Exploring Some Of The Best 420-Friendly Spots In Los Angeles

California is a special state as far as the U.S cannabis market is concerned and for good reason. It is full of high-net-worth individuals, and it achieved full cannabis legalization in 2016 after it legalized marijuana for recreational use. Legal use for medical purposes has been allowed since 1996. Even businesses in Los Angeles, the largest city in California, are now getting with the times as some of them embrace the 420 culture. Whether you want to go out and have 420 experience or want to have it come to your door, there are many options in Los Angeles.

The progressive nature of the marijuana industry in Los Angeles supports the existence of many cannabis businesses. 420 tourism or cannabis tourism is also becoming a normal phenomenon. So if you happen to visit LA and are looking for 420-friendly spots, here are some of the options you should consider.

7. Weed Bus LA

Technically, this is not a place but rather a taxi service that can pick you up from the airport. The cabs, which are usually luxury vehicles, provide gravit vape pens to kick start your experience, and then the cab takes you to the nearest cannabis dispensary, and you can secure a 20 percent discount just for using Weed Bus LA. You can also use a taxi service if you wish to tour the city.

6. South Los Munchies

Finding accommodation that will allow you to enjoy your pot in their premises might be a bit of a stretch, but thankfully there are spots like South Los Munchies that are 420-friendly. It is a bed and breakfast hotel, and it also offers venues for events. The accommodation prices are also quite fair. So, during your visit to LA, you can secure accommodation at South Los Munchies and consume your cannabis at the location without any worry.

5. Cheba Bakery

Imagine you wake up in the morning while in Los Angeles, and you crave some cake, but you also want to have some marijuana. Why not have a combined experience. Cheba Bakery in LA can make that happen because it is a legal baker that produces backed goodies infused with cannabis. The bakery makes cake pops, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even birthday cakes that have extracted THC as one of their ingredients. The THC is lab-tested for additional caution, so you know you are getting quality products. It ups the ante by offering a delivery option where the baked goodies can be delivered to your hotel.

4. Rainbow Bar and Grill

We know that it is always good to be prepared for anything, especially if you on that Maryjane. It is thus a good idea to prepare for the munchies by visiting a place that serves some delicious food. Rainbow Bar and Grill is one of your best bets for this not only has great food and drinks, but it is also pro-420.

3. Ganja Yoga

Great news for you if you are a stoner that also happens to love yoga. There is a place in LA called Ganja Yoga, which is operated by Yogi Dee Dussault so that she can provide cannabis-enhanced yoga, which she talks bout in her book, which is also called Ganja Yoga. She operates the business from her home in Los Angeles, and customers get to enjoy yoga while also accessing a variety of cannabis products, including cannabis-chocolates, vape pens, and joints.

2. Gracias Madre

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a night out with your significant other, then Gracias Madre is perhaps one of the best places to go. It is also ideal if you are vegan because they serve vegan dishes. Also, note that the location also serves CBD-infused beverages. However, do not expect the drinks to get you high because they are not psychoactive.

1. The Venice Beach boardwalk

The Venice Beach boardwalk is quite popular with the cannabis community in LA. This is one of the few places in the world where you can actually walk around while smoking some marijuana as if it is normal. What makes the ideal place for stoners to enjoy is the picturesque nature since it is a long stretch of road with palm trees along the sides. It also has marijuana shops around, so there is also that type of convenience.

LA is 420 Friendly

Many places in Los Angeles allow you to enjoy 420 without having to worry or look over your shoulder. The above list is just a few of those experiences that you should try if you fancy having a good natural and undisturbed marijuana experience.

Trips in the US for art lovers

Choosing a place to visit in order to see some great art can sometimes feel like you are taking part in a sweepstakes casino. There are so many places around the US with incredible art on show, but there are also many places that do not offer such impressive displays. There is no need to worry though, we have put together a list of the best places in the US to visit if you want to scratch your cultural itch!

New York City

New York is often called the art capital of the world, and it is with good reason. The city offers art lovers a huge amount of different cultural choices to enjoy. It truly is the US venue that should be top of everyone’s list. The first aspect that really grabs the attention of people is the museums that are available. Both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art offer a fantastic time viewing some of the most beautiful art you can think of. What makes New York so special is that it just continues from there. Once you are finished with these two fantastic venues then you can make the trip to the Guggenheim museum to look at even more gorgeous artwork. When you are finally finished with these three venues, rest assured that New York is not finished with you yet. There are plenty more smaller museums around the city that have even more wonderful art to take in.

