The Best Holiday Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Holiday shopping for the people you love can be a stressful task. You want to get them the perfect gift. Something that shows how much you care. Something that shows that you know what they like and are paying attention. You want to see that genuine smile of delight on their faces when they tear the wrapping off of the gift you spent so much time picking out.

Shopping for a fashion lover does not have to stress you out. It can be fun and simple if you know what you are looking for. This article will spark your creativity with some ideas about how to celebrate the season of giving with the perfect gifts for the fashion lovers you love.


You can’t go wrong with earrings! Earrings are the classic gift. A cute gift box for earrings can be one of the easiest gifts to pick up. Better yet, give the fashionista in your life a monthly subscription to an earring gift box to remind them how much you care all through the year. Earring subscriptions delight your loved ones every month with fresh new accessories to coordinate with every outfit in their wardrobe.

When you order from Rowan, you can be sure that their earrings are certified nickel-free. The last thing you want is for your best friend to love the sparkling accessory that came from a pretty earring gift box, then have an allergic reaction the first time she wears them. An earring gift box that is labeled 14k gold or sterling silver may have nickel in them. The best way to make sure that her earrings will keep her smiling into the spring is to order a gift box for earrings from a company you trust.


Another classic gift. Many families traditionally give each other pajamas for the night before holidays like Christmas. Now that everyone is older, it is still a nice surprise to get cozy or sleek pajamas for the holidays. We aren’t talking about the enormous pink bunny PJs Ralphie’s Aunt Clara sent in the mail in A Christmas Story. While you can buy those from various online shops if your friend has a sense of humor, these pajamas are probably a safer bet for your fashion-loving friends. The list includes favorite pajama selections for both men and women this holiday season. There is nothing better for a long winter night than hanging out in your favorite pajamas that make you feel good; whether they are cozy fleece or flannel or stylish silk or satin. Add a mug of hot chocolate and your favorite book or movie, and you’ve got the perfect night in.


What better to go with a cozy set of PJs than a cozy pair of slippers?


Sweaters are a nice way to make sure your friends and family stay warm this holiday season. Every time they step out into the cold air, they will remember that you care about them. Sweaters are like a warm hug that protects you from the elements. Whether your friend likes snazzy short sweaters, luxurious silk or cashmere sweaters, or big fuzzy sweaters, you can find ideas for the perfect women’s sweaters and the perfect men’s sweaters in time for the holidays.


The fashion lover in your life can probably never have too many stylish scarves. A scarf provides just the right amount of coverage on chilly winter days when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Scarves aren’t just big plaid flannel or scratchy knitted wool anymore. Brighten your friend’s day by adding a touch of color to the otherwise grey days of the darkest season of the year. Stylish scarves aren’t just for women. Check out these handsome scarves for the fashion-loving man in your life.


You’ve been out with that one friend. They may be perfectly put together with every element of their look stylishly coordinated to match the date, the weather, their mood, and what you’re having for dinner. Then it’s time to pull something out of their pocket, and everything they own goes flying. Everyone needs a place to store the stuff they carry with them, and giving your fashion-loving friend—man or woman—a convenient way to do that may help them feel as put-together as they look.

Gift Cards

If your heart is still racing at the mere thought of trying to decide what to get for your fashion-loving friend, a gift card tells them that you want them to have exactly what they want. When you give your friend a gift card to their favorite store, they have the opportunity to pick out something they love, and they will think of you when they make their purchase. A gift card is not a cop-out gift, but rather a thoughtful way to let someone know that the gift is all about them.

Reasons Why You Have to be Bold in Pursuing Changes in Your Life


Changing the things you already got used to could be challenging. There’s always a part of you that might resist change. Being comfortable with one thing is convenient, and you don’t want anything to change. Whether it’s as simple as your fashion choices or as complicated as your job, you can’t immediately embrace change. At some point, though, you have to realize that it doesn’t always help to play it safe. You also need to embrace changes if you want to learn new things. These are some other reasons why it’s in your best interest to pursue bold changes in life.

You don’t want any regrets 

There are instances when you want to try something new, but you worry that it won’t end well. For instance, you receive a job offer, and it’s in line with your interest. However, you already feel comfortable with your current job, and you don’t want to accept the change. Later in life, you might ask yourself what would have happened if you had taken that job. You don’t want such doubts, so you need to grab any opportunity available.

