7 Interesting And Easy Methods To Reduce Your Household Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a huge issue for our world. It is all over landfills and ends up hurting the environment from production to disposal. How can you be sure to do what is necessary in regards to these things? How can you reduce the plastic waste that your home is producing? Here are 7 tips to make that process easier.

1. Stop Using Straws! Plastic straws that just get thrown out are one of the biggest forms of waste out there. If you stop using straws, you can help to reduce the amount of waste that you’re putting into the environment on a regular basis.

2. Buy Boxes Instead of Bottles of Detergent and Other Home Cleaning Supplies. There are often other options that you can get in boxes instead of buying plastic bottles. These include detergents, cat litter, baking soda, and more. Look at what’s out there for you to purchase.

3. Have Reusable Grocery Bags Available For Everything You Purchase and Take With You. Whether you get bulk order reusable bags or you purchase them from your local grocery store, you will find that it’s really beneficial to go ahead and have these on hand. You can use them for shopping, lunches, workout bags, and a number of other things that you may have used plastic bags for in the past.

4. Reuse Your Glass Containers. Whether you like salsa, spaghetti sauce, or something in between, you’ll find it useful to clean those glass containers out and keep them on hand for storage and whatever other things that you may be trying to do.

5. Stop Eating Frozen Foods. Frozen foods use a lot of plastic, from the seal to the tray that it’s in. Try to find options that use recycled plastic or that don’t use plastic at all. Or, even better, take the time and cook instead! It’s healthier and better for the environment as well.

6. Use Reusable Containers (Mugs, Bottles, Etc.). A lot of us will use bottled water and other such things in order to get what we need. Instead, consider using mugs, bottles, and other reusable containers in order to try and reduce the amount of waste that you’re dealing with. Finding new products for this can go a long way.

7. Use Cloth Diapers and Reusable Feminine Products. Diapers, pads, tampons, and other products that are used for bodily functions and such can be problematic when you’re trying to reduce waste. Cloth diapers, menstrual cups, and other options can be very beneficial and ensure that you’re doing your part in reducing the amount of plastic that we’re dealing with on a daily basis.

Consider these as you’re looking to be the best that you can in regards to reducing household waste. Take a look at what your local community offers as well and learn as much as you can so that you can play a role in helping to reduce the amount of plastic that is in our environment.

5 Ways To Be The Best Best Man

When you’re asked to be someone’s best man in a wedding, you can’t take the request lightly. There are a number of responsibilities and duties that you’ll be asked to fulfill, and you should attempt to satisfy them to the best of your abilities.

Your Responsibilities as Best Man

Traditionally, the role of best man is given to a close friend or relative of the groom. It’s generally a brother, cousin, best friend, or even a father or uncle. And while the best man isn’t responsible for much of the wedding-specific details, it is assumed that he’ll take on duties and details in other areas.

If this is your first time being tasked with the role of best man, you probably have some questions. But at the risk of being foolish or offensive, you don’t want to ask the bride or groom. So here you are – curious and inquisitive. And while every wedding is different – and each bride and groom has their own expectations and desires – here are some of the more traditional responsibilities the best man takes on when he accepts the title.


  • Planning a Bachelor Party


Your first responsibility – and arguably the biggest – is to plan a bachelor party for the groom and groomsmen to enjoy. While it may be tempting to put this off until closer to the wedding date, it’s smart to begin planning as soon as possible.

We like to suggest the earlier the better. Having a sufficient amount of planning time will make the process easier and less stressful for you, and gives the guests plenty of notice to set aside the time and money,” Hollywood Casino of Perryville explains. “Keep in mind, the more eccentric and elaborate you plan to make the party, the more time you should give yourself to organize.

While all of the groomsmen should be invited, you also need to consider whether there are additional people the groom wants there. If so, it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be extended an invitation as well.


  • Giving a Toast


If there’s one thing that makes people nervous, it’s giving a toast. But as the best man, you can’t really escape it. Traditionally, the best man is expected to give a toast at the wedding reception – though these days it often happens at the rehearsal dinner. (If unsure about when you’re expected to give your toast, ask the bride and groom.)

