Crate training: What you need to know

When it comes to crate training, how you approach the process can make the difference between success and disaster. In this second of a two-part series, I’ll discuss the do’s and dont’s of crate training.

While crate training is an excellent behavior management tool for dogs, there are a few things to remember if you want to ensure a happy outcome.

Do: Find the appropriate sized crate for your dog.

Your dog’s crate should be big enough for them to stand comfortably at any angle and lie down. Though you might be tempted to get an overly large crate, big crates may give your dog the impression that its big enough to relieve themselves inside.

Don’t: Use the crate to punish your dog.

It is extremely important that the crate is viewed as a positive place for your dog – if you use it as a punishment, they won’t go into it voluntarily, and it will make them anxious and stressed.

Do: Crate train as early as possible.

Puppies are the most responsive to crate training – get a crate before you bring your pup home. Older dogs may associate crates with kenneling, punishment or unpleasantness, and as a result might respond poorly to the crate. If you have a rescue dog who has experienced trauma, consult a professional trainer or dog handler to discover the best training methods for your dog’s disposition.

Don’t: Leave small items or choking hazards locked in the crate.

This includes towels and blankets, as well as small toys.

Do: Crate your dog in stages.

Proper crate training should be conducted incrementally in the following steps.

  1. Make the crate a happy environment. Leave treats and toys in the open crate and allow your dog to voluntarily enter.
  2. Close the crate door after they have stayed inside on their own. Don’t just shut the door as soon as they walk in – wait for them to lie down and relax. Remain in the room the first few times you close the door.
  3. Leave the room for a few moments with the door closed. Once they’re accustomed to the door being closed, you can start to leave the room for brief periods.
  4. Leave your dog in the crate overnight. Once your dog has been successfully left in the crate for a full night, they will likely be comfortable being in the crate when you leave the house.

Your ability to move from stage to stage will determine the success of the training. If you are never able to proceed – if your dog never voluntarily goes into the crate or exhibits destructive behavior when the crate door is closed – they may not have the correct temperament for crate training.

Don’t: Be deterred by mild crying and whining.

If and when your dog begins crying during the overnight stage of crate training, simply allow them to discover that their cries aren’t yielding the desired results. Periodic high-pitched cries are not an indication of real distress – they’re just asking for their way. However, if the cries are urgent and desperate, your dog could be feeling heightened anxiety, and it could be unsafe to leave them crated.

Do: Develop a consistent routine.

Dogs are comforted by routines. Make sure your schedule is the same every day – the same mealtime, walk time, time to relieve themselves, and crate time. This will help your dog accept what is expected of them.

Overall wellness is essential to success in crate training – some medical conditions may make crate training an impractical technique, including heart disease and DCM. Zignature, Blue Buffalo and IAMS are affordable and reliably high-quality pet foods with formulas for dogs with health concerns. In the long-term, consistent crate training can help your dog feel comfortable and relaxed in your home.

I’m a doggie blogger, pet parent to two deviously smart rescue pups, and enthusiastic amateur photographer.

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Skill-Based Slot Games

For as long as anyone could remember, we’ve known slots as a game of luck; that there is no amount of skill involved. And then there were skill-based slots.

What Are Skill-Based Slots?

As the name states, skill-based slots are slot machines where winning is dependent on skill. Whether or not a player wins, depends on that player’s ability to play online gambling games. This is exactly the opposite of the slot machines we have grown to love is its lack of skill not what made it appealing to so many?

Why Skill-Based Slots?

Apparently skill-based slots have been around for years. They just have not managed to succeed in surpassing traditional (no skill involved) slot machines. While some players are looking for ways in which they can increase their odds of winning at slot machines, others prefer them as they are. No skill involved.

Changing the Game

What essentially differentiates skill-based slots from traditional slots is the player’s ability to determine the outcome of the game. Your skill determines whether or not you win. The better your skills, the better the payouts. So it is your responsibility to hone this skill in order to receive better payouts. Knowing that you can influence the outcome of the game and how much money you win, is enough to motivate any player to sharpen their skills.

