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4 Reasons You Should Consider InventureX To Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Since 2012, InventureX has been at the forefront of the crowdfunding industry. To date, InventureX has worked to assist over 350 clients in launching their crowdfunding campaigns. Through this ability to get their clients campaigns launched and funded, InventureX has earned their reputation as the most endorsed crowdfunding agency in the field.

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The popularity of crowdfunding has become a popular, innovative tool in the production of new products, brands, and missions. With the rise of marketing platforms, InventureX has stayed at the forefront of communication technology. With this unique and varied experience, they know that they have the skills to communicate your brand to the right audiences.

With their experience helping companies gain exposure to fund their ventures, they’d like you to know the 4 reasons you should consider InventureX to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

1. Experience

The team at InventureX has worked to be the most experienced people in their industry. Through education, experience, and passion, the team at InventureX have become the top in their fields so that they can assist their clients in success. The names on our team have become ones that are significant in their industry through their successful ventures alone. Whether you’ve seen them on “Shark Tank”, heard of them in meetings, or learned of the advancements they’ve made in their industry, our team is comprised of “A-List” marketing experts that are here to work with you!

2. Passion

Success is just as much heart as it is head. While our team has worked hard to gain the proper technical skill to be top in their field, the root of their success is in the dedication that they have for their work. This passion is the fuel behind their pursuits that allows them to persist against every new challenge and concept.

3. Knowledge

While education and experience are pivotal, staying on top of advancements and new knowledge is equally important. In a field of constant development, InventureX’s team stays up to date with trends in the industry as to continue to stay on top of their field for their clients. Through this dedication to learning, you can rest assured that your brand will always be on top of the latest in the marketing industry.

4. Success

At the end of the day, InventureX’s success speaks for itself. As a leader in the field with over 350 clients and a success rate of over 86%, InventureX created and managed successful campaigns for their clients that see results. Despite having been in operation for less than a decade, InventureX has accumulated a network of clients happy with their work and the benefits they gained from it. This success is exactly why InventureX continues their work and why they’re thrilled to talk with you about your latest mission.

InventureX believes that your product is only as good as the marketing that goes behind it. With their real-life knowledge on how to get your brand in front of the right clients, they know that they can change the way you are funded. Why wait? Book your consultation with InventureX today.


How to Strengthen My Dog’s Teeth

It is critical to take care of your dog’s oral health. Poor oral hygiene can contribute to liver, kidney, and heart damage in dogs. To properly care for your pet’s teeth:

  • Talk to your vet and create a dental care program for your dog.
  • Brush your dog’s teeth daily. Daily brushing will take some time to train your dog to accept, but it is possible to teach them to enjoy it. If you start this process when they are puppies, training is easier. Fluoride is toxic for dogs, so you mustn’t use human toothpaste.
  • Dental chews for dogs are also a great way to promote their oral health. Use dental chews that have the VOHC seal of approval. Remember, the dog needs to spend time chewing for the dental chew to be effective. If they swallow immediately, the chew is not doing its job, and you need to find a new brand. If your dog does not like dental chews, you can rub some peanut butter on the chew. Organic peanut butter is a safe and healthy treat for dogs, and most love the flavor.
  • Feed your pet dry food that is clinically proven to help with dental maintenance. You can feed your pet these foods on a rotating basis with their regular diet.

To keep your dog’s teeth strong and healthy, you will need to remain vigilant about their chewing habits. Many dogs have a strong desire to chew. Some toys and other items they may chew can erode enamel and do additional damage to your pet’s teeth. Animal-based chews like bones and hooves can wear down and chip or break your dog’s teeth. Tennis balls, the ever-popular toy for many dogs, can trap grit and sand. This grit and sand can act as an abrasive element against your dog’s teeth, wearing off the enamel. Instead, use rubber balls designed for play. As a bonus, rubber balls designed for dogs will last longer.

Dogs also love sticks and other pieces of wood. These are dangerous for your dog’s teeth and their overall health. Wood can splinter, leaving a splinter in your dog’s mouth. The splinter can become infected and make it difficult for your dog to eat. If the wood splinters and the dog swallows it, it can perforate the digestive tract. Do not allow your dog to chew on sticks or wood.

Give your dog a natural rawhide with anti-tartar properties. Rawhides will help clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth while satisfying their need to chew. As a bonus, rawhides are an inexpensive treat found at most pet stores.

Synthetic chew toys and bones help strengthen your dog’s teeth, as well. Just make sure they are rugged and durable. If your dog can tear them apart, then he may end up ingesting part of the toy. Check with your vet about which brands are recommended for your dog. You also need to make sure you buy appropriately sized toys. Giving a large dog a synthetic chew meant for a small dog could result in a choking hazard.

