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7 Tips for designing graduation announcements

Whether you’ve recently qualified to graduate from high school, med school or law school, one action which you should take is to design and send out your official graduation announcements. So that you can invite those who are closest to you or you have supported your journey, to your special graduation ceremony.


7 Tips for designing graduation announcements:


Think carefully about the colors which you select:

You have multiple options, you may want to opt to order announcements which are your favorite color or you may want to choose a color scheme to match your high school or college’s official colors.


Consider opting for foil invitations:

If you really want your loved ones to be wowed when they receive your announcements, you may want to opt for silver or gold foil announcements. Which definitely stand out from traditional paper invitations.


Take a professional photo of you to place on the front of your announcements:

It’s well worth getting a professional photo of yourself taken which you’ll be able to place on the front of your announcement. So that the recipients of your announcements will instantly know who sent them an announcement and will become excited about attending your graduation ceremony. If you don’t have time to get in contact with a professional photographer, you may want to choose one of your favorite photos of yourself smiling, instead.


Ensure that you provide information about your accomplishment:

It’s a wise idea to provide your high school or college’s name as well as your accomplishment. Such as whether you’re graduating with your high school diploma or a law school degree. You may even want to place your school’s logo on your announcement. One online website which allows you to customize every detail of your announcements is Basic Invite. Which will allow you to use different fonts on different parts of your announcements and to place photos and logos on your announcements.


Include key information about your graduation:

If you plan on inviting your loved ones to a special dinner or party, make sure to use your graduation announcements to do so. Even if you’re not hosting an event, it’s still well worth sending graduation announcements to celebrate your achievement.


Make sure that you place your announcements in gorgeous envelopes:

There’s no point placing custom announcements in plain white envelopes after going to the effort of custom designing your announcements. Instead purchase bright colored envelopes that match the color scheme of your graduation announcements.


Make sure to get a physical sample before you place your order:

In order to ensure that there aren’t any typos or issues with your announcements, make sure to get a physical sample of your design before you place a bulk order. So that you can be sure of the quality of the announcements which you buy.


So if you’re excited about graduating and can’t wait to share your news with those who have supported you over the years and care for you, make sure to follow the handy tips which are listed above.

How to find the Slots Sites with Top Bonuses?

There are hundreds of slot sites out there all competing for new customers. This is because new players are vital to the survival of online casinos. However, the online casino market has reached saturation point, and this means that new casinos have to pull out all the stops to attract new players who probably already have existing casino accounts with other brands – play now.

It is hard enough to tempt customers away from their existing accounts and if this is done, then new sites have to make sure that these new customers do not leave their accounts dormant after just one session.

Bonus Hunting

Decent introductory bonuses for new players definitely helps to attract new customers and if the bonus is simple to understand, then this is even better. You could spend a few hours of your time surfing through the myriad of casinos out there, or you could let specialist websites guide you to the most generous bonus offers out there. Such sites are plentiful on the internet and they even throw in a few slot sites reviews for good measure.

Bonuses Explained

If you use specialist gambling information sites as a short cut to discover where to find the top bonuses, then you will encounter various different offers. Some are easy to understand whilst others need a little bit of explaining. The most common bonus offers that players encounter is the first deposit match bonus. This basically means that the casino will match your first deposit with casino cash up to a certain amount. The industry standard is usually £100, so if you deposit £100 you get another £100 on top. This is the maximum you can claim, and the minimum deposit is usually set at £10. Of course, there are wagering requirements added to bonus cash and these differ from casino to casino. The larger brands tend to have lower wagering requirements whilst smaller slot sites can whack a 65x wager requirement clause on to their bonuses.

Keeping Things Simple

The simplest bonuses you will encounter on slot bonus comparison sites, are the free spins bonuses. Some are included as part of the deposit matching cash deals, whilst others are just stand -alone free spins. All you need to do is just open an account successfully and a number of free spins on selected slots are credited to your account automatically. Then if you deposit for the first time, another bundle of free spins is yours. Many players prefer these deals because you can keep what you win without any wagering rules being applied to your winnings.