With regards to loyal casino game players, this could be quite unfair. Some people are just more skilled in playing these types of games, especially millennials who are used to playing games on their mobiles and computers. This would thus give them an unfair advantage, especially in a casino setup where games are usually based largely on chance.

Casinos currently have very specific reward system in place for their players. They reward those that place big bets. The higher the bet, the higher the reward. However, in skill-based slots this would not be the case. The highest rewards would go to those with the best skills, regardless of how much they bet. Traditional slot players would also find this unfair because they put in so much (in terms of wagers) yet are not awarded for it.

Whereas with traditional slot games players had no idea how much they would win, in skill-based slots a player would have an idea of how much they would get.

Skill-based slot still have a long way to go before they can even think of overtaking the traditional slot machine. Whilst being a very attractive option for millennials, it might alienate traditional, high-betting players, which could end up costing casinos in the long run.

Skill-based slots are appearing in more and more casinos in order to attract gamers. And while they might be accepted, they will not be able to replace the traditional slot. Most likely scenario is that they exist side by side.


Man made diamonds – Lab grown Diamonds

What are man-made diamonds, anyway? Well, to start, it’s a diamond made, not by nature, but under engineered conditions. (Sidenote: this type of diamond is also known as lab-grown). Humans have been manufacturing diamonds since the ‘50s, mostly for use in machines and lasers, but later also for jewellery. And that brings us around full-circle. Man-made diamonds in jewellery–yay or nay?

As far as I’m concerned, at least, if it sparkles the same, shines the same, impresses the same, and–most importantly, of course–you are fully and completely aware that the rock you’re buying is man or lab made, then sign this bird up!

The biggest complaint about diamonds born in a lab and created by man, is that there is an element of deception there. Now, if the deception in question is buying an affordable piece of beautiful jewellery and not letting the friends who compliment you on it know that it’s been grown in a lab and not in a dark, highly pressured zone in a mine somewhere…well, that’s just the way it goes. That isn’t so much deception as it is not sharing one’s business or finances. Which, is truly the polite thing to do when in mixed company.

If the deception, however, happens, not amidst friendly discourse, but from salesperson to customer–whether that is a mining outfit, wholesale distributor, retail distributor, or person-to-person sale–then that is a deception that is not only immoral, but almost illegal, as well.

Business ethics when it comes to diamonds is not a new concept, only this time, we’re not talking about blood diamonds, so much as disclosure of whether or not the gem in question has been painstakingly mined, or super-scientifically grown. Reve Diamonds of London has an entire section of its website devoted to loose diamonds, and not only do they specify that the diamonds in question are man-made, they provide the lab information and the exact specifications of the diamonds. Which, when you think about it, is amazing! To be able to order a stone so perfectly engineered that they can issue a diamond certificate with a full assessment of the stones’ grades and proportions is nothing to sneeze at.

When you think about it, a market and service such as this allows customers to buy with total and complete confidence. They know exactly what they’ll be purchasing, what it will look like, what it will shine like, even, because it has all been accounted for ahead of time. Not the worst thing for online shoppers to buy with confidence, is it?


Xbox gift card subscription – Ultimate Xbox experience guaranteed

Xbox is one of the biggest and most popular consoles – and for a good reason! Constant stream of new games, steadily growing cooperative network and plenty of perks, all of this makes for an unforgettable gaming experience. And it is made available with the help of Xbox gift card subscription, a one-stop-shop for all that Xbox has to offer.

Play how you want

Xbox presents a vast variety of gift cards that could cover an equal array of services. For example, if you get Xbox Live Gold subscription, you will be able to enjoy the extensive and innovative co-op network, which will allow you to play with friends or just other players in general. On top of that, you would also receive free games every month.

