Winter Bachelorette Party? Make It Lumberjack Themed!

There are, really, three main criteria for a bachelorette party: you want to look good, you want to have fun, and you want some good pictures to come out of it (actually, those criteria apply to pretty much all of life).

Sometimes those three things can be tricky to pull off in the wintertime, though. The bulky coats you have to wear, the lack of outdoor activity options, and the relatively brief sunlight in the day all conspire to create a lousy bachelorette party. But there’s a simple solution: look to the lumberjack.

Think about it. There isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t look awesome in flannel and denim. Lumberjack activities, like throwing axes or eating giant breakfasts, are some of the most objectively fun and satisfying things to do. And when you put it all together, the whole thing makes for some great pictures.

If you’re planning a bachelorette party this winter, go the lumberjack route with these easy ideas and activities.

Flannel All Day

If the squad is going to look good, you need a dress code. Luckily, with lumberjacks, it’s pretty easy:

  • A red flannel shirt is an absolute must.
  • Blue jeans are compulsory
  • Consider a little flair with some suspenders
  • Wear boots (or anything without a heel!)
  • And, finally, fake beards are optional!

Let everyone know the dress code at least a week ahead of time, in case anyone needs to shop for clothing, though it shouldn’t be too strenuous (the only item people may not have is the red flannel, but those are cheap and ubiquitous at most second hand stores).

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Go Axe Throwing

This just makes perfect sense. If you’re doing a lumberjack party, you need to go axe throwing with your friends. Some places sell alcohol and food, so you can do the bulk of your partying at the axe throwing facility. And don’t worry about danger – an axe throwing session (which you’ll have to book in advance) starts with a tutorial from an expert axe thrower, complete with how to throw properly and stay safe. From there, everyone takes turns throwing axes and looking completely badass. It’s one of the most obscenely fun activities for adults and the pictures that come out of it are perfect.

“Spruce” the Place Up

If you’re starting or finishing the evening at someone’s house, “spruce” it up a little. Add some natural wood flair, with spruce branches and raw edged wooden boards for cheese and appetizers. Stay on theme with a flannel tablecloth (cheesy but fun) and maybe a small axe to cut the cheeses. Essentially, your only limit is your imagination here – the important thing is that you put the effort in.

Rise and Shine (and Brunch)

After a night of partying, do what any self-respecting lumberjack would do: eat a big breakfast. More accurately, given that you’re probably waking up past noon the morning after a bachelorette party, go for a big brunch. Don’t skimp on the bacon and eggs, either; you’re a lumberjack for god’s sake.

Winter doesn’t have to be bad for bachelorette parties. Lean into the season with a flannel-clad, axe throwing, brunch-munching party that would make any lumberjack proud!


3 Tips For Better At-Home Manicures

Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for both your physical and your mental health. However, many people feel that they simply can’t afford to take care of themselves in the way they might see others practice their own self-care. But luckily, there are plenty of ways to still indulge and take care of yourself without having to spend a lot of money.

For many women, one of the best ways to do this is to give themselves a manicure at home. And while you may not have had much success with this in the past, there are likely some tips or tricks that you didn’t know that could help you do a salon-quality manicure all on your own.

To show you how this can be done, here are three tips for better at-home manicures.

Don’t Soak Your Hands Beforehand

When you get a manicure at a salon, the first thing they usually do is soak your fingers in warm, soapy water. Because of this, this might be the first step you’d attempt to take when doing an at-home manicure. However, this could have some negative results that you don’t want.

According to Janell M. Hickman, a contributor to, soaking your nails before painting them causes them to swell. After you apply the nail polish, the swelling will reduce and could cause your polish to begin chipping off much sooner than you’d like. To combat this, try just doing a dry manicure instead.

Paint Done Right

Painting your fingernails on your own can be a challenge, especially when using your non-dominant hand to paint the nails on your dominant hand.

One thing you can try to make the actual painting of your nails easier, according to Jacqueline Kilikita, a contributor to, is to try to paint your entire nail in just three strokes, similarly to how they do it at a salon. Ideally, you should use a flat, wide polish brush and start in the middle of your nail with a big stroke. Then do one more stroke on both sides of your nail to finish up. This can help your polish look much more professional.

Take The Time To Dry

While most salons have lights or nail dying kits they use to ensure you don’t leave with wet nails, many people don’t have these accessories in their own home, which can make waiting for your nails to dry a real pain.