What makes New York so special is that it has an incredible number of art galleries. What not too many people are aware of is that you do not have to be buying something if you visit an art gallery. With more than 500 galleries dotted around the city you can take in some fantastic artwork without having to spend anything. Of course, if you are sufficiently impressed then you can purchase some of the artwork, but you do not have to, you are more than welcome to just enjoy the art and leave.


Marfa is an outside of the box option. It is located in Texas and at first glance might seem as though it is more suited to a Halloween celebration than a trip to enjoy art. However, the entire town is a breeding ground for concept art of the highest order. It started in the 1970s when an artist left the stifling art scene of New York for Texas. Once he was there he started to show his art wherever he could. This included adding some high concept art to an abandoned army base. The original artist who descended on the town died in the mid 1990s, but it has lived on with the work of other artists.

The town is now almost completely dedicated to art which has seen a huge number of conceptual pieces being placed in the locality. This has caused a number of art galleries to make their way to the area. Marfa truly is a town that is almost completely dedicated to art. If you are planning a US art trip, then a stop off in Marfa will be one of the highlights. Make sure that you do not miss out.

San Francisco

How could the city known as the cultural capital of California be missed out of any list of places to visit? It offers a huge amount of different types of art for lovers of any style. It has one of the most varied ranges of art styles of any area in the US. The Asian Art Museum holds some of the most impressive art from across the continent of Asia, the Museum of Modern Art has everything from concept pieces to incredible photography collections and the de Young Museum covers a range of different art styles from across different continents. It has everything that any art lover could want.

It continues with the vibrant street art scene giving people the opportunity to view some of the most expressive art around that continually changes and evolves over time. If you are still hungry for more you can also take in some art at one of the many galleries available within the city. It truly is a paradise for art lovers. San Francisco might not have the big reputation that New York has, but it offers art lovers a variety of pieces that very few other places in the world can compete with.

F.H. Cann & Associates: Business Expansion Over The Past 20 Years [EXCLUSIVE]

The world of debt recovery and collections is tricky to navigate, yet crucial for customers who need this service. For the past 20 years, one company has been a clear leader in this industry and has experienced explosive expansion. F. H. Cann & Associates was founded in Massachusetts in 1999, and as it celebrates 20 years as a company, it is experiencing great expansion in account receivables management. Today, F.H. Cann & Associates is an organization with several hundred employees, which spans all 50 states. Most recently, the company opened a new office in Sharonville, Ohio, and added 100 members to its team, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s an exclusive look at why F.H. Cann & Associates is enjoying business expansion and success.

A drawing of a face

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The F.H. Cann & Associates Difference

The ability for a business to expand and grow comes from a solid core. A business needs a model that is strong, and permeates all aspects of its culture, in order to succeed. F.H. Cann & Associates

is built on what it calls “The FHC Difference,” which impacts every part of the business.

One aspect of F. H. Cann & Associates that has helped the company enjoy expansion and growth over the past two decades is what they call “The FHC Difference.”

  • Employee Engagement

All FHC employees are experts in their field and are highly trained. They are all professionals when it comes to accounts receivables management services. Plus, all FHC employees are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and protecting customer information. FHC employees are also consistently retrained and certified, to make sure they maintain their place as experts in their field.

  • Customer Centric

A core component of “The FHC Difference” is that customers are at its core. FHC creates customized plans for each individual customer. Each customer also receives their own dedicated staff, who handles their needs.

  • Compliance & Quality

FHC holds itself to incredibly high standards. To ensure their work is consistent, FHC has its own Compliance & Quality Assurance team, which tracks everything. FHC is known for far surpassing industry standards when it comes to quality and compliance.

  • Technology & Infrastructure

Another big component to FHC’s growth is that it understands the risks of cyber-security threats in the digital age. FHC is known for using the best industry practices when it comes to protecting customer information, and its information security programs have been audited and certified by many organizations.

  • Social Responsibility

FHC is committed to positively impacting its community and is dedicated to contributing to social responsibility. FHC is involved with a number of organizations including Professional Woman of the Collections and Call Center Industries, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, and Veterans Assisting Veterans, among other organizations.