The key to a good toast is to be appropriate and thoughtful. It’s also wise to mix in a little humor – but don’t take too many jabs at the groom. Furthermore, make sure your toast isn’t just about the groom. Even if you don’t know the bride very well, it’s important that you toast to both of them as a collective unit.


  • Rallying the Groomsmen


As best man, you’re the general of the troops – and your troops are the groomsmen. The groom shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not people are showing up on time, getting the right suit, remembering to bring the correct socks and shoes, etc. You should adopt the role of leader and keep everyone on track.


  • Making Sure the Groom Has Everything


On the day of the wedding, you should come prepared with anything you think the groom could possibly need leading up to the ceremony. Grab a backpack and throw together as many items as you can. This may include toiletries, lip balm, lotion, Tylenol, water, a copy of the day’s itinerary, marriage license, and anything else you think the groom will need.


  • Having Fun


At the end of the day, you’re supposed to have fun. This is the biggest and happiest day of your friend’s life, and he wants to know that his best man is enjoying the experience with him. If something bothers you, ignore it. The day isn’t about you.

Don’t Get Stressed Out

The best man shouldn’t be stressed out. If you’re holding a bunch of tension and anxiety, then you’re bound to make the groom nervous as well. Despite the obligations and responsibilities, you should do your best to remain poised. Avoid waiting until the last minute and plan ahead. Come wedding weekend, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the festivities.

Build a Better Backyard Bar in 2019


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As the calendar turns and dark winter days slowly grow longer, allow yourself to envision the not-so-distant prospects of summer socializing. To optimize your outdoor entertainment potential, why not consider turning some available backyard space into a venue that guests will truly appreciate? Here are some tips on setting up an outdoor bar and planning summer gatherings.

Start with the Basics

Assuming you have a backyard, patio, or terrace that’s spacious enough, take a look around and select the ideal spot to set up your outdoor bar. If you don’t have enough shade, create it with freestanding umbrellas. Note the ambiance of your space when selecting the shape and color of your bar table and deciding between chairs and stools.

Aesthetically-pleasing bins that match the decor enable you to store basic items on the spot rather than continually be transporting what you need in and out of the house. Be sure to include an ice cooler or mini-fridge to keep drinks chilled.

Have an ample assortment of wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, and other appropriate stemware on hand, depending upon the drinks you are planning to serve.

Select Drinks and Snacks

Depending upon your event, stock your outdoor bar with a full array of drinks or with a limited selection of beer and wine. A fully stocked bar includes whiskey, tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and bourbon as well as mixers necessary to prepare your favorite cocktails.

If you want to avoid tending bar full-time, consider filling drink dispensers with the cocktails pre-mixed. Alternatively, for a light summer occasion, you may choose to proffer a few summer ales or light beers in a tubful of ice along with a nice rose and possibly a sangria for the wine aficionados.

Usually when guests quaff beverages, they enjoy munching on light snacks. These may include crackers, cheese, chips, olives, and assorted nuts. Display the snacks in attractive plates and bowls along with napkins, toothpicks, and other needed utensils.

Consider the Decor

It’s simple and attractive to decorate your outdoor area to match various themes by adding outdoor rugs and appropriate artwork. Table centerpieces can include sprays of fresh blossoms, flowers floating in glass bowls, or baskets of pine cones. Festive lighting adds elegance to summer parties. Try setting up tiki torches to create an exotic ambiance. You can also place votive candles or candles atop wine bottles on the tables.

Provide an Attractive Table Setting

For a coordinated look, select your tablecloth, place settings, and decorations in the same colors and patterns. To keep food fresh and safe from pests, cover it with wire domes. In warm weather remember to serve food promptly, at least within an hour of leaving the oven, stove, or fridge. For a large gathering, you may want to set up a buffet table and let the guests serve themselves, but if your event is more intimate, serve the food in bowls that you can pass around from guest to guest.

It’s simple and fun to plan and execute your outdoor bar set up to get you ready to host a spring or summer event. Set it up, select your drinks and cuisine, invite your guests, and enjoy yourselves!

Healthy Habits Parents Must Teach Their Kids

Parents pass more than their genes to their kids. As early as two years old, kids mimic what their parents are doing. The way you sit, eat, and even laugh will most likely be how they sit, eat, and laugh. It would be good if they get to pick up all the good habits, but they will surely pick up on the bad habits as well. And as parents, you are going to blame each other if they get too much to handle.

