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4 Must-Haves for Your Eco-Friendly Back Yard

With the end of winter finally in sight and the promise of the fresh blooms and new hopes of spring, there could be no more perfect time to start to look at how you improve the outdoor elements of your property, with a view to the space becoming not only more practical, but also more aesthetically pleasing.

A back yard is even more rewarding when it’s eco-friendly, and here are 4 must-haves for a sustainable outside space.

Garden Furniture

There is a large range of available garden furniture sets and individual pieces that are fully sustainable and entirely environmentally friendly.

Contrary to popular belief, just because a garden furniture item is made from wood, this does not automatically result in the piece being entirely eco-friendly and there are more than a few specific types of wood that you should avoid. Such wood includes teak (unless the teak is specifically sourced from Burma), sapele, ebony, mahogany and wenge.

Aside from eco-friendly forms of wood, another fantastic material to form the basis of your new garden furniture is that of bamboo, which is incredibly strong yet strangely light, durable and, most importantly, completely sustainable.

Areas to Encourage Wildlife

Building a wildlife-friendly backyard and garden will provide you with a myriad of benefits, not only for the lifecycle and growth of the garden itself, but the endless hours of joy and entertainment you will experience by watching bird and creatures enjoying the space.

There are many ways to encourage various wildlife to enjoy, visit and even reside in your own backyard, including the following:

  • The creation of a pond
  • Planting specific plants and trees that encourage certain species
  • Leaving a small gap in your fence
  • Growing flowers
  • Installing a bird box, bird bath and bird feeder
  • Growing climbing plants
  • Letting the grass grow to a more natural height
  • The creation of a compost heap

Fencing & Decking

When admirably deciding to redesign your garden and backyard in a wholly eco-friendly manner, one of the biggest considerations are that of your fencing and decking.

Searching for wood fence supply near me in either a physical store or browsing online will help you to easily identify the types of materials and construction techniques that are the safest for the environment as well as help you to identify the costs of different materials.

Plants, Trees & Shrubs

The final section of planning for a wholly sustainable and environmentally-friendly backyard relates to the gardening element itself and choosing plants, trees and shrubs.

There is a myriad of ways to ensure your gardening decisions all have the most positive effects on the natural environment, such as only using peat-free compost, choosing native plants, making some areas of the space into a dry garden to conserve water and planting flowers which are rich in nectar to attract various pollinators.

Other planting considerations include using natural pest controls, collecting and reusing rainwater, growing vegetables, making your own compost and the creation of natural flooding defences.

Final Thought

The good news is, it is entirely possible to build a practical yet beautiful backyard using only environmentally friendly and wholly sustainable materials; these top must-haves show you how.


Cannabis: the new aphrodisiac for more pleasure

Oysters and chocolate have always been known as the best aphrodisiac to improve the time in pleasure and have a better experience than before. The two being the most popular ones, often chosen by people but seldom people study about other consumables, and edible items are substances that can act as an aphrodisiac and give better results. If you are still confused about what it can be, then it is none other than Cannabis.

People who are have consumed Cannabis before have tried the effects of Cannabis when having sex. they noticed a major difference between the time when they did not consume Cannabis before having sex and the time when they did. Often people would tell you how the consumption of Cannabis increases their lasting time. People also quote that consumption of Cannabis might be related to relaxation. So when you feel relaxed and your mood is light, you will automatically feel better. So when you dive into the Act, you are completely in a state of relief and focus only on the Act, and you are having pleasure the more pleasure you have, your brain is wired to you to take as much of it as possible hence the duration of the process increases a. When the duration is increased and you last longer, you are definitely bound to have a better orgasm.

Suppose you think that it is only their users that claim this fact. In that case, you should know about different studies that have been done on the benefits of Cannabis consumption. one of its benefits is how you can be in a state of relief on consumption which allows you to have a better sex drive. Many studies and researches have shown that 68% of the people who use Cannabis as an aphrodisiac have claimed to get better results than the time when they have not depended on any kind of prior food indulgence. Many studies have also revealed that different strains are also dependent on how your body reacts at the time. If you are not into smoking or vaping these strains, even then, you have certain options to get Cannabis in your system. Often people who do not like smoking or vaping go for Cannabis-infused products. and since people have come across the fact that Cannabis can act as an aphrodisiac, they have included edibles like Stoney gummies bears, Rave gummies, etc. The purpose of taking these edibles has always been to experience the pleasure that people can get.

