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5 Things To Remember When Shopping For A Used CMM

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are one of the most important parts of any production line. Not only do they monitor quality to ensure that all produced parts match blueprint specifications, they can also provide reverse engineered blueprints from existing parts and fulfill a wide range of other important functions, from monitoring the overall wear on […]

Back To School? Get To Know Your Fellow Students!

Heading back to school for the 2018 year? Maybe you finished up at high school and you’re headed into your first year of University? Whatever the case may be, it is not uncommon for students to be entering a new situation or starting at a new school where they are not well acquainted with the […]

Jeff Lupent: The secret mix of a successful CEO

If you have read the news recently, particularly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area, you may have heard the name Jeff Lupient. This is the man charged with being one of the most successful CEOs in the area; he has held high positions at some of the biggest companies in the region and is the current […]

Facility Source Reviews Having Facilities Managers on Hand for Assistance

Time and again, Facility Source reviews how beneficial it is for businesses to outsource their facilities management. It seems that message is hitting home, since it is increasingly common for companies to do so. Indeed, it has proven to be a beneficial solution due to the many advantages that it can offer. Every company has […]

Pros And Cons Of Quitting Work After Winning The Lottery

It’s one of those things you overhear yourself saying after a particularly arduous day of work: “When I win the lottery, I’m finally going to quit this place”. Just imagine, never having to work again, yet being able to afford every single thing your heart desires. It’s a dream for many people, but it begs […]

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So You Won The Lottery… What’s The Next Step?

It’s a normal day like any other, and you’re looking at your Powerball lottery ticket, watching the live draw. Oh, you’ve matched one number – that’s pretty cool, right off the bat. What’s that, you’ve got two in a row now? Three… Four… This can’t be happening! Surely the last couple numbers will come up […]

3 Timeless Hairstyles And How To Achieve Them

There’s an old saying that goes: “Your hair is 90% of your selfie.” Okay, so, it’s not that old. But it’s true, and every year sees new styles and old classics that return. Some recent showings were the centre part craze, the bevelled bob, the tousled topknot, and the French twist revival. And while some […]

You Can Have A Delightful Picnic When You Plan Ahead Of Time

An impromptu picnic sounds like a good idea, until you arrive at a clearing, sit down on the grassy lawn and realize that you forgot to bring key items — it could be napkins, cutlery, blankets, or even enough food to eat. While it’s possible to pack your bags and head to the park on […]