The Most Common Men’s Sexual Health Problems

Men can experience sexual health problems at any age. Several mental and physical factors may impede men from achieving sexual pleasure because of one of those two factors mentioned above. Sexual health problems affect men as they get older. The most frequently reported sexual health problems are lack of sexual drive, ejaculation abnormalities, and erectile dysfunction. If you encounter the same issue, there are solutions to help you deal with this problem and get the benefit from erectile dysfunction treatments Australia. Below you will find further explanations about common sexual dysfunctions.

  • Lack of libido

This issue corresponds to a decline in the urge or enthusiasm for having sexual activity. It naturally happens when the amount of testosterone is decreased. Meanwhile, testosterone plays an important role in stimulating sexual drive, releasing sperm, core strength, bone, and hair. If testosterone levels are decreased, it will bring a negative impact on both your psychological and physical state.

Additionally, relationship issues and emotional problems such as depression and anxiety can also contribute to the reduction in sexual desires. Not only you should pay attention to mental health, but also to your physical condition because hypertension and diabetes can also lead to a lack of libido.

  • Retrograde ejaculation

This problem is usually encountered by men who suffer from diabetes and have nerve problems due to this illness. Diabetes tends to damage the nerve in the bladder and the bladder neck. As a result, the ejaculation does not flow properly. In some cases, it may occur as an adverse reaction to certain medications or prostate surgery.

  • Early ejaculation

When men ejaculate shortly after penetration or even before, you should beware that it may be a sign of early ejaculation. It is frequently caused by feeling stressed or anxious that they may not perform at their best or the fear that their partner will not be satisfied. Therefore, it is important to be relaxed before initiating sexual intercourse. It is also recommended to talk with your partner to find the right way to please each other during sexual activity, so you won’t be pressured by fear. If you experience premature ejaculation due to therapies or medications, you can also be open to your partner about it, so they can understand your condition and may accompany you in finding the best solution with the help of a professional.

  • Sexual dysfunction

Understandably, you feel stressed when you are not able to achieve an erection or maintain a firm and stable erection during sexual intercourse. You should keep in mind that it is normal to happen, particularly to men who are 40 years old or above. This problem is generally caused by poor blood circulation to the penis as a result of artery hardening. Additionally, nerve issues, relationship problems, feeling depressed, and confidence issues can also be the cause of this sexual problem.

Now you understand the common men’s sexual health issues, you need to pay extra attention to your sexual health to prevent or overcome it. If you already encounter symptoms of those issues, you can always reverse the condition with the help of a professional.