How can strains affect your drive?

Suppose there is a time when you want to relax after a stressful day at work, or you just want to relax your body on the weekend to be ready for the next day. For this, there are many streams that can help. People often consume certain strains to relax their minds and body. While consumption of certain strains relaxes your body, they also induce sleepiness and lethargy in your body. So if you are looking for some action, your body is in sleep mode, so it won’t be able to react the way it should. It is very important that you properly study about the strain before consuming it. Some strains are known to give you body-high while some give head- high. What kind of a strainThis is why the strain that you consume is very important. You must look for the after-effects of the strain that you are consuming so that when you consume a strain to have the best sex, then a strain that induces sleepiness is a strict no-no!

How long before should you consume it?

When you consume a strain or edible like the nerds rope edible effects can vary. The time of effects showing up depends on when you are consuming, how much quantity you are taking, and how you are consuming it. For example, if you consume Cannabis orally, it might take a little time to kick in, but if you are smoking then, you can feel the effects very fast. Since this article is talking about an aphrodisiac and consuming it, We will focus on the edibles. The basic problem with edibles is that when you ingest, it has to go through your system before the properties of Cannabis are extracted and spread in your system.

When the edibles are consumed, they have to first break down in your stomach and go through your digestive tract. Once it is digested, the properties are extracted and enter your bloodstream. Only after they are in your bloodstream will you experience the effects of Cannabis. With smoking and vaping, they are instantly absorbed by your system; it will take almost 10 to 20 minutes to experience the effects. When you are consuming the edibles, you will have to wait some time between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Hence you can plan your Act accordingly.


There has been very little knowledge about aphrodisiacs among people. Even the ones that people know are very common and are the only ones that people believe and help them with their sex drive. But it is not true, there is not one, but hundreds of food items which are consumed together can boost your energy and libido. It affects your mode and strength, so it lasts longer and has a good overall experience. Some of these aphrodisiacs also affect your strength, so you feel more energetic and active when you consume them. One of the aphrodisiacs that people often don’t know much about is Cannabis. Talking about Cannabis, you must try your next session with your partner only after consuming it. Think about us when you notice the difference.

Need Help Finding a Gift for Your Child’s Teacher?

It’s prevalent for parents to purchase gifts for their child’s teachers. After all, teachers do a lot for their students and are responsible for teaching kids valuable lessons. So, what types of gifts should parents consider purchasing for teachers? Let’s go over some practical gifts and some gifts you should avoid giving your children’s teacher.

Personalized Class Materials

One of the most thoughtful and valuable gifts you can give a teacher is personalized class materials. For example, personalized pencils, pens, or other writing materials are excellent for teachers to keep track of their belongings. Similarly, pencils are incredibly affordable and helpful, making them an ideal gift for teachers.

High-Quality Writing Utensils

Like personalized pencils, you can also consider buying more high-quality writing supplies for your child’s teacher. After all, educators always grade papers, leave notes, and mark each student. So, gifting a teacher high-quality marking pens can be very useful and much appreciated.

Cute Lanyard and Keychain Set

Keychains and lanyards are a teacher must-have. Teachers are constantly running from room to room, taking children outdoors for recess, and accessing locked cabinets in the classroom. That said, many teachers carry multiple sets of keys, an identification card, and more on a daily basis. So, a nice lanyard and keychain set can allow teachers to carry these items around easily.

Durable Tote Bags

As you can imagine, teachers carry around many books, papers, and other class materials each day to and from school. So, a durable tote bag could be the perfect gift for your child’s teacher. Consider personalizing a tote bag and filling it with useful classroom supplies to make it even more special.

Gifts to Avoid for Teachers

While there are many great gift ideas to consider giving your child’s teacher, there are a few ideas to stray away from. Let’s go over a few.

  • Candles and Lotion Gifts
  • Alcohol
  • Home Decor
  • Coffee Mugs

While these gifts are still thoughtful, some of them can be inappropriate or too over-done. For example, alcohol isn’t a gift that you should buy for your child’s teacher. Although some may appreciate it, it could be considered inappropriate to those who don’t drink.

