4 Ways to Pass Time During a Layover at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport, colloquially known as Bangkok Airport, is one of the biggest airports in Southeast Asia; it’s the 21st busiest airport in the world and 11th busiest in the continent. As a gateway to the region and a connecting point for many international carriers, millions of passengers pass through it every year, with many of them popping into the city proper on a long layover. Below are some of the things you can do in and around the area if you need to kill a few hours, and a couple of suggestions for longer overnight layovers:

Relax and Freshen Up

Overnight layovers can be a drag. If you’d rather rest your head and wake up refreshed for your flight out the next day, there are several hotels near Suvarnabhumi Airport where you can grab a shower and turn in for the night. Searching using “โรงแรมใกล้สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ” may yield you more results, though they may be in Thai and difficult to navigate if you don’t speak the language. Airport hotels are an option for those who don’t wish to stray too far, too—rooms are available for rent in 4, 6, and 12-hour increments. Going for a massage in one of the many spas available inside the airport is a great way to relieve muscles sore from traveling; they offer a wide range of services, including express massages, hour-long Thai massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures.

Take a Transit Tour

If you have a minimum of 6 spare hours to wait until your connecting flight and don’t want to think too much about how you’d like to spend them, inquiring with the airport tour desk nets you fifteen different options, ranging anywhere from 4 up to 12 hours. These include a tour of the city and some temples, the Erawan Museum, the Grand Palace, some of the more popular markets, and so on. You can leave your baggage with AIRPORTELs Bangkok, a luggage storage facility that is open 24 hours, and just take your essentials with you. Keep in mind that if you plan on going shopping, you may need to exchange your currency or withdraw cash from a machine.

Visit an Outdoor Market

Some of the best eats and bargain shopping in Thailand can be found in Bangkok’s famous outdoor night markets. Suvarnabhumi Flea Market is the closest to the airport; a short ten-minute or less ride if you take a taxi, which is convenient if you’re pressed for time but don’t want to spend it cooped up in the airport. If you only have 3 hours or so to spare, this is one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the local culture and have a phenomenal meal at the same time, as roadside stalls and friendly vendors hawk incredible Thai dishes and succulent tropical fruit.

Visit Khao San Road

This backpacker’s paradise recently caught the attention of the local government and has since become somewhat more commercialized. Nevertheless, Khao San Road has retained most of its charms, and now it’s one of the most popular areas to visit in Bangkok. Spring roll and pad thai stalls freely mix with international restaurants serving everything from burgers and fries to falafel and hummus. During the day, it’s an excellent shopping destination if you’re into local curios and handicrafts. At night, it comes alive: you’ll find some great bars and nightclubs here, if you’re in the mood to stay up all night long. Seek out Gazebo in particular, a rooftop dance club and bar that was recently voted as one of the world’s best. The drinks are excellent, the kitchen serves terrific food, and great live bands perform nightly.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the better places to be stuck in for a layover: with its proximity to Bangkok and various methods of getting into the city, it’s completely possible to have a mini-holiday in Thailand before getting on your connecting flight. Just make sure to keep an eye on the clock and factor in enough time for unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic or a particularly long immigration queue. Beyond that, enjoy your short stay in the Land of a Thousand Smiles!

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Top Travel Destinations Across Canada

Canada is the largest country in all of North America, contrary to popular belief, and its lands are beautiful and vast. They don’t refer to Canada as “The Great White North” for nothing. It’s miles of untamed natural landscape earned the title honestly.

There are forests, prairies, beaches, mountains, and arctic plains all in one country. No matter how you plan your route to explore Canada, you’ll encounter gorgeous scenery. Check out a few of the best travel destinations Canada has to offer, and start planning your trip today.

The great Niagara Falls

One of the most popular hotspots in Canada is the great Niagara Falls. Millions of people make the trip to see this gigantic spectacle every year.

Tourists are granted the opportunity to take a ferry down to the bottom of the falls, and get a whole different perspective of its massive greatness. Make sure you add this historic beauty to your itinerary when you begin exploring Canada.

