Homeowner Tips for Getting Rid of Roaches

Nobody wants roaches in their home, yet current estimates suggest that 41% of households in the southern parts of the US have an issue with roaches.

If you’re encountering an issue with roaches then you’re certainly not alone! Your first instinct may be to call your local pest control center, you can click here to find one.

But, it is also possible to take steps yourself to eliminate the issue. You can find out more here about the professional options available if your own attempts don’t work.


All pests need to eat and drink if they don’t have access to these things they are either going to vacate your premises or die. Both options are good for you.

You can starve them by making sure there is no standing water in your home, this includes condensation that forms on toilets any other appliances.

Dry it all, a roach can only live a week without water.

You also need to clean your kitchen and anywhere else you eat food thoroughly. A roach can find a feast in the crumbs you leave behind, there has to be no trace of food for them. This includes washing dirty dishes straight away and putting them away.

Trapping Them

You can purchase sticky traps that will attract the roaches but prevent them from being able to move. Place the traps in dark spaces where the roaches are likely to congregate.

You’ll need to check these daily as the roaches will start being caught straight away, as soon as a trap is full throw it away and replace it.

Natural Killer

If you mix some boric acid with a little flour and water you’ll have a paste that you can put on jam jar lids and leave under your cupboards, in the back of them, and even under your stove.

The roaches will be attracted by the flour and eat the paste. The boric acid will eat their exoskeleton, killing them.

But, you should make sure children and pets can’t get to this mixture, it won’t be very good for them either.

Bait Traps

The bait station can be placed anywhere and should have fipronil as the active ingredient. This will be picked up by the roaches walking on the station and then carried back to their nest, to be shared with others.

It will kill the roaches shortly after. These bait stations will need to be changed every 2-3 months in order for them to remain effective.

A bait station should be left in situ for approximately three months, you’ll then need to throw it away and replace it. Fortunately, this is a cheap and effective way of dealing with the issue.

It shouldn’t be noted that home remedies will generally be slower acting than the chemicals that professional pest control firms use. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do this yourself, but, if you’re in a rush to get rid of the roaches you’re going to need professional help.

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