Or… maybe you want to have unlimited access to the entire library of captivating Xbox games? With Xbox Game pass you will get the opportunity to experience it all! Xbox gift card subscription is a perfect gateway to immerse in the true potential of Xbox gaming. Best of all, the card may also get you closer to attaining the Ultimate game pass!

Ultimate not just in name

This superior version of the game pass will, as the name suggests, offers you every intricate detail and feature that comes in many variations of Xbox subscriptions. These include the aforementioned Xbox Live Gold and Game passes for both PC and Xbox. Everything you could want is in one set pack!

Pay a single monthly price and enjoy the entire array of services. And if you want to try it first, get yourself an Xbox gift card. Subscription price is easy to cover by using a larger card variant, and you won’t have to deal with multiple reoccurring monthly fees ever again. This method will allow you to make sure whether the services are up to your standard.

Alternatively, you may want to give this Ultimate experience to someone else. The premise and usage are entirely the same as using such a card for your own well-being. Simple and easy, and the comfort of flexibility might make someone’s day (or even the entire gaming career) a little bit easier.

Closer look

In essence, the Xbox Game pass Ultimate consists of three separate entities. With the Xbox gift card, subscription for this service will not drain your bank account empty. Keep in mind that you will also receive a Game pass for PC and console. This pass comes with an ever-expanding list of games (about 100 of them), all of which you can play for free.

Based on the game pass you have in your possession, you will be able to check on a great variety of titles, each in accordance with your preferred choice of platform. And in an instance that you have more than one gaming device at your household, keep calm and grasp on even more benefits as the Ultimate pass will cover all your interests.

Since connectivity is undoubtedly important, once you acquire the Ultimate Pass, let’s say by using the Xbox gift card, subscription to Live Gold comes in the same package. You will then be able to play games with friends in co-op mode or even venture outside your comfort zone and be matched with others who are of a similar skill level to you.

Let’s talk about conversion

Because Xbox Game pass Ultimate is a superior version to its lesser options, every other subscription you have when ordering this one will automatically convert to this service based on the number of days you have left on your previous subscriptions. Might sound complicated, but in actuality, it’s fairly simple.

If you have Xbox Live Gold that, for example, you bought with Xbox gift card, subscription time you have left will carry over. Should you have 15 days left on your Xbox Live Gold membership, and you decide to move on to Game pass Ultimate, your 15 days will be internally turned into a virtual sum of money and these funds will buy you a certain number of days for Ultimate.

And should you have some subscription codes from the time before you bought Ultimate pass, you can use them to get the same conversion effect. Basically, no previously purchased subscriptions will go to waste, as they are transferrable to Ultimate. Xbox gift card, subscription, membership or other codes can become something greater. Since one service can turn into a benefit containing three separate elements – the player will undoubtedly benefit.

Cards for every occasion

Xbox gift cards can be used in a great variety of ways. You are able to invest in the package deal containing all the best the platform has to offer. Alternatively, you may be drawn to one single service, and if that’s enough to get the most out of your Xbox, do so! Without Xbox gift card, subscription fee might seem like a costly experiment to some; however, since there won’t be any reoccurring payments (unless you want that yourself), you are free to give the service a proverbial test drive.

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The ‘Perfect Tenant’ Welcome Basket Recipe

The hard part is over. You’ve successfully finished your tenant screening, gone over the paperwork, handed over the keys, and now — the day has arrived for your new tenants to officially move in.

Regardless of the type of landlord you wish to be, you want your tenants to provide good feedback, and you want good tenant retention from those ideal tenants who took so long to find. Providing a welcome basket for your new tenants on move-in day is a relatively cheap and easy way to give the tenant and landlord relationship a good start.

