Why should you go to an oncology hospital?

Pregnancy is a sensitive time and various kinds of ailments can creep in during this period. However, speaking of tumours and cancer, they have turned out to be quite prevalent these days. The diagnosis of cancer during the period of pregnancy is comparatively uncommon. However, with the growing trend of delaying childbearing, more and more cancer patients are expected to get diagnosed during course of gestation. The right incidence is unknown, although it is predictable that about one in one thousand pregnancies is complex with cancer.

Of course, once a condition gets diagnosed, one can easily get Medicine for oncology while pregnant and take proper treatment too. There is the best oncologist in India that can be helpful. Anyhow, it is vital to know that pregnant patients are mostly diagnosed with cancer at moderately late clinical stages it is a thing that makes delaying therapy till delivery not possible in majority of the cases. Induction of abortion could be proposed, even if there is no sign supporting a therapeutic role for such an approach. Apart from this, it is believed to be ethically intolerable by some individuals and cultural groups too.

Is it getting severely painful?

You can actually get a banging headache coming on, but are you allowed to take painkillers during the time of pregnancy? Well, in case, paracetamol is usually your go-to pain relief method, then you are going to be happy to know that it is mostly used during pregnancy and can also be used to treat the moderate or mild pain and also a high temperature.

Remember that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like that of ibuprofen are also extremely effective but these are best evaded in early pregnancy and can upset your tummy. It is also critical to understand that it is best to avoid any type of stronger medication during the time of pregnancy. It is simply to ensure that the development of your baby is not really getting affected in any way.

And yes, if you are a lover of aspirin then you have to underline the words that it is not normally recommended for pain relief. however, it is mostly prescribed in very low doses during the duration of early pregnancy for some other reasons so is well known to be secure except for occasional stomach issues. Whatever be the case, it would be always better to take and get advice of your doctor before you use Tramadol or other opiate derivatives. Moreover, this same also applies to stronger anti-inflammatories such as Voltarol.

Do you think there natural pain relieving methods?

Of course, there are some natural methods such as arnica that you can try to use for pain relief. You can even give a try to apply heat patches or ice packs on area that is sore or uncomfortable to help reduce any inflammation. Whatever you decide to go for, it shall be better if you talk to your nurse or doctor for better help. You cannot excuse the fact that doctors are experienced and have dexterity over these sensitive things. The first hand advice of doctors can help you in getting rid of your severe pains and aches.

Who is an oncologist?

An oncologist is a physician who works in the profession of oncology, the branch of medicine that tackles with cancer. The three chief fields that oncologists work in are radiotherapy, medical and surgical. Other common oncology specialties are like that of gynaecologic: that deals with the treatment of women with cancer of the female-particular organs — and Paediatric: it is related to the treatment of kids having cancer. Diagnosis and treatment of blood cancers, such as leukaemia and lymphoma, fall under the realm of haematology-oncology specialty.

How would you describe the task of oncologists?

Oncologists do diagnose cancer by making use of biopsy, endoscopy, CT scanning, X-ray, MRI, PET scanning, ultrasound or even other radiological methods. Nuclear medicine, as well as blood tests and tumour markers are even get used for diagnosis. Once a diagnosis has been made, oncologists discuss the ailment type and stage with the patient. Staging helps command the type of cancer treatment the patient gets.


A pathologist is a physician or professional who examines cells and tissues under the microscope, then writes down the pathology report. A pathology report tells about a cancer diagnosis and stage of ailment. This information helps to decide the treatment for the patient. Pathologists characteristically send the pathology report to the oncologist inside 10 days after biopsy or surgery.

Oncology treatment

One of the most common oncology treatments is mostly chemotherapy. Oncologists oversee and coordinate oncology treatment, and specify in the use of medications, such as hormones, chemotherapy and analgesics to manage disease. Oncologists mostly coordinate care with radiation and surgical oncologists.

For your information radiation oncologists make use of high-energy X-rays to abolish cancer cells. Radiation can be given as healing treatment, or in combination with chemotherapy and/or that of surgery. Patients having incurable cancers could also be seen by radiation oncologists for signs relief.

Surgical oncologists

These are the surgeons who specialize in the surgical treatment of cancer and also that of malignant disease. They work closely with oncologists either after or before the surgical removal of tumours to cater effective care. Compared with non-surgical oncology, the training for surgical oncologists is absolutely competitive and needs general surgery residency training. Palliative care may also be made used of by oncologists to treat pain and other signs of cancer.

Can cancer be cured?

You know what in the present era of solutions and treatments cancer can be treated. You can find best procedures. But you have to make sure that you talk to a doctor the moment you have any doubts or any signs of cancer. Timely diagnosis is the foremost thing that determines the success of the treatment. The earlier a problem gets diagnosed the more chances would be there for the cure.

Thus, whether during pregnancy or otherwise; cancer is a dangerous area and you should not take it lightly. Talk to a doctor today!