So to help you, here are some healthy habits that are good to pass on to your kids.

Colourful eating

By colourful eating, we mean vegetables and fruits of course. If we show them at an early age that vegetables are not disgusting, they would have an affinity for it when they grow older. You can even go as far as explaining the health benefits of the food on your plates. Once they get used to having vegetables and fruits constantly, then it is not going to be a problem feeding them healthy food in the future.

Have a workout routine

It does not have to be a gym-intense workout. As simple as walking, biking, or jogging around the neighbourhood will do. You can even make a day of it by going on a picnic-workout weekend. Plan games that double as a workout which should include running, a bit of stretching, and maybe a little intense cardio.

In addition, you should let them pick a sport and get involved in it. Start simple like basketball, baseball, and even badminton so you can play it in your backyard. If your child does not show any interest in any of these, just help them find which physical activity they like. They might want gymnastics, martial arts, swimming, or even archery.

Do chores with them everyday

It is not enough to demand that they do chores, they must see you doing it with them. To make it more effective, you can have a list of chores that needs to be accomplished daily and weekly. Put up all of your names beside a chore they will be responsible for during the day, and then just rotate the names so that they are doing different things every day and every week.

Just like the physical activities, this is meant to discourage them to be couch potatoes.

Spend time with them

When school starts, you are not going to get as much time with them as you can. As an example, students in a Singaporean international school spend more time with their noses in their books because of the requirements for secondary education certification exams, national standardised exams, and International Baccalaureate exams. Taking a break is near impossible, and spending time with family is, too.

So it is important that you teach them that time together is important. You can bond over food, films, activities, books, or any interests each one shares. Once the schedule becomes chaotic, you can do family bonding on a Sunday to allow them to make plans on a Saturday.

You can also turn your bonding time by guiding them while they are finishing their schoolwork every day. You will be at least be on top of their progress in school.

The aim of these habits is to keep them healthy, body and mind. At the same time, it teaches them to be independent, hardworking, and studious.

3 Great Reasons To Join A Car Subscription Plan

When you think of getting your own car, there are many things to consider before making the final decision. Some of these include whether to buy a new or old car, whether to lease or purchase, as well as the model, the color and size. All these choices matter. However, if you are a person who loves varieties, there is just one more consideration for you, one that allows you to decide on many different cars: a car subscription plan.

There are numerous benefits to a car subscription plan, but the major one is that you will have an option to drive different cars based on your needs, and only be required to pay a monthly fee to enjoy the services. The other good thing is that you are allowed to swap, renew or cancel each month depending on whether you want a new ride or not. Below is an elaboration on why you might consider joining a car subscription plan.

Availability And Preference

When did you last get a chance to choose the kind of car you wanted to drive at any given time? If you have never subscribed to any car subscription service, then your answer is probably: never! This is exactly what a car subscription plan is giving you. With this plan, you will have access to different types of carsdepending on what you want to use it for at any given time. You only need to request for the car through the service’s app, and it will be delivered to your preferred location. Want a Lexus one month and a pickup truck the next? You can drive according to your whims and preferences on a subscription plan.


If you own a car, there are certain things you have to worry about, like maintenance and insurance premium payments, among other things. Convenience is one of the major benefits of a car subscription plan because you won’t have to worry about registration fees, tax, and insurance payments or maintenance – the monthly subscription price you pay is covering all these costs. Also, you have access to roadside assistance, an added bonus you won’t find when driving your own car.


If you already have a car subscription plan, or you want to have one but are afraid of becoming a slave to the plan, then here is the good news for you. Once you subscribe to the plan, you have a right to swap, renew or cancel each month. Therefore, unlike other car dealership services such as leasing, whereby you must retain the car until the agreed time lapses, a car subscription service allows you to cancel or reinstate your subscription anytime.

The benefits of a car subscription plan are as numerous as they are revolutionary, as this new kind of dealership plan continues to take hold in North America. Everything about car subscription services seems pretty awesome, and it’s only a matter of time before this new concept takes off.