Establish the habit of checking your dog’s teeth and gums once a week. With your pet facing you, open their mouths. Look for any signs of chipped or broken teeth. Make sure their gums remain pink. If the gums appear pale or have new spots on them, you should see your vet. Look at the teeth to make sure there are no brown stains near the gum line. Doing this weekly helps you find any oral problems that may develop between check-ups quickly.

A dental care plan, high-quality dental chews for dogs, proper toys, and the right food can help your beloved pet remain healthy. Oral health is an essential part of an overall plan of care for your dog. It is important to monitor what your dogs put in their mouths, as many items dogs love to chew on can be dangerous. Help keep your pet healthy and happy by investing a little time and money into their oral care.

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Offbeat Destinations in Nevada

Chances are that you have heard of Bellagio over Cactus Pete’s Resort in Jackpot. The reason for this? Well, there are plenty of hidden gems in Nevada that often get overlooked. Irrespective of whether you look for the glamor or the glitz, or simply wish for solitude right in the speck middle of the desert state, you are sure to find a diverse culture here that you are missing out on! To keep up with your search, here are some of the offbeat destinations that you should perhaps include in your itinerary for Nevada:

  1. Jackpot

    Being a town that truly lives up to Nevada, Jackpot is one of the best gambling hubs that you can find. The reason behind this city being born is because Idaho became strict about their laws. It was conveniently nestled right in the middle of Nevada and Idaho. Initially, it was a simple cabin that had plenty of slot machines, the town grew and today houses some of the best destinations for recreation. Our top pick? Well, we recommend you to book a stay at Cactus Pete’s Resort in Jackpot to get the best of a slightly laid back Vegas!

  2. Reno

    When it comes to Northern Nevada, Reno is pretty much the King. It is the largest city on this side and offers quite a blend of cultural, outdoor, fun and gaming attractions. Enjoy the outdoor activities here right by Lake Tahoe or simply enjoy the ski facilities. Visit Sierra Arts or simply head to the Nevada Museum of Art here, where you can enjoy a lot of amusement and entertainment options.

  3. Carson City

    As it is the capital of Nevada, Carson City has an amazing mélange of cultural, outdoor and historic activities to offer to you. Find attractions that match your taste. Historic buffs would love this place. Start with Nevada State Capitol as well as visit the Railroad museum and enjoy taking a ride here.

  4. Henderson

    While looking for ideal Nevadian getaways, we recommend you visit the City of Henderson. It makes for quite an ideal option and is right at the base. You can find some of the best attractions here. These include the Vegas Strip lake mead and even the Hoover Dam at a close vicinity. So, basically if you want a base where you can put yourself up, without spending a bomb, and enjoy the best of Vegas; then Henderson is your best bet.

  5. Fire State Park

You should also explore Fire State Park if you get a chance. This red sandstone valley has beautiful rock formations. It has been drawing in visitors to Nevada’s largest and oldest state park since the year 1935. It is situated in the vicinity of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

The best part about these hidden towns is that they have amazing properties such as Cactus Pete Resort in Jackpot and Golden Nugget in Reno. You can book your accommodations in advance and enjoy these cities to the fullest.


The Best Holiday Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Holiday shopping for the people you love can be a stressful task. You want to get them the perfect gift. Something that shows how much you care. Something that shows that you know what they like and are paying attention. You want to see that genuine smile of delight on their faces when they tear the wrapping off of the gift you spent so much time picking out.

Shopping for a fashion lover does not have to stress you out. It can be fun and simple if you know what you are looking for. This article will spark your creativity with some ideas about how to celebrate the season of giving with the perfect gifts for the fashion lovers you love.


You can’t go wrong with earrings! Earrings are the classic gift. A cute gift box for earrings can be one of the easiest gifts to pick up. Better yet, give the fashionista in your life a monthly subscription to an earring gift box to remind them how much you care all through the year. Earring subscriptions delight your loved ones every month with fresh new accessories to coordinate with every outfit in their wardrobe.

When you order from Rowan, you can be sure that their earrings are certified nickel-free. The last thing you want is for your best friend to love the sparkling accessory that came from a pretty earring gift box, then have an allergic reaction the first time she wears them. An earring gift box that is labeled 14k gold or sterling silver may have nickel in them. The best way to make sure that her earrings will keep her smiling into the spring is to order a gift box for earrings from a company you trust.


