How to Responsibly Dispose of Unwanted Old Furniture

When homeowners usually throw away or recycle the things they no longer need, dealing with unwanted furniture can come as a bit of a surprise. They can’t just put it out with the regular trash and recycle pick-up. Instead, they will need to check city ordinances and make special arrangements to rid themselves of furniture that they may no longer have room to store or simply don’t want to look at anymore.

Contact the Local Waste Management Company

Some waste management companies will accept larger items such as couches and dressers for an additional fee. However, it’s up to the homeowner to contact them directly to inquire about this. It’s also possible that local waste management companies will only pick up furniture a few times a year or host recycling days for larger household items. In that case, homeowners who don’t want to wait to get rid of their stuff will need to investigate other options such as making a donation or working with a junk hauling company.

Where to Donate Unwanted Furniture

Charitable organizations that help people locate more affordable home furnishings are often willing to accept or even pick up furniture donations. Some of the leading non-profits that might accepted unwanted furniture include the Goodwill, Salvation Army, the Furniture Bank Association of North America, and Habitat for Humanity. Homeowners should check with the organization of their choice to arrange pick-up or drop-off as well as a tax-deductible receipt showing the value of the donation.

Sell the Furniture at a Garage Sale or Online

Many people depend on garage sales or online ads such as Craig’s List to help them find inexpensive used furniture to outfit their homes. This can be a quick way to earn some extra money while helping another person who doesn’t have a large budget to spend on furniture. Listing it for sale on a local social media page is another option to make some fast cash.

Some Furniture Companies Haul Away Old Items

Homeowners who purchase new furniture from a store should check that company’s haul away policy. To increase the number of customers who follow though with making a purchase, some companies offer to haul away a customer’s old furniture for free. It’s certainly something worth asking about at the time of sale.

Work with a Junk Hauling Company

When it’s not possible to donate, sell, or have the local waste management division pick up unwanted furniture, arranging for a junk hauling company to pick it up and take it away is another option to consider.

Junk hauling companies typically have contracts with local charities or recycling centers, which means that homeowners can feel good about not impacting the environment with their choices. These companies typically have oversized trucks available to haul away any type of unwanted furniture. They also do all the heavy lifting, so homeowners don’t have to.

With so many disposal options available, it should be the rare homeowner who feels he or she has no choice but to throw old furniture away.