How to get beach body ready in time for summer

As the weeks roll by at a seemingly alarming rate, you might be starting to think about lazing by the pool during the hot summer months and perhaps taking a beach vacation. However, after months spent cocooned in thick jumpers and sweat pants during the covid winter, you might be feeling less than confident about baring your body in swimwear and skimpy summer clothing. To help you get your confidence back and enjoy your summer to the max, here is how you can get beach body ready in time for summer.


While washboard abs and toned arms are not a prerequisite for being beach body ready, the mood-boosting endorphins produced during exercise can certainly help to increase your confidence levels. Furthermore, with longer days and increased sunlight hours, summer is the ideal time to establish an exercise regime. Low-intensity workouts, such as Pilates and swimming, are great for toning up and getting fit without putting an undue amount of stress on your body. Or, you might prefer something more intensive that really gets your blood pumping, like HIIT or weight training. The key to establishing exercise as a routine is to settle on a regime that you enjoy and that suits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Hair removal

You might want to remove body hair from certain areas before you feel comfortable baring all in swimwear. Shaving is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted body hair; however, it is very temporary, and you may find yourself shaving almost every day during the summer. Waxing is more long-lasting than shaving, but it can be painful and result in skin damage. As an alternative, you could research the best laser hair removal treatments. This will, over the course of several treatments, remove the hair entirely and reduce the need for time-consuming and painful shaving and waxing.


After months spent encased in thick socks and boots, your feet may not be fit to been seen in sandals and flip flops, but with a bit of TLC, they will soon be beach ready. An aromatherapy foot bath is a great way to relax tired feet and soften the skin; follow this up by filing away hard skin with a pumice stone before applying an indulgent foot cream. Discolored toenails can be treated with an anti-fungal nail lacquer. After trimming your nails – remembering to cut straight across to prevent ingrown toenails – you can paint them in a bright, cheerful color. Classic reds and corals or vibrant turquoises or purples are great for summer.

Tanning options

Most people love the healthy look of a tanned complexion; however, the destructive nature of harmful UVB rays makes frying in the sun for hours on end an unhealthy way to tan. Fake tan is a healthier alternative to achieve a deep, even color without the sun damage. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your skin beforehand to prevent the tan from becoming patchy.