Ways to Maximise Your Short Weekend with Your Kids

You always feel grateful on Fridays since you have the next two days to rest and relax. The problem is that before you know it, the weekend is over. You have to face reality again and work hard. There are even times when you have to keep working at weekends to meet deadlines. You can’t make your life revolve around work. It’s not a good practice. Besides, you also have your kids who want some of your time. The weekends are the only opportunity for you to bond with them. Even if you only have two days, you need to spend them well with your kids.

Don’t work at weekends

If you have to continue working at weekends, you have a problem with time management. You need to find a way to let go of these tasks so that you can spend the entire time at home with your family. If you can’t, you have to let them go anyway. You don’t want your kids to feel like you don’t care about them anymore because you only think about work. You might end up with more tasks to finish once the weekdays begin, but it’s okay.

Plan ahead

You need to have diverse activities every weekend so your kids will enjoy them. Plan ahead and decide which activities you can do within a short time. You have to make reservations too, so you won’t worry about them during the weekend. Make your kids a part of the process by asking them what they want to do. They might also have ideas that are worth trying.

You don’t need to leave home

Apart from time, money could also be an issue. You hesitate to do weekend activities because you worry that you can’t afford them. The truth is that you don’t need to spend a lot. The goal is to have more time with your kids. You can cook together at home. You can also do some arts and crafts. If they have a major project or homework, you can find a way to do those tasks with them. You can even enjoy a steam bath with your kids. Dipping your body in a tub or having a steam shower would be a terrific idea. Quality bonding time doesn’t have to be expensive.

Don’t feel tempted to respond to work-related tasks

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an email or a call, you have to reject it. You have the weekend to yourself. Use it with other family members and not on other things. Face the consequences of your decision later when you’re back to work. For now, you need to spend time with your kids and make them realize that you love them.

You need to make your kids feel loved and appreciated. They won’t be kids forever. You want them to look back at their childhood and realize that you never failed as a parent. When it’s their turn to be parents, they will also do the same. They will find a way to spend quality time with their kids.