· Specialist websites list the best slot site bonuses on the web

· Such sites save you time and do all the hard work for you

· Bonuses mostly come in the shape of bonus cash and free spins.

Final Thoughts

Slot bonus guide sites are a godsend because they 1. Describe the bonus offers in simple terms. 2 Include live links to each slot site and 3. Place the best offers first.


Can you chat at Online Casino Games?

In the 1990s, when the transition from traditional casinos to online casinos started to happen, many were worried about losing the things they most enjoyed. There’s an undeniable buzz about being at an in-house casino – the lights, the music, the chatter, and the general hubbub of gamblers milling around, each seeking their own jackpot.

Critics said that with more and more gaming houses moving online, people would miss out on all of the above advantages – play Worms Reloaded Slot today. After all, it must have been a sobering thought to think that an age-old past-time and popular form of enjoyment was disappearing before their very eyes.

The staggering development of online gaming

However, with online gaming designers and developers getting more adventurous and sophisticated in their methods, a happy consequence of gambling online is the fact that the games are getting better all the time. The critics needn’t have worried.

With the overwhelming accessibility of the internet, more and more people are getting involved and as a result, the social element of gambling online is in a healthy condition.

This is largely thanks to one simple function which serves more than one important purpose.

Chat functions on online casinos

Aside from ticking the very important social box of allowing online gamblers on a particular site to communicate with each other, the chat functions that online casinos operate also provide an essential role of support.

In a world that expects instantaneous solutions, online casinos are no different. Should online gamblers have problems with depositing cash into their accounts, withdrawing money and cashing out, or any other general enquiries, having an expert respond instantly to your queries is a must.

In all honesty, we’re slowly moving away from helpline telephone numbers and even email support. Neither of these two modes of communication can provide a quicker response than an on-hand assistant reading your questions in real time.

Chat functions are now almost a requisite for any savvy gamblers when researching the best online casino sites to sign up to. If gamblers feel their potential problems can be dealt with effectively, they’ll trust the site with their money.

Chatting with the dealer on an online casino site

Online casinos implementing a chat function to chat with the dealer is also becoming more and more prevalent. Although it’s not recommended to engage the dealer in anything too contentious, or take out your frustrations at getting dealt a poor hand, most dealers will welcome some polite back and forth.

Chatting with other online casino users

Finally, most online casinos offer their users the chance to simply chat with each other. This links us back to the beginning of the article, when sceptics initially thought that the traditional benefits of in-house casinos may be lost with the transition to online gambling.

Chat functions to interact with other gamblers helps to recapture the atmosphere of a bricks and mortar casino. You can offer each other tips, wish each other luck, or even just chat about the weather outside.

Who knows? As Virtual Reality becomes more widespread in general gaming, it could only be another decade before we’re experiencing the same emotions as we were pre-internet.

So, as you can see, chat functions are there to serve a number of purposes. You can use them for your leisure, to resolve queries and doubts, or as a means of interaction with the dealers and game organisers.


How to get beach body ready in time for summer

As the weeks roll by at a seemingly alarming rate, you might be starting to think about lazing by the pool during the hot summer months and perhaps taking a beach vacation. However, after months spent cocooned in thick jumpers and sweat pants during the covid winter, you might be feeling less than confident about baring your body in swimwear and skimpy summer clothing. To help you get your confidence back and enjoy your summer to the max, here is how you can get beach body ready in time for summer.


