7 Tips on How To Arrange Flowers For More Beautiful and Long Lasting Results

Flowers add a lot of life and colour to even the dullest of days and work like magic on creating a happier ambience with an overall cleaner and positive energy around the space. However, setting them up in those cheerful little bouquets to aesthetically liven up your living space is quite a task.

If you are looking for tips to aesthetically arrange flowers that not only exhibit a beautiful show but help them last longer, these 7 flower arrangement tips are just a kick-start to get your going. Take the guide:

1. Clean Your Vases

When we say clean your vases, we mean really clean your vases deep, like bleaching them clean. Often, bacteria from previous flower arrangements are left behind, which might hamper the health of the new flowers. So for best results, we’ve got for you, a tip from florists’ kitty- use bleach diluted with water to clean things up effectively and once you rinse it properly clean it and won’t hurt your new flowers.

2. Colour Coding

A good tip for an effective flower arrangement is to focus on the colour combinations you are going for. You can go for either similar shades monochromatic look or a bouquet of lively and complementing hues. Whichever way you do it, the key is to be well aware of what you want to do exactly with your flower arrangement.

3. Shorter Flowers Last Longer

Surprising? We have a practical reason to have you covered. Shorter stalked flowers are closer to the water in the vase and thus will grow better and healthier. If you keep an extra long stalk, you should always cut them shorter for better growth and longer life.

4. Binding Them Together

While putting your little wonders of happiness in the chosen vase, prepare a controlled arrangement. For a smaller amount of blooms in a comparatively more spacious case, have them hold their ground bind them softly but sternly with a ribbon to keep them intact.

5. Cut Them Up To Make Them Grow

For healthy growth of your mood uplifting little blooms, you need to start by chopping off the ends. If you are simply following the movies and dropping your freshly bought or received flowers straight into a vase, give yourself a break. Being out of the water naturally closes up the end, which will make water absorption difficult for your flowers. The best way is to make a simple diagonal cut before putting them in.

6. Bigger Flowers in The Middle

Ever wondered why your dinner table or workspace flower arrangement does not look Pinterest-worthy? It is all in the details! To create a better-looking bunch, you need to get those dwindled wiry beings from the centre of the arrangement to the sides as the bigger and brighter flowers take centre stage. You can take a clue about how to do it through various beautiful arrangements of flowers online.

7. Regulate The Water Temperature

Sure, flowers are the magic elixir for lighting up not only the living space but your whole day. However, there are certain things you need to take care of, to enjoy that luxury and water temperature is one of them. Looking forward to fully opened petals? Put them first in warm water for a day or two, it helps tightly closed heads of flowers such as roses or ranunculus, to open fully.

With these flower arrangement tips, we are sure the flowers will last longer and the aesthetics of your living space will not only go a notch higher.

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