Keeping Resolutions: How to Stay Active in the New Year


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The New Year is often a time of self-improvement for many people – whether that means quitting something unhealthy, picking up healthy new habits, or simply paying closer attention to your overall health. But most often, resolutions surround being more active.

While some people have an easy time sticking to a fitness regimen, many find it difficult to summon the continued energy and motivation to stay active. This is especially true in the wintertime, when the inclement weather, achy muscles and lack of outdoor activities seem to want to push people indoors, under the covers.

Address Any Aches and Pains

Winter is notorious for being hard on your joints and back. The cold can exacerbate the stiffness you already feel, and winter duties like snow shovelling can only worsen the problem. In order to be active, you need to be pain-free, and in order to do that, it’s advisable to visit a chiropractor. They can offer spinal adjustments, as well as health tips to help you alleviate your back pain – whatever the cause may be.

Buddy Up

Motivation is easier to summon when you are among company. Working out in the solitude of your living room, you might be inclined to give up after only a few minutes; after all, no one is watching. When you exercise with a friend, especially one with a similar resolution, you can help motivate each other to push further. Barring that, you can join a fitness class, which, thanks to the Kohler Effect, are great for sustaining motivation.

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Find Fun Indoor Activities

There is no rule that states that being active can’t be fun. The more you treat fitness as a chore, the more likely you will be to procrastinate. If you are someone who likes to be stimulated and engaged then rather than hitting the treadmill, try a fun indoor activity, like rock climbing, squash or intermural soccer. Even taking a dance class a couple times a week can be enough to help you stay active.

Choose Realistic Goals

Some resolutions are simply too unrealistic to be achieved. If you made a resolution to save a million dollars over the next year, you would likely fail. However, if you made a resolution to save 10,000 dollars, you have a real shot. Likewise with fitness. You might be asking, however: why not shoot for the stars and go big with your resolution? Unfortunately, psychologically, the potential failure you will feel if you don’t meet your goal can be a motivational deterrent in the future. It is better to choose reasonable, attainable goals – one to two pounds a week in weight loss, for example – and succeed.

Keeping your resolutions also means celebrating the small victories. Track your progress, and congratulate yourself on small wins. The winter can sometimes feel as though it wants you to stay indoors and inactive, but fight this urge. Take an active role in reducing your winter aches and pains, and get active the right way.

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