Cannabis: the new aphrodisiac for more pleasure

Oysters and chocolate have always been known as the best aphrodisiac to improve the time in pleasure and have a better experience than before. The two being the most popular ones, often chosen by people but seldom people study about other consumables, and edible items are substances that can act as an aphrodisiac and give better results. If you are still confused about what it can be, then it is none other than Cannabis.

People who are have consumed Cannabis before have tried the effects of Cannabis when having sex. they noticed a major difference between the time when they did not consume Cannabis before having sex and the time when they did. Often people would tell you how the consumption of Cannabis increases their lasting time. People also quote that consumption of Cannabis might be related to relaxation. So when you feel relaxed and your mood is light, you will automatically feel better. So when you dive into the Act, you are completely in a state of relief and focus only on the Act, and you are having pleasure the more pleasure you have, your brain is wired to you to take as much of it as possible hence the duration of the process increases a. When the duration is increased and you last longer, you are definitely bound to have a better orgasm.

Suppose you think that it is only their users that claim this fact. In that case, you should know about different studies that have been done on the benefits of Cannabis consumption. one of its benefits is how you can be in a state of relief on consumption which allows you to have a better sex drive. Many studies and researches have shown that 68% of the people who use Cannabis as an aphrodisiac have claimed to get better results than the time when they have not depended on any kind of prior food indulgence. Many studies have also revealed that different strains are also dependent on how your body reacts at the time. If you are not into smoking or vaping these strains, even then, you have certain options to get Cannabis in your system. Often people who do not like smoking or vaping go for Cannabis-infused products. and since people have come across the fact that Cannabis can act as an aphrodisiac, they have included edibles like Stoney gummies bears, Rave gummies, etc. The purpose of taking these edibles has always been to experience the pleasure that people can get.

How can strains affect your drive?

Suppose there is a time when you want to relax after a stressful day at work, or you just want to relax your body on the weekend to be ready for the next day. For this, there are many streams that can help. People often consume certain strains to relax their minds and body. While consumption of certain strains relaxes your body, they also induce sleepiness and lethargy in your body. So if you are looking for some action, your body is in sleep mode, so it won’t be able to react the way it should. It is very important that you properly study about the strain before consuming it. Some strains are known to give you body-high while some give head- high. What kind of a strainThis is why the strain that you consume is very important. You must look for the after-effects of the strain that you are consuming so that when you consume a strain to have the best sex, then a strain that induces sleepiness is a strict no-no!

How long before should you consume it?

When you consume a strain or edible like the nerds rope edible effects can vary. The time of effects showing up depends on when you are consuming, how much quantity you are taking, and how you are consuming it. For example, if you consume Cannabis orally, it might take a little time to kick in, but if you are smoking then, you can feel the effects very fast. Since this article is talking about an aphrodisiac and consuming it, We will focus on the edibles. The basic problem with edibles is that when you ingest, it has to go through your system before the properties of Cannabis are extracted and spread in your system.

When the edibles are consumed, they have to first break down in your stomach and go through your digestive tract. Once it is digested, the properties are extracted and enter your bloodstream. Only after they are in your bloodstream will you experience the effects of Cannabis. With smoking and vaping, they are instantly absorbed by your system; it will take almost 10 to 20 minutes to experience the effects. When you are consuming the edibles, you will have to wait some time between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Hence you can plan your Act accordingly.


There has been very little knowledge about aphrodisiacs among people. Even the ones that people know are very common and are the only ones that people believe and help them with their sex drive. But it is not true, there is not one, but hundreds of food items which are consumed together can boost your energy and libido. It affects your mode and strength, so it lasts longer and has a good overall experience. Some of these aphrodisiacs also affect your strength, so you feel more energetic and active when you consume them. One of the aphrodisiacs that people often don’t know much about is Cannabis. Talking about Cannabis, you must try your next session with your partner only after consuming it. Think about us when you notice the difference.