While washboard abs and toned arms are not a prerequisite for being beach body ready, the mood-boosting endorphins produced during exercise can certainly help to increase your confidence levels. Furthermore, with longer days and increased sunlight hours, summer is the ideal time to establish an exercise regime. Low-intensity workouts, such as Pilates and swimming, are great for toning up and getting fit without putting an undue amount of stress on your body. Or, you might prefer something more intensive that really gets your blood pumping, like HIIT or weight training. The key to establishing exercise as a routine is to settle on a regime that you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Hair removal

You might want to remove body hair from certain areas before you feel comfortable baring all in swimwear. Shaving is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted body hair; however, it is very temporary, and you may find yourself shaving almost every day during the summer. Waxing is more long-lasting than shaving, but it can be painful and result in skin damage. As an alternative, you could research the best laser hair removal treatments. This will, over the course of several treatments, remove the hair entirely and reduce the need for time-consuming and painful shaving and waxing.


After months spent encased in thick socks and boots, your feet may not be fit to been seen in sandals and flip flops, but with a bit of TLC, they will soon be beach ready. An aromatherapy foot bath is a great way to relax tired feet and soften the skin; follow this up by filing away hard skin with a pumice stone before applying an indulgent foot cream. Discolored toenails can be treated with an anti-fungal nail lacquer. After trimming your nails – remembering to cut straight across to prevent ingrown toenails – you can paint them in a bright, cheerful color. Classic reds and corals or vibrant turquoises or purples are great for summer.

Tanning options

Most people love the healthy look of a tanned complexion; however, the destructive nature of harmful UVB rays makes frying in the sun for hours on end an unhealthy way to tan. Fake tan is a healthier alternative to achieve a deep, even color without the sun damage. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your skin beforehand to prevent the tan from becoming patchy.

Ways to prepare your outdoor area for a perfect family BBQ

If it is your turn to host the next family gathering for this summer, we’ve got you covered! It doesn’t matter if you are a complete party host novice, as this article will definitely calm your party host nerves by the step by step advice we are offering on how to literally be the hostest with the most-est!

Step one: make sure you have a social area

If you are hosting an outdoor gathering, your family and friends will expect a social area to congregate around. An outdoor shelter is really a must, because unfortunately in the UK good weather is never guaranteed. In case you and your family are caught in a rainy spell, an outdoor hut, or canopy will shelter you all whilst keeping everyone together and socialising. However, if you are going to host your family gathering on a day that promises zero showers, a simple patio or decked area with a few tables and seats on, will be completely fine for guests to sit, eat and drink together.

Step two: if you are worried about the state of your grass, replace it!

Some of us don’t really pay much attention to our garden until we have to host a party in our back garden, if you are having this last-minute panic, then this is where artificial grass really solves does save the day. The beauty of using cheap artificial grass by Grass Warehouse is that it not only looks like real authentic grass, there is zero maintenance required to keep the grass looking neat and tidy and it will no doubt be approved by the pickiest of family members.

Step three: If children are invited, be sure to invest in play equipment

If children are going to be invited to your gathering, it is a good idea to cater for their needs, providing if you have the budget to do so. Children are easily assumed by all sorts of play equipment so it can be as simple as the purchase of a bat and ball or a paddling pool. However, if you do have the budget to invest in a more expensive piece of playing equipment, a trampoline or a hired bouncy castle will ensure the children will be entertained for the whole duration of the family gathering.

Invest in an outdoor bar

Outdoor bars are great for family gatherings, as they suit family members which are not as enthusiast about being outside, but still want to be part of the party action. Unfortunately, outdoor bars can be too expensive to purchase for the use of one day and they can also take many hours to assemble. So, this is something that puts many party hosts off investing in one. However, many home owners have resorted to the use of upcycling wooden items and using the wood to build a bar, this is a very popular way of adding a bar to a garden, for next to no expense.


Ways to add ‘regal-ness’ to a home

By ‘regal-ness’ we are referring to how we can make the interior of our homes look more regal. If you are someone who admires the British Royal Family or if you just love the look of their fancy palaces, then this article offers hints and tricks of how to make your home look rather regal but of course without using a royal price tag.

Getting the right flooring is important

Every royal palace has perfect looking flooring in every room of the palace. Although it is impossible to purchase the exact same flooring as the flooring that is used in the palaces, we can mimic a regal look in our homes. The best place to start your search is, SPC flooring because the quality of flooring they offer is both sturdy and pristine and I’d say it is good enough for royalty.