Plus, a tenant who likes you is more likely to care for your space. Also, according to NOLO, up to $25 per person, per year, is tax-deductible as a business expense when it comes to gifts. So, really, it’s just good for business all around. Consider including some of these things in your welcome basket:

Cleaning supplies

It’s important to make sure your tenants clearly understand your expectations when it comes to keeping the property clean and tidy. Therefore, including a detailed description of your expectations along with supplies is the clearest and most considerate way of encouraging your space to stay clean. Consider including things like a mop, a bucket, a toilet brush, and various cleaning sprays (this could also be a subtle way to let them know what products you prefer for cleaning your property).

Bonus tip: Make sure the apartment is nearly spotless when your new tenants move in to set the tone for what you expect and to make them feel welcome.

Informative fridge magnet and booklet

Print out contact information for yourself and anyone your tenants should contact if maintenance is needed. This will make your tenants feel like everything is taken care of and that adjusting to life in the space is going to be easy. You also need to make yourself come across as friendly and easy to get in contact with, so that tenants will be less likely to “see what they can get away with.” You should also include this information in a “welcome email” that you send to your tenants before move-in day. This allows the tenants to easily store contact information where they see fit.

Bonus tip: Be sure to also include a booklet with all the information they will need (the method for paying rent, the rent due date, how to put in a request for repairs/maintenance, trash day information, laundry information, mailbox information, etc.).

Home items

Things like toilet paper, facial tissue, hand soap, and a scented candle can go a long way in helping your tenants feel welcome and comfortable from day one. Moving days are stressful. Often, at least one thing will be forgotten. It’s sure going to make the day less exciting and more stressful if that thing ends up being toilet paper. It’s nice to let your tenants know you’ve got their backs.

Local information

Pamphlets, coupons, and menus are a free way to let your tenants know you care about their comfort. Moving is stressful enough without wondering what to have for dinner when we’re inevitably too tired to cook after unpacking. So, include in your welcome basket menus from places that will deliver to your location (some landlords will actually do a simple gift card with a “dinner’s on me” note as their welcome gift) and/or a $10 gift card to the closest coffee shop. Also, a list of local dry cleaning, auto mechanics, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. is also beneficial. Some places are open to providing coupons for these types of baskets as well.

A personal touch

Adding something like baked goods, a simple plant, or a bag of coffee (with mugs) to the basket adds a welcomed personal touch. This helps the tenant feel warm, cozy, and welcome. Experts say that landlords who make these types of gestures are more likely to get a unit returned to them in better condition.

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How Do You Choose the Right Picture Frame?

Framing is an art form that requires a good eye for presenting photos in their best possible light. Yet, just as good framing can dramatically improve the appearance of a photo, bad framing can also take away from its beauty.

While it’s possible to frame lovely photos on your own, the assistance of a picture framers Perth company can help you elevate the overall look and feel of your photos and artwork. These people have years of experience and expertise in framing art, which can guarantee that your photos will get the best care and the right frames.

At the same time, though, you also need to be informed of your options so that you and your chosen framer can find frames that will perfectly fit your home or office. It’s a collaborative project; you need to have a vision, and the framing company can recommend the right tools and products to turn it to reality. Below, we have a list of common frame options as well as the best tips on how to choose the right frame for photos and art that you want to share with your guests and family:

Different Types of Frames

Frames can come in different types, shapes, sizes, and materials. The most popular types are wooden frames, black and white frames, and metallic frames. When used right, they put the spotlight on photos in just about any room.

Wood Picture Frames

Wooden frames are a popular choice for adding a warm feel to a room. They usually complement rooms that are designed with a country or rustic feel, and they vary in colour from light to dark. Darker wooden frames are great for photos with warmer tones, such as brown and orange. Lighter-coloured wooden frames complement cooler tones in images, such as blues and greens.

White or Black Frames

If you’re aiming for that minimalist and elegant look, black or white photo frames are ideal. Using white frames tends to make darker tones stand out and makes lighter hues blend into the background more. With black frames, you make darker tones less noticeable and lighter hues stand out more.

