7 Ideas for a DIY Kids’ Birthday Party

If you’re having a birthday party for your child, the last thing you want is to spend tons of money on decorations and other equipment. Instead, take advantage of what’s in your house already! Most of our homes have plenty of stuff we can use to decorate the party: balloons, Waterproof tablecloth and napkins, plates and cups – just go through your house or make a list of things you have in mind. It’s free, and you’re helping the environment by reusing instead of buying new stuff.

And here are some other ideas to help you make your party the best ever:

1. Create a universe

Turn your dining room table into a mini planetarium with a round lampshade and glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling. It might be hard for kids to stick them all up there, so make it easier for them by using an adhesive spray or tape (you can even use invisible tape so no one knows it’s there). For the rest of the table, use paper plates and napkins, your kid’s favourite snacks, and a soft drink bottle for a comet.

2. Use balloons to create a centrepiece

Balloons and parties go together like jam and peanut butter. To make something really special, you could easily create an eye catching balloon display. It’s far easier than you may think and will help add real pizzazz to any children’s party.

3. Create your own cake toppers

Use your child’s favourite toys or characters and let everyone have fun decorating your cake toppers. You can also use paint, markers, stickers, or even homemade decorations like glitter glue or glitter art paint.

4. Make your own cards

You can make party invitations, birthday or thank you cards and decorations with sticker paper or a whiteboard and markers!

5. Decorate with playdough

You could make a pinata or use the playdough to create a decorated cake table by making a kids’ table with playdough and other decorations. You can also use playdough to create an alien planet or one of your kid’s favourite characters! The options are endless.

6. Make magic wands

A little magic will bring your party to life. A magic wand is a very simple decoration that looks great on a children’s table. It can be made from cardboard, dowelling or thin wood, or even by using a piece of cloth that you twist and stretch.

7. Paint with love

If you’re taking your kids to some kind of special place, why not make your own special memories by creating fond memories of your own. Make your own children’s birthday card with stickers or create some kind of special painting with paint pens and markers that will be used again on the birthday itself (or perhaps even at another time). You could even have someone else do it for you if you’re not keen on painting yourself!

Whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Your kids will remember that they spent time with friends and family far more than they’ll remember what gifts they got.