Additionally, candles, lotion, and coffee mugs are gifted to teachers regularly. While these can be good gifts, you generally don’t know what scents your child’s teacher is allergic to or doesn’t like.

How Can You Get Your Teacher’s Contact Information?

If you’re looking to give a gift directly to your child’s teacher without showing up at the classroom unannounced, you’ll want to find their contact information first. You can probably find this information through the school, but you can also easily access it with PeopleFinders’ people search tool. One simple search can give you information like the teacher’s email address and phone number, so you can contact them quickly.


Many parents want to show appreciation to their children’s teachers by giving them gifts throughout the school year. To find the perfect gift, look through our list and avoid gifting them generic, overdone presents. Additionally, find out where to contact them through the PeopleFinders people search tool.


Why is an Uncontested Divorce so Easy

On the off chance that the two companions are in arrangement on pretty much all conjugal issues, you can get an uncontested divorce in Alabama. Getting an uncontested separation is the simplest method for getting divorced.

To begin an uncontested divorce in Montgomery or any place you live, the principal thing is for both of you to agree on all issues. For example, child support, resource division, and property division. When you both have agreed on everything then, at that point, you can pay a nearby divorce attorney in Montgomery to prepare your divorce paperwork.

Whenever they are ready, then, at that point, you and your life partner simply sign and execute the documents. The legal documents will incorporate every single fundamental oath, pleadings, and other such reports. The main document is the Settlement Agreement, which incorporates the understanding between the two of you. This understanding is what the judge will at last order both of you to follow or be found in contempt of court.

Once both of you have signed the legal documents then, at that point, you get them the law office the signed documents to file. When recorded, the judge will endorse your arrangement and sign your separation order with no court much of the time. Since both of you have effectively agreed, the judge just enters the decree with no court.

Different provinces in Alabama might require the two guardians to go to an in-person parenting course. In the event that you both don’t finish it, then, at that point, the adjudicator may not enter your separation order. Your separation legal advisor could record a movement to defer it or permit you to take it on the web. However, whoever you decide to deal with your uncontested divorce ought to know about things like this so you are not bushwhacked when it’s documented.

Uncontested documents are made conceivable by specific procedural necessities being postponed by the two players. Necessities like live declaration being given before an appointed authority, disclosure being performed, and different things that put forth a defense go longer and are just essential when there is a conflict to be really prosecuted. Assuming you and your mate can do all of the difficult work at the outset, then, at that point, you can get an uncontested separation in Alabama, or any place you live, that takes into consideration such simple divorce proceedings.


Are Casement Windows Ideal For Installation At A Residence?

A casement window is a type of window with hinges along with the side frames of the window. That allows the window to open inside or outside (or both).

Casement windows are similar to casement doors, which swing on hinges like ordinary house doors. They usually contain multiple panels within the frame and hardware that allow each pane to be opened independently.

You can use casement windows to replace a sliding glass door or combine them with a sliding door system. Casement windows are often chosen over their counterparts because they are easily open.

That is due to their top-down sash that swings outward and the ease with which one may lift the entire window by its handle. The more panels added, the greater the insulation capacity of the casement window.

Have you ever wondered how to install a replacement window? If you’re planning on changing your windows to the casement, continue reading below.

How The Classic Casement Window Design Works

Casement windows also allow for more ventilation than most other types of windows do. These windows can be opened partially at any height, allowing controlled ventilation within the home without interrupting privacy or security needs by moving vertical blinds or curtains out of the way.

Some designs have a crank mechanism for this purpose, while others have a lever or handle attached to the lower sash for effortless one-handed operation.

Casement windows do not open as wide as a sliding door would and often must install a screen to allow fresh air into the room unless a window is added with screens.

As you can see, using casement windows for window installation is ideal because they are easy to lift open with one hand, allow for ventilation when needed, and are great insulation options due to their many panels.

Types Of Casement Windows

Top Hung

  • The top hung is a window that’s hinged at the top.
  • Depending on the number of panels, single or multi-pane can replace sliding glass doors because they can swing open inside or outside. Designed to allow ventilation, even when closed to the pane behind it.