Another classic gift. Many families traditionally give each other pajamas for the night before holidays like Christmas. Now that everyone is older, it is still a nice surprise to get cozy or sleek pajamas for the holidays. We aren’t talking about the enormous pink bunny PJs Ralphie’s Aunt Clara sent in the mail in A Christmas Story. While you can buy those from various online shops if your friend has a sense of humor, these pajamas are probably a safer bet for your fashion-loving friends. The list includes favorite pajama selections for both men and women this holiday season. There is nothing better for a long winter night than hanging out in your favorite pajamas that make you feel good; whether they are cozy fleece or flannel or stylish silk or satin. Add a mug of hot chocolate and your favorite book or movie, and you’ve got the perfect night in.


What better to go with a cozy set of PJs than a cozy pair of slippers?


Sweaters are a nice way to make sure your friends and family stay warm this holiday season. Every time they step out into the cold air, they will remember that you care about them. Sweaters are like a warm hug that protects you from the elements. Whether your friend likes snazzy short sweaters, luxurious silk or cashmere sweaters, or big fuzzy sweaters, you can find ideas for the perfect women’s sweaters and the perfect men’s sweaters in time for the holidays.


The fashion lover in your life can probably never have too many stylish scarves. A scarf provides just the right amount of coverage on chilly winter days when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Scarves aren’t just big plaid flannel or scratchy knitted wool anymore. Brighten your friend’s day by adding a touch of color to the otherwise grey days of the darkest season of the year. Stylish scarves aren’t just for women. Check out these handsome scarves for the fashion-loving man in your life.


You’ve been out with that one friend. They may be perfectly put together with every element of their look stylishly coordinated to match the date, the weather, their mood, and what you’re having for dinner. Then it’s time to pull something out of their pocket, and everything they own goes flying. Everyone needs a place to store the stuff they carry with them, and giving your fashion-loving friend—man or woman—a convenient way to do that may help them feel as put-together as they look.

Gift Cards

If your heart is still racing at the mere thought of trying to decide what to get for your fashion-loving friend, a gift card tells them that you want them to have exactly what they want. When you give your friend a gift card to their favorite store, they have the opportunity to pick out something they love, and they will think of you when they make their purchase. A gift card is not a cop-out gift, but rather a thoughtful way to let someone know that the gift is all about them.

Planning a Doggy-Friendly Trip to San Francisco

Pet owners across the world can all relate to the concern of having to travel with a pet. Your dog is such a big part of your home and your life, and you’re going to want to bring him or her with you when you travel. The problem is that certain places are not overly accommodating of this. So, you need to make sure you are proactive, and that you take decisive action right now to make sure you plan for this.


San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and liberal cities in the entire of the US, and it’s the perfect haven for dog owners looking for a memorable trip. If you are looking to get the most out of your doggy-friendly adventure to San Fran, you are going to need to strategize to find the most pet-friendly places and activities before you choose to go there.


Find Doggy-Friendly Hotels


One of the first things you need to think about is finding the right place to stay in San Fran. And, as a dog owner, this means sourcing doggy-friendly hotels that would be perfect for you and your pooch. This is something that a lot of pet owners struggle with when they travel abroad or to different cities, but fortunately San Fran has a lot of opportunities and hotels that would be ideal for you and your dog. Here is a list of some of the best doggy-friendly hotels in San Fran that you should check out right now. This will help you make the right choice when it comes to finding the perfect hotel for you.


Keep You Mutt Active


You need to make sure you keep your dog as active as possible on your travels. There are a lot of things you can do to help you achieve this, and you should try to make sure you have an active exercise regime while on your travels. Taking your dog for a walk each morning is a good way of achieving this, and you can enjoy the local surroundings as well at the same time. Another tip would be to try to walk everywhere as much as possible – walking in San Francisco is very doable, and you can access a lot of the city by doing this, so make the most of it.


What to Do


Planning what to do is one of the most important things to sort out when you’re in San Francisco with your dog. You want to make sure you choose the best things to do together as dog and owner, and the good news is that there is a lot of choice. Whether you want to do active things, tourist bits and pieces, or even taking a cruise in the Bay area, there are plenty of things you can do with your dog in San Francisco.


Do as much as you can to prepare for the perfect trip to San Francisco as a pet owner. There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure you get this sorted in advance. Enjoying the ideal pet-friendly vacation is so important, and this is something you need to make sure you look at right now! You can have the best time in San Francisco with your dog as long as you pick the right places to stay, and the right things to do.

