Ways to add ‘regal-ness’ to a home

By ‘regal-ness’ we are referring to how we can make the interior of our homes look more regal. If you are someone who admires the British Royal Family or if you just love the look of their fancy palaces, then this article offers hints and tricks of how to make your home look rather regal but of course without using a royal price tag.

Getting the right flooring is important

Every royal palace has perfect looking flooring in every room of the palace. Although it is impossible to purchase the exact same flooring as the flooring that is used in the palaces, we can mimic a regal look in our homes. The best place to start your search is, SPC flooring because the quality of flooring they offer is both sturdy and pristine and I’d say it is good enough for royalty.

Use royal colours

Red, white and blue are frequently used by the royals as they are their national colours, but we are not limited to only using those colours in a regal themed interior. If you want a particularly British themed interior then it is a good idea to focus on using the national colours, but it is also important to note that any colour of room can look regal if there are fancy looking items in the room. If you need to take extra inspiration, Netflix’s series ‘The Crown’ gives a realistic image of real-life royal interior design.

Incorporate antiques in to your home

The royals and people of high society particularly like to display antiques in their homes. However, antiques may not be of everyone’s taste, but antiques show history and people with royal heritage like to display items that were created a long time ago. It is also believed by many that all antiques are expensive, however this is not necessarily true as antiques can be purchased at second hand shops and charity shops with a very cheap price tag.

Use gold and silver where appropriate

Gold and silver items are repeatedly used in the interiors of royal households. However, their items are usually gold and silver plated and most of us will not have access to those sorts of items. Luckily pretty much any type of furniture can be sprayed gold or silver using metallic spray paint that costs as little as £2, now that really is a money saving hack!

Just be fancy!

Be fancy with the types of items you purchase, they do not need to be overly expensive but they need to be bold and eye-catching. Curtains in particular are thing that you should be fancy with. In every royal inspired movie, you will see the prince or princess always has big, long, luscious curtains that really is the regal focal point of a room. The use of large curtains may seem old fashion in modern day interior design, but the regal look is timeless and like the Royal family it does not tend to alter too much with the modern times.