Bottom Hung

  • Bottom hung are windows hinged at the bottom.
  • They always contain multiple panels; you can also use them as another option aside from sliding glass doors.
  • It is also designed for better ventilation with a close pane behind it; also easy to lift using one hand.
  • These windows can be top-hung or bottom-hung and single or multi-pane, depending on how many panels they contain and ease of operation.
  • The multi-point locking system works where the windows are cranked up and down using a hand crank mechanism; some allow the lower sash and screen removal for easy cleaning.

Are Casement Windows Suitable For Homes?

Yes, casement windows are ideal for homes because anyone can lift them open easily with one hand. They allow for ventilation even when closed to the pane behind it.

Casement windows are not suitable for homes if they do not have screens or replacement screen material of some kind.

Additionally, if they are top-hung, someone needs to operate the mechanical crank to open and close them, proving difficult or dangerous for those with trouble with their grip.

When a home doesn’t have screens or a multi-point locking system, it will be challenging to secure the window while allowing for ventilation at the same time.

A word of caution, you need to remove all ladders beneath casement windows before opening and closing them. Make sure children are kept away from any home installation of this type to avoid injury.

Where Should Casement Windows Be Installed In A Home?

Casement windows are a good option for installation in homes with a porch or deck outside because they enable fresh air to circulate through any part of the home when needed.

For this reason, it is a good choice for installation in bedrooms or bathrooms.

Casement windows are also ideal for installation in kitchens because they open quickly with one hand to allow greater ease of movement while cooking.

They provide easy access when removing dishes from the dishwasher or searching for an item at eye level in the cupboard below the sink.

The Ease Of Having Casement Windows

One-handed operation while cranked or lifted. The top sash can be opened and closed quickly while the bottom remains stationary, allowing for ventilation without sacrificing privacy or security.

Casement windows add to home insulation by creating a better fit than traditional sliding glass doors.

Another advantage is that they can be used for replacement sliding glass doors and open either inside or outside the home. That allows for better ventilation while controlling who may enter the house and when.

Other than that, they are also easy to clean because you can remove the lower sash and screen. That makes it easier for mildew or dirt to be removed without using a ladder, which could prove very dangerous.

Some Other Things To Consider

  • Since casement windows are not very common, finding the correct window replacement parts can be challenging if any condensation forms behind one pane.
  • Be sure to keep your receipt when you need to purchase replacement parts in the future. Ensure that you understand any warranties offered with such purchases before making them.
  • It is important to note that casement windows are not recommended for homes with small children running around.
  • They require at least one hand to lift open and pose a danger if the bottom pane swings inward, striking anyone standing below them.
  • In addition, they do not open down as a sliding window does.

Install Casement Windows With A Professional Window Installation Company

Yes, hiring a company to replace your windows is ideal because they will know how many panels are required for the window’s window’s best insulation and ventilation qualities. Some would worry about “how much does window installation cost?”. Most companies can give you quotes before starting any work.

They will also recommend casement window designs that can allow you to easily open them with one hand for easy operation at all times. Provide screens or replacement screen material if necessary, and accurately measure the window frame to ensure a perfect fit.

There’s no need for you to learn how to measure a window for replacement when you find a reliable windows installation company. Nowadays, many local windows installation companies have websites for more people to find them.

Hiring a company is a great idea when you have no experience installing windows. If done incorrectly, it can cause permanent damage to the window frame, making any future repairs much more costly than if you had hired professional replacement services in the first place.


Why Mom’s And Families Love The BarxBuddy Training Device

A dog with a camera on its head

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Have you ever cared for a dog that barks incessantly at night? Even if the disturbance did not affect your love for your furry friend, your neighbours would not have been so pleased with you or your pet. If you have faced this challenge as a pet owner or as a neighbour, you are not alone; many people are trying different solutions to handle this exact situation.

Many solutions are being created every day. Some are costly, and some are cheap, but you really need a solution that works. One popular solution that has been receiving good reviews is the Barxbuddy training device.

The Barxbuddy anti-barking device trains your dog using ultrasonic waves. The device itself is a simple, easy-to-use handheld device. When you need your dog to stop barking, the device emits a sound that gets your dog’s attention and calms it down by pressing a button.

More than just getting it to stop barking, this device has a lower sound feature and an LED light which is also helpful for dog training. We conducted a research, and here are some of the reasons we came up with why families prefer using the Barxbuddy anti-barking device to train their dogs.

