The ‘Perfect Tenant’ Welcome Basket Recipe

The hard part is over. You’ve successfully finished your tenant screening, gone over the paperwork, handed over the keys, and now — the day has arrived for your new tenants to officially move in.

Regardless of the type of landlord you wish to be, you want your tenants to provide good feedback, and you want good tenant retention from those ideal tenants who took so long to find. Providing a welcome basket for your new tenants on move-in day is a relatively cheap and easy way to give the tenant and landlord relationship a good start.

Plus, a tenant who likes you is more likely to care for your space. Also, according to NOLO, up to $25 per person, per year, is tax-deductible as a business expense when it comes to gifts. So, really, it’s just good for business all around. Consider including some of these things in your welcome basket:

Cleaning supplies

It’s important to make sure your tenants clearly understand your expectations when it comes to keeping the property clean and tidy. Therefore, including a detailed description of your expectations along with supplies is the clearest and most considerate way of encouraging your space to stay clean. Consider including things like a mop, a bucket, a toilet brush, and various cleaning sprays (this could also be a subtle way to let them know what products you prefer for cleaning your property).

Bonus tip: Make sure the apartment is nearly spotless when your new tenants move in to set the tone for what you expect and to make them feel welcome.

Informative fridge magnet and booklet

Print out contact information for yourself and anyone your tenants should contact if maintenance is needed. This will make your tenants feel like everything is taken care of and that adjusting to life in the space is going to be easy. You also need to make yourself come across as friendly and easy to get in contact with, so that tenants will be less likely to “see what they can get away with.” You should also include this information in a “welcome email” that you send to your tenants before move-in day. This allows the tenants to easily store contact information where they see fit.

Bonus tip: Be sure to also include a booklet with all the information they will need (the method for paying rent, the rent due date, how to put in a request for repairs/maintenance, trash day information, laundry information, mailbox information, etc.).

Home items

Things like toilet paper, facial tissue, hand soap, and a scented candle can go a long way in helping your tenants feel welcome and comfortable from day one. Moving days are stressful. Often, at least one thing will be forgotten. It’s sure going to make the day less exciting and more stressful if that thing ends up being toilet paper. It’s nice to let your tenants know you’ve got their backs.

Local information

Pamphlets, coupons, and menus are a free way to let your tenants know you care about their comfort. Moving is stressful enough without wondering what to have for dinner when we’re inevitably too tired to cook after unpacking. So, include in your welcome basket menus from places that will deliver to your location (some landlords will actually do a simple gift card with a “dinner’s on me” note as their welcome gift) and/or a $10 gift card to the closest coffee shop. Also, a list of local dry cleaning, auto mechanics, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. is also beneficial. Some places are open to providing coupons for these types of baskets as well.

A personal touch

Adding something like baked goods, a simple plant, or a bag of coffee (with mugs) to the basket adds a welcomed personal touch. This helps the tenant feel warm, cozy, and welcome. Experts say that landlords who make these types of gestures are more likely to get a unit returned to them in better condition.

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