You will learn from them

If you eventually fail in your decision to change and things don’t go as planned, it’s okay. The point is that you learned from the experience, and you can use it to be better next time. For instance, if you decide to pursue a sport and you fail in every aspect, you have nothing to worry about. You can try something else. At least you have an idea about what sport would be suitable now. You also learn about what your body is capable of and what its limitations are.

You will feel alive 

When things become routine, they don’t excite you anymore. They’re always the same, and your day becomes expected and boring. The moment you embrace changes, you will feel alive once again. You will realize that there’s more to life than what you usually have. It could even include your look. It’s possible for you to try something new, like growing a beard. You might feel like it’s a stupid idea, but it works. You will look great with it. As long as you maintain it using products like the ones at, you can guarantee that the beard will grow well. It will stay smooth and fragrant. You never tried growing a beard before, so it would definitely excite you.

It’s your life anyway

In the end, you will hear people criticizing your choices. They will tell you that you’re heading in the wrong direction, and you’re only fooling yourself. You can simply ignore all of them. Even if you consider their thoughts, your decision will still prevail. It’s your life, so you determine whatever makes you happy. You can’t let others dictate what you will become in life. As long as you’re not hurting anyone and you’re happy about your decision, it’s okay. Anything new and bold would be worth the try.



Peace and Quiet – Why It’s Sometimes Okay to Raise Your Walls

‘No man is an island’, so to speak. Spending time with people is an important part of life. To be able to grow, people have to be around other people.

You can improve yourself when you are surrounded by good people. Socializing with others is an essential element in growing as a person. It is in socialization with others that you can learn about peoples’ behaviors, values, norms, and beliefs.

As a result, you become more prepared for social life. You become a better person socially because you will develop consciousness as to what your role in society is. You become a more productive member of society. Visit this link to know about the importance of socialization in peoples’ lives.

Not only is socializing with other people beneficial socially, but it also has positive effects physically and mentally. It can provide several health benefits to people. Socialization can boost your brain. People who socialize more often are found to develop a sharper memory and can perform better on cognitive skills.

Individuals with active social lives are less likely to develop dementia. Socialization can also help strengthen the immune system. People who are engaged socially are able to fight viruses making them less prone to colds, flu, and other illnesses. Many pieces of research have also shown that more interaction with people can decrease feelings of depression. Having social connections has been found to be helpful in improving one’s mood. All said, socially active people are comparatively healthy.

While socializing with others can provide a lot of positives to individuals, it can sometimes cause adverse effects. Too much social life can wear people out. You may need to be alone sometimes. Solitude is also important in your health and well-being. Being alone may sound like a bad thing but there are a lot of benefits that one could take from it. Learning to enjoy your own company can do a lot of good.

Solitude should not be misinterpreted as loneliness. They are two completely different things. In fact, some who are in many social engagements can still feel lonely. On the other hand, many who are alone do not feel lonely at all. Being by yourself may be hard to do but you’ll get accustomed to it eventually and it will provide you a lot of good things.

Here are some reasons why it is okay to be alone:

You can become more confident with yourself

In solitude, you are able to make decisions without the influence of others. You get to decide on how you will spend your time without thinking about what would others think. You will know yourself better when you make decisions on your own.

You will also know who you really are and what you really want. Furthermore, when you get to know yourself better, you will develop more confidence. You will appreciate who you are as a person and become more real when others are around.

There is serenity in solitude

People crave for privacy sometimes. They want to spare themselves from the stress that others cause. Not getting the privacy that one seeks can cause distress from within. Distancing yourself from friends, colleagues, or family can be very calming. You’ll find peace from your own company.

Although solitude does not automatically translate to serenity. Being alone does not necessarily lead to peace and quiet. Outside noises can be very disturbing. Your alone time could result in anxiety and even more stress. Websites like can help you with that. They are experts in soundproofing walls.

It can help improve mental health

Being comfortable on your own can boost your psychological well-being. A number of studies have shown that a person who makes time to be by himself tends to be happier. They are easily satisfied and less exposed to stress.

Having time on your own is essential to promote your overall well-being but so is being around with people. It is important that you know how to balance your own time and social life. Having too much of one and less of the other can be bad for you. Be socially active but still make time to be by yourself.