Whistler is a winter wonderland

Whistler is Canada’s winter wonderland, but it’s great to visit any time of the year. Families go to Whistler for skiing, golfing, and other winter sports. There are endless opportunities to get into some fun while visiting Whistler.

The nearby locations of Vancouver and Surrey also offer plenty to explore. Plan your road trip route through these cities, just make sure to keep your eyes on the road. The sights may be gorgeous, but they’re not worth having a car accident in Surrey, Canada.

Banff National Park

Alberta plays host to the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. The park presents some of the most breathtaking landscapes your mind can imagine.

You’ve likely seen something close on a travel show, but taking in the spectacle that is Banff National Park live and in living color is something else entirely. The lakes are turquoise with snow-capped mountains as the backdrop.

You can stay in Banff, as there is a small town at the end of the route. There are plenty of shops and diners to keep your day supplied with activities, or you can simply sit back to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Toronto is a spectacle in itself

Toronto is the largest city in the country, and home to the famed CN Tower. The CN Tower is the most prominent visual spectacle of the Toronto skyline, and the top of the architectural wonder features a revolving restaurant.

Enjoy a fine dining experience hovering over the whole of the city with a 360 degree view. The CN Tower is truly an interesting structure to explore, and it even lights up in different colors when night falls over the city.

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Ways to Avoid Problems During a Family Trip

Travelling with your family is fun. You are heading out with the people you love. The problem is that when you have kids with you, it could end up in a disaster. They will be beyond control. They might also have tons of requests that you cannot provide since you are not home. These tips will help you avoid having problems during the trip and enjoy your moment as a family.

Plan ahead

You need to plan everything before leaving. It includes accommodation, your arrival, and the things you will need to take. It is crucial that you check the things that your kids need and could not do without. Some kids might want a toy that they cannot sleep without or a particular type of food that they need to eat due to their dietary restrictions. Some might also have medical issues, and you need an entire medicine kit with you for the trip.

Save up

You cannot plan a family trip when you know you do not have enough money to pay for the trip. You will incur tons of expenses along the way, and it will be challenging if you do not have enough money. Your kids might also be asking you to buy them things that are not in your budget. You do not want to humiliate them in public because you cannot afford what they want. Unless you are financially ready for this trip, you might have to postpone it for a while. Apart from your kids, you might also argue with your partner due to money problems.

Stick with the plan and inform everyone about it

You need to have a family meeting to determine where you are going and how long you will stay in one place. Make sure that your entire family is aware of the plans. Even your kids might have suggestions on where to go. Once you have finalised the plan, you cannot change anything; otherwise, it could lead to more problems along the way.

Prepare for the worst

You always need to have a backup plan if your original plan does not work or if there are unexpected circumstances. You also need to extend your patience since your kids will most likely act differently when they are outside your house.

Start booking now

You need to do a lot on this trip. You have to reserve tickets to child-friendly destinations. You might also need to book a table in a family restaurant. If you are planning to staying a hotel, you need to reserve a room now before there are no rooms left. You can check out family breaks Oxfordshire hotels offer since they will be worth paying for if you want to have a great time on your short holiday.

If you still encounter problems with your trip, you can learn from the experience so that you will not repeat them the next time.

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Explore A New Region: Best Travel Destinations In The Western United States

The Western region of the United States offers a completely different landscape, plenty of natural wonders to be explored, and a radically different culture than the Eastern region of the States. It’s truly a land to find adventure.

From the heights of the great Rocky Mountains to the shores of the West Coast, there’s a new experience around every turn. Check out a brief overview of just a few of the cool things you can explore in the Western United States, and start planning your next emprise today.

The Mormon Temple & Capitol City

Salt Lake City is a place you don’t want to miss. It’s like you’re in a whole different world, and the SLC happens to be home to the 19th-century Mormon Temple.

Drive along the roads of a city that has a very challenging history and present. Drive safely in Salt Lake City to avoid drawing attention to yourself, especially if you are gay or dark skinned. The area isn’t the friendliest to those who walk a different path.

