CBD Dogs Seizures: Cannabis for Your Canine


There are many types of drugs in the world right now. There are the over-the-counter drugs that you can buy almost anymore. They are relatively safe to use as long as you control the dosage. There are also drugs that need a prescription from a physician before you can even get them. These are usually for specific diseases, usually very serious and sometimes need more medical attention than just medicine. They can also be antibiotics, which lose their effectiveness if you skipped the prescribed dosage. However, there are drugs that are considered to be dangerous that they are illegal all over the world.

Most of us are fully aware of the existence of these drugs, but most countries find them difficult to control. There is always some sort of drug that would ravage the lives of many people. Opium, for example, was considered a problem in Asian countries, particularly in China and Korea. Cocaine was considered as a cure for many diseases but it was found to be addictive. Methamphetamine is considered a part of the modern slew of drugs which still affects many communities to this day. Learn more about the statistics on drugs here.

Meet Marijuana: Friend or Foe?

However, there is one drug that is slowly changing its status as an illegal drug. Cannabis, also known by its street name marijuana, is a drug that can be extracted from the plant of the same name. There are five species of this specific plant that lives in this world right now. All of their extracts are known to be hallucinogenic. There are some people who believe that it is potentially dangerous if used excessively. There are even some who also believe that it can be incredibly addictive that it is known as a “gateway drug” for other more toxic drugs.

This has been changing in the past few years. As many scientists are looking for cures for diseases and mental disorders, there have been studies about the potential of cannabis as a cure which you can read about here: https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/features/medical-marijuana-research-web#1.

As cannabis extract is a combination of multiple compounds, each of these has a different effect on the body. When scientists isolated these compounds, they have found one that can be really useful for the field of medicine. This is cannabidiol and it is now being made into CBD oil. There are a lot of products that can be made using this oil, but it is usually in this form that is the most popular one in places where marijuana is legal.

One of the main ways that CBD oil can really help is with mental disorders, particularly anxiety. As marijuana can be a hallucinogenic, it will also calm someone when used. This is the part that can be imparted by CBD to the patient. There are even other producers who incorporate CBD oil to their products like soaps and shampoos.

Pet Them Right: CBD for Pets

Did you know that you can also use CBD oil to your pet dogs? It is actually really helpful with pain relief because of its calming properties. You will really know when your pet is in pain because of his or her physical reaction. It is such a heartbreaking sight, and CBD can potentially help with that.

There is also another sickness that CBD can potentially alleviate: seizures. Dogs can have them due to various reasons like genetics or viral-borne disease. CBD oil can help in a similar way it can also help a human with epileptic seizures by anticonvulsive treatment. CBD is said to be anti-inflammatory and can help targeting the part that causes seizures with your canine friend. It can also promote a healthy nervous system for the dogs since most of them are physically active already. It is important that they are healthy all over so that you wouldn’t have to experience any kind of behavioral problems.

If your dog is experiencing any kind of problem, it is important to go immediately to a veterinarian to diagnose his or her condition. Your veterinarian will have to issue a prescription so that they can actually cure the dog using medicines. Don’t try to self-diagnose your dog’s health as this can potentially be even harmful. Let the professionals handle your dog’s case and it will be alright.