How Can Vacuum Cleaners Help in Cleaning Vertical Blinds

It is your cleaning day at home, and you are all geared up to do the floors and wipe clean the window glasses. What about the blinds?

Be it your home or workplace, even after rubbing off every inch of the rooms if your blinds are still dusty, the space is still unhygienic. People often tend to be reluctant to wash the dirt off the blinds, and especially the vertical blinds, as they find it tedious. However, when you have a vacuum cleaner at your disposal, you can finish up in half the time.

Today you’ll learn, compared to other forms of blinds, cleaning vertical blinds is surprisingly easier than you thought!

What Are the Most Popular Kinds of Blinds?

  • Venetian Blinds
  • Mini Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Panel Track Blinds
  • Smart Blinds

What Is a Vertical Blind?

When vertically stitched fabrics or hitched synthetic slats are clipped to a slider on the top to cover the glass windows, they are called vertical blinds. A plastic thread hangs from it to open and close the blind. While the vertical blinds can be made of polyester fabrics, they are mostly crafted using vinyl, wood, faux wood, etc.

When to Use a Vacuum Cleaner for the Vertical Blinds?

Suppose you are nearly done with your bit of searching. In that case, you’ll know the bloggers and the YouTubers are recommending cleaning processes for blinds that involve hand dusting, soap, and water episode, drying sessions, and finally putting them up in place. But every time, you can’t possibly afford to put in so much effort and time.

Hence, you can vacuum the vertical blinds when:

  • You are running out of time, and a gathering has been scheduled for the same evening.
  • You are a senior citizen who stays alone and cannot expect any help.
  • If it’s not a sunny day, using soap and water won’t be a smart idea.
  • Your detergent bottle is empty, and you must get a new one.
  • You cannot apply water for cleaning vertical blinds, as it might damage the material.

How to Use Vacuum Cleaner on the Vertical Blinds?

Before you plug in the vacuum cleaner, switch it on, and start getting your blinds cleaned, you must take a glance at these useful tips:

Tip 1

Always use a brush to make the blinds go dust-free, and make sure it’s soft enough.

Tip 2

If the blind slats are horizontal in shape and vertically connected, then move the brush across to get rid of the dirt dead set on the in-between spots.

Tip 3

Try to follow a zigzag pattern. Start from one side, give your cleaner some time to suck up the dirt from corners, and then drag your brush down to the slat below.

Tip 4

In case the slats are placed side by side, vacuum downwards and not the other way round. If you brush upwards, you would perhaps end up unhooking the slats.

Tip 5

While using a vacuum cleaner’s brush through the slats, be very gentle. You don’t wish to cause any sort of damage, do you?

Tip 6

Finally, pick up the fallen dust particles from your floor with the help of your cleaner; wash your face and hands with soap, and you’re good to go.

Stay Health Conscious While Cleaning Vertical Blinds

A healthy home needs regular cleaning practices, but you mustn’t compromise your personal health while doing the chores. Always wear a mask, use gloves, and rinse hair with shampoo post-cleaning.

And remember, even if you have always preferred cloth dusters, vacuum cleaners’ agile performance in making your home or office spick and span is matchless!