Bundling Up: A Brief Guide to Thermal Clothing

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, or you just suffer a short commute to work in the morning, you’ll have the same goal as you step out the door during winter: stay as warm as possible. Layering your clothes to create an effective fortification against the biting cold allows you to enjoy the winter months much more, and, according to this Harvard Medical School article, can help you stave off respiratory diseases and spikes in blood pressure too.

To combat the cold, clothing manufacturers started making what’s known as “thermal wear” – clothing specifically designed to retain heat. But all thermal wear isn’t created equal, and the term is used by some brands to simply refer to a line of clothing is warmer than others (though not especially heat retaining).

This article will look at the standard way of quantifying the thermal property of clothing, as well as what to look for when you buy thermal wear.

The TOG Rating

The TOG rating – or, Thermal Overall Grade – is a scientific test determining the heat retaining capacity of various articles of clothing and bedding. You’ll often see duvet makers flaunt their TOG rating, but arguably (at least for those with indoor heating) the TOG rating means more when applied to clothing.

The average thermal sock is about 0.89 TOGs. You can compare that to your average cotton sock, which is about 0.33 TOG. But if you really want a heavy hitter, you have to go with a brand like Heat Holders, whose socks boast a very impressive 2.34 TOGs.

What Makes Clothing “Thermal”?

Let’s stick with Heat Holders as the example, since they make the highest TOG rated thermal wear on the market. According to their website, their high quality thermal socks for men and women are made using high insulating yarn that’s knitted in such a ways as to create an extra long looped pile (in layman’s terms, a looped pile is essentially the raised structure of cloth).

That tells you that there are two important factors to look for in thermal clothing: the yarn used, and the ways in which that yarn is structured. Both have a profound impact of the heat retaining capacity of the final product.

What to Look For in Thermal Wear

Find thermal wear that advertises their TOG rating so you know what to expect. Again, a great place to start your search is with Heat Holders. If it is sheer heat retaining capacity you are after, they are your first choice. Conversely, be wary of brands that advertise a thermal line, but make no mention of what exactly makes the clothing “thermal”. And be wary of ad copy that withholds the TOG rating.

Staying warm in the winter isn’t about staying cooped up inside; it’s about making informed clothing choices and bundling up properly. Before you reach for a regular pair of cotton socks or underwear this winter, consider thermal wear, paying close attention to the materials and the TOG rating. That way, when it’s time to greet the day, you can do so with a warm welcome.

4 Reasons Backpackers Love Merino Wool Clothing

When backpacking around the world, the goal is to experience what each terrain has to offer. From the concrete jungles of cityscapes, to the wilds of the deep dark woods, you’re ready to take on whatever adventure the landscape affords.

The only problem is, being prepared for everything can leave you with a pretty bulky bag. That is, unless you pack Merino wool – a backpacker’s secret material, that allows you to pack less, stay fresh and feel good about your apparel choices. To expand on this, here are four reasons why Merino wool is the backpackers top choice of clothes for a trip.

Baggage Woes

Many of you have likely experienced lugging around bulky and heavy luggage to and from the airport, suitcases and backpacks filled with clothes, gadgets, and everything in between. As much as you might think you need everything in those luggage bags, you don’t – you’ve over packed, and now have to pay the price, literally and figuratively. Baggage fees are exorbitant these days, and carrying around heavy bags is anathema to the free natured experience of backpacking.

The problem is, you’ve filled your luggage with enormous amounts of socks and t-shirts in preparation for the heat, when you sweat through clothing, or the cold, when you need extra clothes to keep you warm. Luckily, Merino wool fixes both these problems…

Temperature Regulation

Merino wool comes from Merino sheep, a species of sheep that originated from Spain. “What does that have to do with backpacking and traveling?”, you might ask. Merino wool has many attributes that can help in minimizing what you pack in your luggage. For instance, if you’re traveling to a location where you’re unsure of the day-to-day weather, Merino wool is perfect, since it can regulate body temperature.

Merino wool is described as having “fibres [that] absorb your body’s moisture vapours and evaporate them outside of the fabric.” So in other words, it’s breathable, keeping us cool in warm weather. And during cooler weather, the “moisture vapours condense inside the fibre, giving off heat …”, and, in doing so, it keeps your body warm. By packing clothes that are made from Merino wool, you can get away with packing fewer items, since each Merino item is multi-purpose. This is one of the reasons why travelers love Merino wool clothing.