Born to Grow

A group of people posing for a photo

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An organization’s ability to grow starts from its roots. F.H. Cann & Associates was co-founded by Sheri A. Traficante-Cann and Frank H. Cann Jr., who have been dedicated to their company from the beginning. Cann Jr. is dedicated to investing in the latest technological advancements, to continuously improve services for their clients. Traficante-Cann is particularly focused on retaining employees by treating them with respect and offering attractive compensation.


Alternative To Whole Life That Can Be Better for You

When seeking life insurance, your insurer will most likely recommend whole life insurance. This is one of the most comprehensive insurance plans that promise high payouts to the beneficiaries you leave behind. However, there is no doubt that whole life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and there are alternatives that may be better for you.

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Before we get to the alternatives, let us briefly look at what whole life insurance is. Whole life insurance is a permanent insurance policy that involves two components: a death benefit and a cash value. Being a permanent policy, you pay premiums as long as you are alive. Both components are paid to your beneficiaries upon death, provided you paid all the premiums.

The cash value is where a portion of the premiums are placed and invested in the market on your behalf. As such, the cash value will increase over time, further increasing the amount your beneficiaries will receive when you die. However, this comes with a fair bit of risk – the cash value might decrease if certain investments don’t pan out.

Furthermore, as a policyholder, you can withdraw or borrow against the cash value. When you borrow, you are given a non-taxable loan with low-interest rates. The biggest drawback of this plan is that insurance rates are expensive, making it ideal for individuals whose net worth is substantial.

Now let us look at the alternatives of whole life insurance that might be better for you.

Variable Life Insurance

Variable Life Insurance is for people who can afford the premiums of whole life insurance but would like to take on more risk. This policy has the same hallmarks of whole life insurance, particularly that it’s a permanent plan and that there is a death benefit and cash value involved. The biggest difference is that you get to decide how the cash value is invested in the market.

If the insurer is handling the cash value, they will go for investments that are less risky. As you already know, the riskier investments pay more when they pan out. You have the power to go for these types of investments, meaning variable life insurance can potentially payout more than whole life insurance. It also means you could lose more.

You can also withdraw and borrow against the cash value. And it is worth mentioning that this won’t affect the agreed-upon death benefit.

Term Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t always permanent and it doesn’t always come with high premiums. This is where term life insurance comes into play. It is a temporary life insurance plan where the policy is held for a fixed period of time. Term life insurance is 6 to 10 times cheaper than whole life insurance, and while it has a death benefit, it doesn’t have a cash value.

Your beneficiaries will get the death benefit when you die, but only if you died before the policy’s expiry and paid all your premiums. Once the policy expires while you are alive, the premiums you have been paying thus far are forfeited. If you die after this period, your family will get nothing.

In order to avoid the worst-case scenario (death after expiry), people usually renew their policies. And since the premiums are significantly cheaper than whole life and variable life, people usually purchase more coverage.


Life insurance is a must for anyone who has beneficiaries, especially a wife and children. No one knows what the future holds, and death can be sudden. It’s good to leave them financially secure. But whole life insurance isn’t always the best policy. There’s variable life and term life insurance that may be better for you.

Increasing Term Insurance and Riders

You must be well-versed with a term plan if you have bought an insurance policy or considered to get one. But did you know about increasing term insurance plans? Term policies also have several types of which this is one. Let’s see what an increasing term plan is, its benefits and riders.

Increasing Term Insurance Plans

An increasing term insurance plan is a policy where the amount of sum assured or the death benefit keeps increasing on a yearly basis depending on the insurer. In such a plan, the premium may or may not change. Such an insurance plan has numerous benefits as the sum assured keeps increasing and in turn, compensates for the increased expenses of your family as well as for inflation. Depending on the insurer, the sum assured can have a maximum limit as to how much it can increase.

Benefits of Increasing Term Plan

The most vital benefit of increasing term insurance plans is that you can plan certain important things like a wedding or higher education during a period when the sum assured is high. In case something were to happen to you, your loved ones would have financial aid to pay off any of your debts and also, take care of their needs. The increasing insurance policy enables your family to take the sum assured as a lump sum or opt for a regular payout depending on your insurer.

