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Anouk Govil – What is Life Like On The East Coast of America?

I met my now partner Anouk Govil in Connecticut when we were just children, growing up together in the same street, and then we even studied together as students once we reached university age. The strange thing about all of this was that I never really knew Anouk until we reached university, and the rest […]

Jonathan Levin Philadelphia – Planning to Write a Story

Jonathan Levin Philadelphia based journalist is a master if storytelling and someone who has a wealth of experience in this field. Originally he actually trained to be an attorney but after he went to college to study journalism, he very quickly realized that this was were his heart lay. Jonathan is a serial writer who […]

eTargetMedia Reviews – The Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

When digital marketing first began to find its feet it was email marketing which became an instant hit and many businesses saw the benefit of this style of marketing, my own included. As time went on however this marketing strategy became saturated and that meant that recipients of such promotional content were less likely to […]

Jared Seyl Farmers Insurance Expert on Why Insurance Companies Utilize Managing Agents

For Jared Seyl farmers insurance is what he has dedicated his life to and for someone who grew up surrounded by agriculture here in Greenwood, CO, it was the perfect career choice. Throughout the years he has become an expert on insurance as an industry and he has achieved the position of Director in his […]

Tatiana Kukanova Surviving in the UK

I first met Tatiana Kukanova when I was 18, I was on a school trip to a business event for students in New York and she was representing her local school. In fact we first butted heads over a debate which were having about the impact of fossil fuels, a debate which I would probably […]

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A Guide To Travelling To London

If you’ve made the decision to plan a whirlwind trip of London, simply continue reading to discover a simple guide to travelling to London. A guide to travelling to London:  How to choose a hotel: It’s well worth opting to book accommodation at any of the centrally located hotels in london that are located within […]

De-Facto Relationship Breakdowns – What You Need To Know

Too often you hear a couple in a long-term relationship reduce marriage to just a piece of paper. That part of the story lacks the realisation that they are, indeed in a de facto relationship that is in a lot of ways similar to marriage. The Family Law Act defines one such relationship as a […]

What Should A Manager Do After A Crisis Happened?

There are sometimes situations in which a crisis happens and the aftermath creates more damage for the business than what actually took place. This includes both crisis events that directly impacted the organization and those that did not, like a terrorist attack that took place in the city of operation. German Trujillo Manrique discusses the […]