But when it comes to having a gorgeous manicure, you’ve got to take the time to let your nails set and dry. To make this easier, Bobbie Thomas, a contributor to, advises that you let each layer of nail polish dry for at least one minute before applying another coat. This can help your entire nail dry faster and prevent any creases or dents in your polish.

If you’re wanting to do a salon-quality manicure on yourself at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you accomplish this.


5 Tips For Making Waking Up Early Easier

For some people, there’s nothing worse than getting up early. Their energy is dragging, their mood is in the dumps, and no amount of coffee increases their motivation to be up so early.

Unfortunately, getting up early may be your only option. Whether you have a job you need to be at during the early hours, or your children need to be dropped at school, sometimes you don’t have a choice.

The good news is, there are ways to make waking up early easier. Here are some of the best tips for making waking up early a little less painful.

Set Out Everything You Need The Night Before

Rather than scrambling like some kind of half-awake zombie, prepare yourself ahead of time. The less that you have to think about the easier it will be.

Lay out your grooming products. Program your coffee machine. Choose what clothes you’re going to wear. Set it all out for yourself so that the only thing you need to worry about is getting out of bed and assembling all of the pieces.

The last thing you need when you’re trying to get used to waking up is having to fumble around cluelessly. You might forget something important!

Allow Natural Light In

One of the reasons it may be difficult to wake up early is because of a lack of natural light. Keeping your curtains open allows the natural light to wake you up gently.

It’s a lot easier to wake up when there’s a gradual increase of sunlight rather than an abrupt flood of artificial light.

Choose a Pleasant Alarm

If your alarm is set to the default alarm sound on your phone, then it’s no wonder why you’re miserable waking up. Choose a gentle tone that wakes you up calmly. iPhones now come with soft alarms that slowly increase in volume and intensity. Opt for that over the awful confronting beep of the traditional alarm sound!

Get Active

One of the best ways to wake your body up is to get it moving! Once your blood starts pumping, your body will follow. A lot of people swear by getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off and marching in place. After your heart rate rises, you can start advancing to jumping jacks.

It’s a lot harder to fall back asleep once your heart rate has reached a certain point, making it easier to start your date.

Take a Hot Shower

The rush of a hot shower is enough to get most people up and running. Your blood flow will increase, and your mind will start working. The hotter the shower is the better!

The Importance of Proper Waste Disposal


With news worldwide of trash ending up where it should not be – in oceans, rivers, other waterways and anywhere but the landfill – we must take drastic steps to ensure that we don’t add to the pile of trash destroying our planet. Proper waste segregation and disposal are essential aspects of waste management that will help us prevent the trash from contaminating our water and land resources. If you need any more convincing on why it is paramount to segregate and dispose of waste the right way, here are some reasons.

Effects on the environment and human health

Hazardous waste such as that from hospitals and factories containing harmful chemicals may seep into the soil or mix in the water, eventually contaminating them. This contamination can cause issues with human health through the food we eat and water we drink. Burning hazardous waste can also harm the environment. The gases that these burning practices emit go into the atmosphere. Proper waste disposal uses special liners, so these dangerous chemicals do not leak into the soil and water.

Lessen pollution

When we throw our trash where it belongs, we do not contribute to polluting the environment – in the water, the soil, and the atmosphere. World governments put in place environmental laws that everyone must adhere to. These laws protect the environment from destruction by human development.

Profit from waste

If you think that garbage does not give you something in return, you’re wrong. You can actually make money from trash. You can turn your recyclable waste into profit when you turn it in at recycling centers. A lot of manufacturers use recycled materials in their products, and where do they get these materials? From individual households. Plastic bottles and cardboard boxes can still become useful items when used as raw materials.


Not properly disposing of waste can pose a risk to you and your family’s health and safety. Broken glass can harm you, and more so with toxic waste such as bleach and cleaning materials. You can eliminate your worry about toxic and hazardous waste lying around your house and endangering your family by disposing of it correctly.

Less use of natural resources

When we turn our recyclables over to recycling centers, manufacturers pick them up and use them as raw materials for their products. This translates to reduced use of natural resources that they otherwise would use in place of these recyclable items. We don’t have to cut trees to make more paper or use up other natural resources to produce more products that will eventually end up as trash in the future.

If you have junk that you don’t know how to dispose of, you can hire a Miami Beach junk removal company to do it for you. They will dispose of your junk correctly according to city and state rules and regulations. Together we can make a massive difference in helping save the environment from further destruction, and one of the ways we can help is by taking care of our trash properly.