The ultimate goal while traveling is to immerse oneself in the experience, going in-depth and exploring what a new part of the world has to offer. You have so many places to go, things to see, and people to meet, and you don’t have time to spare a day to wash clothes. Not only is Merino wool body temperature regulating, but it also is resistant to odour and is wrinkle-resistant, meaning it doesn’t get smelly, so you don’t have to wash it every time you use it. Because Merino wool has elastic properties, when you do wash it, you don’t have to find an iron or a dryer to take out the wrinkles.


Since Merino wool comes from sheep, the wool is renewable and at the same time gives back to mother earth making it also biodegradable. With much emphasis being placed on living green these days, Merino wool is a textile that you can feel good about.

Merino wool has a plethora of benefits when used as a fabric. It doesn’t get smelly and is versatile, so you can pack lightly, giving you more time to plan your adventure. It’s no wonder it is the top choice of clothes for travelers and backpackers alike.

Surprising Benefits of Doing Mindfulness Meditation

You might always have an excuse for not meditating. You keep telling yourself to do it, but you are busy at work. You also don’t feel like doing it because it stops you from doing the things you need to do. If you think that you have a lot on your plate and you are running out of time, you have even more significant reasons to try mindfulness meditation. Once you learn these benefits, you can give it a shot.

Reduce anxiety

You think about a lot of things in life, and these problems you face can cause stress. Some of these issues are not within your control, and even if you keep thinking about them, you can’t do anything. Therefore, you need to try mindfulness meditation when you are plagues by problems. By forgetting your issues for a moment, your stress levels will go down.

Be more tactful

Making judgements with things around you is easy. When you face someone, who doesn’t look like you, it is easy to judge that person and create biases in your mind. Worse, you might even express your bias to that person without thinking and cause them to feel hurt. When you start to be mindful, you control everything that you do and say. Before you judge, you try to evaluate your thoughts first. Before you speak, try filtering your words.

Prevent depression

One of the reasons why some people despair is because they tend to over think. They worry a lot about many things even if they don’t have to. When you start to be mindful, you forget about the things that are worrying. You let go of the problems and free your thoughts. When you feel depressed, it helps if you start seeing a medical professional. However, you may also consider doing mindfulness activities at home. Whether you are doing household chores or grooming yourself, you can be mindful of what you are doing.

Increase body satisfaction

When you start to be mindful, you become aware of what your body can do. You will think about what it does that is quite unimaginable. Along the way, you feel that you are lucky to have a healthy body. You will forget about your insecurities. You will appreciate what you have, instead of searching for what you don’t.

Remove distractions

Concentration is quite tricky for some people to do because they are not mindful of their actions. When you start meditating and reflecting, you will forget all these distractions. Even if things bother you, it is easy to focus on the positive aspects.

Start a business

It takes time to be a master in mindful meditation. However, if you start practising now, it could be easy for you to do better in the future. You might even open a meditation business to influence others to do the same thing. They might appreciate meditation too if they start seeing the benefits that they will get from doing it.

A solution to the physical changes in breasts due to several factors

There are few physical changes which women undergo throughout their life. With some significant like pregnancy, weight loss and aging, it can affect the way the breasts look and might leas to a loss of volume over time. Whether they might want to restore the figure again and want to achieve a larger size, there is always an option to go for breast augmentation.

What exactly is breast augmentation?

It is a procedure that helps in enlarging the size of the breasts with the use of silicone and saline breast implants.

Why to go for breast augmentation?

There are various reasons why one should go for breast augmentation. Primarily this is done to achieve larger and full-size breasts. This is also done to balance the unevenness of the breasts and restore the breast fullness after the pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The best way to go for is the NYC Breast Augmentation. New York City has the greatest sector for the breast augmentation and provides quality results.

Is such kind of manual change recommended?

Several doctors believe that breast augmentation surgery for women desiring fuller, larger a more even breasts is totally recommended. There are also few women who want to wait till they are done with having children so that they can avoid the post pregnancy changes to their breasts after surgery. Science has changed the life in so many ways. It has improved considerably over past several years. Women get to choose from different surgery options according to their uniqueness.

