Your Complete Guide To Bond Repairing Hair Products

Until a few years ago, bond repair haircare products were the reason many of us would visit a salon. They were the ultimate solution for fragile and damaged hair. Today that’s not really the case. Several professional brands are now offering bond repair haircare products directly to their customers. But what exactly are bond repair products and how do they work?

What Are Bond Repairing Products?

You might already know that your hair is made up of chemical bonds. These chemical bonds are not visible to the naked eye but they do form the structural core of your strands. Naturally, over time several factors may weaken or destroy these chemical bonds, which in turn affects the quality of your tresses. This is where bond repair haircare products step in. The unique formula of these products helps restore the chemical bonds in the hair.

On a scientific level, there are three different kinds of chemical bonds that may need reparation: disulfide, hydrogen bonds, and salt bonds. According to experts, most bond repair products target either of these three chemical bonds in the hair.

How Do Bond Repairing Products Work?

Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks — bond repair products can be in any form. What’s common among them is how they use similar chemistry to restore the chemical bonds in your hair. Just like a chemical hair treatment, these haircare products use naturally occurring ingredients to strengthen the bonds in the hair.

For example, keratin products work in a similar way. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that is essential to healthy hair. However, depletion of keratin in your hair can lead to damaged and dull tresses. Many people opt for keratin treatments to fix this. Some also go for haircare products like a keratin mask and keratin hair shampoo. A keratin shampoo or mask is generally infused with hydrolyzed keratin and able to provide a boost of protein to your hair.

Who Needs Bond Repairing Products?

Well, if your hair has been feeling particularly damaged and brittle, and you’re not sure why then maybe it’s time to get a bond repairing haircare product. Many haircare experts also send their customers home with a bond repairing product after they’ve gotten a chemical treatment like colouring etc. done.

There are no restrictions on who can use bond repairing products. However, while purchasing one, it’s important to look at the ingredients of the product. After all, it’s the ingredients that make all the difference! Of course, choosing the right bond repairing haircare product can be difficult. An easy way to go about it is by asking your hairdresser or colourist for recommendations as they will be able to suggest a product that is suitable for your specific haircare needs.

According to some experts, a common ingredient in all bond repairing products is amino acids, as amino acids form the crux of proteins. So, that’s something to look out for when you’re shopping for a reliable bond repairing haircare product.

Now that you know everything about bond repairing haircare products, get shopping and transform your hair with professional shampoos and other products by Godrej Professional.