Additional Rider Benefits

A rider is an add-on that can be combined with your term plan to increase the coverage you get from a basic policy. Various insurance riders are available that help you cover unfortunate incidences that are not normally included in a life insurance plan. Here are some popular riders that can be added to your policy:

  1. Critical Illness Rider: By getting a critical illness insurance rider, you can secure yourself from major illnesses. A lump sum payout is given to you on the diagnosis of the illness which helps in paying off the expenses of the treatment as well as any indirect cost like rent. Kotak Life Insurance covers 37 major illnesses like cancer, paralysis of limbs, blindness, brain tumor, etc.
  2. Permanent Disability Rider: This insurance rider covers you in case of an accident causing permanent disability. The sum assured is paid over a period of time to take care of your expenses.
  3. Accidental Death Rider: In case of accidental death, this rider protects your loved ones by providing a lump sum amount. This lump sum enables them to become financially stable and eliminate the need for becoming dependent on someone else.

Why Should You Get Baby Hats?

Australia is one of the world’s largest and most ethnically diverse countries. It has multiple open spaces and a fresh, sunny climate that makes the population love the outdoor setting. For newborns, however, the outdoors is a whole new world and can be daunting for the first time. With that said, there are many ways you can bring your baby outdoors without exposing him or her to the harsh weather conditions.

If you’re shopping for your baby for the first time, it would be helpful to search online or ask around to know what you need to be prepared. Most likely, your list of essentials will contain baby gear, outfits, bedding, and other common items. Aside from all these, however, you should also try looking for baby hats australia as these can have additional benefits for your little one.

Maintain Body Heat

When you give birth, your baby moves from a warm environment to a chillier temperature of the world, which explains why nurses would usually place a hat on your baby. Once you leave the hospital, however, you will have to make sure you keep your newborn’s body sufficiently warm. Hats will help babies maintain optimal body temperature until they can maintain thermal stability on their own.

According to a baby centre, an infant would need one more layer of clothing than an adult under the same temperature. It’s said that babies’ heads are bigger than their bodies, which results in more heat transfer. Having a baby hat can prevent your little one from feeling too cold, especially if you’re outside.


If you have tried shopping for baby hats in Australia, you would know how cute the designs and available options can be. In a way, you can think of style as an additional benefit to baby hats as they keep your baby warm and adorable at the same time.

However, if your baby shows signs of being uncomfortable or feeling too hot, you can opt to remove the hat. Try to monitor the weather from time to time to get a good idea of whether your baby is feeling cool or not. If you’re feeling cold outside, then your baby is most likely feeling cold as well.

Stay Safe From the Sun

Similar to adult sun safety products like sunblock, baby hats can also keep your infant protected from the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation may vary throughout the seasons in Australia, so sun safety is typically ideal for a UV radiation level of 3 and above.

If you’re not sure of how to choose a baby hat, you can look out for the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF), which indicates how well the fabric can block UV radiation. Look for hats with a rating of UPF 50+ since this will give your baby maximum protection from the sun. As much as possible, it will also be best to look for softer hats so your baby can lie down comfortably while wearing it.

The next time you go baby shopping, make sure you also look for cute hats to put on your precious child. The weather can be unpredictable at times, so it’s best to be prepared.

Getting Life Insurance Over 50, What it Costs and Why You Need it

Some people buy life insurance so that the payout can pay off their mortgage when they die. Others do it to have a comfortable sendoff while majorities do it to replace lost income when they pass away. You’ll realize, however, that life insurance premiums get expensive with age. It is costlier at 50 and above than at 20 or 30. So, do you need this coverage when your children are already adults? And, how can the payout help the people you leave behind? Let’s answer the questions below.

Reasons You Need Life Insurance Over 50

Overall, you require life insurance over 50 for the following reasons:

1. Financial Gift for Dependents

You can pass your life insurance benefits to your dependents as an inheritance gift. The lump-sum payout can help them invest, buy a property, or start a business. It will give them the financial freedom to start anew when you are no longer there to provide for them. What’s more, it acts as a replacement for your pension.

2. A Solution to Standing Debt

There are different kinds of debts that your life insurance benefit can help to clear. Popular examples include mortgages and estate taxes. The good news, though, is that you can protect those you leave behind from the stress of having to sell properties to pay off what you owe. Life insurance is also essential if you are a cosigner to a loan. The money can pay off a cosigned loan.

3. Funeral Benefits

Sometimes burial expenses exceed $10,000 if you factor in things like urn or casket, a burial land, headstone, and funeral mass. Since death is an unexpected event, the funeral cost can overwhelm the people you leave behind. Though life insurance payout may not bring you back into their life, it can make the sendoff less stressful.