How to know if someone is qualified for the breast augmentation?

The NYC breast augmentation has a lot to choose from. It can be an excellent option for women seeking to improved the overall size and appearance of their breasts. Some want larger breast size, some desire to fit into their favourite swimsuit or fit to their clothing a bit better. Some also might have experienced breast volume loss due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight reduction or the process of aging.

It is very important to stay in a good physical and mental health before going for this procedure. It is recommended for women who are not undergoing any breastfeeding currently and have sensible expectations of the outcome of the breast augmentation surgery and seek aesthetic improvement and not necessarily perfection.

The above are the qualifiers to go for a breast augmentation and they become the most ideal breast augmentation candidates. Women who recently had children should wait for a minimum of 1-2 months followed by the process of breastfeeding in order for an accurate breast size to be determined. It is recommended to consult a doctor and get a proper counselling about it before you go for this step. Surgical operations should be carried out with proper precision since this cannot be undone. There are several techniques to choose from along with several options in the breast size. The one which is more suitable should be decided by the woman and later examined by the surgeon.

4 Reasons Your Ideal Interior Designer Should Be A Parent

If you’re a parent, you know the importance of seeking advice from other parents. Generally speaking, many non-parents don’t have a realistic view of what it’s like to raise a child. Many hold simplistic views of what it takes to correct a child’s behavior. It’s not their fault. They just haven’t experienced the futility of everyday things like trying to keep socks and shoes on scurrying little feet.

From a non-parent’s perspective, a three-year-old tossing a sock on the ground in the middle of the grocery store can seem like a simple opportunity for discipline: punish them and they won’t do it again. Once they have kids, they’ll understand the futility, and why so many parents let their kids run around barefoot, even in the grocery store.

The same holds true for hiring an interior designer to decorate your dream home. For example, if you’ve got young children who love to get behind the sofa or recliner, you can’t hide cords back there. Decorating that area of your home will be limited to cordless lighting, or the cords will need to be tacked along the baseboards, up the wall, or under the carpet. An interior designer without kids might think you should be able to control where your kids play. They won’t understand that no matter how well you discipline your kids, they will still get behind the sofa and chair.

Searching for an interior designer to beautify your home and create an inviting environment is a process. It’s important to find an interior designer who gets your vision, your taste in décor, and understands your needs as a parent.

  1. An interior designer with kids will be living in the real world

People with kids understand that how things “should be” doesn’t apply. Kids shouldn’t run through the house, just like cats shouldn’t climb drapes, but both will happen regardless of established consequences.

Children have the highest risk for home injury and accidents. Each year, more than 3.4 million kids are unintentionally injured in the home, and over 2,300 children under 15 die from their injuries. You shouldn’t need to convince a designer of this risk. Another parent will take your concerns for safety seriously.

An interior decorator with kids won’t bat an eye at your request that all potential safety hazards need to be eliminated. They won’t call your parenting capabilities into question. They’ll just do their job.

  1. Parents silently get each other

Parents understand each other on a level that often requires no words. When you bring your toddler to a friend’s house with a stained t-shirt, another parent wouldn’t bat an eye. Someone without kids might wonder why you didn’t dress them in clean clothes before coming over.

If you ask an interior designer with children to avoid certain styles or do things a little differently because you have kids, they won’t have to ask for an explanation. They’ll just get it.

  1. They naturally think about things non-parents don’t

An interior designer with children will come to you armed with unique experiences that arose from being a parent. You probably won’t need to remind them of the need to install childproof doorknobs, and they might already be thinking about ways to modify their designs to meet your needs. For example, if you want indoor plants, they might already have a solution to make them childproof by placing a section of burlap sack over the soil. You can still water the plant through the burlap, but your kids can’t dig around in the soil and get it all over the carpet and house.

  1. You’ll have something in common to connect over

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your interior designer. Connecting with another parent can give you something in common to talk about. Everyone prefers to connect with people they can relate to. Parents tend to connect better with other parents, especially when they don’t share anything else in common.

You deserve a designer who listens

The right interior designer will understand your requests that center on child safety. They won’t tell you to do a better job parenting your kids to avoid altering their design ideas. They’ll listen to your ideas and concerns and find a way to make it work.