Salt Lake hosts the largest population of Mormon polygamists in the nation, and the community is built on the Latter Day Saints religion. Though non-mormons are not allowed in the Temple, the building is still an absolute work of art.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

San Francisco also has quite a colorful history, but in quite a different way compared to the SLC. San Fran is home to the great Golden Gate Bridge, the famed Lombard Street, and some of the friendliest people in the nation.

Explore the charming city of San Francisco by trolley for a whole new experience. The city is also quite friendly to the foodies of the world, so you know you can get a good meal visiting this destination.

Drive along the historic Route 66

The pavement for the historic Route 66 was laid nearly a century ago as one of the very first highways in the whole of the U.S. The route was eventually replaced with an elaborate systems of interstate highways, but the beauty of Route 66 can never be replaced.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, and it follows the path of the Colorado River. Which makes perfect sense, because the waters of the Colorado River are what carved such an intricate thing of beauty into the landscape.

Beyond the rim of the Grand Canyon, a few skilled hikers have taken the complete journey through the length of the entire canyon. Though the river runs 277 miles through the canyon, a hike through the wonder is more like 700 miles.

Los Angeles and Hollywood

California’s City of Angels has so much to see that you may not get it all done in one trip. If you choose LA as your Western destination, be ready to have a unique experience. From Disneyland to Hollywood, the opportunities are endless.

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The 15 best things to see and do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city of contrasts in which stands out a mixture of Chinese tradition and modernity that make it a unique place. The former British colony is full of futuristic skyscrapers that have made it one of the capitals of the business world, although it must also be said that inequality and overpopulation have not taken away the charm of its ancient traditions. Seeing its skyline at night, climbing Victoria Peak, eating delicious Cantonese or international cuisine, touring the street markets or playing in the casinos of Macau, are just some of the many things to see and do in Hong Kong. But if you want to gamble, trying onlinecasinodeutschland.com.de is our recommendation.


Taking as reference the 4 days we spent touring the city during our trip to China in 26 days by free, we have compiled a list of the 15 best things to see and do in Hong Kong. We start!

1. Walk Tung Choi street day and night. We will be at the Ladies Market, the most famous street market in Hong Kong.
2. Visit the Wong Tai Sin Temple, one of the most beautiful in Hong Kong. Its coloring and the smoke of the incense make it a magical place.
3. Get lost in the Mong Kok neighborhood, the most commercial and most crowded area of ​​Hong Kong. The neon lights, the posters, the restaurants, its old streets and its atmosphere will make you feel like in a movie.
4. Take the Star Ferry, the ship that crosses from Kowloon to the island of Hong Kong. If you can do it several times to have good pictures of the skyline both day and night.
5. Eat the best Dim Sum, steamed muffins stuffed with different ingredients, in the restaurant One Dim Sum Chinese.
6. Go up at sunset to Victoria Peak, to have the best views of Hong Kong day and night.
7. Stroll through the Mid-Levels area full of shops, flea markets, bars, street stalls with a great atmosphere.
8. See the contrast between the Hong Kong Park and the skyscrapers that surround it.
9. Book a cruise on the Aqua Luna boat, a traditional Chinese junk, while enjoying the light show and the Skyline, one of the best things to see and do in Hong Kong.
10. Go out for a drink in the area of ​​Lan Kwai Fong, full of bars, restaurants and pubs with a great atmosphere.

More things to see and do in Hong Kong

11. Order the cabin with the transparent floor when boarding the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. Of course, this option is not suitable for people with fear of heights. You can reserve here the entrance to the cable car.

12. Find the statue of Bruce Lee and the tracks of Jackie Chan on the Avenue of the Stars.

13. Disconnect from the city in Kowloon Park, a nice park in the middle of the city where we can see people practicing tai chi, martial arts, dancing …
14. Eat delicious local food at the Tim Ho Wan Sham Shui Po restaurant, one of the best things to do in Hong Kong.
15. Take the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car to see the impressive Great Buddha Tian Tian.

There are still other tourist objects, but 15 above must not be ignored.