Metallic Frames

Do you have some portrait or landscape photos you’d like to make more eye-catching? Then metallic frames are a perfect choice. Not only do metal frames look classy, but they also add a modern feel to a photo. Use them for your favourite wedding shots, or for landscape photos that deserve more attention.

Other Types of Frames

Decorative Frames

Decorative frames can have intricate borders, text sayings, and even 3D elements that make them pop. They’re also a good choice if you’d like to highlight your creative side.

Collage Frames

These have been gaining popularity lately, and they’re commonly used for family photos. Collage frames are also ideal for showcasing your favourite photos that express one of your interests or hobbies, such as travelling or wildlife photography.

Professional Tips for Choosing the Right Frame

Along with the above guide, use the tips we’re sharing with you in this section for framing stunning photos that will make visitors want to linger more in appreciation:

  1. Think about the room you’re displaying the photo in. Choose a frame that blends well with the overall decor to add a feeling of aesthetic balance.
  2. The mat colour and frame colour should ideally be different to add visual contrast. If they’re too similar, you’re putting more focus on the frame instead of the photo.
  3. For casual or candid photos, go for lighter-coloured frames. For formal or professional pieces, darker frames usually work best.
  4. Instead of matching photo colours to frame colours, try matching the frame to the overall tone of the image, such as if it feels casual or formal.
  5. Use oval frames for photos with a rustic feel. They are great as tabletop conversation starters.
  6. If choosing a photo frame for a gift, consider frames with crystal borders.
  7. Consider having a picture frame engraved to make the photo yours. This type of frame also makes for a nice gift.

Frames Take Your Photos on an Entirely New Level

The fine art of photo framing can make a dramatic difference in how your photos are appreciated by other people. With the right frame, you can make photos blend in or stand out. They can also help create a more vivid story behind every photo, so they become more memorable.


Knowing Single-Premium Life Insurance Policies

The Life Insurance main purpose is to give benefit to the survivors or to leave some financial assistance for charitable cause. If explained in simple terms, a single life insurance policy is a type of insurance in which a total sum of money is paid into the policy when the policy holder passes away that is guaranteed until you die. There are multiple versions of single life insurance policies giving various options of investments and withdrawal provisions.

The single-premium life insurance policy allows quick building as the policy is fully funded. The death benefits will depend on the size of investment, age, health and how long did the insured person survived.

If we look through insurance company’s point of view, the younger person is calculated to have a longer life expectancy, giving the funds paid in the premium more time to grow before the death benefit is expected to paid out. And, naturally the amount invested will bring benefits according to its size. You can find single life insurance cover and joint life insurance cover with single-premium option.

Benefits of Utilizing Single-Premium Life Insurance:

Along with the death benefits, the insurance polices should also have some clauses considering the unexpected needs and requirements which might rise before you die. You must look into the important of long-term care insurance, as long-term care can usually turn out to be an expensive predicament. But if you are unable to pay the premiums of long-term care insurance? Single Premium life Insurance can be the solution.

Some of the Single-premium policies provide you tax-free access to the death benefit to pay or long-term care expenses. This feature might seem costly at once but, gives long -term security without any continuous tension. The single-premium permits you to cover your long-term care requirements as needed, but still leaves the maximum possible amount of your death benefit accumulated for your dependents. The single-premium policy also allows you to withdraw some amount of money if the insured person has been diagnosed with any terminal illness and is need of money. This flexibility and other features provide multiple benefits to the ones opting for single-premium insurance.

Available Investment Options with Single Premium Policies:

There are two most popular single-premium polices which offer different investment choices: Single-premium whole life and single-premium variable life. The single-premium whole life will pay a fixed interest rate based on the insurance company’s investment experience and present economic conditions. Single-premium variable life permits the policy owners to select from a menu of professionally handled stock, bond and money market sub-accounts along with fixed account.

