The best festivals to visit around the world 


In such troubling and challenging times, we all need something to look forward to. We may not be able to venture out and socialise as much as we’d like, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop planning things to enjoy with our loved ones once we’ve returned to some form of normality.

That might include the simple pleasure of popping over to the neighbours for a barbecue and a few drinks, or it might involve travelling up and down the country to visit family. Others, meanwhile, may feel more liberated once the restrictions have been lifted and will set their sights on a more extravagant way to celebrate the end of lockdown.

For those seeking a splash of adventure and culture, there are no end of festivals to be enjoyed around the world. If you fancy a trip overseas alongside a trusted companion, be sure to book your flights early and make savings with web duo tickets to get you to the airport. After all, you want such a special trip to start off in style. Here, we’ve picked out a handful of the best festivals you might like to try…


La Tomatina

Ever wanted to throw a load of tomatoes at thousands of strangers? La Tomatina is your chance! This annual celebration kicks off in the eastern Spanish town of Bunol, in the province of Valencia. La Tomatina’s history dates back to 1945, when a parade participant fell and collided with lots of people, prompting an angry response and the throwing of tomatoes. That practice was banned in the early 1950s, but soon returned with a vengeance, so get out there and get amongst it!


Marking the start of the New Year in Thailand, this is an important Buddhist celebration. Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘passing’, Songkran involves lots of water being splashed over others by using buckets, pistols or by any other vessel you can get your hands on. Lots of people in Thailand also take the chance to spend time with their families during the festival, while tourists are fully encouraged to get involved in the water-throwing festivities.


If you’re a comic book enthusiast, this will feel like something akin to a holy pilgrimage. Held in San Diego, California, thousands flock to the convention every year and, with a history dating back half a century, Comic-Con has expanded and changed with the times. Previously focused on showcasing comic books and science-fiction related exhibitions, it now attracts fans across numerous genres including video games, horror, card games, toys and fantasy.

Notting Hill Carnival

For something a little closer to home, why not plan a trip to Notting Hill Carnival? This corner of London truly comes alive over the August bank holiday weekend and, led by the British West Indian community, attracts millions of people every year. A celebration awash with culture, colour, music and dancing, this is a carnival not to be missed.