Keep Your Kids Safe While They Play

When you were a kid, a scraped up knee was a badge of honor. You had been through war and lived to see another day. All the kids stood in awe of your gnarly scabs and abrasions.

Kids get hurt. It’s a fact of life. However, some injuries can easily be avoided through the use of proper safety equipment and the installation of knowledge.

Take a second to read through some helpful tips aimed toward keeping your kids safe while they play, and give yourself permission to exhale next time your kid steps out on the field.

If your kids play sports

Millions of kids in the United States engage in team sports on a regular occasion. School sports typically provide the most rudimentary of safety gear for your kids, but you will need to add a few things to make sure your kid is properly protected.

For example, kids who play football will be better protected with a pair of quality shoes. Protect your little baseball player with a quality mouthguard. Always ask enough questions to understand the full scope of your child’s safety gear.

Riding a bicycle can be dangerous

It’s true that you may not have had such protection when you were a child, but your kids need safety gear when they ride their bikes. They should have proper reflectors on all of the necessary mounts.

Your kids should be wearing a quality helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads as they ride. In addition, you should teach your kids a few mental reminders for safety.

Teach your children basic safety rules

The oldies are still goodies when it comes to your children’s safety as they play. Don’t talk to strangers at the park (or anywhere, for that matter). Look both ways before crossing the road, even if you’re at a crosswalk.

However, there are a few “signs of the times” in terms of safety. For instance, when Pokemon Go was released, game makers had to add a disclaimer for kids. Pay attention to your surroundings, rather than burying your head in your phone.

Make sure your kids get enough sleep

It may seem off-topic, but the quality of your children’s sleep makes an impact on every element of their day. If you want to give your kids the best shot at staying safe throughout the activities of their day, then you need to make certain they go to bed at a reasonable hour.

A healthy diet is more powerful than you think

Again, you may think it’s astray from the topic at hand, but your child’s nutrition has everything to do with their safety as they play. Strong bones defend against breaks, and your child’s diet directly affects their body’s ability to build strong bones.


5 Smart Ways to Shop for Your Pregnancy Period

Once you find out you are pregnant, deciding what to wear becomes a tedious task with each passing day. As your body continues to change and grow to make space for a tiny human inside of you, it becomes hard to know which clothes still fit you- the outfit which was perfectly fine a few weeks ago may suddenly be too tight or uncomfortable to wear when you try it again. And we all know how frustrating it is to have to rearrange your wardrobe regularly. It almost feels like everything you knew about fashion and looking good has gone out the window.

Woman Standing Near Wall Holding Phone

Feeling stressed about your changing body is normal, but this doesn’t mean you need to wear oversized t-shirts and unflattering dresses for the rest of your pregnancy. Maternity fashion can be fun and comfortable if you shop smartly according to your body type. This article will show you how it is possible. Here are five smart ways to buy for your pregnancy that will ensure you look your best during these nine months of your life

Stay true to your style

Being pregnant doesn’t involve giving away your style. Gone are the days when every pregnant woman would be found wearing muumuus and large tent dresses. Today, it is easy to find maternity clothes to suit every body type and fashion preference. If you are not the kind to wear dresses, there is no need to wear them now. Go for some cute maternity jeans, leggings, stretchy t-shirts, or button-down shirts instead. Even jumpsuits are a great maternity wear option – they require no effort and still look super chic.

Shop the right size

Especially if this is your first baby, it is impossible to predict how your body is going to change throughout your pregnancy, and thus, it makes sense to not shop too much in advance. If you are a size eight pre-pregnancy, don’t assume you will remain the same size with a bump. Most women gain weight in other areas as well. Your hipbones grow to support the baby, your breasts are likely to go up a few sizes, your feet are going to swell, and even your arms and legs could get bulkier! So, when it comes to maternity sizes, it is best to buy clothes as you need them instead of doing it ahead of time. Also, ignore the scale and buy what looks good and feels comfortable.

Don’t splurge unnecessarily

Although you may feel like buying every cute maternity dress, you can find, but the truth is that they are only going to last you a couple of months. You will use them for a while post-pregnancy too, but the fact is after you’ve had your baby, you would probably want to get back in shape as quickly as possible and go back to your regular clothes.