If you have cash in hand and don’t require it at urgent basis then it is best to invest in life insurance for your dependents, family, favorite charity, or single-premium life insurance best for you. It is also the best way to begin the child’s life insurance program.

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It’s Practical to Pick a Used Car Over a Brand-New Vehicle

You have all the reasons to choose a brand-new car. If you dreamed of having one for a long time, it’s time to buy one finally. You can select the vehicle that has all the features that you desire. The only downside is that you might have to spend a lot to get it. Financing is possible, but the price could still be high. You could mess up your monthly budget because of it.

black Jeep Wrangler

The good thing is you can choose a used car as an alternative. If you’re looking at a practical alternative to an expensive vehicle, it’s the right choice for you.

The car still has the same features

If there’s a particular vehicle that you want, but you buy the used version, it’s still the same car. It has the features present in the brand-new one.

Brand-new cars can run into problems too

Some people would advise against used cars because you could end up with repair problems. The same thing is true with brand-new cars. It’s not about how old your car is, but how you use it. Yes, used cars have a greater tendency to experience issues, but you can avoid them with careful driving. Maintenance is also key to make sure that the vehicle will last long.

You don’t need to be a blind buyer

You won’t have to worry that you’re buying a vehicle that someone already drove on the road before. You can inspect the car before driving it. You can check both the external and internal features. You can also take the car out for a test drive. If you’re not a car expert, you can ask a mechanic to come over and check it. Before you make up your mind, you should feel confident about your decision. You can avoid a car that doesn’t pass your standards.

There are lots of choices too

Although there are not as many as brand-new cars, you can still find a variety of used cars out there. You don’t need to settle for a vehicle that you don’t like because it’s the only available option. Besides, if you can’t find one at a local dealer, you can always go online. You will find reliable online dealers who will give you the vehicle you deserve. For instance, you can check out a Jeep Dealer Wyoming offers for more information.

Don’t force yourself to buy a brand-new car

There’s no shame in buying a used car. If your savings and monthly income only allow you to afford a used model, you can buy one. It’s also easier to negotiate the price of used cars than for brand-new vehicles.

You can consider buying a new model later when you have a stable income source. Check your needs and settle for an option that’s good enough. You also need to financially prepare for the maintenance of your vehicle. Read the warranty terms, and if you’re okay with them, you can close the deal and buy the car.


Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working For You


It’s safe to say that without social media marketing, most companies would be stuck with low lead numbers, decreased brand recognition, and a lack of sales. But what if you’ve joined all of the top social networking sites, but haven’t seen much engagement from your community?

If you’re having issues getting customers to engage or interact, you’re not alone. Getting social media marketing right the first time around isn’t always easy or straight-forward.

Here’s why social media marketing isn’t working for you and what you can do to make this form of marketing as effective and useful as possible.

Content Isn’t Meaningful

Posting meaningless content is as useful as buying followers that turn out to be bot accounts! Cute pet videos and funny memes are expected on social media, and they do grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling.

Social media marketing is all about posting content that is advantageous for you and your followers. Content should be shared in hopes that it will drive leads, conversions, and sales.

To encourage the most engagement, share content that is interesting or useful to your followers. The content you post should also be relevant to your business or industry. When there’s a good mix of promotional content and interesting content, more people are more likely to engage.

Lack of Communication & Interaction

Social media marketing is much more than making posts, tweeting, and sharing photos on Instagram. Consumers and followers want to be able to directly contact your business using social media.

While you may not be able to immediately reply to a message or a question posted in a comment, you’ll want to make a point of treating social media messages as serious inquiries. This means responding to questions and helping consumers with any concerns they may have.

Providing good customer service on social media shows that you care and value your audience.

Communication also involves taking part in conversations. If you’ve got a trending post on your page, take part in the discussion. Followers always like seeing businesses interacting with them and sharing their own views on things.

