This Will Happen To Your Body After You Stop Eating Sugar

What constitutes a healthy diet has been a subject of numerous debates over the years. This argument is mostly between the vegans, who believe that avoiding animal products is the key and the keto enthusiasts who believe that the consumption of animal products is vital.

Regardless of the various disagreements, one food that sees everyone draw a common line is sugar as it is believed that folks are better off consuming it in very little amounts occasionally.

However, giving it up is easier said and done as the sweet stuff is readily available, even in tomato sauce, veggie burgers, and crackers.

Meanwhile, a study by Dr. Eric Pham, M.D. at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, California, has shown that your body will derive instant benefits if you eliminate added sugars from your diet. This habit will see the individual enjoy lower blood pressure alongside healthier levels of fat and insulin in the bloodstream.

It’s no more news that the body reacts to the absence of sugar, based on how often and how much of the white stuff you consume, alongside how often you eat carbs. The body ensures the breakdown of complex carbohydrates such as fruits and oatmeals into simple sugars for energy.

However, if you’re one who readily consumes high glycemic foods without carbs such as keto enthusiasts, then going for a diet run without sugar will be challenging. According to Dr. Brian Quebbemann, M.D., a surgeon based in California, you’ll experience a tough three days.

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Quebbemann added that you’ll likely daydream about donuts; If you’re one who has the habit of grabbing a muffin or two in the morning and also ends dinner with a dessert. This is because you won’t have enough sugar to stimulate your brain. The outward feeling may not be the best, but good things are happening internally.

The hormone which regulates glucose in the body known as Insulin drops to become more stable, ensuring that you don’t experience the cycle of sugar highs and crashes.

Quebbeman added that you’ll experience tiredness and lethargy but this will stop after a few days. This is because the secretion of Adrenalin will increase and help in the breakdown of glycogen or sugar stored in the body which is quickly released into the bloodstream.

The aforementioned processes will occur in less than 24 hours. Within 3 to 5 days, your liver will start making ketones from fat due to the absence of glucose which is the body’s main source of energy. Your body enters the process of Ketosis from here; it means the fat-burning mode.

During ketosis, your body loses a lot of water and muscle cramps begin to set in. Some folks may experience keto flu, associated with fatigue, headaches, and cramps and this may last for a week. Once this phase passes, you’ll feel more focused, calm, and energetic, says Quebbemann.

People usually cut out sugar and high glycemic foods to promote weight loss in a short time. However, doctors are yet to determine its long term effects on one’s health. Therefore, a good number of doctors advise the consumption of healthy complex carbohydrates.

They are broken into sugar but it’s a very healthy and normal process according to Quebbemann. Finally, he revealed that avoiding added sugars while eating complex carbs promotes healthy insulin levels in the body.