Four Places To Truly Unwind With Your Family This Summer

Are you looking for the ideal spot to visit with your kids this summer? Finding the right vacation destination isn’t always easy when you are traveling with the whole family. Everyone has different ideas about what makes the best kind of break and while the kids might be having a wonderful time, all too often, parents are more stressed at the end of their trip than they were at the start! Conversely, when parents choose a spot that suits their preferences, kids often get bored and we all know that bored kids lead to stressed parents!

With this in mind, it’s time to plan a vacation for this year that everyone will love and which will leave every family member feeling relaxed. Here are four places that you should go that will ensure everyone from the oldest to the youngest will be able to truly unwind and have a fantastic time.


The Caribbean is always a wonderful spot to visit at any time of year, whether you’re traveling as a couple, solo or with the kids. With so many all-inclusive resorts, it makes sense to go here on your vacation with the entire family since there’s something to keep everyone happy. There are often luxury spas for moms and dads to enjoy while children can attend the kids clubs and have as much activity as they can handle. There are often private beaches attached to the best resorts, and while the kids can paddle in the sea and dig in the sand, parents can recline on the sands on a comfortable lounger, sipping a cocktail and reading a good book – what could be better? In the evenings, the whole family can enjoy a leisurely meal together in a specialty restaurant and enjoy all-inclusive entertainment into the night. There are also lots of great day trips to take together. How about swimming with dolphins? Climbing a waterfall? Or riding a zipline? It’s all possible here.

Disney World, Florida

If there’s one place that everyone should take at least one family vacation in their lifetime, it’s Disney World in Florida. The key to a relaxing Disney vacation is to take it easy. Book a Disney resort and you’ll be on the doorstep of all the attractions. There’s free transportation too so you won’t need to drive. With the meal packages available, there’ll be no need to cook during your break and with entertainment on tap you’ll never have to think about what to do to keep the kids occupied. With fantastic pools, outdoor movies and plenty of free things to enjoy, once you’ve paid the cost of your vacation you’ll have a wonderful time with no additional expense.

National Park Camping

Wherever in the country you’d like to visit, a National Park camping site could be the ideal spot for your relaxing family vacation, and it won’t cost the earth either. There’s something about life under canvas which makes you really unwind and with less modern conveniences around you, you can really enjoy some quality time. Enjoy activities like horse riding, kayaking and canoeing and have campfires in the evening where you can toast some S’mores – what’s not to enjoy?

Take A Cruise

Although a cruise isn’t exactly a place to visit, it’s certainly a destination in its own right. There’s no more relaxing way to take a break with the children in tow. There are activities to keep the little ones occupied all day long and for parents there are spas, adults-only areas and plenty of bars where liquid refreshment is available to aid with relaxation! There are also lots of off-ship activities to enjoy too. You’ll have the thrill of seeing a new country every day and plenty of options for tours around historic monuments, sporting activities or sightseeing trips. Don’t forget to take a splash-proof backpack to protect your things if you’re going to be participating in any kind of water-related activities since you don’t want your precious family items to be damaged!

Any of these four ideas could be perfect for you for your next family vacation. They’ll keep you and the kids relaxed, calm and happy, ready to return to everyday life!


A Guide To Travelling To London

If you’ve made the decision to plan a whirlwind trip of London, simply continue reading to discover a simple guide to travelling to London.

A guide to travelling to London: 

How to choose a hotel:

It’s well worth opting to book accommodation at any of the centrally located hotels in london that are located within a stone’s throw of most of London’s most famous attractions such as The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong booking a hotel that is located within a few minutes walk of one of the city’s underground train stops. As the best way to get around London is via the Tube.

If money is no object, you may want to consider staying at a luxury four or five star hotel, such as The Savoy, which is located next to Convent Garden and which boasts 267 opulently decorated suites. There are lots of options for places to stay and you can book hotels easily.

What to experience:

1. A double decker tour of the city

If you’ve never visited London before and want to quickly get orientated, do yourself a huge favor and book a double decker tour of the city, on your first full day in London. As you’ll be able to view many of London’s most famous landmarks from the top of an iconic red, double decker bus.