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Your Plan for Summer

Ah, summer: when the weather’s warm, the sun is high, and the water is great. You’ve got a lot of great stuff ahead of you this summer, but you also have some responsibilities to take care of.

Never fear, because below are some possible plans to help you with both! So whether your summer is just beginning or you’re already planning for next year, read on.

Keep up with the house

If you own your own home, you know that there’s always something to be taken care of on your property. That’s just what it’s like to have a house! But some tasks that you need to take care of during summer are particularly important.

Consult your home maintenance and chores calendar to see what you have to get done — and if you don’t have one of those yet, then take this opportunity to make one. You can work off of online checklists for reference.

Summer’s the best time to check your basement for foundation and moisture issues. Check your crawlspace (if you have one) for moisture issues as well. Look for bugs and other pests throughout your house; summer is a peak time for pests like ants, so summer is when you should be looking for them.

You want to pay especially close attention to the systems in your home that you need in order to enjoy a comfortable summer — this mostly refers to your air conditioning. Make maintenance and repair of your A/C a priority early in the summer, advise experts in air conditioning repair in Georgia. If you wait, you may have to wait in line behind all of the other folks who are desperate to get their houses cool again.

Take that vacation

Summer is prime vacation season, and you need to make sure that you take yours. Far too many people leave vacation days on the table at the end of each year.

If you’re not using the vacation days that your work gives you, then you’re not getting all of the benefits that you’ve earned. Besides, studies show that vacations actually make us more productive, so you’re not helping anyone by skimping on vacations — not even your boss.

And while you’re on vacation, do something a little out of the ordinary, suggest experts who offer parasailing in West Palm Beach, Florida. It’s the unusual things that we do that build memories that last a lifetime, and it’s easy to combine something exciting (like parasailing) with a laid-back vacation (like a week on the beach).

Make a summer reading list

Hopefully, you’ll have a bit of free time this summer. Maybe your office has summer Fridays. Maybe you’ll enjoy some days off due to summer’s long weekends. Plus, you’re taking that aforementioned vacation, right?

You should use your time off to relax, of course. But you could do much worse than to take some of that time and use it to better yourself. Why not make a summer reading list? A great summer reading list combines novels you’ve been meaning to read with edifying nonfiction. It never hurts to include a bit of self-help or professional development in the reading list either.

Make yourself better

A summer reading list isn’t the only way that you could use your summer to improve. Maybe early dismissal on Fridays will give you time to start volunteering.

Or maybe you’ll find that a hobby you take up this summer has the potential to be a side-hustle. Or maybe you’ll find the time to become more mindful of your behaviors and improve your relationships. It’s summer, the sun is out, and your future is bright!


Alastair Borthwick Had an Amazing Life

Alastair Borthwick had a passion for the outdoors. This became one of the things that he was most known for over the course of his remarkable life. Scotland was where he was born in 1913. He left school early because he had no use for it. He believed that he could become successful without sitting in a classroom endlessly. He always liked to write. Therefore, he thought that becoming a journalist would be a fun way to make a living. He would be able to travel the world and get paid for it at the same time. This inspired Alastair to apply for a newspaper job at the age of 16. He was praised by his boss for having a gift for writing that was far beyond his years. He was given his choice of subjects to focus on. He decided to write articles that had to do with the outdoors.

Working for the newspaper enabled Alastair to go rock climbing for the first time. This led to him writing many articles about it over the course of his life. Rock climbing became one of his main interests. Prior to Alastair’s articles, rock climbing was mostly done by people with a lot of money. However, the exposure that Alastair’s articles gave to the sport made average people want to give rock climbing a try. Alastair’s books about the sport of rock climbing are arguably the most well known works of entire career. They have been reprinted in dozens of languages around the world. Many people would consult with him about rock climbing because no person on the planet was thought to have more knowledge on the subject.

Alastair Borthwick distinguished himself in battle during the second World War. He fought on two continents during the conflict. He served mostly in the role of an intelligence officer. He would eventually reach the rank of captain. He decided to pen a book about all of the adventures he had while he was in the military. The book that he eventually wrote got great reviews because it was written from the perspective of a soldier who was in the trenches and was under fire. Many books about wars are written by high ranking officers who were always very far away from the front lines.