You’re Too Focused on You & Your Brand

We’ve all had that one annoying friend that spends all of their time talking about themselves. While you may be able to tolerate it for a little while, over time, that friend becomes tiresome to listen to. The same stands true in the social media marketing world.

Talking only about yourself and your brand isn’t engaging or interesting. While you may be tempted to post promotional messages as often as possible, this only causes a decrease in engagement.

Social media is all about interaction and engagement. The idea is to start a conversation and to get people talking. In order to get a high amount of YouTube video likes, you have to create a video that’s worth watching, not one that goes on for minutes about why your brand is so great. The same idea stands true for any content you post on social media.

Limited Business Information

Social media marketing can be used for much more than just posting video content or sharing groundbreaking news that impacts your business. Many people follow business’s posts in order to get updates about what’s going on in your business’s world.

To make the best out of social media marketing, be sure to post things such as:

  • Upcoming promotions
  • First notice of sales
  • New product releases
  • Holiday hours
  • Employee appreciation

This not only entices people to follow and continuously check your social media feeds, but it also brings a human face to your brand. The more in-touch and personable a brand, the easier it is for customers to interact and engage.

You Aren’t Using Video Content

Blogs and posts are great for social media, but if you really want to stay relevant and engage your followers, video content is a must. More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube daily. Around 82% of Twitter users watch video content using the platform.

If you aren’t posting original video content, you’re not engaging your followers! A third of all online activity is spent watching videos. This means that you need to invest in creating short videos that will gain traction among your followers.

Look at some of your most recent blog posts or social media posts. Which ones have gotten the most attention and buzz? With the right topics, you can give your social media followers the content they want in a format that they love.


Social media marketing isn’t as simple as having a presence on each social media site. Instead, there are many things you need to do in order to make this form of marketing beneficial. When social media isn’t providing the results you want, keep these common pitfalls in mind.

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3 Organizing Tips to Add Order to Your Life Now

Becoming organized in life is very important. It is a life skill that many of us must possess to keep our lives in order. It is similar to organizing a desk or room. You take things out and you add some things in. You place things in their proper places, and you make sure you keep it that way.

Regardless of how messy your life is at the moment, what matters most is that you take baby steps towards organizing your life. A small change can mean a lot of things and go a long way. That is why a scheduling app is something you should make use of, and all else will surely fall into its rightful place.

Here are some important tips for becoming organized:


The first step to becoming organized is to simplify. We tend to complicate things in life. So, stop doing this from now on. You should not make a big deal out of your neighbour’s noise, or your little sister’s messy ways. Don’t go creating drama out of your life. It is not going to help you have a fulfilling life experience. As a matter of fact, too much propensity towards drama will only cause misery and self-destruction. Instead, analyse and find ways to avoid stress, negative feelings, thoughts, and everything that can ultimately lead to a sad life. Simplifying also means letting go of anything you can’t control. Let it go, do not wallow in your misery, or else you’ll end up becoming depressed.


If you think only papers and files can go to compartments, think again. This theory is applicable to life’s organization too. The trick here is to know where exactly to put things. For instance, if work is undesirable in the bedroom, refrain from doing it there. In the same vein, your personal life does not belong in the office. Learn to keep personal and work stuff separately. It is when you begin to cross the line that things can start to go haywire and spin out of control!


Relax, chill, de-stress – little words, but they have a huge meaning to someone like you. If your life gets too busy, you simply have to stop and spend some time to reflect on things. Never treat life as a competition or a drag race. If you keep moving at the rate you are going, you might reach a certain point where you are juggling too many tasks at a time. Eventually, you will be unable to keep up. Sometimes, all it takes is just a little breather. Learn to take some time to relax and de-stress. Take a seat and look back at your life, find ways you can really make it organized. These short ‘breathers’ are effective in letting you see through things and find ways you can avoid further disasters in your life.

It is always important that we learn how to become organized. It does not only leave a lasting good impression about us, but it also helps us become a better person and be the best version of ourselves.