Use royal colours

Red, white and blue are frequently used by the royals as they are their national colours, but we are not limited to only using those colours in a regal themed interior. If you want a particularly British themed interior then it is a good idea to focus on using the national colours, but it is also important to note that any colour of room can look regal if there are fancy looking items in the room. If you need to take extra inspiration, Netflix’s series ‘The Crown’ gives a realistic image of real-life royal interior design.

Incorporate antiques in to your home

The royals and people of high society particularly like to display antiques in their homes. However, antiques may not be of everyone’s taste, but antiques show history and people with royal heritage like to display items that were created a long time ago. It is also believed by many that all antiques are expensive, however this is not necessarily true as antiques can be purchased at second hand shops and charity shops with a very cheap price tag.

Use gold and silver where appropriate

Gold and silver items are repeatedly used in the interiors of royal households. However, their items are usually gold and silver plated and most of us will not have access to those sorts of items. Luckily pretty much any type of furniture can be sprayed gold or silver using metallic spray paint that costs as little as £2, now that really is a money saving hack!

Just be fancy!

Be fancy with the types of items you purchase, they do not need to be overly expensive but they need to be bold and eye-catching. Curtains in particular are thing that you should be fancy with. In every royal inspired movie, you will see the prince or princess always has big, long, luscious curtains that really is the regal focal point of a room. The use of large curtains may seem old fashion in modern day interior design, but the regal look is timeless and like the Royal family it does not tend to alter too much with the modern times.


How to Cope with Dysphagia: A Beginner’s Guide

Dysphagia is an umbrella term for people living with swallowing difficulties. For example, they might cough or choke when eating and drinking, regurgitate food, experience persistent drooling, feel as if food is stuck in their throat or chest, or struggle to chew food properly.

As a result, people living with dysphagia might experience weight loss or repeated chest infections. Plus, the uncomfortable sensations can take a toll on their mental health.

If you have recently been diagnosed with dysphagia, you might want to adopt tactics that can ease your swallowing difficulties. Keep reading to learn how to cope with dysphagia.

Change the Consistency of Your Food

A doctor may recommend avoiding certain foods, or you may need to make alterations to some dishes. For instance, they might suggest pureeing your food to make it easier to swallow.

Also, it might help if you thicken liquids, as it can slow the flow and provide greater control of the liquids in your mouth. As a result, it can reduce liquid entering your airways and making its way down the wrong pipe.

There are some fantastic thickeners on the market. SimplyThick is a great choice, as its thickener has been clinically tested on dysphagia patients and can help people living with a swallowing disorder to drink more liquids.

Improve Your Posture

Monitor your posture when eating or drinking to support swallowing. You must sit in an upright position with your back straight and try to focus on your food or drink. It might help to switch off the TV or put down your device and place a pillow against your back for support. Also, it will help to sit in an upright position for a minimum of 30 minutes after a meal, which can lower the risk of aspiration.

Attend Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy could help you adopt new swallowing techniques, which could ease any discomfort or pain. A speech therapist can help you embrace various exercises that can coordinate your swallowing muscles. Plus, it could help to restimulate the nerves that will trigger your swallowing reflex.

Don’t Skip Swallowing Exercises

After attending speech therapy, you must continue with your exercises at home to improve your symptoms. Even if you have a busy lifestyle, you must complete the exercises each day to alleviate any pain and discomfort when swallowing. However, you must not change your recommended food or liquids without talking to your doctor, even if the exercises are helping. If your swallowing improves, you may be able to adjust your diet in time.


If you follow the above tactics, you could ease your swallowing difficulties and enjoy a varied diet in the future without pain or discomfort. However, if the above dysphagia tips don’t work, you may need to undergo surgery to widen your esophagus, which will require the insertion of a stent. Also, you must ensure you never avoid food and drink due to fear of choking or discomfort, as this can lead to dehydration and malnutrition.