Do spend on a few high-quality essentials such as a comfortable pair of maternity jeans and a few classy tops to pair it. A pretty maxi dress or LBD on a formal event such as a wedding or your bridal shower is also worth it. For casual everyday wear, there are plenty of places where you can find some trendy yet affordable maternity tops and dresses.

Purchase according to the season

If you’re expecting in the winter season, try to invest in some cozy oversized sweaters and cute leggings that can you easily pair with any top while you are out and about. Leggings are a life-saver for any pregnant woman – they are comfortable and stretchy and look great with so many tops or tunics. You can also borrow a jacket or blazer from your man.

Pregnant in the summer? Expect to feel even hotter as pregnancy increases blood flow, which leads to your body heating up faster. Invest in breathable fabrics like linen and cotton and loose, flowy pieces such as skirts and dresses. There is nothing more comfortable and easier to carry than a few summer maternity dresses if you are at peak pregnancy when it is hot and humid outside.

Pick the right shoes

The right shoes can make a world of difference in keeping you comfortable when you are pregnant. Especially in your last trimester, your feet will be swelling, and your balance won’t be as right due to the large baby bump. It is when comfortable shoes that help you maintain your balance are a must.

You don’t necessarily need to wear flats for nine months. Low and comfortable heels such as wedges can still be a good option for some people. For winter, opt for a pair of warm boots that will keep you looking trendy throughout the season.

To sum up, pregnancy is a beautiful journey for any woman, and it only makes sense to dress up special for it. It is the perfect time to experiment with different styles and see what suits you. So, go ahead and flaunt that cute bump – you are sure to have a blast while you are it.


How old is Santa?

There are some questions we don’t need an answer for, but childlike curiosity means they will always be asked. It is inevitable that at some point, your child will ask how old is Santa? This is the sort of question which places you on the backfoot, and may leave you scrambling for answers!

The answer you give will depend on the Santa Claus you want to project to your child, and of course, how old and mature your child is. For many youngsters, it is best just to say no one knows how old Santa Claus is, as this adds to the magic surrounding him.

However, if you are happy to tie Santa Claus to the tradition of St Nicholas, who lived in Turkey, in 2019, Santa Claus is 1,749 years old. There are many stories of St Nicholas and his generosity, helping those in need.

Santa has always helped children

In those days, it would have been food and clothing as opposed to sparkly gifts and shiny toys which St Nicholas bestowed upon children. It is easy to see how the story of St Nicholas has evolved into Santa Claus over the years, and the important thing is children still view him as a magical person. Mrs Claus and the elves play a crucial role in assisting Santa Claus each year, but it is his work which lies at the heart of so much of what makes Christmas unique for so many people.

Regarding the more familiar Santa Claus children know and love today, there are clear lines to 1823 and a story called “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. This description paints Santa as “chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf”. In the 1870s, versions of Santa added the white beard, and the modern-day character started to take shape.

Santa looks great in red and white

We all know the red costume we associate with Santa Claus today stems from Coca Cola adverts, but you must admit, the colours look great on him. We all know Santa works hard in association with many companies, so it would be wrong to associate with that sweet soft drink company solely, many companies have benefitted from the hard work of Santa Claus over the years!

Santa Claus may be getting on in years, but he isn’t slowing down. With a group of elves helping him, he manages to make every Christmas special, but as you would imagine, he enjoys sitting down and enjoying a quieter moment now and again.

This is the ideal time for Santa Claus to read letters from children all over the world. Santa loves to read these letters, as it keeps him in touch with children, and how they are getting on. It also gives Santa the chance to write a personalised letter back to youngsters.

If you want your child to receive a personalised letter from Santa Claus, Lapland Mailroom will ensure you connect your kids with the special man. If you wish to ensure your children behave in the run-up to the special day, or you want to let them know how special they are, a personalised letter from Santa does the trick. This will always be the case, no matter how old Santa Claus gets!


How to Make Your Boyfriend Feel Loved

It is important to make him feel loved every day just like you. After all, a healthy relationship is a result of hard work between the two of you. Thus, making him feel loved goes beyond telling him “I love you.” There are numerous things that you can do to make him feel loved and appreciated.