The BarxBuddy training device is affordable.

This device is affordable, making it a great household item. These days, even people who don’t have dogs have it in their homes to calm their neighbours’ dogs.

We compared the price of using a Barbuddy anti-barking device to other solutions like using a paid trainer, and the difference in cost is enormous. This is a primary reason why families love the Barxbuddy device.

It is straightforward to use.

Anyone can use this device. It is a simple handheld device, and it does not require any extra effort to use, so this makes it usable by any member of the family. Children can easily pick up this device, press a button, and the restless dog will calm down.

This way, mom’s will not be saddled with the responsibility of controlling the dogs all by themselves at home when there aren’t adult assistance to help.

It can be used outside the home.

The ease of use makes it possible to be used anywhere, even outside the home. If you’re taking your dog on a walk or to the park, you can carry it along to help keep your dog calm when it needs to be. Also, you or your dog might be attacked by an aggressive dog.

In this case, the sound features and the LED light this device emits would help you control the aggressive dog before it can do any harm.

The BarxBuddy dog training device is safe for use.

Even though our dogs sometimes disturb us with their barking, we still don’t want to harm them. Dog owners are usually sceptical about using training devices because of fear for the safety of their furry friends.

The Barxbuddy anti-barking device is safe for you and your dog. The frequency is so high that your ears would not even hear it, so it can’t affect humans. The sound is also safe for your dog’s ears too. All it does is get your dog’s attention for a short while.

Families love this device, and it has helped train thousands of dogs. Your dog can be trained without hassle, too, if you get this device. It’s hands down the best dog training device in the market.


Plumber Welshpool: What You Should know

Plumber Welshpool works in residential, business, and industrial structures, installing and repairing water, gas, drainage, and sewage pipes and systems. They lay pipelines and install sanitary services, including toilets, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and the fittings that allow them to function. Water-based fire suppression systems include water tanks, pipe reels, and sprinklers. Repair work is often conducted as part of routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

How to Select the Most Reliable Plumbing Welshpool

It’s also recommended to hire the most qualified plumbers to fix your home’s plumbing rather than doing it yourself. The work may seem simple, yet it takes a great deal of expertise. You’re more likely to wind up with a more significant issue that’s much more difficult and costly to cure if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As a result, you’re undoubtedly curious about how to find the finest plumbers to help you with your plumbing problems. Don’t be concerned! Here are a few things to consider while looking for a dependable plumber.


Professional plumber Welshpool must have a licence before they can do any business. Confirm to see if they have insurance and a guarantee on their work. All of these factors guarantee that the plumber you employ is qualified and capable of doing high-quality work. Hiring professional plumbers also ensures that you are insured in the event that something goes wrong.


It’s only natural to select a skilled plumber from your neighbourhood. If you hire a plumber from a distant location, they will most likely take longer to come to your home and complete the service. The situation might have deteriorated by that time. Simultaneously, you should seek out plumbers who are easy to reach and accessible even after hours. This is crucial if you’re dealing with a plumbing issue.


Plumbing is a skill that takes a lot of practice. If you’re looking for a plumbing business to help you with your plumbing problems, the best approach to assess their expertise is to visit their website. You could also reach out to them via phone or email and ask for detailed job history. If a family member or friend refers you to an independent contractor, verify their references.

You must check a plumber’s or a plumbing company’s field of expertise in addition to their years of experience and reviews from previous customers. It’s important to note that just because a plumber claims to be a specialist in gas fitting doesn’t imply they’re not competent in the other plumbing services.


If you don’t have a plumbing emergency, it’s a good idea to browse around for a plumber that meets both your demands and your budget. Comparing their pricing to their experience, knowledge, and certifications is an excellent way to start. Take note that selecting plumbers with exceptional credentials entails a higher pay scale. However, higher costs do not always imply better service. Consider hiring a dependable plumber as an investment rather than a cost that will maintain your plumbing in excellent working order for years. This way, you won’t be hesitant to select an ideal option.

Reasons To Contact A Plumber

Even while most plumbing problems seem to be straightforward to fix, you discover yourself waist-deep in water from or who knows where. Here are some signs that it’s time to contact a plumber in Welshpool.

You have run out of water.