As an added benefit, your guide will narrate your journey with handy facts and fascinating stories about some of the buildings which your bus passes through.

2. The Tower of London

Make sure to book an escorted tour of the Tower of London, to get a chance to see the crown jewels up close and to learn about some of the famous names who were imprisioned in the Tower of London. Some examples of which include British royalty, many of which were executed in the tower’s grounds.

3. Book a ride on the London Eye

For incredible bird’s eye views of London, make sure to book a ride on the London Eye. Which was originally created to celebrate the new millennium.

4. Shop for souvenirs of your London trip at Harrods 

Harrods is a luxury historic department store which can be found in the suburb of Knightsbridge and which was founded over 170 years ago. Whilst spending time shopping in Harrods it’s all well worth grabbing a bite to eat at one of Harrods famous food halls or booking a high tea experience.

Even if you don’t see yourself dropping hundreds of even thousands of dollars on designer items which are sold at Harrods, there are plenty of Harrod branded souvenirs such as teddy bears, tote bags and pens to purchase as a memento of your first trip to Harrods.

5. Hyde Park 

Hyde Park is arguably the most iconic park in all of London and is comprised of four royal parks which are interconnected. If you feel like taking a stroll on a sunny day in London, it’s well worth heading straight to Hyde park.

6. Grab a bite to eat at London’s Hard Rock Cafe

London’s Hard Rock Cafe is located directly across the road from Hyde Park and is the perfect place to grab a bit of lunch.

So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to visit London and to experience all that London has to offer!

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Anouk Govil – What is Life Like On The East Coast of America?

I met my now partner Anouk Govil in Connecticut when we were just children, growing up together in the same street, and then we even studied together as students once we reached university age. The strange thing about all of this was that I never really knew Anouk until we reached university, and the rest as they say is history. Three years ago we made the decision to move from Connecticut to the bright light of New York. Naturally we often meet people from all over the world who are here to visit, and many often ask me what life is like here in the east coast. I have had a think about this question and here are the points that I would make.

Cold Winters 

You often see shots of the Connecticut coast or New York in summertime and it always look absolutely beautiful, and the truth is that when the sun shines down, it most certainly is. The wintertime and fall on the other hand, are not pleasant months. During these months we get snow and icy temperatures, plus the fact that the days are much shorter. Strangely this actually has an impact on people’s mood and it makes sense I guess when you wake up in the dark, and go to bed in the dark, constantly wrapping up to protect yourself from the cold.


Having traveled quite a bit around the USA, especially the West Coast, I wholeheartedly accept that there is an argument to be made about how much happier everyone else is apart from the east coast. I think that this comes down to the history of the area, with a lot of industry here on the east like dock yards and construction which dominated employment for many years. That combined with the cold winter temperatures have made us a hardy bunch who get things done. You find that in sunnier areas that people are happier because there is a lot that they don’t need to worry about, the beach, fresh fruit and sunshine are often all people need to be happy, a luxury which we just don’t have here on the east coast.


It isn’t so bad in places like Connecticut but in New Jersey and New York there is a notion that we are quite rude, but I like to think we are just direct. We can appear rude when talking to people but the truth is that we just don’t have any time for flannel, we need to know what we need to know and then move on. Again i think that much of this comes down to the climate, the way of life and the hard-working nature of the east coast, and that is why nobody argues like they do over this side of the US.

I love the east coast and I am proud to say that I am from here and despite the negatives that people may throw our way, it is the best place to live in the country!

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Tatiana Kukanova Surviving in the UK

I first met Tatiana Kukanova when I was 18, I was on a school trip to a business event for students in New York and she was representing her local school. In fact we first butted heads over a debate which were having about the impact of fossil fuels, a debate which I would probably say that I just edged. Anyway we swapped details and stayed in touch and then some years later we decided to go into business together here in the UK. Tatiana is originally from California so you can only imagine the culture shock which she received when she eventually hit British shores, especially given the fact that we were going to be working between London and the north of Scotland. I have almost enjoyed watching Tatiana over the last 12 months, learning how to cope with the UK and finding her place here, and here is how her first year has gone.