According to relationship experts, every little thing that you do on a daily basis matters. Surprisingly, some small appreciation in the morning can make his day brighter. The advantage of this is that he will be thinking about you at all times if he is feeling loved.

Show Appreciation

Men will always make an effort to make their women happy. But it is a turn off if there is no appreciation for their efforts. As a woman, it is crucial to say “thank you” whenever he drops a bouquet of flowers off at your workplace or takes you out. Many times, you do not have to say the words physically, but you can do so by actions. You will also motivate him to reciprocate more.

Show Trust

If a man has not given you reasons not to trust him, then there is no reason to accuse him of things that are not there. Many men work very hard to protect their relationship and win the trust of their girlfriend. As a good woman, it is crucial that you show him a high level of trust. This way, he will feel loved and will have more reasons to remain faithful to you.

Listening to Him

Just like you, a man will feel good if they have someone to listen to them. When you go on a date, both of you should have time to listen to each other. Happymatches, a dating website that helps people to hook up, confirms that listening to your man will make him stick with you much longer. So, if you are the type who talks more and never gives the other person a chance to speak while you listen, then it is time to change.

Give Him Gifts

A little surprise with some gifts on special days or any other day is enough to make him feel loved. Men are fond of giving their girlfriends gifts to make them feel loved. In the same way, girlfriends should also surprise their boyfriends once in a while to make them feel loved as well. The gifts should not be complicated and expensive. What matters is the message of love that they send.

Show Intimacy

This is the climax of any relationship. A girlfriend should play her part as far as intimate matters are concerned. Hug him, kiss him, and cuddle him affectionately so that he feels loved. Your romance life should look as beautiful as possible.

When your boyfriend feels loved, you will be surprised that he will stick with the relationship and start playing his part to make you happy. Thus, this is a two-way responsibility that does not require pointing fingers. Making each other feel loved is as simple as this.


Winter Bachelorette Party? Make It Lumberjack Themed!

There are, really, three main criteria for a bachelorette party: you want to look good, you want to have fun, and you want some good pictures to come out of it (actually, those criteria apply to pretty much all of life).

Sometimes those three things can be tricky to pull off in the wintertime, though. The bulky coats you have to wear, the lack of outdoor activity options, and the relatively brief sunlight in the day all conspire to create a lousy bachelorette party. But there’s a simple solution: look to the lumberjack.

Think about it. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look awesome in flannel and denim. Lumberjack activities, like throwing axes or eating giant breakfasts, are some of the most objectively fun and satisfying things to do. And when you put it all together, the whole thing makes for some great pictures.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party this winter, go the lumberjack route with these easy ideas and activities.

Flannel All Day

If the squad is going to look good, you need a dress code. Luckily, with lumberjacks, it’s pretty easy:

  • A red flannel shirt is an absolute must.
  • Blue jeans are compulsory
  • Consider a little flair with some suspenders
  • Wear boots (or anything without a heel!)
  • And, finally, fake beards are optional!

Let everyone know the dress code at least a week ahead of time, in case anyone needs to shop for clothing, though it shouldn’t be too strenuous (the only item people may not have is the red flannel, but those are cheap and ubiquitous at most second hand stores).

Macintosh HD:Users:vincentcolistro:Downloads:hair-1265478_1280.jpg

Go Axe Throwing

This just makes perfect sense. If you’re doing a lumberjack party, you need to go axe throwing with your friends. Some places sell alcohol and food, so you can do the bulk of your partying at the axe throwing facility. And don’t worry about danger – an axe throwing session (which you’ll have to book in advance) starts with a tutorial from an expert axe thrower, complete with how to throw properly and stay safe. From there, everyone takes turns throwing axes and looking completely badass. It’s one of the most obscenely fun activities for adults and the pictures that come out of it are perfect.

“Spruce” the Place Up

If you’re starting or finishing the evening at someone’s house, “spruce” it up a little. Add some natural wood flair, with spruce branches and raw edged wooden boards for cheese and appetizers. Stay on theme with a flannel tablecloth (cheesy but fun) and maybe a small axe to cut the cheeses. Essentially, your only limit is your imagination here – the important thing is that you put the effort in.

