The 5 Top Struggles of Becoming a Mom

Becoming a parent can be an incredibly difficult stage of your life, no matter how much you are longing to start a family. Whether you are encountering problems with starting your dream family or you are struggling with the life changes that start to occur as prospective parents, here are some of the challenges that you may face before your baby is born and before you even conceive.


One of the top struggles that prospective parents face is the concern that they may not be able to become parents, after all. Infertility can make it much more difficult to have children or can even prevent you from having children naturally at all. There are many reasons why you might be infertile, and this can include pre-existing health conditions and genetic conditions. However, infertility does not mean that you will be unable to have children, and an increasing amount of people are now looking for alternative ways to conceive. At MCRM Fertility, their egg donor and IVF programs can help you to get a head start and allow you to bring your baby into the world, even if you have previously been unable to conceive.

Mental Health Problems

Becoming a parent can put a strain on your mental health, both while you are trying for a baby and once your baby is born. While trying to conceive can cause you to become depressed or anxious, postpartum depression is incredibly common as moms struggle to overcome the lifestyle changes that having a new baby can wreak on their lives. To make sure that you can maintain good mental health throughout the process, you should speak to your doctor and call a counselor if you need extra help.


Many people worry about the impact of a new baby on their finances, and this can even prevent prospective parents from having a baby of their own. Therefore, you need to find ways to secure your finances before you become a mom. This includes paying off debts, opening a trust fund for your child, finding a steady income, and creating a budget that will help you to understand whether having a baby is affordable. You should also research how much it costs to have a baby and the annual costs throughout their lives.

Maintaining Your Relationship

When you are trying for a baby, and throughout your baby’s first months, it can be difficult to focus on your relationship with your partner, especially now that your intimate moments have a purpose other than enjoyment. To make sure that your relationship is strong throughout the conception, you should often communicate with your partner and make time for date nights and other activities that can allow you to spend time together without discussing your potential new family member.

The Adoption Process

If you are unable to have children, many people opt to adopt. However, the adoption process can be difficult to navigate, long-winded, and upsetting. To prepare, you should research the steps that you need to take, as well as success stories, make sure that you are ready for the possibility of a negative outcome, and have a backup plan for if things go wrong.