I actually met Tatiana in Edinburgh airpot when she first came over and from there we headed up to Inverness. Shortly after we hit the road I decided to stop at a service station for a drink, we both got out of the car and began chatting when suddenly I realized that I hadn’t heard from her for a little while. I turned around to see her frozen still, some 10 meters back, exclaiming that it was too cold to move. I will never forget that moment, it was absolutely hilarious and a perfect introduction for her. Needless to say she now wraps up and puts on plenty of layers to cope with the cold.


Although we speak the same language it is fair to say that it isn’t always easy for a Californian to make themselves understood, or even understand others. Naturally this is far more interesting when we go to northern Scotland because the accent is so thick up there. I must tell you that to watch two people who speak the same language not being able to understand a word of what the other says was absolutely hilarious and I have probably lost count of the amount of times that I have had to translate English into easy-to-understand English.


Us Brits love our manners, almost too much I would suggest and that is something which Tatiana learned very quickly as well. The one that catches most people out is when we apologize for something which quite clearly wasn’t our fault, and this is something which has completely bemused Tatiana on more than one occasion. I can remember our first week in London together when we were in a supermarket and Tatiana smashed into someone else’s trolley, naturally Tatiana apologized but so too did the poor soul who got the whack, and it left Tatiana completely confused.  

There have been many funny anecdotes like this since Tatiana came to the UK and it is truly fascinating to watch someone learn to fit into a different culture, and often very funny.

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The World’s Coolest Airports: Right Now and the Near Future


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From the family who occasionally flies to a vacation destination to businesspeople who find themselves on an airplane once a week, most people will eventually spend time at an airport. For some, the process of getting through security checkpoints and then waiting for the plane to arrive is a boring task on their way to the next destination.

Others, however, have the good fortune of traveling to or from some of the world’s coolest airports in terms of design, architecture, amenities, or technology. Below are just a handful of airports that travelers may want to add to their bucket list.

Los Angeles International Airport

Known as LAX to the flying public, the inclusion of this airport on a list of the worlds’ coolest may come as a surprise to some. As the busiest airport on the West Coast of the United States, LAX has been primarily known for its congestion until beginning a modernization project in 2010 that will not commence until 2023.

The upgrades will include the addition of 12 new aircraft gates in the Mindfield Satellite Concourse, renovation to several terminals, and an Automated People Mover (APM). The latter is a train system that makes a 2.25-mile loop and stops at six stations to connect travelers to pick-up and drop-off locations, rental car counters, and the regional rail system.

Singapore Changi Airport

An airport receiving a nomination as the best in the world from Skytrax is similar to an actor winning a Golden Globe. Based in the United Kingdom, Skytrax is a consultancy firm that ranks airports and airlines. Singapore Changi Airport received this award not once, but five years in a row.

Considering that this airport comes complete with a free movie theater, swimming pools on the rooftop, a 40-foot slide between floors on Terminal 3, and a butterfly garden with 1,000 occupants, the Skytrax award is easy to understand. Walking from one gate to the next is quite an adventure here.

Beijing Capital International Airport

Affectionally called the Big Starfish, designers created this two-mile airport to look like a dragon when looking at it from an aerial view. Its colorful design represents all colors native to China. Thanks to its sustainable lighting, visitors to Big Starfish will enjoy yellow and red lights bouncing off the roof. They might also wish to visit the rooftop garden.

Beijing Capital International Airport has earned a reputation as an environmentally friendly and extremely modern airport. This is a good thing since layovers here can last an entire day. With Tiananmen Square not too far away, those waiting for their next plane can make a day of exploring the local culture.

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Architects in Spain understand that traveling by plane can be stressful. This is the reason they designed this airport with paned glass instead of solid walls and carefully planned illumination effects. They also created a dome roof to allow natural light to shine inside of the airport. It didn’t take long to prove that these measures helped to dramatically decrease the stress of people traveling by plane.

These airports join a few dozen others in the world that regularly inspire the wow factor in travelers. They bring new meaning to the expression “Getting there is half the fun.”

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