Moving Your Business to a New Premises

There are a lot of things you need to consider when it comes to moving your business and making the right decisions. Switching to new premises is something you are going to need to make sure you think hard about, and you’ll need to ensure you plan in advance as well. There are so many different factors to keep in mind when you choose to move to new premises, and you should look to make the most of this.

Do as much as possible to make sure you look at the best ways of moving your business in an organized way. There are a lot of elements to think about when you are looking at how to do this, and it is important to make sure you factor this in. Here are some of the best ideas you can use to help you move your company in the best possible way, and find the right premises for you.

Choose Your New Premises

The first part of the process involves choosing your new business premises, and this means taking steps to find the right business premises. Consider what you need from your premises, and the boxes you want it to tick, and then you will be well set to choose the right option for you. Selecting the perfect business premises can make a massive difference to the future development and evolution of the company.

Think About What You’ll Need

You have to consider your needs as a business, and this is something that makes a massive difference to the way the company comes across. There are a lot of things that play a part in this, and you won’t be able to form a decision until you know this. Knowing and understanding what you need is essential for being able to select the perfect premises and make the right move as a company.

Clear Out Your Old Offices

You also have to make sure you clear out your old offices in preparation for moving to your new ones. Now, there could well be things that you need to transport, but they might be large or valuable objects. There is a lot to consider here, and you need to make sure you look at the self storage options like Ezstorit so you’ve got somewhere to keep your products and items. This is something you need to make sure you get right as much as possible and it can really help you to make a big difference here.

These are some of the key things that you are going to need to make sure you get right when you are trying to move your business. This can be an important step in the process of trying to take the company forward and look to expand in the process. So, you are going to need to make sure you focus on doing as much as you can to get this right. Keep these ideas in mind moving forward, and you will have the best possible move you can get.

Family Fun and Excitement at Jurassic World at Universal Studios!

After suffering through the beginning of winter, feeling like you’re never going to see the sun again, aren’t you just in the mood to get away from it all? You don’t have to book a trip to Costa Rica to experience a fun and sunny vacation. And if you’re a huge Jurassic Park fan, then even better.

The amazing Jurassic World at Universal Studios in Hollywood offers fans of the epic movie franchise an amazing adventure. Here is a quick guide to help you plan your next family vacation to California.


If you plan on hitting the city first, then you are probably searching for hotels near Universal Studios California. Now, if this is your first-time-ever going to Universal, then let me tell you, it can get quite difficult and competitive to get a nice, clean, and spacious place to stay near the park.

You should consider hotels in Valencia, CA, due to their proximity to both Universal Studios and other local attractions like Six Flags and other parks.

The Hyatt Regency Valencia is about a 30-minute drive to Universal, and you won’t have to fight for parking or worry about cleanliness and space. It offers guests spacious and well-appointed guestrooms with plush grand beds and deluxe bath amenities that make you think you are at a spa. They also have a heated outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center, an onsite restaurant that serves locally-sourced seafood. It’s more like staying at a resort than just your average hotel.

The Hilton Garden Inn Valencia Six Flags is another popular choice. It’s a family-friendly hotel centered around the Six Flags Magic Mountain experience. It offers free Wi-Fi to keep everyone connected.

An added bonus, both hotels are only about a 15-minute drive to Castaic Lake Recreation Area, your gateway to nature and recreational outdoor activities.


Getting around and out from the busy city to the more scenic areas of California is easiest when renting a vehicle. However, if you want to see the scenery like locals do, the Metro may be a good option for you and your family. The Metro offers affordable day passes, so you won’t have to worry about paying each time you ride it.


If you are visiting Universal for the first time and are worried about food options, then let me tell you that you’ve got nothing to worry about. CityWalk is located before the entrance gates to Universal. There are several restaurants in this area, including Margaritaville, Hard Rock Café, Samba, Bucca di Beppo, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Panda Express, and more. So you’ve got plenty of food options available before entering Universal, in case you don’t want to eat inside.

Other Attractions

Just like food options, this area of California has no shortage of things to see or do. You can do what tourists do (including myself) and visit Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, taking pictures of your favorite movie star’s stars. You can also visit the numerous quirky but fun museums in the area.

If you had enough of the city and are thrilled to begin your outdoor adventure in nature, then let’s revisit Castaic Lake Recreation Area near Valencia, California. Castaic Lake Recreation Area is a state park that covers over 4,000 acres. There you can go boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and camping to your heart’s content at this picturesque and grand park. Soak up nature, listen, and, perhaps, see the local wildlife while hiking through the magnificent forest.

Are you ready to escape the winter doldrums? I bet your family is. So grab this guide to keep everyone happy and start planning your vacation getaway today.