Ways to prepare your outdoor area for a perfect family BBQ

If it is your turn to host the next family gathering for this summer, we’ve got you covered! It doesn’t matter if you are a complete party host novice, as this article will definitely calm your party host nerves by the step by step advice we are offering on how to literally be the hostest with the most-est!

Step one: make sure you have a social area

If you are hosting an outdoor gathering, your family and friends will expect a social area to congregate around. An outdoor shelter is really a must, because unfortunately in the UK good weather is never guaranteed. In case you and your family are caught in a rainy spell, an outdoor hut, or canopy will shelter you all whilst keeping everyone together and socialising. However, if you are going to host your family gathering on a day that promises zero showers, a simple patio or decked area with a few tables and seats on, will be completely fine for guests to sit, eat and drink together.

Step two: if you are worried about the state of your grass, replace it!

Some of us don’t really pay much attention to our garden until we have to host a party in our back garden, if you are having this last-minute panic, then this is where artificial grass really solves does save the day. The beauty of using cheap artificial grass by Grass Warehouse is that it not only looks like real authentic grass, there is zero maintenance required to keep the grass looking neat and tidy and it will no doubt be approved by the pickiest of family members.

Step three: If children are invited, be sure to invest in play equipment

If children are going to be invited to your gathering, it is a good idea to cater for their needs, providing if you have the budget to do so. Children are easily assumed by all sorts of play equipment so it can be as simple as the purchase of a bat and ball or a paddling pool. However, if you do have the budget to invest in a more expensive piece of playing equipment, a trampoline or a hired bouncy castle will ensure the children will be entertained for the whole duration of the family gathering.

Invest in an outdoor bar

Outdoor bars are great for family gatherings, as they suit family members which are not as enthusiast about being outside, but still want to be part of the party action. Unfortunately, outdoor bars can be too expensive to purchase for the use of one day and they can also take many hours to assemble. So, this is something that puts many party hosts off investing in one. However, many home owners have resorted to the use of upcycling wooden items and using the wood to build a bar, this is a very popular way of adding a bar to a garden, for next to no expense.