Which are the Best Pet Hair Cleaning Tips for your Home?

There’s nothing more annoying for pet owners than cleaning their pets’ hair which lies around everywhere around the house. Allowing your pet to sit on the sofa with you, makes you regret it immediately after it climbs down and you see the pile of hair, waiting for you to clean.

Even if you restrict your pet’s access to the sofa or armchair, you would still find fur on the floors and naturally on your clothes. As much as you get used to it, you would never be ignorant to the pet hair invasion which has struck your home.

The only way to cope with this issue, is by regular cleaning of every object affected by it. It’s a time-consuming and dull activity, but it’s certainly a way of showing the real affection you have for your pet. If you want your cleaning to be as efficient as possible, read the following furniture, floors and clothes-related cleaning tips.


If you haven’t got rubber gloves, now would be the right time to purchase a pair, as they’ll help you with removing your pet’s hair from furniture. Certain fabrics such as cotton or synthetic are a magnet for attracting hairs which suggests frequent cleaning of your sofa and upholstery.

Get the rubber gloves slightly moistened and go over every piece of furniture in the house. The rubber material attracts fur, so it’ll easily transfer from the fabrics to the gloves. When you’ve collected enough fur, wash the gloves and repeat the procedure as many times as necessary.

The same cleaning process can be done by using a sponge instead of rubber gloves. Moreover, if you wish to get rid of your pet’s hair and smell at the same time, use a small amount of soda or fabric softener to dampen the sponge, which would eliminate the bad smell and provide a fresh scent around the house.


There are special kinds of cleaning tricks for various types of floors around the house. The carpets are most efficiently cleaned with a vacuum cleaner which you are supposed to control in different directions as it’s more likely to collect some hair you missed. Also, you have to go over the carpets and rugs more than one time to ensure better cleaning.

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have enough power to collect most of the fur, then you should invest in purchasing a pet hair vacuum which is characterized by a greater suction power in comparison with the standard ones. There are numerous online pet vacuum reviews, which can help you with the choice. You can choose between the corded and cordless type, but the latter is certainly more convenient for reaching all inaccessible places due to its numerous extensions and features.

Also, you should take a good maintenance care, regardless of the type of vacuum you’ve got. A regular filter clean-up is obligatory, if you want your vacuum to employ most of its suction power.

On the other hand, wooden floors are most efficiently cleaned by using a moistened mop, but you need to moisten it with a wood polish product as water can be wood’s biggest enemy. When it comes to cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, the best tool for tiles would be a rubber broom. Rubber attracts the hair from the floor which makes it easy for you to collect.


Perhaps the most annoying thing for pet owners is when they see themselves covered in pet hair, particularly before heading out somewhere. Therefore, it’s practical to keep a lint roller near to the door as you can use it to remove the hairs you’ve collected in the last minutes. Don’t forget to go over your back as well. As an alternative to lint roller, you can use tape which is also going to remove the fur, thanks to its stickiness.

Most pet owners practice frequent laundering of their clothes, but that doesn’t necessarily help. A better idea would be to put the clothes in the dryer first, only for a couple of minutes, along with a wet towel or cloth which would attract the fur. After drying them, the following step would be to put them in the washing machine and wait for the results. Check this for more detailed information on the drying laundry procedure.

Wrap up

We hope that you’ll find these tips useful in your everyday struggle to keep your house fur-free. Your home would never be a hundred percent clean, but the least you can do is to try these functional tips and experience a slight improvement.

Clean your furniture, floors and clothes regularly, as they are the most powerful pet hair magnets. A cleaner home, is a happier and healthier place for you and your family!