someone with whom you really click.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dating Sites?

Many people have come to realize that there are huge benefits that come from using online dating sites. It is a method that has become a hugely popular one with people of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds.

Using online dating sites is ideal for people who are shy or nervous about speaking to new people face-to-face. If you do not have the confidence to approach new people, you will find it difficult to get dates. However, when you use online dating sites, you can get to know them through messages online. This makes it much easier for you to get into conversation and get to know someone. You can then decide whether you are compatible before you arrange to actually meet up in-person.

Another of the major benefits of using online dating is that it offers a high degree of flexibility and freedom. When you go out to meet people, you have to get ready, go out, and then spend time and money when you are out. You are also limited in terms of when you can go out and meet new people. With online dating, you can browse profiles and chat with people whenever you like, and from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to get ready or go out, you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule, and you won’t have to worry about only being able to socialize with people at certain times when bars and clubs are open.

You will also find it much easier to meet the person of your dreams with online dating, as you can browse the profiles to find those who fit in with your preferences in terms of their looks and their personality. This makes it much easier for you to find someone who you feel is attractive and with whom you are compatible.

So, if you want to boost your chances of finding love, take the time to check out the wide range of dating sites.


Shopping Guide: How to Shop for Winter Shoes

Are you in the market for discount shoes online for men, or perhaps you are interested in cheap Adidas women’s shoes for that special someone? In either case, purchasing shoes in the winter is not the same as looking for spring trainers. Winter shoes must be functional and practical. While you can afford to purchase summer shoes that do not provide significant warmth, winter demands insulation and other characteristics of shoes. Therefore, before you can go searching for great winter footwear, consider the five attributes that make a shoe suitable for the winter months.

1. Materials

Buying men’s shoes online this winter season is all about finding a pair that is comprised of all the right materials. For example, you will want to select a waterproof option. Most durable boots will be made with leather and nylon products, offering superior protection against the harsh winter months. Also, many varieties of boots will come pre-treated with waterproofing, ensuring their longevity. However, if the shoes do not come pre-sealed, you can purchase an affordable waterproofer from most shoe stores.

2. Traction

One of the most important characteristics of any winter boot is traction. The winter months can be quite hazardous, even when completing simple everyday tasks, like walking to your mailbox or car. The snow and ice that can accumulate on the ground often lead to slip and fall injuries that are preventable if wearing the appropriate shoe and maintaining your walkways and driveway. Most boots are made with rubber soles, but not all rubber is created equal. Some rubber-soled shoes are too hard with a surface that does not provide adequate friction in snowy environments. Always test the traction of a shoe before buying.

3. Insulation

Proper insulation ensures that your feet will stay nice and warm this winter. There are two general materials that are used for insulating winter boots: (1) wool or (2) synthetic materials. Wool is a popular choice, and it does regulate temperature well. However, wool boots can feel a bit cumbersome and heavy. Synthetic materials, like Thinsulate, reduce the weight of the boot while maintaining warmth. Although, when working with synthetic materials, you will want to pay attention to weight – 200 grams or more, depending on your climate.

4. Function and Fit

While some pull-on boots will work just fine for day-to-day outdoor activities, you may want to purchase a pair of full lace-up boots for more vigorous adventures or chores. Lace-ups provide a tighter and more secure fit for greater confidence.

5. Height

Do you take a lot of outdoor adventures, even in the winter? Will you be trekking through the snow when it falls? Depending on what you do, the height of your boots can matter a great deal. For example, if you plan on walking through deep layers of snow, then finding a boot that keeps your calves warm is likely a good idea. However, if you are not the adventurous type, then shorter boots may make walking a little easier.

While, in general, shoe buying is about finding the right size shoe that shows off a little of your personality, winter shoe shopping means being a little more concerned about warmth, weatherproofing, traction and overall fit. Find the right pair for you by heading to your local shoe store and trying several pairs on.