4. Fixed Payout

Unlike when you are young, an over-50 life insurance policy attracts fixed premiums. So, it means you can expect to pay the same amount until the end of your term or until death. More to it, the payout is fixed. In this case, your dependents know what to anticipate when claiming death benefits.

5. Acceptance Guaranteed

The biggest challenge of buying life insurance when you are young is that there are many health restrictions. You have to pass specific medical tests to be eligible. Fortunately for the elderly, the over 50 policies do not have such restrictions. So, you are almost guaranteed acceptance upon application.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost After 50?

Generally, there is so much flexibility when picking a life insurance policy. As you reach 50, expect to pay higher premiums, and the curve continues to rise as you get older. For example, expect a $5,000-death benefit plan to cost you about $16/month (when in good health) or $20/month (when your health is not a factor) when you are 50 and almost double this when you are 65.

You should also note that the monthly premiums depend on gender just as much as health and age. Ideally, men pay more than women of the same age and health status. For instance, a 60-year old healthy man should expect to pay about $43/month for a $10,000-death benefit policy while a healthy woman of the same age is expected to pay about $33/month.

The other cost determinant is the duration, and this brings us to term life insurance. From the name, term life insurance is for a specified period. If you don’t die within the time, which we all pray for, you must renew the policy for your dependents to continue being eligible for the payout.

When at 50, you are eligible for a 20-year and a 30-year renewable term. However, you only qualify for a 20-year run when you get to 60. Usually, an extensive-term length attracts higher premiums, and this is probably the major downfall of life insurance after 50.

Life Goes On

No doubt, life insurance is still dependable even after 50. Your loved ones stand to benefit when you are gone, and this is the pride of every parent, child, or benefactor. Remember, though; most insurance companies expect you to contribute for at least a year before your beneficiaries can be eligible for a payout. So, start to contribute now.

The Top Benefits of Renting Mobile Phones

Today’s digital age is dominated by the use of smartphones that have been evolving through time. From being simple gadgets that helped ease communication, mobile phones have grown to become all-in-one gadgets that can function as music players, movie screens, cameras, and so many others.

Given the convenience of phones, it can be challenging to go about your day without having one by your side. Nowadays, you have the option to rent mobile phones, which may sound unusual but can actually satisfy your short-term needs that do not necessarily require a new device. Though not evident, phone rentals serve a variety of purposes, which you may not realize until you try it out at least once!

Although it might seem complicated, the process of renting mobile phones is straightforward. You can find several rental companies online, so once you find the perfect fit for you, you could go to the company’s website and submit an online application. Once you have settled your payment, you can expect your phone to be delivered to your doorstep within days!

Project-based Jobs

Some projects require unique technology needs which may not suit your current phone’s specifications. However, given the length of your project, it may not be practical to buy a new phone to fulfil your work requirements. As a workaround, you can opt to rent a mobile phone for a short time.

Getting a work phone will also help you correctly separate your work contacts from your personal contacts, which can become a struggle if you’re working with several people. Depending on your project or work, you may also need more advanced features from the screen display or phone performance, which you can quickly look out for when browsing through the selection of mobile phones for rent.

Damaged Phone

If your mobile phone suddenly stops working or gets damaged early in its lifetime, it can be difficult to work without one. Since it happened so suddenly, you might be unable to replace your phone immediately. However, having no phone may be inconvenient or stressful since you may need one to contact your friends and family, or do work-related or leisure activities.

The option to rent mobile phones will help you get a temporary phone while you’re still unable to get a new one. This way, you can continue to enjoy a phone’s features without immediately having to spend on a new model.

Latest Phones

Interested in getting one of the latest phone models but unsure of which particular one to get? Renting mobile phones may help you make that decision. Several rental chains give you the option to rent mobile phones for a short period, which will allow you to try out the phone and its features. Doing this can prevent you from making a massive investment in a phone model that may not be the best fit for your needs or preferences.


Whenever you travel abroad, it can be extremely convenient to purchase a local SIM card to get access to use the local carrier’s hotspot. If your current phone is bound to a carrier agreement, however, you may be unable to switch out your SIM card. To solve this problem, you can rent a mobile phone for the duration of your stay abroad. Doing this will also help you avoid charges that may arise from using your phone internationally.