When you don’t have more than a droplet of water, talk to your neighbours and a plumber. If the neighbours are having the same issue, a plumber might assist you in determining who else to contact for your property.

You don’t have access to warm water.

This is reasonable not to have heated water after the kids have an hour-long bath, but that’s not acceptable if the water goes several hours to heat up anyway.

The water heater in your home is overheating.

A leaky water heater that sweats or “weeps” is usually the result of a slow but persistent leak. Many others may notice it first to check the lights or walk near the water heaters and realise the floor is moist.

The water pressure is low.

If the water isn’t flowing as vigorously as it should, it’s necessary to hire a plumber to inspect your plumbing’s interior workings.

The drains aren’t working properly.

Clogs may occur in any sort of plumbing, including bathtubs, toilets, and indoor and outdoor faucets. You might unclog a handful of these clogs with a plunge and just a little power. However, if you can’t empty them with a plunger or if there’s a blockage that keeps reoccurring, you must contact a plumber.

The faucets drip continuously.

Perhaps you’ve been intending to repair that leaky faucet as soon as you have a chance. Months pass, and the issue remains unsolved.

The toilet continues to overflow.

If your toilet overflows, but it’s not blocked, the fundamental problem is sometimes apparent, and other times it’s not.

It smells like sewage in your house.

A backlog or clog may sometimes emit a noxious odour that permeates your house and makes it uncomfortable to be inside. Don’t try to ignore the odour and address the problem right away. You risk exacerbating the situation, resulting in a harsher and longer-lasting sewage odour.

Hiring a good plumber Welshpool is essential since they can handle practically any plumbing problem, no matter how big or small. They not only have a wide variety of expertise, but they often have all of the equipment needed to fix your problem, which you may not have thought of.

Furthermore, in many parts of the state, you should be licensed to do any plumbing Welshpool repair in your home. On the other hand, doing these plumbing repairs on your own may result in you spending more money on repairs than you intended owing to damage.


Best Ways to Keep Kids Active in Childcare

Promoting exercise and physical activity in early childhood is an important part is supporting children to become healthy and happy adults.

Maintaining an active lifestyle can significantly improve many health outcomes, enabling children to achieve their goals and reach their full potential for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

Here are some of the best ways to keep children active in a childcare environment.

Allow time for unstructured active play

While a childcare curriculum should include structured routines and learning programs, there should also be time for children to run, jump, climb, and play in an unstructured way. This allows children to explore and discover with limitations.

Every day, plan at least two one-hour unstructured outdoor play sessions. During these sessions, allow children to direct their own play activities. Encourage children to be active, using play equipment such as tricycles and climbing frames.

Introduce children to active games and activities

Introducing children to active games and activities can help them develop important gross motor skills and improve their fitness. Structured active games should make up an hour of a child’s day and should allow children to exercise in a fun, engaging way.

When including active games as part of a childcare curriculum, it’s a good idea to keep activities simple and uncomplicated. You could run a dancing or running activity, or you might plan a relay or follow-the-leader game.

Encourage children to play indoors and outdoors

Both indoor and outdoor active play are important in supporting positive child development. When weather permits, it’s a good idea to allow children to play outside, following sun safety procedures. There should also be active play resources indoors for children to engage with.

Throughout the day, encourage children to engage in active games and activities, regardless of whether they are indoors and outdoors. Allow children to test their motor skills and use outdoor equipment or indoor climbing gyms.

Support children to play cooperatively

Active play doesn’t have to be competitive. In fact, it can be beneficial to help children view active play as a chance to work cooperatively with their peers. This can improve mental wellbeing and social awareness.

Facilitate games and activities that can be inclusive of all children, regardless of skills or abilities. Celebrate all children’s victories, and try to avoid choosing a winner. Everyone can be a winner when all children are learning new skills and having fun!

Participate in active games

Participating in games and activities alongside children can help you act as a role model. Rather than simply observing activities, join in and encourage children to do the same.

Take part in active play games can help children learn new skills and feel more confident participating in new activities. Your role is to show children the value of maintaining an active lifestyle.

Are you looking for a great childcare centre near you? MyXplor can help, offering local childcare listings. For example, a parent based in Marsden Park might visit the MyXplor Marsden Park listing to find nearby childcare centres.