Alastair Borthwick would eventually move from the printed word to the spoken word in terms of his journalistic career. He was offered a number of jobs broadcasting on radio and television. He would continue in this capacity for many decades. One of the greatest achievements of his life came when he was awarded the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Alastair Borthwick has been an inspiration to many young people in Scotland who want to pursue a career in journalism. His coverage of various outdoor activities on radio, TV and newspapers gave him the reputation of being the preeminent outdoorsman of his generation.

Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003. However, his legacy continues to live on. All of his writings have remained in print for decades. This has allowed new generations to discover them. There have even been several universities across Europe that have had classes focusing on Alastair’s life and career. This will tell you everything you need to know about how revered he is.


Beautiful Youth and Wellness with the Help of Jeunesse Global

When you begin to age, you may find that you just don’t feel good about yourself. You may be feeling badly about your appearance and are ready to make a change. It’s not uncommon to gain weight as you get older and have problems with energy throughout the day. If this has been a major issue for you, it may be time for you to think about working on a solid wellness program and routine that’ll work well for you. This may entail taking supplements, drinking healthy energy beverages and using quality skincare products that truly work and deliver the results that you want.

Ways to Reverse the Hands of Time

As you continue to age, it is time to consider creating a solid routine and regimen that you’ll follow regularly. What this means for you is that you’ll want to invest in great skincare products that work well for your skin type. You will also want to consider using supplements specific to youth and reversing the signs of aging. You will enjoy what all of these products can do for you and how great you’ll feel when you begin to take them regularly. There simply isn’t anything like using products that are working well for you and helping in terms of delivering the results that you both need and want.

You can easily and quickly begin to feel your best when using great products. The key to any type of program is to continually do it. You can’t use a product once or twice and expect amazing results that last. You should continually use the supplements or skincare products that you need so that you can finally feel and look your best. It’s easy to get into one of these programs, since you just need to focus on using the products once in the morning and at night.

Jeunesse Global and How They Work

If you’re looking for quality products that truly work for you, it is time to consider Jeunesse Global. The reason Jeunesse Global has been around for over a decade is because they have put a lot of research and dedication into developing every single one of the products they are offering. Not only do they offer skincare products like Instantly Ageless, but they have great supplements like Mind and Infiniti as well as energy drinks that use no artificial colors or sweeteners. You can effortlessly feel your best with the help of Jeunesse Global and all that they are offering to their customers.

In fact, if you have never made use of Jeunesse Global, you can easily find and work with a local distributor who has samples available for you to use. Not only does this help you to figure out which products are right for you, but you can feel confident in choosing the one that works right for your body. Jeunesse Global is there to help reverse the hands of time and get you feeling and looking your best using quality products that work well for your every need. You can easily and quickly make use of this as an option for your needs. You will enjoy being able to make use of this for yourself and see just how beneficial the work can be for your every need.


5 Tips For Dads Going Through a Divorce With Kids

When it comes to divorce, a lot of dads wind up getting the raw end of the deal. In many cases, the mother’s side is favored in court, whether it’s deserving or not. Divorcing with children can be a devastating experience that can leave many dads feeling lost in the process.

However, divorcing with kids doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare. It’s possible to control your reactions and make the most out of a difficult situation. While not every situation is the same, there are some tips which can usually be applied to most divorces with kids. Here are some of the best tips to cope with it as best as you can.

Make Sacrifices

If you want to maintain a close relationship with your children after the divorce, it may be necessary to make sacrifices. In some cases, your ex may wish to relocate, or you may have a job which doesn’t compliment your custody agreement.

However, it’s important to make sacrifices that may not always be convenient for you. Proximity and regular visits with your child is an essential part of helping them transition and maintain a close relationship with you as a parent.

Talk To a Lawyer

If you happen to be the non-custodial parent following the divorce, then you’ll need to pay child support. It’s very important that you meet with a lawyer so that you understand what kind of money you may be looking at.

A lawyer can help you navigate the ins and outs of how child support is calculated and managed by the judge. A lawyer won’t just be able to help you navigate the often confusing details of family law, but they may also be able to argue your case.

Work With Your Ex Not Against Them

Even though you may have all sorts of feelings about your ex inside, it’s vital that you try to work with them not against them.

Staying civil is one of the most important things you can do for your own sanity as well as the well-being of your children. Try to make your custody situation a positive one as much as you can.

