The Best Holiday Gifts for Fashion Lovers

Holiday shopping for the people you love can be a stressful task. You want to get them the perfect gift. Something that shows how much you care. Something that shows that you know what they like and are paying attention. You want to see that genuine smile of delight on their faces when they tear the wrapping off of the gift you spent so much time picking out.

Shopping for a fashion lover does not have to stress you out. It can be fun and simple if you know what you are looking for. This article will spark your creativity with some ideas about how to celebrate the season of giving with the perfect gifts for the fashion lovers you love.


You can’t go wrong with earrings! Earrings are the classic gift. A cute gift box for earrings can be one of the easiest gifts to pick up. Better yet, give the fashionista in your life a monthly subscription to an earring gift box to remind them how much you care all through the year. Earring subscriptions delight your loved ones every month with fresh new accessories to coordinate with every outfit in their wardrobe.

When you order from Rowan, you can be sure that their earrings are certified nickel-free. The last thing you want is for your best friend to love the sparkling accessory that came from a pretty earring gift box, then have an allergic reaction the first time she wears them. An earring gift box that is labeled 14k gold or sterling silver may have nickel in them. The best way to make sure that her earrings will keep her smiling into the spring is to order a gift box for earrings from a company you trust.


Another classic gift. Many families traditionally give each other pajamas for the night before holidays like Christmas. Now that everyone is older, it is still a nice surprise to get cozy or sleek pajamas for the holidays. We aren’t talking about the enormous pink bunny PJs Ralphie’s Aunt Clara sent in the mail in A Christmas Story. While you can buy those from various online shops if your friend has a sense of humor, these pajamas are probably a safer bet for your fashion-loving friends. The list includes favorite pajama selections for both men and women this holiday season. There is nothing better for a long winter night than hanging out in your favorite pajamas that make you feel good; whether they are cozy fleece or flannel or stylish silk or satin. Add a mug of hot chocolate and your favorite book or movie, and you’ve got the perfect night in.


What better to go with a cozy set of PJs than a cozy pair of slippers?


Sweaters are a nice way to make sure your friends and family stay warm this holiday season. Every time they step out into the cold air, they will remember that you care about them. Sweaters are like a warm hug that protects you from the elements. Whether your friend likes snazzy short sweaters, luxurious silk or cashmere sweaters, or big fuzzy sweaters, you can find ideas for the perfect women’s sweaters and the perfect men’s sweaters in time for the holidays.


The fashion lover in your life can probably never have too many stylish scarves. A scarf provides just the right amount of coverage on chilly winter days when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Scarves aren’t just big plaid flannel or scratchy knitted wool anymore. Brighten your friend’s day by adding a touch of color to the otherwise grey days of the darkest season of the year. Stylish scarves aren’t just for women. Check out these handsome scarves for the fashion-loving man in your life.


You’ve been out with that one friend. They may be perfectly put together with every element of their look stylishly coordinated to match the date, the weather, their mood, and what you’re having for dinner. Then it’s time to pull something out of their pocket, and everything they own goes flying. Everyone needs a place to store the stuff they carry with them, and giving your fashion-loving friend—man or woman—a convenient way to do that may help them feel as put-together as they look.

Gift Cards

If your heart is still racing at the mere thought of trying to decide what to get for your fashion-loving friend, a gift card tells them that you want them to have exactly what they want. When you give your friend a gift card to their favorite store, they have the opportunity to pick out something they love, and they will think of you when they make their purchase. A gift card is not a cop-out gift, but rather a thoughtful way to let someone know that the gift is all about them.