What to Do If Your Child Sustains a Birth Injury

When a baby sustains harm during delivery, it’s defined as a birth injury. A child can be harmed in this way for various reasons, including medical malpractice. If a healthcare professional makes a mistake or is negligent when providing their patients with care, it can have devastating consequences.

If your child has sustained a birth injury, there are various steps you can take. While the initial shock and distress will no doubt be affecting your thought processes, these handy tips can guide you in the right direction:

1. Seek Further Medical Advice

Birth injuries can range from lifelong complications, like brain injuries, to serious but temporary harm, like a broken bone. As a parent, the first thing you’ll want to know is what injuries your child has sustained and what this means for their future. Additionally, you may want to find out what treatment is available for them and which forms of treatment are likely to be the most effective.

Following the delivery, another team of healthcare professionals should be assigned to deliver care to your baby. However, you may choose to seek medical advice and assistance elsewhere. Regardless of where you choose to access medical advice from, it’s important to get the information and support you need during this time.

2. Get Legal Advice

If a birth injury occurs due to medical malpractice, you may be able to take legal action on behalf of your child. With help from experienced lawyers, like Chicago Birth Injury Attorneys – The Malpractice Group LLC, you can get more information about how the process works. Furthermore, your legal team will be able to represent you throughout the proceedings and help you to get the compensation your child is entitled to.

When a child experiences a birth injury, it can have physical, emotional, neurological, practical and financial implications. You may face mounting medical bills, for example, or you may need additional support at home to provide your child with the specialist support they need. By making a claim for compensation, you can ensure your child has access to the medical and rehabilitative help they require.

3. Access Support

Parents and family members will experience a tumult of emotions when a baby sustains a birth injury. From anger and frustration to fear and even grief, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed and confused during the days and weeks following the birth of your child.

However, there is help available. As well as talking to your primary care physician about your own wellbeing, you can seek support from professional therapists, counsellors, friends and dedicated support groups.

Dealing with a Birth-Related Injury

Although many birth-related injuries are treatable, this doesn’t negate the shock and worry you’ll experience if your child is hurt during delivery. Furthermore, some children will experience chronic and lifelong health issues due to sustaining an injury at birth. By taking action following a birth-related injury, you can raise awareness of the issue and the right person or people are held to account.