Phone rentals have their perks, which explains the growing number of mobile rental companies. Though the market response was initially lukewarm, this has slowly become more positive as the benefits of mobile phone rentals continue to become known.


Best Diamond Wedding Bands for the Groom

When it comes to wedding bands shopping, the male oftentimes gives the slightest involvement and has a lesser option.

If you are the bride, you will still want your future groom to pick his best option. If you are the groom, admit it, you also want to have a say when it comes to your wedding bands. After all, your bride is not the only one who gets to wear that ring forever. As the better half, men should contribute equally in the decision making of picking the best wedding bands.

When it comes to the stone, can men opt for lab-grown diamonds? The answer is yes. In fact, both men and women can pick lab-grown diamonds for their wedding bands if they want to. Here are some great benefits of this alternative.

1. Excellent quality. Lab-grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds but better. Natural diamonds are blasted out of the earth. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are created within the laboratory with forward-looking technology that uses the same natural diamond-growing procedure. Because it is man-made, you can rest assured that it has superior quality.

2. Highly sustainable and environment-friendly. Mining diamonds could mean using explosives and heavy equipment to extract the gemstones out of the earth. These tools are not good for the environment because constant blasting can cause damage to the watershed and the ecosystem.

3. Less expensive. Lab-grown diamonds are around 40 percent less expensive than natural diamonds. Hence, you can purchase a superior-quality diamond without breaking the bank.

4. Supports the future of humanity. If you opt for lab-grown diamonds, you are supporting the enhancement of innovation and research and development. It also means discouraging mining activities, which makes you an ethical and smart shopper.

Wedding Bands for Him: Style and Setting

Diamonds are girls’ best friends, but men can have them on their wedding bands too! Here are two of the best options for men when it comes to the details of their rings.

1. One diamond. Men tend to keep the masculine aspect in their wedding bands without losing a sparkle, so this classic one-diamond setting is a popular choice.

2. Princess cut. If your man loves to show more, this princess-cut setting is a good pick. This style gives your man the option to use three to five diamonds as a bold touch to its metal band.


Can you invest in equity mutual funds for three-year goals?

Mutual funds have become a favoured investment tool for new and expert investors alike. It offers various benefits such as diversification, professional management, higher returns and flexibility of investing.

Compared to other conventional forms of investment, mutual funds can be a better value proposition for building wealth over the long run. Even though there are different types of mutual funds, every category has a different investment objective, which can be used to meet individual financial goals.

This article sheds light on what is equity fund and how to gauge the ideal time horizon to invest in equity funds.

What is an equity fund?

Equity funds invest primarily in stocks of large companies. They are considered as highly volatile, i.e., sensitive to market fluctuations. But, to commensurate with the high risk, they are also known to offer higher returns compared to other mutual fund types. These funds are best-suited for investors with high-risk appetite. Such aggressive investors have surplus funds to invest in mutual funds that they can afford to lose.

Ideal time horizon to invest in equity mutual funds

As equity funds carry a high risk, mutual fund experts suggest investing in them for more extended periods to weather market volatility. Long-term horizons mean seven to ten years or more. Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) can be an ideal way to invest in mutual funds. They allow you to enter the market at different phases. This helps average the purchase cost of units in the long run and can earn you higher returns.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose, you purchased 500 units of a fund at a Net Asset Value (NAV) of Rs.20 per unit with a monthly SIP of Rs.10,000.

After a year, the NAV falls to Rs.16. You automatically end up buying more units, i.e., 625 (10,000/16).

Thus, you gain more by investing via SIPs in equity funds and staying invested for a longer tenure.

Investing in debt funds for three-year goals

Debt funds invest in fixed-income bearing instruments and are relatively regarded as more stable than equity funds. They are well-suited for investors seeking steady returns over a short-term period.

When you invest for a short-term horizon, the main goal should be to avoid exposing your investments to unwanted volatility and risks. Since debt funds invest in safe options such as government securities, corporate bonds, certificate of deposit, treasury bills, etc. they can help you earn decent returns with minimal risks. For short term investment horizons of less than five years, debt funds can be an ideal choice.


If you are looking to invest in mutual funds online, it is advisable to understand the different types of mutual funds available. Consider equity funds if you have a long-term horizon of seven to ten years or more. For short term horizons, relatively less risky options such as debt funds can be an ideal mutual fund investment option.