Tips For Managing An Unruly Teenager

Teenagers are a breed of their own, and you may be facing quite the challenge if you have more than one in the house at a time. Most people manage more than one teen at various stages of development all at once, and it can be extremely overwhelming at times.

You can use knowledge as a tool to help you get through the rough times of your child’s teenage years. Check out a short summary, featuring some helpful tips for managing a teenager whose behavior is out of control.

Understand how your teen’s brain works

Your teenager is stuck in the midst of a rapid brain development. By definition, they’re pretty much insane, so cut them a little slack.

The wiring in your teen’s brain is setting up the connections that will form who they become as adults, making this a very important time in their mental development. The teenage brain is likened to a gaming system whose cords haven’t yet been connected.

The prefrontal cortex (which is in charge of decision making) hasn’t yet fully developed. Your teenager is not yet capable of controlling certain impulsive actions and emotions.

Consider the underlying cause of their behavior

Disrespect from teenagers sometimes stems from an emotional need not fully being met. Consider what you, as a parent, can do to connect with what’s really troubling your kid. If the unruly behavior is physical, there’s a different level of seriousness involved.

You should notify the police, and your child will likely be placed on probation. Any violation of that probation will lead to more severe consequences. However, simple cases of verbal disrespect or defiance don’t require police involvement.

Understand that teenagers have an innate drive to differentiate themselves from their parents. They want to feel like they are their own person, so they may adopt belief systems that are far off from what you have tried to instill.

Make sure your own behavior is in line

If you honestly expect your teenager to take you seriously, you have to set the bar. Your kids are going to take note of everything you do, especially as teenagers.

They will throw your behaviors back at you, if you try condemning them for something you are doing. Set a solid example, and your teens will hold true to their respect for you as a leader.

Ignore the mild disrespectful behaviors

The simplest method to try to make peace with your angsty teen is to ignore their outlashes. A snide remark as they go off to their bedroom won’t make the world come crumbling down around you. Just ignore the little stuff, and pay more attention to your teen’s well-being.

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