Take Dating Slowly

Chances are that you’ll probably be eager to meet someone again eventually. However, getting back into the dating scene can be overwhelming. Additionally, it can be confusing for the kids.

It’s vital that you give yourself the time to slowly adjust and navigate the dating world before diving into a new relationship.

Focus On The Kids

When in doubt, your primary focus and goal should be the children. By keeping them in mind, you’ll avoid unnecessary arguments and potential long term damage on your children.


Best Spots to camp if you are Considering Camping Near Atlanta

The beautiful capital of Georgia offers much more to its visitors and residents than Coca-Cola, peaches and scorching hot temperature. There are certain things that people often overlook when it comes to maintaining health and an active lifestyle.

Well, the obesity rate of Atlanta shows something else!

You might not be an active person but involving yourself or your kids into activities that are more fun-filled, educational and entertaining at the same time can help you achieve the mind to raise a kid right. Or if it is for you, achieve a sense of self-control and a way of tackling with tough scenarios.

An outdoor trip with all the aspects involving fun, physical activity and education – What could be the perfect fit? A camping trip of course!

Atlanta has some of the best and scenic camping spots for people who are looking to spend their nights out as campers and experience the be-wilderness. If you are thinking of camping near Atlanta you honestly don’t have to worry about “WHERE”!

Top Spots to Camp in or near Atlanta:

Here are a few of the best spots to choose from:

Sweetwater Creek State

This natural getaway makes to the top of the list is the natural getaway it is. Sweetwater Creek State is offering the campers an accommodation in rustic yurts. The yurts are basically a village with playgrounds, warm snug beds and also a playground.

Since they have an entire outdoor setup, you can also go paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. All the supplies are available for the people. Explore the natural beauty of Atlanta from the hiking trail and witness several historic ruins along the journey to the top.

Where: 1750 Mt Vernon Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, USA

Stone Mountain Park

Follow the Atlanta tradition and spend your day at the Stone Mountain Park. The park features several entertainment options from classic family fun to nature hikes to classical family fun activities and attractions. They got everything a family needs for fun.

Since the park is an attraction and a landmark, it is quite popular among people as a camping site hence the Campgrounds of the Stone Mountain Park offer around 500 campsites for the explorers of the outdoor world.

The place offers full room services to tent sites built along the Stone Mountain Lake. This reminds the campers of the charming aura of the park. Several programs are also providing the campers with entertainment and teaching them the techniques of camp life which is definitely an experience of a lifetime. They also offer worthwhile and exciting adventures like sky hiking, summit riding and many more. All you have to do is to grab an adventure pass.

Where: 1000 Robert E Lee Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, USA

Red Top Mountain State Park

Head out to the Red Top Mountain State Park for a camping trip this weekend. The park that is located on Lake Allatoona offers great entertainment and fun weekend for the visitors. Head out for paddling or kayaking or bring your own bicycle and challenge your biking capabilities at the Spoke’s Club Hill Trail. Whether you want a hookup or a tent site, they have it all covered for you.

Where: 50 Lodge Rd SE, Cartersville, GA 30121, USA

Wilkerson Mill Camp Park

This land of 5 acres area is stretched wide and far in Palmetto is a great site for campers and backpackers. You can park or stay wherever you feel like. Notice how there is no sound of traffic or anything unnatural in this beautiful and sedated space. It is a perfect place to have a quiet weekend or camping trip.

Where: 8095 Wilkerson Mill Rd, Palmetto, GA 30268, USA

Historic Banning House

Treehouses are a major commotion of this area. Complete treehouses with a queen bed, running water and a back deck that gives a complete view of the Snake Creek Gorge, Treehouses are not their only specialty by the way. If you think treehouse is not a comfortable place for you, you can rent a cozy cabin or a cottage that has everything you need to relax from a Jacuzzi to a spa and several outdoor adventures to make your weekend worthwhile.

Where: 130 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA


Atlanta has always been a place full of history and beauty. Undoubtedly offering their residents and visitors with captivating places like these where they can spend their weekend. Despite your busy routine, you need to keep an eye on health and relaxing your mind which you can only achieve if you decide to go on an outdoor trip with your friends or family once in a while. There are many sites for campers for camping near Atlanta hence worrying for the perfect outdoor spot is not at all an issue for the Atlanta’s!


