Marketing Pro Jurgen Cautreels Shares How To Enter The Digital Marketing Industry In 2022

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Breaking into digital marketing, you can learn digital marketing and successfully enter the industry without enrolling in a college or university course. All you have to do to begin a career in digital marketing is to utilize internet resources to learn the necessary skills and serve customers all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

Nonetheless, it can be difficult for you to break into the industry successfully after learning. This is because it is not something you are familiar with

Speaking to the marketing pro, Jurgen Cautreels, he shared with us what we need to know about entering the digital marketing industry successfully.

Jurgen Caurtels, what is the first thing a person should know?

It would be best if you learned the basic scope and fundamentals of digital marketing. If you just want to venture into the digital marketing field, the first and most apparent step is knowing what digital marketing is and its primary components.

Digital marketing (online marketing) is a broad phrase that refers to the practice of marketing on the Internet. It covers all aspects of internet marketing. You must understand that digital marketing is a collection of processes (channels) that may be used in a campaign rather than a single discipline.

What are the different sorts of digital marketing jobs?

There are many different types of digital marketing jobs available, which means there are many different career paths to choose from. The most common ones we all hear of include Search engine optimization (SEO), Email marketing, content management, video/audio production curation, and e-commerce.

Jurgen Caurtels, how do you know the field to focus on?

Deciding on the area to specialize in is entirely your decision to make. No one can choose what best suits you. However, you can ask yourself personal questions like, “What do I love doing?”, “Is it preferable for me to work alone or with others?” and “What are my present strengths?”

Once I know what I want to do, what next the next thing to do is?

You have to get certifications. It may be hard for anyone to hire you if you do not have a digital marketing certification.

The easiest way to receive a Google Ads certification is to get one via Google. Google provides several resources to help you become a Google AdWords expert. Earning a certification is wonderful to demonstrate to customers or future employers that you possess the requisite abilities.

Once you are done learning, what do next?

You should consider getting a genuine job as a digital marketing assistant or an intern at an established business as a great way to quickly develop your abilities and expertise.

I personally recommend this since you will get valuable insight into how a contemporary digital marketing firm operates and will be able to use some of their best digital marketing practices if you later decide to establish your own agency or work for another business as a digital marketing specialist.

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