7 Tips for designing graduation announcements

Whether you’ve recently qualified to graduate from high school, med school or law school, one action which you should take is to design and send out your official graduation announcements. So that you can invite those who are closest to you or you have supported your journey, to your special graduation ceremony.


7 Tips for designing graduation announcements:


Think carefully about the colors which you select:

You have multiple options, you may want to opt to order announcements which are your favorite color or you may want to choose a color scheme to match your high school or college’s official colors.


Consider opting for foil invitations:

If you really want your loved ones to be wowed when they receive your announcements, you may want to opt for silver or gold foil announcements. Which definitely stand out from traditional paper invitations.


Take a professional photo of you to place on the front of your announcements:

It’s well worth getting a professional photo of yourself taken which you’ll be able to place on the front of your announcement. So that the recipients of your announcements will instantly know who sent them an announcement and will become excited about attending your graduation ceremony. If you don’t have time to get in contact with a professional photographer, you may want to choose one of your favorite photos of yourself smiling, instead.


Ensure that you provide information about your accomplishment:

It’s a wise idea to provide your high school or college’s name as well as your accomplishment. Such as whether you’re graduating with your high school diploma or a law school degree. You may even want to place your school’s logo on your announcement. One online website which allows you to customize every detail of your announcements is Basic Invite. Which will allow you to use different fonts on different parts of your announcements and to place photos and logos on your announcements.


Include key information about your graduation:

If you plan on inviting your loved ones to a special dinner or party, make sure to use your graduation announcements to do so. Even if you’re not hosting an event, it’s still well worth sending graduation announcements to celebrate your achievement.


Make sure that you place your announcements in gorgeous envelopes:

There’s no point placing custom announcements in plain white envelopes after going to the effort of custom designing your announcements. Instead purchase bright colored envelopes that match the color scheme of your graduation announcements.


Make sure to get a physical sample before you place your order:

In order to ensure that there aren’t any typos or issues with your announcements, make sure to get a physical sample of your design before you place a bulk order. So that you can be sure of the quality of the announcements which you buy.


So if you’re excited about graduating and can’t wait to share your news with those who have supported you over the years and care for you, make sure to follow the handy tips which are listed above.