4 Ways To Ensure Safety Of Your Child In Car

Every parent tries their best to ensure the safety of their child. We invest in the best quality cots and cribs to make a safe nursery for our babies. When they start crawling, we put a safety lock on every socket, cover every sharp corner, and lock drawers and cupboards so that our baby does not injure herself when we are busy with our chores. Providing a safe and secure environment for our babies is our top priority.

We learn and research ways to protect our children from injuries at home. However, not very often do we know the safety protocols to ensure when traveling with the baby. We think that putting a baby in a car seat in the back is the safest thing and that there is nothing required. Well, you may be wrong. Here are a few tips to ensure that your child remains safe when you travel by car.

Invest In Best Quality Car Seat

A car seat is the most essential thing you must invest in for the safety of your child. Never keep your baby in your lap when traveling by car. In case you have to pull brakes suddenly you might put your baby at risk. Find the best car seat at Maxi-Cosi NZ.

The car seat should be of high quality. Make sure that the buckles are in place and there is no damage to the strap of the belt. Use both the shoulder and the lap belts. Make sure the baby seat is well-adjusted on the car seat and the belts are in place.

Positioning Of Car Seat

Many parents put their babies at great risk because they do not know how to position the car seat properly. The experts advise that babies less than 30 months of age should never face the front. Place the car seat facing the rear view of the car. In case you pull the brakes suddenly, the impact will not put any strain on the baby’s fragile neck and head.

The car seat should always be placed on the backseat of the car, ideally in the middle. Never place the car seat on the front passenger seat, or with the seat having airbags.

Put The Child Lock

Even when your baby is small, make sure you put on a child lock. Kids can be unpredictable. You never know when they learn new things. If your baby has started noticing things and has a grasp on the pinching position of the hands, she can try to unlock the door.

Make sure you put the child lock on your car’s door just for an additional layer of safety and peace of your mind.

Never Leave The Baby Unattended

Lastly, you should never leave your child alone in the car. Even if you are going for a quick run to the store, make sure you take your child with you.

Closed cars can build up gases when parked under the sun. These gases can be harmful and may suffocate your child.


7 Ideas for a DIY Kids’ Birthday Party

If you’re having a birthday party for your child, the last thing you want is to spend tons of money on decorations and other equipment. Instead, take advantage of what’s in your house already! Most of our homes have plenty of stuff we can use to decorate the party: balloons, Waterproof tablecloth and napkins, plates and cups – just go through your house or make a list of things you have in mind. It’s free, and you’re helping the environment by reusing instead of buying new stuff.

And here are some other ideas to help you make your party the best ever:

1. Create a universe

Turn your dining room table into a mini planetarium with a round lampshade and glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling. It might be hard for kids to stick them all up there, so make it easier for them by using an adhesive spray or tape (you can even use invisible tape so no one knows it’s there). For the rest of the table, use paper plates and napkins, your kid’s favourite snacks, and a soft drink bottle for a comet.

2. Use balloons to create a centrepiece

Balloons and parties go together like jam and peanut butter. To make something really special, you could easily create an eye catching balloon display. It’s far easier than you may think and will help add real pizzazz to any children’s party.

3. Create your own cake toppers

Use your child’s favourite toys or characters and let everyone have fun decorating your cake toppers. You can also use paint, markers, stickers, or even homemade decorations like glitter glue or glitter art paint.

4. Make your own cards

You can make party invitations, birthday or thank you cards and decorations with sticker paper or a whiteboard and markers!

5. Decorate with playdough

You could make a pinata or use the playdough to create a decorated cake table by making a kids’ table with playdough and other decorations. You can also use playdough to create an alien planet or one of your kid’s favourite characters! The options are endless.

6. Make magic wands

A little magic will bring your party to life. A magic wand is a very simple decoration that looks great on a children’s table. It can be made from cardboard, dowelling or thin wood, or even by using a piece of cloth that you twist and stretch.

7. Paint with love

If you’re taking your kids to some kind of special place, why not make your own special memories by creating fond memories of your own. Make your own children’s birthday card with stickers or create some kind of special painting with paint pens and markers that will be used again on the birthday itself (or perhaps even at another time). You could even have someone else do it for you if you’re not keen on painting yourself!

Whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your kids will remember that they spent time with friends and family far more than they’ll remember what gifts they got.