Transgender Transformations – Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men Who Want To Be Women

Over the years, our society has only recognized the binary male and female gender. But as we are coming to realize, gender is more than just black and white. Various gender identities apart from the traditional male and female gender include transgender, neutral, agender, genderqueer, third gender and so on. To ensure that a person’s anatomy aligns with his or her gender identity, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to undergo hormone replacement therapy. It’s an important phase of life as your body changes drastically and so it’s best if you are familiar with the procedure and risks involved in undergoing such therapy. Even as a cis-gender person interested in dating a transgender, getting as much knowledge about transgender issues (including hormone replacement therapy) is the best way to date a transgender. This will prepare you for the changes that will come.


What goes on in hormone replacement therapy?

In the body of a biological male, the hypothalamus and pituitary glands produce hormones which stimulate the production and release of testosterone from the testes located in the scrotum. The production of this hormone in the body begins earnestly at puberty. Consequently, characteristics that are typically found in biological males like deeper voice and more body hair begin to appear.

In cross-sex hormone therapy, specifically feminizing hormone therapy, various hormonal medications are administered to trigger physical changes that are more feminine and/or repress male physical characteristics. Starting hormone replacement therapy early enough, especially in teens can help avert going through puberty as the gender you do not identify with. This can help your outward physical appearance align more with your inward gender identity and improve your overall quality of life.

Just like in puberty, hormone replacement works differently on different people. How your body responds to feminizing hormones depends on a variety of factors from the age at which you commence this form of therapy, to your current health status and even your genes which determine a lot of how your body interacts with the drugs. So always keep in mind that it could work well on others and have dire consequences for the health of other people receiving the same treatment. With that in mind, it’s important to seek counseling and talk with your doctor before you begin using hormones and while using to them, to discuss whatever abnormal symptoms you might have. But what exactly should you be expecting in hormone replacement therapy?

The many changes you should expect to see

Changes to your Physical Appearance

The most obvious would, of course, be the physical changes that come with it. Your body will begin to go through puberty again which would involve changes like:

  • Breast development which might be painful and at times unequal.
  • Body fat redistribution as your body begins to redirect fat to your thighs and hips.
  • A decrease in muscle mass, especially in your arms which might lead to an indirect decrease in your muscle strength as well.
  • Shrinking of your testes, as they begin to atrophy due to the repression of the hormone testosterone.
  • Skin that is softer and less oily
  • Less facial and body hair

Click here to learn more about how male and female transitioning hormone therapy works.


Changes in your Sexuality 

The use of estrogen and progesterone is commonly employed to replace testosterone and seeing as they are typically sex hormones; you should expect changes to your reproductive system. While there would be an obvious reduction in your sex drive, you might also notice a decrease in the size of your testes as earlier stated. But it is not just the testes that will be affected. Your penis could also be affected, causing erectile dysfunction, but this can be countered with other oral medications like Viagra if you wish.

Your fertility could also be compromised, making it difficult to have biological children. So if this is important to you, you should consider options like getting your sperm frozen. While the effects of hormone replacement may be reversed by discontinuing using your drugs, they could also be permanent, so it’s safer not to risk it or at least have a backup plan should you change your mind in the future.

Despite undergoing hormone replacement therapy, it might still be possible to get a woman pregnant. Thus, hormone replacement therapy is not a substitute for birth control methods should you continue to be sexually active as a man, it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy.

Your mental health could be affected too

Of course, all these changes will occur gradually over weeks, months and at times even years. But these won’t be the only changes to expect. You might also find yourself feeling more emotional than usual as your hormonal levels begin to change. Your taste in food, clothing, and activities might also change as the therapy advances and undergoing counseling to help you cope with the changes could help.

As your body begins to take on a new form that is hopefully closer and closer to your true gender identity, the negative effects of hormone therapy cannot be ignored. Whilst you might reduce your chance of prostate cancer, your chances of breast cancer can significantly increase due to the switch in hormones, so prolonged use of feminizing hormones would require breast screening checks.

Other risks include the formation of clots in your blood (deep vein thrombosis), which might get dislodged and travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism); Diabetes Mellitus, Weight gain and other health precautions. After carefully weighing the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, you can decide to go ahead.


Going through hormone replacement therapy or the more extreme gender reassignment surgery will help you align better to your true gender identity. However, the process can be a bit challenging both physically, emotionally and psychologically. Hence, it is best to go through this period of your life with as much knowledge of the subject as possible. Speak to your doctor to get further clarifications on hormone replacement therapy and how it will affect your body. If you have a friend in the process of transitioning, click here for some tips to help and support.