Offbeat Destinations in Nevada

Chances are that you have heard of Bellagio over Cactus Pete’s Resort in Jackpot. The reason for this? Well, there are plenty of hidden gems in Nevada that often get overlooked. Irrespective of whether you look for the glamor or the glitz, or simply wish for solitude right in the speck middle of the desert state, you are sure to find a diverse culture here that you are missing out on! To keep up with your search, here are some of the offbeat destinations that you should perhaps include in your itinerary for Nevada:

  1. Jackpot

    Being a town that truly lives up to Nevada, Jackpot is one of the best gambling hubs that you can find. The reason behind this city being born is because Idaho became strict about their laws. It was conveniently nestled right in the middle of Nevada and Idaho. Initially, it was a simple cabin that had plenty of slot machines, the town grew and today houses some of the best destinations for recreation. Our top pick? Well, we recommend you to book a stay at Cactus Pete’s Resort in Jackpot to get the best of a slightly laid back Vegas!

  2. Reno

    When it comes to Northern Nevada, Reno is pretty much the King. It is the largest city on this side and offers quite a blend of cultural, outdoor, fun and gaming attractions. Enjoy the outdoor activities here right by Lake Tahoe or simply enjoy the ski facilities. Visit Sierra Arts or simply head to the Nevada Museum of Art here, where you can enjoy a lot of amusement and entertainment options.

  3. Carson City

    As it is the capital of Nevada, Carson City has an amazing mélange of cultural, outdoor and historic activities to offer to you. Find attractions that match your taste. Historic buffs would love this place. Start with Nevada State Capitol as well as visit the Railroad museum and enjoy taking a ride here.

  4. Henderson

    While looking for ideal Nevadian getaways, we recommend you visit the City of Henderson. It makes for quite an ideal option and is right at the base. You can find some of the best attractions here. These include the Vegas Strip lake mead and even the Hoover Dam at a close vicinity. So, basically if you want a base where you can put yourself up, without spending a bomb, and enjoy the best of Vegas; then Henderson is your best bet.

  5. Fire State Park

You should also explore Fire State Park if you get a chance. This red sandstone valley has beautiful rock formations. It has been drawing in visitors to Nevada’s largest and oldest state park since the year 1935. It is situated in the vicinity of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

The best part about these hidden towns is that they have amazing properties such as Cactus Pete Resort in Jackpot and Golden Nugget in Reno. You can book your accommodations in advance and enjoy these cities to the fullest.