5 Surprising Facts About Fall Babies

Let’s be clear about one thing: All babies are special, no matter what their birth season. That being said, it’s no secret that fall babies have a lot going for them. For one thing, they were born in the season of pumpkin spice, crisp air, fall foliage, Halloween and cozy sweaters. But there are some pretty interesting facts about fall babies that may surprise you. Whether you’re expecting a bundle of joy in the fall or you recently welcomed an autumn baby into the world, here are some surprising facts about babies who are born in the fall.

  • Fall babies are more likely to be born early.

If you’re expecting a baby in the fall, you may want to stock up on Onesies® Brand Bodysuits sooner rather than later. The reason? Your little bundle of autumn joy may be eager to make his or her entrance into the world.

According to a study published in the National Academy of Science, babies born in the height of flu season (late fall and winter) are as much as 10 percent more likely to be born early. Researchers say that there is a strong relationship between influenza and premature infants, which may lead to a higher risk of a shorter gestation period.

  • They tend to live longer.

Being born during peak flu season isn’t all bad news. Even though autumn babies are more likely to be born early, they also have a better chance of living to the ripe old age of 100. That’s according to findings published in the Journal of Aging Research, which found that siblings born in September to November had a higher chance of becoming a centenarian compared to siblings born in March.

While scientists aren’t exactly sure why this is, one theory is that babies born in autumn are able to avoid extreme high and low temperatures during the summer and winter. In any case, your little one may need a big cake to fit all those candles later in life.

  • Fall babies are smarter on average.

Let’s be real–what parent doesn’t want their child to be a whiz kid? Intelligent kids are more likely to get into their dream school and be successful in life, which decreases their likelihood of living in your basement as an adult.

Well, if your baby is born in September, your wish for an intelligent kid may be granted. According to research published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, there is a correlation between your birth month and how smart you are. The study found that American babies who are born in the month of September have a bigger advantage in life because the school system is set up to favor them.

Children born in September are at the older end of the spectrum in the school year. They also have higher yearly score averages compared to children born in August, who would be the youngest in their year group.

  • They’re also better at sports.

If you want your child to be good at sports, your fall baby may have won the seasonal lottery. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, babies born in the month of November were fitter and more powerful than babies born any other time of the year, particularly in the summer months. The study also found that October-born babies were stronger than those born in all months except September and November. (It’s interesting that one of the world’s fittest men, Ross Edgley, was born in October.)

Once again, scientists aren’t certain why there is a clear physical advantage for babies born in autumn, but they believe it has to do with the relative age effect. This is the phenomenon in which children born close to a cut-off period in school sports have an advantage in athletics.

  • But they may not be as fast to start crawling.

Autumn babies may be more athletic later in life, but they may not start out that way. According to research from the University of Haifa, the season of a baby’s birth year can influence its motor development during the first year of life. The study found that babies born from December and May start crawling five weeks earlier on average than babies born from June to November.

The season may influence the baby’s crawling experience in several ways, like how much clothing the baby is wearing and the number of opportunities they have to be on the floor. And if your little one turns out to be a late crawler, don’t sweat it. Your baby will likely catch up to his or her peers quickly.

’Tis the Season

Turns out, when your baby is born can influence a lot of things, like what diseases they’re susceptible to and even some aspects of their personality. And based on the findings above, autumn babies have a lot going for them! But if you miss your due date and end up having your baby in a different season, don’t sweat it. There are unique perks related to all seasons!