3 Summer Jobs To Help Your Teen Earn Money And Learn Life Skills

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to help your teen look for a summer job to help them earn some money, stay out of trouble, and gain some valuable life skills. While your teen might not see the benefit or wisdom in getting a summer job, putting in some work now can be incredibly helpful to them in the years to come.

To help you and your teen find the best job for them this summer, here are three summer jobs to consider that will help your teen earn money and learn life skills.

Nanny Or Housekeeper

Traditionally, teenagers tend to be living in a very self-centered time of their lives. Because of this, finding a job that helps those look outward rather than inward can be a great advantage to them.

According to Janet Fowler, a contributor to Investopedia.com, some of the best summer jobs to help teens learn the skills of caregiving are working as a nanny or a housekeeper. While many people think of these jobs as being primarily for women, teen boys can do a great job and learn so much from these experience as well.

With being a nanny or a housekeeper, your teen could earn a decent amount of money, depending on the family or families they’re working for, and learn skills like patience, food preparation, childcare, organization, time management, cleanliness and more.

Jobs That Involve Outdoor Work

Summer is the perfect time for your teen to get a job that requires them to spend time outdoors. With the amount of time that modern kids spend inside, any reason for your kids to get into the sunshine and fresh air is going to be good for them.

According to Nicole Dieker and Sushil Cheema, contributors to The Penny Hoarder, jobs for teens that would require spending a reasonable amount of time outdoors include being a dog walker, cleaning pools, doing lawn maintenance and landscaping, working as a lifeguard, or helping on construction sites. For each of these jobs, there are countless additional skills that your teen could use to help them succeed in the future.

Coach Or Tutor Others

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that your teen should turn off their brain and forget everything that they learned during the previous school year.

To help them stay on top of things academically and learn how to communicate well with others, David Quilty, a contributor to Money Crashers, recommends looking into working as a coach or tutor for other students in your area. Not only do positions like this make a decent amount of money, but your teen can also learn the joy of helping others.

If you’re wanting to encourage your teen to get a job this summer, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them find work they’ll enjoy and grow from.

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