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10 Types of Seafood With the Highest Protein Content

If you’re looking to add more protein to your diet, look no further than the seafood section of your grocery store. Seafood is a great source of protein, and there are many different types to choose from.

In this article, we will discuss 10 types of seafood that are all high in protein. There are different types of fish to eat, and here are the ones with the highest protein content.

1. Salmon

Salmon is a type of fish that is often considered to be one of the healthiest seafood options. This is because salmon is packed with protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients. Salmon is a great option for those who are looking to increase their protein intake, as a four-ounce serving contains around 26 grams of protein.

2. Shrimp

Shrimp is another seafood option that is high in protein. In fact, a four-ounce serving of shrimp contains around 24 grams of protein. Shrimp is also a good source of selenium, iron and Vitamin B12.

3. Tuna

Tuna is a popular seafood option that is often used in sushi. It is a good source of protein, as a four-ounce serving contains around 22 grams. Tuna is also high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health.

4. Cod

Cod is a type of fish that is often considered to be a healthier option. This is because cod is lower in mercury than other types of fish. A four-ounce serving of cod contains around 20 grams of protein. Cod is also a good source of Vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

5. Haddock

Haddock is another type of fish that is high in protein. A four-ounce serving contains around 19 grams of protein. Haddock is also a good source of Vitamin B12, niacin and selenium, among others.

6. Pollock

Pollock is a type of fish that is often used in fish and chips. A four-ounce serving contains about 18 grams of protein. Pollock is also a good source of Vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium.

7. Sardines

Sardines are a type of fish that are often canned and used as a condiment. A four-ounce serving of sardines contains around 17 grams of protein. Sardines are also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and Vitamin D.

8. Crab

Crab is a type of seafood that is often considered to be a delicacy. A four-ounce serving of crab meat contains around 15 grams of protein. Crab is also a good source of selenium and Vitamin B12.

9. Lobster

Lobster is another type of seafood that is often considered to be a delicacy. A four-ounce serving of lobster meat contains around 13 grams of protein. This crowd-favourite is also a good source of selenium and Vitamin B12.

10. Mussels

Mussels are a type of seafood that is often used in soups and stews. A four-ounce serving of mussels contains around 11 grams of protein. These seashells are also a good source of selenium, iron and Vitamin B12.


Whether you’re looking for an animal or plant-based protein option, seafood is a great choice. Not only is seafood high in protein, but it’s also packed with other important nutrients. So, next time you’re at the grocery store, be sure to pick up some salmon, shrimp or any of the other delicious options on this list!

Why Ordering Your Flowers Online Is the Best Way to Get Gorgeous Arrangements

When it comes to getting gorgeous flower arrangements, there’s probably no need to go to a physical store. In fact, ordering your flowers online is the best way to get beautiful bouquets without having to leave your home!

Here are just a few reasons why online flower delivery might be better than going to a physical store:

1. You can browse a wide range of arrangements.

When you order flowers online, you’ll have access to a much wider range of arrangements than you would if you went to a physical store. This means that you can find the perfect bouquet for any occasion!

Plus, most online flower delivery services allow you to filter your search by things like price, delivery date and even type of flower. So if you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find it online.

On the other hand, at a physical store, you’re limited to whatever they happen to have in stock at the moment. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, then you’re out of luck!

2. You can get your flowers delivered right to your door.

When you order flowers online, you can choose to have them delivered right to your door. This is incredibly convenient, especially if you’re short on time or live in a remote area. Most online flower delivery services offer same-day or next-day delivery, so you don’t have to worry about your flowers wilting before they even arrive!

If you go to a physical store, you’ll need to arrange for someone to pick up the flowers and deliver them to you. This can be a big hassle, especially if you’re already busy with other things.

3. You’ll save money.

Ordering your flowers online is often cheaper than buying them from a physical store. This is because online flower delivery services have lower overhead costs, so they can pass the savings on to their customers. In addition, you can often find deals and discounts on online flower delivery services that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

4. You can get your flowers anytime, 24/7.

One of the best things about ordering your flowers online is that you can do it anytime, day or night. Most online flower delivery services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So if you need to order flowers at odd hours or on short notice, it’s no problem. On the other hand, physical stores typically have limited hours and may not be open when you need them.


As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to order your flowers online instead of going to a physical store. So next time you need some beautiful blooms, be sure to take advantage of the convenience and savings that online flower delivery has to offer.

Have you ever experienced online flower delivery services? How was it? You might want to share your experience in the comments below!


A Pick Of The Best Family-Friendly Movies


There’s nothing like coming together with your family after a long week — if possible, with a bowl of popcorn. These child-friendly movies, which are all streaming, make for fantastic movie night choices.

