4 Ways To Ensure Safety Of Your Child In Car

Every parent tries their best to ensure the safety of their child. We invest in the best quality cots and cribs to make a safe nursery for our babies. When they start crawling, we put a safety lock on every socket, cover every sharp corner, and lock drawers and cupboards so that our baby does not injure herself when we are busy with our chores. Providing a safe and secure environment for our babies is our top priority.

We learn and research ways to protect our children from injuries at home. However, not very often do we know the safety protocols to ensure when traveling with the baby. We think that putting a baby in a car seat in the back is the safest thing and that there is nothing required. Well, you may be wrong. Here are a few tips to ensure that your child remains safe when you travel by car.

Invest In Best Quality Car Seat

A car seat is the most essential thing you must invest in for the safety of your child. Never keep your baby in your lap when traveling by car. In case you have to pull brakes suddenly you might put your baby at risk. Find the best car seat at Maxi-Cosi NZ.

The car seat should be of high quality. Make sure that the buckles are in place and there is no damage to the strap of the belt. Use both the shoulder and the lap belts. Make sure the baby seat is well-adjusted on the car seat and the belts are in place.

Positioning Of Car Seat

Many parents put their babies at great risk because they do not know how to position the car seat properly. The experts advise that babies less than 30 months of age should never face the front. Place the car seat facing the rear view of the car. In case you pull the brakes suddenly, the impact will not put any strain on the baby’s fragile neck and head.

The car seat should always be placed on the backseat of the car, ideally in the middle. Never place the car seat on the front passenger seat, or with the seat having airbags.

Put The Child Lock

Even when your baby is small, make sure you put on a child lock. Kids can be unpredictable. You never know when they learn new things. If your baby has started noticing things and has a grasp on the pinching position of the hands, she can try to unlock the door.

Make sure you put the child lock on your car’s door just for an additional layer of safety and peace of your mind.

Never Leave The Baby Unattended

Lastly, you should never leave your child alone in the car. Even if you are going for a quick run to the store, make sure you take your child with you.

Closed cars can build up gases when parked under the sun. These gases can be harmful and may suffocate your child.