Here is How to Deal with Mold in Your Home

In most homes, mold growth occurs indoors, and many homeowners tend to assume it is just a regular thing. Though many people perceive it as harmless, it can be a serious problem that can have a negative impact on your health and even safety.

Typically, water damage happens to be the sole cause of mold growth in your home and most homeowners may not be aware of Mold Remediation Basics. See, it just needs moisture to sprout and proliferate. Apart from the musky odor that fills your house, it can have serious problems on the walls. But how do we deal with mold? Do you have any idea other than just wiping away with a sponge? Well, this article reveals various tips on how to deal with this mold problem.

Identify the Source of the Moisture

If you want to deal with mold successfully, it is wise to begin by identifying the source of moisture. Some of the sources are roof damage, foundation cracks, leaky pipes, condensation, and poorly sealed roof and windows. You also need to closely check or simply inspect your basement, bathroom, and cold storage rooms since these areas tend to have a lot of moisture. It is also advisable to make sure your walls, under your carpets or on carpets, and furniture remain dry.

Get a Mold Test

You have identified the probable cause of mold. Now to ascertain that mold is growing, it is about time you test for mold. You can use a DIY kit, but a professional mold test kit is safer and more reliable than the later. This is because the professionals have many years behind them in accessing the problem. By allowing mold inspection, you get to know the species of mold you are dealing with and its concentration.

Attempt to Get Rid of Mold Yourself

It is good to try to get rid of mold yourself. However, bleaching is preferred by many people, but it is not effective since the solutions may not kill mold. You can make use of a fungicide spray. This, however, is applicable to areas where the mould is visible. If you realize that your cleaning strategy is not working, find a professional cleaning service.

Find a Professional Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to deal with mold is to seek professional mold cleaning services. They are pros in testing, assessing mold growth, testing, and they can point out areas that encourage the growth of mold. They are removing the mold, and give invaluable advice on how to prevent future growth of mold. Their workers, too, are provided with gloves, respiratory masks, and much more. When choosing a cleaning service to take care of the mold problem, make sure you check reviews on their websites, consider highly experienced cleaners, and it should be within your budget.


Do not let mold grow all over your walls, bathroom, and most moist areas. If you try to remove the mold and find that it is not working, you should consider hiring professional cleaners. It is always advisable to improve safety and health conditions in your home, make use of these tips to deal with mold in your home.