In an ideal world, family movies are ones that both children and adults will enjoy — and we are living in a golden age of these. “Encanto,” which is a recent Pixar movie, showed that family movies are part and parcel of the cultural conversation. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” which is a song from the movie, became a true sensation.

With that in mind, we have selected a couple of family movies, ranging from classics to contemporary ones, which are streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, featuring comedies which will make sure that you’re kept laughing and musicals that will have you really singing your heart out.

The below a list of movies that, while watching, may produce family memories for families with toddlers, tweens and teenagers.

The Goonies (1985)

This coming-of-age ’80s classic film has got it all: hidden treasure, eternal friendship, edge-of-your-seat thrills as well as a young Josh Brolin. The bad guys (who are the thieving Fratellis) are a little frightening, which is why we suggest saving this one for children who are ten years and up.

The Lion King (1994)

A lion-sized success at the cinema when it first came out, this dazzling animated film has only gone from strength to strength since. This movies has a theatre spin-off, a remake and with multiple rewatches on Disney+ to its name. Simba, the lion cub, grows from young pretender to regal presence at Pride Rock and is our flawed hero. Scar is the hissable villain. Pumba and Timbo are the fun and flatulent double act who provide the laughs. It’s just never not a joy. Hakuna matata!

Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

The “it” movie of 2021 and as popular as the action at an online casino South Africa, Raya and the Last Dragon is a Disney movie for the books. Based on traditional Southeast Asian cultures, the film follows a warrior princess looking for a fabled last dragon, who’s hilariously played by Awkwafina. Released simultaneously in theatres and on Disney+, this movie was essentially an instant success, with both critics and audiences alike raving about the movie.

The Greatest Showman (2017)

Perfect for families with older kids, The Greatest Showman is an alluring musical that stars Hugh Jackman, consummate showman himself, as circus maestro PT Barnum. The musical does not follow Barnum’s life story faithfully, however — featuring music by twosome Benj Pasek and Justin Paul — is likely far more entertaining for the editorialising.

Moana (2016)

This musical adventure earns additional points for its superb soundtrack (courtesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda) and total fighter heroine (no prince galloping in to rescue her). Follow brave Moana as she begins to travel the Polynesian seas with the assistance of demigod partner Maui (Dwayne Johnson) in order to save her island (Note: There’s a scary-ish scene at the end of the movie with a spluttering volcano that you could want to fast forward for younger viewers.)


The Essential Things to Remember for the Effective Maintenance of Your Air Conditioning System


It doesn’t matter if you have an air conditioning system for your entire home or business premises or if it is just relegated to a single room or space. No matter what size it is, it would help if you remembered not to overwork your system, or it will not last. Most of the central air conditioning systems available in the northeastern or Midwest sections of the country have two standard parts – the outdoor unit or condenser/compressor and the indoor unit or evaporator, which is often found in a duct beside the furnace. There is a proper way to maintain it, and if you would like it to be in tip-top condition, you should have a local service maintain and check it for you annually. But there are some things you can do, too, and here are the essential things to remember to maintain your air conditioning system effectively.

  • Remember to clean it regularly – this is the number one rule, as the experts from McNally HVAC would always confirm. The first thing you can do to maintain your unit regularly is to clean it each month or more often if you live in an area with lots of debris and dirt. Pay particular attention to the fins, and clean them with a soft brush. Fins are delicate, and they can easily be crushed or bent, and on many AC units, you would have to unscrew a metal container to get to the fins. It’s a good idea to check the manual to be careful when lifting off the container so as not to bump the fins. If the fins are crushed or bent, you can realign them using a dinner knife – exert a gentle but firm pressure and avoid inserting the knife too deep.
  • You can also acquire a programmable thermostat, a must-have for many AC systems. The thermostat is convenient and valuable because it allows you to set your temperature for different times of the day. It even automatically adjusts to the temperature in a room, which lets you save money and not waste energy.
  • If your air conditioning unit is noisy and your condenser is new, it is most probably coming from your compressor, which is located outdoors. You can first call the manufacturer to ask them if there is a ‘sound blanket’ for the air conditioner model you have, or you can opt to purchase a universal blanket (you can buy one online) which can drown out the sound. It’s easy to install it, but avoid putting a blanket on an older unit – it is not likely to drown out the noise, which may be coming from the fan.
  • Unclog the drain tube. If you notice water forming around the system’s furnace while the air conditioner is running, it is probably from a clogged drain tube. The condensed water from the coils can contain bacteria, which, in turn, can turn into slime and end up clogging the drain tube – so to get rid of the blockage, you would need a large drain hose and some chemical tablets. But, again, if you’re unsure how to deal with it, you can call in an expert service that can also do regular maintenance.