Your Complete Guide To Bond Repairing Hair Products

Until a few years ago, bond repair haircare products were the reason many of us would visit a salon. They were the ultimate solution for fragile and damaged hair. Today that’s not really the case. Several professional brands are now offering bond repair haircare products directly to their customers. But what exactly are bond repair products and how do they work?

What Are Bond Repairing Products?

You might already know that your hair is made up of chemical bonds. These chemical bonds are not visible to the naked eye but they do form the structural core of your strands. Naturally, over time several factors may weaken or destroy these chemical bonds, which in turn affects the quality of your tresses. This is where bond repair haircare products step in. The unique formula of these products helps restore the chemical bonds in the hair.

On a scientific level, there are three different kinds of chemical bonds that may need reparation: disulfide, hydrogen bonds, and salt bonds. According to experts, most bond repair products target either of these three chemical bonds in the hair.

How Do Bond Repairing Products Work?

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks — bond repair products can be in any form. What’s common among them is how they use similar chemistry to restore the chemical bonds in your hair. Just like a chemical hair treatment, these haircare products use naturally occurring ingredients to strengthen the bonds in the hair.

For example, keratin products work in a similar way. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that is essential to healthy hair. However, depletion of keratin in your hair can lead to damaged and dull tresses. Many people opt for keratin treatments to fix this. Some also go for haircare products like a keratin mask and keratin hair shampoo. A keratin shampoo or mask is generally infused with hydrolyzed keratin and able to provide a boost of protein to your hair.

Who Needs Bond Repairing Products?

Well, if your hair has been feeling particularly damaged and brittle, and you’re not sure why then maybe it’s time to get a bond repairing haircare product. Many haircare experts also send their customers home with a bond repairing product after they’ve gotten a chemical treatment like colouring etc. done.

There are no restrictions on who can use bond repairing products. However, while purchasing one, it’s important to look at the ingredients of the product. After all, it’s the ingredients that make all the difference! Of course, choosing the right bond repairing haircare product can be difficult. An easy way to go about it is by asking your hairdresser or colourist for recommendations as they will be able to suggest a product that is suitable for your specific haircare needs.

According to some experts, a common ingredient in all bond repairing products is amino acids, as amino acids form the crux of proteins. So, that’s something to look out for when you’re shopping for a reliable bond repairing haircare product.

Now that you know everything about bond repairing haircare products, get shopping and transform your hair with professional shampoos and other products by Godrej Professional.

Electric Bikes for Food Delivery: 5 Restaurants That Are Embracing the Idea

If you’ve just found a fast electric bike for sale, you may have just discovered the secret to getting more exercise and vitamin D while also earning some extra cash. Many restaurant delivery services have opened the door for their employees to use bikes, instead of cars, in select areas. If you’re searching for a new side gig, or even potentially a new full-time job, here are five companies to consider that embraced the eco-friendly, practical option of using e-bikes to deliver food to people’s doors.

1. Grubhub

By far one of the most popular food delivery companies, GrubHub is available in over 4,000 cities in the United States and has a large network of restaurants they partner with, meaning more consistent work.

In qualified cities, or what GrubHub labels as “zones,” delivery by bike is welcomed. Deliverers are provided with plenty of order info to go off of, orders are prepaid, and tips from app-users are heavily encouraged.

 2. UberEats

UberEats is recognized as one of the highest-paying delivery services. While there are some incentives to driving a car, such as having the flexibility to being an uber driver as well, bike use and even walking is accepted. If delivering by bike, UberEats will only assign trips three miles or under.

The designated “boost” hours offer an extra bonus and with the most people ordering, which can mean less distance traveled. Deliverers can also refuse orders, avoiding trails with steep hills.