Rise and Shine (and Brunch)

After a night of partying, do what any self-respecting lumberjack would do: eat a big breakfast. More accurately, given that you’re probably waking up past noon the morning after a bachelorette party, go for a big brunch. Don’t skimp on the bacon and eggs, either; you’re a lumberjack for god’s sake.

Winter doesn’t have to be bad for bachelorette parties. Lean into the season with a flannel-clad, axe throwing, brunch-munching party that would make any lumberjack proud!


3 Tips For Better At-Home Manicures

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for both your physical and your mental health. However, many people feel that they simply can’t afford to take care of themselves in the way they might see others practice their own self-care. But luckily, there are plenty of ways to still indulge and take care of yourself without having to spend a lot of money.

For many women, one of the best ways to do this is to give themselves a manicure at home. And while you may not have had much success with this in the past, there are likely some tips or tricks that you didn’t know that could help you do a salon-quality manicure all on your own.

To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for better at-home manicures.

Don’t Soak Your Hands Beforehand

When you get a manicure at a salon, the first thing they usually do is soak your fingers in warm, soapy water. Because of this, this might be the first step you’d attempt to take when doing an at-home manicure. However, this could have some negative results that you don’t want.

According to Janell M. Hickman, a contributor to, soaking your nails before painting them causes them to swell. After you apply the nail polish, the swelling will reduce and could cause your polish to begin chipping off much sooner than you’d like. To combat this, try just doing a dry manicure instead.

Paint Done Right

Painting your fingernails on your own can be a challenge, especially when using your non-dominant hand to paint the nails on your dominant hand.

One thing you can try to make the actual painting of your nails easier, according to Jacqueline Kilikita, a contributor to, is to try to paint your entire nail in just three strokes, similarly to how they do it at a salon. Ideally, you should use a flat, wide polish brush and start in the middle of your nail with a big stroke. Then do one more stroke on both sides of your nail to finish up. This can help your polish look much more professional.

Take The Time To Dry

While most salons have lights or nail dying kits they use to ensure you don’t leave with wet nails, many people don’t have these accessories in their own home, which can make waiting for your nails to dry a real pain.

But when it comes to having a gorgeous manicure, you’ve got to take the time to let your nails set and dry. To make this easier, Bobbie Thomas, a contributor to, advises that you let each layer of nail polish dry for at least one minute before applying another coat. This can help your entire nail dry faster and prevent any creases or dents in your polish.

If you’re wanting to do a salon-quality manicure on yourself at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.


5 Tips For Making Waking Up Early Easier

For some people, there’s nothing worse than getting up early. Their energy is dragging, their mood is in the dumps, and no amount of coffee increases their motivation to be up so early.

Unfortunately, getting up early may be your only option. Whether you have a job you need to be at during the early hours, or your children need to be dropped at school, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

The good news is, there are ways to make waking up early easier. Here are some of the best tips for making waking up early a little less painful.

Set Out Everything You Need The Night Before

Rather than scrambling like some kind of half-awake zombie, prepare yourself ahead of time. The less that you have to think about the easier it will be.

Lay out your grooming products. Program your coffee machine. Choose what clothes you’re going to wear. Set it all out for yourself so that the only thing you need to worry about is getting out of bed and assembling all of the pieces.

The last thing you need when you’re trying to get used to waking up is having to fumble around cluelessly. You might forget something important!

Allow Natural Light In

One of the reasons it may be difficult to wake up early is because of a lack of natural light. Keeping your curtains open allows the natural light to wake you up gently.

It’s a lot easier to wake up when there’s a gradual increase of sunlight rather than an abrupt flood of artificial light.

Choose a Pleasant Alarm

If your alarm is set to the default alarm sound on your phone, then it’s no wonder why you’re miserable waking up. Choose a gentle tone that wakes you up calmly. iPhones now come with soft alarms that slowly increase in volume and intensity. Opt for that over the awful confronting beep of the traditional alarm sound!

Get Active

One of the best ways to wake your body up is to get it moving! Once your blood starts pumping, your body will follow. A lot of people swear by getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off and marching in place. After your heart rate rises, you can start advancing to jumping jacks.

It’s a lot harder to fall back asleep once your heart rate has reached a certain point, making it easier to start your date.

Take a Hot Shower

The rush of a hot shower is enough to get most people up and running. Your blood flow will increase, and your mind will start working. The hotter the shower is the better!