3. DoorDash

DoorDash also offers competitive pay and is one of the most successful in terms of sales. Delivers can select their vehicle type, which is broken down into specific categories:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • E-bike
  • Scooter
  • Bicycle
  • Pizza Bicycle
  • Walking

Assigned orders are customized based on your bike type, reducing competition among deliverers with different types of vehicles. Deliverers are also promised a certain minimum rate for every delivery, regardless of distance.

4. Caviar

While now owned by Door Dash, Caviar is less popular than the other delivery services on this list, which can mean fewer customer orders in your area but also less competition. Almost any vehicle type is accepted, including an e bike for commuting. Deliverers can opt for an instant payout option, rather than having to wait for a designated pay date for compensation.

5. Postmates

Postmates offers competitive rates, allows deliverers to keep the full tip, and accommodates bicycles as a mode of transportation. This delivery service is unique in that you have the option to deliver more than food. With the option to add grocery deliveries and personal items to the list of items you can take to people’s doors, there is more opportunity for work. However, you’ll need to consider your e-bike’s storage capacity when taking on non-food orders.

Many people across the country are willing to pay an extra cost for the convenience of not having to leave their homes to purchase a hot-and-ready meal. Browse womens or mens electric bikes for sale to get in on this new money-making opportunity without having to waste gas or put more miles on your car.


Tips To Lower Your Home Insurance Cost!

Purchasing your New House? You are already making the best investment decision and adding home insurance to it will keep your biggest investment protected. A small premium amount should not be counted as an expense when it can save your new/old house from any potential risks or dangers.

However, it is a mandatory requirement to take home insurance if you are taking a home loan. Another option is to either purchase from a lender (from where you are taking a home loan) or buy a comprehensive policy for home insurance online.

There are multiple factors affecting the cost of insurance like the age of your house, its location, type of construction, etc. Along with personal factors like the age of an applicant and their credit history, etc, there is no fixed premium for all. The premium rates differ from company to company and type of policy, but there are few factors that help to lower your home insurance cost and save a fortune.

  • Good Credit Score

Maintaining a good credit score and repayment track can easily help you get good rates and negotiate better rates.

  • Increase the Amount of Deductible

Increasing the amount of insurance deductible will lower your premium amount but the chances are that in case of an unforeseen event, you might have to pay from your own pocket first during the claim and the rest would be given by the company.

  • Talk to your Agent

New offers keep coming; you just have to enquire with the different agents to know about them. There are many discounts for senior citizens, employers (group insurance), referrals, etc. You get to know only when you inquire, so make sure you inquire every month to know about the offers available in the market or ask your agent to call you if they come up with some new offers.

  • Research Online

It’s always better to do a little research from your side. Finding the better deals on home insurance online can help you get better rates. Also, you can subscribe to many insurance companies to get offer updates in your mail.

  • Good Home Security

If your home has hi-tech safety security systems like impact windows and doors, alarms, heat/smoke detectors, deadbolt locks, sprinkler systems in case of fire, there is less chance of burglary, theft, or damage through fire. So in such a case, your premium can be lower.

You can also enquire about security devices that can earn you a discount.

  • Loyalty discount

Being with one company for long and if you have many other policies or family members policies under the same company, then you can ask for better rates if you are about to renew insurance for property.

  • Earn a no-claim bonus discount

If you are about to renew insurance for the property, you can ask about a no-claim bonus as it will help you get lower rates as a reward for not making any claims in the previous years.

  • Age of the House

New House is considered less likely to have problems, so when it comes to buying a home insurance policy, there is a chance you might get lower rates compared to while renewing insurance for the old property.

  • Location of House

If your house is located near a fire station, it will help you attract a lower premium, while a house located in a flood-prone or where thefts are common will have chances of a higher premium.

All these small tips might help you to save a fortune on your home insurance premium. Besides, if you are planning to buy a home insurance policy online then pick the right insurance company where the house valuation is done correctly. Getting comprehensive home insurance that includes all your belongings and good coverage is easy.

As we all work hard every day to earn money to build a dream home so why not protect it for life-long with a small premium amount every month?